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Found 7 results

  1. "I have not the foggiest, my friend, but I am sure we shall find out..." Cooke answered Montoya's somewhat panic-stricken question. "Unfortunately, I didn't bring my charts and sextant on our little boating...." he added under his breath. vs. how it ended... by Christian West, on Flickr Earlier that day: "HOLD ON! We shall soon pull you out!" Cooke shouted over the whirlpool's roaring in his best quarterdeck voice. Baker, quite out of breath, muttered: "You absolutely had to study these strange things first hand. Everything for science, I guess..." "Splurgh... I am collecting *cough* invaluable data *sputtering* first hand!" Montoya managed to blurt out between gasps for air. How it started... by Christian West, on Flickr In the meantime, the HMS Camilla was being blown far off station, leaving the three friends and their tiny boat quite lost at sea, as a storm was brewing...
  2. Diplomatic work can be both taxing and time consuming, with long periods of waiting for reactions. To pass time and cater to his scientific leanings, Montoya has coaxed Cooke into another mission of submarine exploration. As so often before, this has left Cooke working hard at the pump for the diving suit. Underwater, Baker is in his element at the forefront of practical science, rustling through wrecks, sea weeds, sea shells, and other fascinating submarine treasures. ______________________________________________ Overall view of the build: It was originally built for one of the challenges, but never was finished. I didn't want to have it go to waste, and I quite liked how it turned out, so why not send Montoya and Baker on a little scientific exploration? :) C&C welcome.
  3. Day 3, Landfall After two days at sea with no sight of land, this morning a formation of clouds betrayed a large landmass to the south. Baker immediately set what little sail we had and with oars in hand beached us before noon. I have not been able to identify the island, and with no expertise and no navigational implements, neither the stars, the sun, nor the moon offers any consolation. Curiously enough, both young Baker and myself have failed to recall any clues as to how we ended up on the raft, but we are well supplied with a chest of basic tools and provisions enough to last us some while, even if we should be unable to find a suitable source of nutrition. None of us has any recollection of what happened after we landed on Tortuga to meet with Captain Benjamin Morgan. And while the island appears ripe in possible food sources, flora and fauna, neither offers me any clues as to our location. The avifauna suggests that we might be in the Prio Seas, but thus far it is all conjecture. Baker, as ever the very image of activity and good spirits, has vigorously set about figuring out how to make our existence on this desolate piece of land bearable, and I have every confidence that he shall succeed. I believe I may be in his way, and will spend our time until we are rescued productively, describing the species off this island. This may well prove an invaluable scientific opportunity and a well-earned break from my diplomatic duties. Montoya...
  4. Montoya's personal diary, Day 24, Temple Ruins Exploring the island upon which we were lost, young Baker and myself ventured inland, only to stumble upon something most marvellous. Following what appeared to be a track trodden by both men (of which we saw none) and beasts (of which we saw an abundance) we reached a clearing where several tracks converged between the cliffs. Apart from a colourful bird, which was clearly some non-descript pheasant, surprisingly, we found ruins of an ancient civilisation, almost entirely hidden amongst the jungle flora. These ruins seemed to have some resemblance to the architecture of the Mysec on Cascadia, leading me to believe that we may be stranded in the same region, perhaps even on Cascadia itself, although both flora and fauna differs somewhat. Perhaps the Mysec civilisation once spanned a large part of the Brick Seas? Young Baker rushed to the ruins... ...where he made a most fascinating find! In the center of what must have been a temple or large residence, on what looked like an alter, a most beautiful orchid was growing, apparently drawing nourishment and water from canals dug into the very cliff. Upon closer inspection, it was clear that this arrangement must have carried great meaning. While the alter had been damaged by the course of time, it seemed indisputable that it was made to honour the orchid. One can only speculate what importance it may have held for the ancient civilisation that once built these walls. If only I could discuss this with Dr. Brickingstone... After carefully drawing maps of the location, Baker