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  1. MnnMtq

    [MOC] Amsterdam Chanel Boutique

    Thank you all for the great comments!
  2. MnnMtq

    [MOC] Edificio Metropolis Madrid

    Thank you all for the great comments!
  3. MnnMtq

    [MOC] Amsterdam Chanel Boutique

    Thanks for the compliments! Thanks for the amazing compliments! It was really fun to build
  4. Imagine: you're busy building on a new project, and you're almost finished.... then someone with the same idea goes all over the internet with his building. That's not funny! (sh*t happens ) It didn't hold me back of completing my version of: The Chanel Boutique in Amsterdam! It's located in the P.C. Hooftstraat: the well known street of only expensive shops. My version is very accurate: the size of the windows, the amount of windows and the height are all precise. The most extraordinary thing about this building is that it is made completely out of glass: the bricks, the doors, window sills, window frames and even the doorhandles... erverything is crystal clear glass! That explains the official name of this building: The Crystal Houses designed by Dutch architect office MVRDV. The glass bricks gradually go over in the famous Dutch bricks you see everywhere used in Amsterdam's canal houses. The glass bricks are an invention of the Technical University of Delft. I started building this last december... and no: I didn't count the trans-clear plates! Check: Flickr > BrickShelf > Creating the Crystal Houses (in Dutch)
  5. Thanks for you compliments! I think Innsbruck is a fantastic place to stay. I'm in love with the Golden Roof since I was a kid. Grüße! <I've removed the ü> Thanks for all the compliments. The Golden Roof is in real life also a bit hidden. The other buildings in this street are so colorful, I love them too! As a kid I went many times to Innsbruck; I've always been fascinated by this city and her beautiful buildings, especially the Golden Roof! Thanks! What is an Austrian city without beer and sausages!? Hahaha Then watch it a bit lonher: there are many details in this build. Hope you like it :-) Cheers then! :-)
  6. I was working the last few months on this beauty: Das Goldene Dachl / The Golden Roof in Innsbruck, Austria. I visited it many times as a kid; now I've got my own After many years I finally found a way to reconstruct the roof; the biggest challence wasn't the roof itself, but the lack of Pearl Gold bricks to build it. It's almost build using only jumer plates. It's not a very strong roof, but it'll do. There's a lot to see, so scroll down to see some pictures of this Tyrolean tourist hot spot in summer and at Christmas time! (You can also visit my Brickshelf! for some HD visuals) At the right the Baroque façade of the Helblinghaus, it looks like it's made of candy! ok.... the last pic
  7. MnnMtq

    [MOC] Edificio Metropolis Madrid

    It was build between 1907-1911. In the first place as a office building for the insurance company La Unión y el Fenix. It was designed by the two brothers Jules and Raymond Février. It's build in a typical Beaux-Arts style. Did you know the roof (dome) contains 30.000 real gold plates?
  8. MnnMtq

    [MOC] Edificio Metropolis Madrid

    Thank you all! You're way too kind!
  9. In the past few weeks I've been busy on this beauty: Edificio Metropolis Madrid. The roof was a real pain in the #!@$, but I think it's done nicely. I've only used Google Earth and some photographs of this tourist hot-spot building in the capital of Spain. The only thing not being LEGO are the stickers with the word METROPOLIS and the Golden Arches sign of McDonald's. To watch these pictures in a larger size, please visit my folder at BrickShelf