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Found 46 results

  1. Hi, I wanted to introduce you to the LEGO Collectors Club België& Nederland. We are a Dutch speaking community that supports collectors and MOC builders. Come have a look at our website and join our facebook group! Se you there! Gaetan
  2. Mark of Falworth

    (MOC) Climax of Destiny.

    (Gasp) This isn't LOTR!?!?!?! My latest build for the Symphony of Construction Contest. First real try at a micro castle and lot's of Photoshop fun! Enjoy! Climax of Destiny by Mark of Falworth, on Flickr
  3. Mark of Falworth

    (LoR) The Escape!

    (LoR) Awakened por Mark of Falworth, en Flickr Mark of Falworth felt the warmth of the sun shine from the window, It singed his skin uncomfortably. He slowly and sleepily opened his eyes. The room was framed by sharp edges of granite pillars illuminated in the blood-red glow from a small pool of hissing lava at the bottom of the cave-like chamber. Still drowsy, Mark mumbled to himself. "This doesn't m-make sense." He closed his eyes. "...just a bad dream..." Mark opened his eyes again. "Oh no... Still in here... must be real..." Mark felt light-headed and weary. His effort to sit up was brought to a halt by a sudden jolt of pain deep in his neck, which convinced him to remain quiet. "Where... am.. I?" His eyes refused to stay open any longer. Mark fell back into his stupor... (LoR) Imprisoned! por Mark of Falworth, en Flickr Mark opened his eyes once more. The sun was still shining through the window just above him, and it was still dreadfully hot... "Enough of this! I m-must get out of here!" The pain in Mark's neck was still excruciating. But with a new-found sense of urgency he dragged himself up to a sitting position. As soon as his head was erect the pain tripled in intensity, and he felt an acute wave of dizziness come over him. If he wasn't sitting he would have surely fallen to the ground. Mark leaned back on the rough stonework and breathed deeply to try to shake this cloud of weakness. After what seemed like several hours, he felt significantly better. "Where am I?" Mark gazed about the room. The cave-like room betrayed no hints of his location. Then a new question arose. "Who...Who am...." A deep sense of horror flooded his mind. The horror of a LOST MEMORY! "WHO AM I!?!" Yes, the mighty blow to the back of Mark's head had put him in a coma for nearly a month! His memory, purpose, and perfect hair completely GONE! Mark looked down at his hands and feet. No shirt, a simple pair of trousers. Not a single clue as to his identity. Mark smiled at his terribly unfortunate circumstance. "Whoever I am, I'm in bad shape; this doesn't look like a room for welcome guests..." Mark sat in silence for a moment, pondering his situation. "Whoever owns this dismal place must wish me ill... And it's too hot... ...I think I shall escape!" He first turned to the window. Impossible. It was a mere slit in a thick wall of unyielding masonry... The door was also discouraging... a chance of escape seemed unlikely, since the massive brass hinges gleamed in the firelight, and the woodwork looked impressively solid... All hope seemed dim when he heard heavy footsteps approaching the door! Stiffly, but with haste, Mark laid back down on the stone slab. He would leap up and surprise whoever was coming in! (LoR) Looking in on the captive. por Mark of Falworth, en Flickr The metal lock on the door rattled as the door creaked slowly open. Mark squinted his eyes so as to appear asleep, but he could still roughly see what was going on. Two figures clad in black crept into the cell. The one with a soldier's bearing hefted a large axe. His other hand, full of jingling keys, pointed to where Mark was lying. "Still fast asleep, Sir. Just like yesterday." The other tall figure hardly appeared human. His blood-red eyes narrowed to slits. "He smiles still as well..." The guard took a closer look. "Maybe his face is deformed...?" The villainous being hissed with satisfaction. "I shall soon wipe that grin off when I sacrifice him to myself... Keep him here until tomorrow." The jail-keeper stiffened and saluted. "Thank you, Karain. I shall not fail you." Karain turned and vanished into the blackness. Then his words echoed back. "Pray you don't." (LoR) Desperation por Mark of Falworth, en Flickr Mark abandoned his initial plan of jumping at his captors the moment he caught sight of the large battle axe in the hands of the burly jailkeeper. Once his black-clad hosts left, Mark rose from the stone bench where he lay. "Sacrifice!?! Who on earth is that guy!?! Why does he want to sacrifice ME?!" He gazed around his cell in terror at the now calamitous situation. "They could have at least mentioned my name!" The questions in