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    Coating Technician (R&D), Lego Fan/Builder, Bedroom Dj/Prod., (Hard)Trance lover, Android, Gadgets, Steelcases/books, Fieldhockey Trainer & Game Addict!


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  1. JHS_NL

    Lego 60097 Tram converted to monorail

    That's a nice way to solve it!!Looks really cool
  2. JHS_NL

    Lego 60097 Tram converted to monorail

    If I am not mistaken these tracks should be the same as far as I know.
  3. JHS_NL

    Lego 60097 Tram converted to monorail

    Ahh ok! That's one of the best solutions indeed.
  4. JHS_NL

    Lego 60097 Tram converted to monorail

    Could you tell me where you put the battery that powers the motor?? This is something I can't quite figure out.
  5. JHS_NL

    Lego 60097 Tram converted to monorail

    Ahh really cool you made it work! Was already thinking of this but never made is to building it, still don't have a decent monorail
  6. JHS_NL

    Maersk, improvisation - Nemo57

    Wow you did a great job there! Like this a lot. Would it work side-ways like in the Mearsk picture earlier in this topic?
  7. JHS_NL

    Sprinter Light Train (SLT) - LDD MOC WIP

    Like the build!
  8. JHS_NL

    Hi my name is.... JHS_NL

    Thank you!
  9. JHS_NL

    Ghent Harbour MOC WIP

    Love this! A bit jealous of you building skills as well
  10. JHS_NL

    Train Station

    Wow really great station set!! Love it!
  11. Hi everyone! My name is Joost and my most used nickname online is JHS_NL, a combination of my initials and the country where i'm from (The Netherlands). I have been a fan of Lego for a while now and have been building on-and-off for some time. I work as an R&D technician for a coating company and am 33 years old. Main love is Lego City train and airplane themed MOC's sets. Ehm dunno what to tell more. Will post some pictures asap of one of my MOC's based on a station set. Greetz, Joost
  12. JHS_NL

    New Dutch member

    Hi welcome, new dutch member her as well.
  13. Hi everyone! My name is Joost and my nickname is JHS_NL, made up out of my initials and area where I am from. Most interested in Lego City from trains to ships and planes and anything that has to do with that. I am a coating technician (R&D) most of the time, like gaming, movies and a lot of lego. Wanna know more? Feel free to ask!