and I both decided to continue exploring the island. After all, it would seem we were to share with the many birds and orchids this island as our home for quite some time. I only hope my notes shall not be destroyed by damp or mildew before we are rescued. And that the rescue will not come too soon. So many things to describe and discover... Montoya ______________________________________________________ Expedition notes, day 11, Ruins in the jungle The climate has been unexpectedly kind to us, and the birds are ever curious, following the expedition's every move so close I believe I could reach out to touch them from time to time. Earlier today, we reached a clearing in between the cliffs, where a number of natural tracks converged. Obviously, we were not the first to find the clearing, as long since, some mysterious people, possibly related to the Mysec of Cascadia (as Dr. Brickingstone suggested), had erected a temple of some sorts. I ordered the expedition to halt here and make temporary camp, so the scientific gentlemen could investigate the ruins, and the soldiers could fill our water reserves from the local creek. After a short council, each went about his own tasks. While the soldiers discussed whatever it is soldiers discuss (although I must say, the Royal Pioneers are a handy bunch on an expedition like this, able and willing to conduct themselves in these jungles!), Nathaniel and I checked out the possible routes to take from here. Most curiously, we found recent tracks of two set of boots, apparently of Halosian design, but otherwise, the site appeared undisturbed. The tracks seemed fresh, however, but probably, they were just those of another expedition. The island seems to be crowded with them these days... The two scientists rushed towards the ruins, and I heard them mutter excitedly. Something about an orchid of great cultural importance. To whom this flower may hold importance I did not catch, but I am certain they will share their findings at the campfire tonight. In any case, it seems we have found the orchid we were searching for. Thomas Mallory ______________________________________ Overview shot: I am quite happy with how this worked out, with the story shots and all. Personally, I particularly like the way the ruins are embedded in the jungle. And in case it wasn't clear, Montoya's footprints are those the Fontonajo expedition found on their search of the same ruins. It seems almost inevitable that the two expeditions should soon meet, and I hope we will be able to show it in the brick, if @Elostirion and I can both find the time :) Montoya, however, seems to have eluded discovery this time, though, but now at least we know that he is on Celestia! ;) C&C welcome, as always, and good luck to everyone with the challenge.
  5. As some remarked, Baker was preparing for a dive while underway to Quinnsville - luckily, in a period of calm, they had a chance to survey one of the reefs. While a sovereign monarch on his own quarterdeck, Cooke's authority means little to Montoya once engulfed in scientific endeavour To the Editor of the Proceedings, Journal of the RS of Nat. Phil. Dear Fellows, Luckily, (which I say at the peril of rebuke from my good friend, who is ever in a tearing hurry) we were becalmed in one of the bays on our way to Quinnsville, and we had a opportunity to exploit the diving suit I had procured in Arlinsport long since. While our initial respite was taking up by furious surveying from the seamen, and we could not even procure a boat, when the bay had been measured and sounded meticulously, Cooke graced me with his company and the jolly-boat. On an aside, he has shown a very acute understanding of the physics behind the suit, something I have never managed myself. I knew he was a prodigious mathematicians and astronomer, but that physics came so natural to him surprises me. If ever possible, I shall invite him to join Señor da Pontelli's lecture on flight! Young mr. Baker is a natural too, and he fairly glows at the prospects of going down again. And from what I can see, and the specimens he brings up and his descriptions make it clear why. The wealth of the coral reefs around Cocovia is unfathomable, and while our world above the surface still offers many discoveries, it is not to be compared with the novelty and diversity below the waves. Such wealth! I have enclosed a preliminary paper on some of our discoveries and hope you will bring it in the proceedings. Sincerly Don Isaac Montoya Fellow RS of Nat. Phil. Enclosed: "Preliminary findings on the reefs of Cocovia - A study in diversity" - Montoya, Don Isaac & Baker, Charles The wealth of the underwater world is fantastic, as is the colours. And an overview picture Thanks for looking - C&C on story and build more than welcome. Hope you enjoyed it!