Mark's mind only multiplied. "What did I do to earn their hatred? Am I a bad person? Hmm, I think not. They seemed rather uncouth and malevolent... Meaning I may be a just and moral individual..." Mark's speculation was cut short when he recalled the severe time pressure. "Until tomorrow... That doesn't give me much time to escape... If I had a weapon of some sort I might surprise the guard!" Mark intently studied the floor of the room. Extremely rough, jagged stone surrounded him on all sides, but nothing of useful size could be pried free from the solid bedrock. Then Mark noticed the smoldering lava pool with a metal grate... "Forsooth! Those iron bars are free from the floor!" Our hero had hit upon a brilliant plan! (LoR) Fingers to the flames! por Mark of Falworth, en Flickr Mark plunged his hand into the searing heat, and with the fury of desperation, he snatched the iron bar from above the boiling pit. He quickly tossed the fiery rod under the stone bench and clenched his burnt appendage. The desire to scream from the intense pain was unbearable! Using the last shred of his self-control, he restrained himself. The slightest noise would ruin his chances of escape. It would be at least half an hour until the bar would be cool enough to use. He could almost taste it... freedom was close at (burnt) hand! (LoR) The Escape! por Mark of Falworth, en Flickr As soon as the iron bar was cooled, Mark began his well-thought plan. He pounded the door with all his might and screamed! "LET ME OUT OF HERE!! AUUUGGHHH!!! YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS!!" Mark then sneaked to the side behind the doorframe and waited, ready to pounce. Sure enough, the jailkeeper hastily unlocked the door and dashed in. He never knew what hit him... *KLANG!* *Ka-thump* "My apologies, Sir, but I really must be leaving." Mark stripped the armor off the unconscious guard. "It was certainly kind of you to wear such a nice suit of armor for me to take... Hist! This panoply might be a little on the small side." And with that, Mark leaped through the door and made his escape! To Be Continued! ------------------------------------ Some of you have probably seen this on Flickr already but I thought I would post it here too. ;) TFVHAGD!
  4. When word reached Gabriel in the mountains, that the Jarl was requesting assistance and declaring war upon Galainir, he was ready. After having had suffered the humiliation of losing his home to the usurper, he had been getting ready and building his forces for months, all in secret of course. Now, the time he had been hoping for was finally here. After having gathered his troops and begun the march to the capital, Gabriel and the Darkstar Warriors encountered battalions of Lenfels and Loreesi looking for the same opportunity. After squashing some ridiculous clan machismo and rivalries, Gabriel and the leaders of the other battalions knew that joining forces was the best way to mount this attack. As they approached the castle and formulated the plans, Gabriel shocked the others with what he termed his ‘secret weapon’. “The dwarves of Garheim are tinkers….they will be able to breach the castle walls better and quicker than a sapper.” “I don’t believe it, they’re dwarves. All they know is stone and mining.” Jerik, the Lenfel captain said. Ahmed, the Loreesi captain snorted, but otherwise said nothing. “Just wait, they have created something they call flash powder. It’s dangerous, but in these circumstances I think it’s warranted.” As the siege began, the dwarves loaded a barrel into the catapult and lit the end. As the troops charged the gates, there was a moment of pause as the flaming barrel flew overhead. Then, chaos erupted. At once there was a blast of heat as that of a furnace that permeated the entire battlefield, and the sound of the explosion seemed to felt as strongly as it was heard. The walls erupted in a shower of stone and fire. Gabriel took a brief moment to turn and give just a hint of a smile to Ahmed and Jerik. Then, the fighting erupted. As Gabriel charged the usurpers, it seemed that bodies fell left and right. It was hard to tell what colors they were wearing with the mass of blood and gore. As he looked up his eyes connected with that of the ugliest man Gabriel had ever seen. Clad in black, he whirled chains that ended in blades from each hand. In a blur, the chains whipped through the air and tore apart the soldier just in front of Gabriel. As their eyes met, Gabriel knew he had but moments to react….. More photos here : So, inspiration for the explosion is from Xenomurphy. I tried to use LED lights in it to light it up a bit, but they just don't show up enough with the lighting for photography. Read more: http://merlins-beard...r#ixzz2ydl0tFPl
  5. mpoh98

