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Found 4 results

  1. DB 189 (Siemens ES64F4)

    Hello all! I just wrapped up the brick-build of my latest project... a Deutsche Bahn BR 189! It is a predominantly freight-focused locomotive used on international services (notice the multi-system array of four pantographs). I started the build using, and purchased all of the required bricks using the Bricklink wishlist integration. Very cool and very easy. The prototype... My "final" render (this design was changed a bit during the build process): Papa und kind (Minitrix version): Front lights: Rear lights: Internals: Lokführer Hans:
  2. Deutsche Bahn Regio Express!

    Hello all, As you all have seen I have completed on LDD a German BR 112 E Lok as well as 3 Passenger N wagen cars. I put them all together as one build on LDD 3,402 pieces total. I am pleased with how they turned out so all i need to do is order the pieces. Easier said then done, for some reason on all my builds LDD is not listing parts number for the pieces just a quantity. Between Bricklink and pick a brick I have not found one seller where I can buy all the parts at once. Does anyone recommend how I go about this? Also if anyone knows were I can find a diagram of all lego pieces with their parts number, makes looking for all these alot easier. I also would like to apologize for starting three different topics/threads, which are all wrapped into one. DB RE Zug by Sebastian Rupp, on Flickr [url=][img=][/url][url=]DB RE Zug[/url] by [url=]Sebastian Rupp[/url], on Flickr
  3. Hello, I am new to the forum and am really glad to see such enthusiastic builders here! I am new to LDD (just downloaded it Wednesday), and wanted to build something I have not seen built before, that would be the German Deutsche Bahn Passenger car N-Wagen (Silberling). About 8 hours on LDD and I have built a total of 3 Wagens, another 6 hours on top of that I built a BR111 engine for it as well. Again these are my first builds, so I know they could use some work. If anyone has any ideas, compliments or suggestions to make it better please let me know. There is a total of almost 3,000 pieces, and I have not even completed the interior of any of the cars! I currently don't have access to my laptop to attach picture or instructions, but will have them posted within t next 24 hrs. Now in terms of ordering all the pieces from one source, where do you recommend I go to purchase parts, I know when I purchase this kit it will more then likely cost a few hundred dollars. v/r Sebastian59
  4. I have just completed the modifications to incorporate the suggestions for my 6 wide power functions shunter. Please let me know what you think and I welcome suggestions for how it can be improved. Thank you all for your support on I regret we have only 100 supporters now so I don't forsee this getting up as the 50th anniversary of Lego Trains train. Fortunately James Mathis has what I think is an even better idea so if you haven't supported this one I can highly recommend his. The biggest change is the ability to now turn the battery box off and on by pressing the front of the forward dome. I have some pictures on Flickr that show how it works.