  6. I, Don Isaac Montoya, hereby pledge my allegiance to the great nation of Corrington in the name of science and exploration! Onwards to a coral reef of unique scientific import, their longboat passes a wreck near the sandy shores of yet another paradisiacal island. At the bow, Isaac Montoya is handling the sextant in an illusion of navigating the boat, while Jonathan Cooke is smirking, as he rows the boat disregarding the jibberish directions given by his friend. At the back, Charles Baker is looking forward to his first dive in the new diving suit procured by his mentor Montoya. Don Isaac Montoya (left) The bastard son of a Eslandian count and a Corlander merchant's daughter, Isaac's upbringing wasn't easy. Although the count had secured him a considerable trust fund and access to the best schools, Isaac had to content with his equals regarding him with disdain, and most of his teachers with disrespect, or, in the best cases, pity. Proud of nature and with the hot temperament of the southerners, he ended in many a duel as a young adult. To his own surprise, and at times even regret, he survived them all relatively unscarred, and emerged skilled with both blade and pistol. Ordinarily not of great physical prowess (some would say he is outright clumsy), most are surprised when he picks up his arms, and fights with great ferocity and skill. However, his expensive schooling was not lost on him, and he is known to always be studying the world around him. Having attended, and later lectured, at most of the Queen's colleges and universities, he is an established name in the field of the natural sciences, medicine and anthropology . However, mathematics, and thus navigation, is completely lost on him, a matter much mused on by his close friend, Jonathan Cooke. Having recently inherited a large estate from his father, he has outfitted a vessel for an extended scientific expedition of the new worlds beyond the sea! Cpt. Jonathan "The Bear" Cooke (right) Jonathan Cooke took to sea at five as a ships boy in order to escape school and an overprotective mother. Due to his natural talent for all things nautical (and his father's connections at Admiralty), he was appointed midshipman at 11, a very young age for the amount of responsibility this entailed. However, he grew quickly with the challenge, and swiftly rose through the ranks. Blessed with plenty of naval conflict, he had plenty of chances to prove his mettle, chances he did not pass on, making him somewhat of a legend amongst his men. As a young lieutenant commanding a customs cutter, he took on Montoya as ship's physician, and they have been friends ever since. A bear of a man, with a big mane of reddish brown hair, he quickly earned his nickname, and inspired respect on his own quarterdeck, and fear on the enemy's. A believer in superior gunnery, navigation, and tactics, he is not the first to go yardarm to yardarm with the enemy. However, when the time is right, he does not shy away from getting close and dirty. As brilliant as he is in all matters nautical, as naïve he is in matters at land. Having several times almost lost his prize money to "scheming landlubbers", as he calls them, he is most at ease at sea, where his great interest and innate skill in mathematics and navigation makes him feel at home. Charles "Charlie" Baker (middle) Having attended a series of Montoya's lectures on the scientific possibilities of the new world, Charles Baker immediately took the opportunity when a position opened for scientific assistant to his newly established idol. As Montoya's assistant, he is now neck deep in an adventure of epic proportions, far outmatching the imagination of a simple baker's son. Optimistic, scientifically acute, and somewhat foolhardy, he is always cheery and ready for new scientific exploration. Athletic in build, he has the physique for the more hands on parts of Montoya's expeditions, making up for his mentor's clumsiness. He is, in a mix between respect and friendly mockery, reffered to as "young mr. Baker" by most of the crew. __________________________________________________________ Ok ok, I couldn't help it - this simply seems too cool not to participate, although I forswore ever to commit to any other Lego world than the Guilds of Historica. My participation will be limited, but only because circumstances does not allow otherwise! Plus, all the cool kids are playing here! (Props to anyone who guesses the inspiration...)
  7. Bennemans

    MOC - Bakery

    Hi all! JUST WANTED TO QUICKLY SHOW YOU ALL… oh geez, caps lock… ahem…. Just wanted to quickly show you all my bakery, THE place to get your cookies, cakes, jams and breads in my town. I've just rebuild it seeing as I wasn't completely happy with the previous one. In advance I apologize for the quality of the photos, I don't have a good camera. So here we go! The (to me) most important part is the bakery shop of course. I'm gonna order new (non-scratched) transparent curved panels to replace the ones in this window. Lots of shades of browns in here! Stuck a pretzel to the sign with a piece of tape, but just temporarily; I hope to find a nice sticker to take its place soon. I love how the table of homemade jams turned out! The top of the building has a heavy, almost gothic feel to it, with dark colors and lots of ornaments. The roof is based on Dutch stepped gables. Inside the bakery we have lots of baked goods on display, and a semi-open kitchen with a large oven and everything the baker needs to create his delicious plastic goodies. There is a restroom under the stairs. Upstairs is the apartment. First we have the kitchen and lounge. Second is a kids room and bathroom. Top floor is the main bedroom, with a balcony. Some more overviews: Thanks for having a look!