    Midnight Raid

    About this creation Barad Dur Bracket Category: "Look at them. They're frightened. You can see it in their eyes.“ My entry into the 2013-14 Middle Earth Lego Olympics, against the amazing KW Vauban, and his superb entry. Hello all, Here is my last entry into the restricted category of the Global Contest 6, and also MELO Round 3. I wasn't originally going to enter MELO (because of life, school, and being sick most of last week), but as I was building this entry, I was trying to find a way to incorporate it into MELO, as I didn't want to leave the round by default, and finally found a way. The quote is: "Look at them. They're frightened. You can see it in their eyes.“ As I was thinking about this, I realized it worked right into my story. When the Rangers are climbing up the wall, they have to knock out the guards on top, and you can see the fear in their eyes. ;) It is kind of a weak link, but I am glad that I at least was able to put something into MELO. :P Enjoy the story and the build! “You know the plan, sneak in, find the armory, and out. Avoid anybody you see, but you are going to have to knockout the 2 guards on this wall.” Tonight was the night. After a week of planning, they were ready. Andar gave the 3 Rangers a last briefing before they went into action. The Rangers nodded, they were ready, practicing all week, preparing for this night. They chose to do the raid in the middle of a shift between guards, when the guards were starting to get very sleepy and bored. Feren stood by, watching them, wanting to see how they would ascend the wall. The Rangers went into action. They took a few minutes absorbing the feel of the shadows, and used it to their advantage. Feren almost shouted in surprise, for the Rangers seemed to disappear right into midair. Andar glanced over, raising one eyebrow in amusement. Feren shook his head in wonder as the Rangers appeared again, flat against the wall. Puzzled, he turned to Andar, asking, “Andar, how are they going to climb the wall? They are right under the guard, so they can’t use a rope and grapple, how are they going to get up?” Andar shook his head, smiling again. “They’ll climb.” Feren gaped at him. “Climb!?” “Yes climb. I think I made myself very clear,” Andar replied amused. “Remember, this fortress was breaking down, the walls were crumbling. When the Queen’s troops occupied it, they tried to repair the walls. But, as they are soldiers, not stone masons; they did a very poor job. My Rangers are using that to their advantage.” As Feren looked, the Rangers were indeed climbing up the wall. Like giant spiders, Feren thought humorously. As he looked on, one Ranger made it to the top. Waiting till the guard was right above him, he quickly leaped up, grabbing the torch, and swung himself, crashing into the guard. As the Ranger leaped at the guard, he saw him stumble back in astonishment, the scream that was coming came to late. The Ranger silently infiltrated the castle, finding the armory, and reported it to Andar. Then he, Kole, and the Rangers slipped into the castle, and sneaked into the armory. Kole started in surprise at the amount of weapons they had stored. Andar smiled, “Jackpot.” Kole blurted out in surprise, “Where on earth did they get so many weapons and armor!?” “I am guessing that this is a secret storehouse for weapons that they have gathered across Lenfald. Now they will return to their rightful owners.” Kole grinned, and they spent the rest of the night sneaking the weapons and armor out of the castle and into the Oakleaf Fortress. Assault on the Wall Fear in their eyes ;) The Armory Thanks for viewing! Critique welcomed and appreciated! Soli Deo Gloria! ~Matthew Oh~
  6. Louie le Brickvalier


  7. Hello all, Here is my entry into LCC Global Challenge VI, into the Vignette Category. I had a lot of fun with this build, and I hope you like it as well! Enjoy! When Andar and Kole arrived at the Oakleaf Fortress, they met up with their leader, Feren, the elf who raised Andar, to plan a raid. They needed to stock up on weapons for the battle that was sure to come. Andar on the way to the Fortress had found an abandoned Lenfald castle, which was now occupied by some 30 Queen’s soldiers. Andar planned to raid it, and steal all their arms and armor. The night before, Andar quickly had the carpenter make a small 3D map of the castle they were going to raid and its surroundings. The next night he, Kole, and Feren met to discuss their plans. "We will attack by night," Andar said, "and release 3 of my Lenfald Rangers into the castle. They in turn will locate the armory, and then return with the information. We, meaning Kole, the Rangers and I will then sneak in, and out with all the weapons. It will take time, but we will eventually get all of it.” Feren stood back thoughtfully, stroking his chin in thought. Doubtfully, he asked “but how will you and your men even sneak in with all the guards?” Before Andar could reply, he continued, “I mean, even if you do make it in without alarming anyone, how in the world will you 5 guys not make any noise when you bring all that armor and weapons back up?” “Like I said, we will take a few at a time, and go slowly,” Andar replied patiently. “Do you doubt our abilities?” Feren replied hastily, “Oh no, knowing you long enough, I don’t doubt your abilities, much less those of your former apprentice. But I have not seen these…Rangers in action, and don’t know how capable they are at completing this kind of mission. I don’t even know who trained them, or how good he is.” Andar, rolling his eyes, responded quietly, “I trained them. Feren grew red in the face, realizing he insulted Andar, “Believe me, they will easily be able to complete this mission.” Feren nodded, still uncertain, but not wanting to disagree, replied, “whatever you say Andar.” Andar raised an eyebrow, “I see that you still don’t believe me. Well, here is your proof.” He uttered a short whistle, and immediately Rangers surrounded them. Feren started in surprise; to him they appeared straight out of thin air! “Where in the world did they come from!” “Actually,” Andar replied calmly, “they have been here this whole time.” Feren shook his head in amazement, “Well then, I have no doubts in their abilties now.” He smiled, rubbing his hands together in excitement, “Well, that settles it, we attack in a week. Have your Rangers ready by then.” “Of course.” Throughout the week, the Lenfald Rangers prepared for the raid, making sure they had a decent amount of weapons, honing their skills back to perfection, and at the same time keeping watch around the surrounding lands, making sure nobody discovered the secret castle. 4th Wall Well, I had fun with this story, I am not that great at writing them, but tell me what you think. :D Hopefully I will be able to build the next entry in time, if not, it will be a free build. Thanks for viewing, and enjoy! Soli Deo Gloria! ~Matthew~
  8. soccerkid6

    Thenwell Castle

    Built for Global Challenge VI in the Lands of Classic Castle. This is for the "Unrestricted" Category. My main goals for this build were: to experiment with using dark green 1x1 bricks for the landscape, using bley 1x2 grill bricks for texturing the castle walls, and to create a 'real' castle feel with the build. The castle is fairly simple, but I think it is the most realistic looking castle I've built yet. As always there is a full interior, this time accesible by a hinging wall. Thenwell Castle is a small castle in southern Lenfald, and one of the few castles not currently under the "Queen's" control. Lord Thenwell has been amassing weapons and armor to be ready for the revolt. Pepin helps with the stockpiling. More pictures here: link Any comments/criticism appreciated
  9. Louie le Brickvalier


  10. Louie le Brickvalier


  11. Louie le Brickvalier


  12. Louie le Brickvalier


  13. Louie le Brickvalier


  14. Bentoft

    A bit more of Toberg

    Here is a little Castle project: Toberg update 1 by bentoft, on Flickr Toberg update 2 by bentoft, on Flickr And if anyone is interested, here is the corner technique: Corner solution by bentoft, on Flickr
  15. Wat Tambor

    Garheim Mountain Camp

    Now that I have holidays, there is finally time for LEGO again! So I decided to build someting for the online RPG "Lands of Classic Castle". "Journal II Less than two months have passed since we had to leave our home behind and fled to the barren wilderness of Garheim. The last provisions are on the decline, the cattle is sick and wasting away and to make matters even worse, winter is just around the corner. A long and dark winter, as we only know it in the northern regions of Garheim. The winter, it is told for generations, is the time in which the evil roams the land. At night, in the dark, so rumors whisper, the cry of accursed and outcast can be heard. Thieves , murderers and other scum that is resistant against the cold due to the long time in the wilderness, became one with the winter. To be prepared against all this evil, archers patrol on the old wall at night, to sound the alarm when needed. For those of us who went north , this will be the hardest winter of our lives so far. Solely the thought of returning home some day keeps us alive out there." -> previous Journal I know the title says "Mountain Camp", and yes there are no rocks...but I wanted to improve my wall-building-skills, so let's prentend that this scene takes place in a valley. Hope you like it, comments and constructive criticism are welcome!
  16. My first entry into The Castle Battle Contest over on flickr! This is a great contest, thanks Mark! Finally, I have the time to post it! Built over a period of several months, this is my largest creation to date. Incorporating lots of my favorite techniques, this was fun to build, and see come together. I am extremely pleased that I had enough light bluish gray bricks to build the gateway and the towers. Aidan Frusher helped with the base, thanks a lot buddy! :D Enjoy! (Story coming later. :D ) Soli Deo Gloria!
  17. Louie le Brickvalier


  18. A Lands of Classic Castle freebuild for the Outlaws faction! After losing their previous hideout to the regime of the Evil Queen, Captain Claw and his crew refurbish an abandoned outpost in the south of Roawia. A regime sympathizer learned too much, and is being held in captivity until the Captain can come up with a plan to dispose of him. You can see more pictures on my Flickr.
  19. Journal Entry: 16 September, Year of the Betrayer(Officially the year of Galainir) The serenity of the mountains here in Garheim has been shattered today. I thought that the turmoil we heard of at the coronation may not reach as far as Darkstar Keep. Ancestral home of my family, the refuge where I planned to raise my family as well, now in the hands of those brigands from the Magic Isles. The turmoil in my heart is the hardest to bear. With many of my countrymen imprisoned at the capital, I had hoped to hold out and remain steadfast here at Darkstar Keep. Today that all changed…. It was with a whimper that the keep fell. Well, that and the roar of a dragon. Those bastards from across the sea came with a dragon and threatened the lives of all those under my care. The choice was not really that hard once I knew that my people would perish if I made the wrong choice. I was able to broker their freedom as long as I gave the keep in full to the usurpers. Now, I will lead the people into the mountains and we will have to work together to survive through the coming winter. I was able to get out several barrels of grain to help feed us, however we will need to be resourceful and conservative in order to make the food last. The only thing that seems to keep me going right now is the thought of our return. I made sure to take advantage of the secret passages in the keep to hide what is most valuable to us. And now, I will bide my time and count the days until I can reclaim what is mine… More photos availabe at
  20. Hello all! Here is my entry into the Lenfald Local Contest for LCC. Enjoy! C&C Appreciated! Soli Deo Gloria! Matthew Oh
  21. Louie le Brickvalier

    Grave News

  22. My assignment for the fourth global challenge was this splendid MOC by gid617. My take focuses on the fort more, with a different batch of Loreo troops continuing the assault. Captain Claw's Log: "Before headin' off to visit a specific coast, we went to the Outlaws' Lair to look for potential interns, so we could have extra hands and keep Mark's gold for ourselves! Then, Loreo troops who weren't commanded by Mark attacked! We decided to have some fun and defend the place. Lady Drake pushed a Loreo latter off the wall, and the guy climbing it was almost done! It was funny! Longbow was checking out a guy archer, Gargon was sparrin' with a Loreo knight, and this brute named Lute poured hot tar on this Loreo guy. Our Dwarf friend was guardin' the ship, so he sadly couldn't take part in the fun."
  23. Mark of Falworth

    Everard Lodge ~Revisited~

    Everard Lodge Revisited by Mark of Falworth, on Flickr Everard Lodge Revisited by Mark of Falworth, on Flickr A collaborative build from Mark of Falworth and Brother Steven. Based on Mark's previous creation Everard Lodge. This is one of many MOCs we will be bringing to Brickfair Virginia this August. So be sure to come on by and see it live! :) Thanks for viewing and have a great day! ~Mark of Falworth and Brother Steven
  24. soccerkid6

    Coming Home from War

    For Lenfald Local Challenge 8 in Lands of Classic Castle. The Challenge: "Build a scene depicting either your character or another Lenfel solider returning home from War. The focus should be in capturing emotion, not extravagant Landscapes/buildings!" I used only subdued colors in this build to help add to the serious feeling of war and its aftermath. The houses have full interiors. Some of the soldiers coming home have been injured, others are physically unscathed, and many never return at all. For some families it is a time of joyous reunion; for others, a time of mourning: More pictures can be seen here: link All C&C appreciated
  25. mpoh98

    LCC-Passing Through

    A free build for Lenfald, and a pre-build for my GC4 entry. As Andar, Kole, and his small army of the elite Lenfald Knights travel to attack the Outlaw Bridge in the Mountains, they pass by a Peaceful house, with a calm river flowing past it. A young mother watches her son herding goats down the path, and the Lenfald knights coming up the road. This was an experiment in house techniques, rivers, trees, etc. :D Enjoy! Thanks for viewing! Soli Deo Gloria! Matthew Oh