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Found 6 results

  1. Hey, Eurobricks! It’s been a long time. And for me it’s been a really tough time. Actually I’ve been suffering from anxiety disorder and OCD for a long time. It seems I can just handle it and not let it affect my life (which I did also for a long time) but things got out of control in the past few months. It’s the darkest time in my life and basically I lost interest in doing anything. God knows what I’ve been through. Luckily I got my family with me all the time. More importantly I didn’t do anything bad & stupid to myself. It is still a recovery process for me, but I think I’m well enough to pick up some unfinished LEGO projects, something I love to do, and something that will make me feel better. So today, I’m bringing you one of those projects - a LEGO version of the SHERP ATV. Parts count: 1374 pcs Weight: 1420 g Dimensions (Length x Width x Height): 232 mm x 195 mm x 178 mm / 9.13 in. x 7.68 in. x 7 in. Exterior I like this kind of compact vehicle, especially with massive tires. While building this model, I have a single goal for the exterior: full enclosure. It all started with the mudguard. I tried to use Technic parts to build the middle section but it’s nearly impossible to recreate the curves with no gaps. So sloped bricks become the best choice. To compensate a little bit on the extra “unnecessary” weight, the enclosure is also used as part of the gear housing. Drivetrain Instead of putting two identical motors on each side and making it skid-steer drive, I decided to make a drivetrain based on a subtractor. It made precise steering possible, and can be controlled one-handedly by Sbrick, which something I prefer when I drive the model while holding the camera on the other hand. This is a prototype: It’s a failed attempt. Knob wheels not only cause unsmooth power transmission, but also take the space of a 5x7 frame, which is supposed to be a sturdy housing for the lower differential. As a result, the lower diff got damaged from gear slipping after 5 minutes of test drive, the whole model couldn’t move completely. After several tests, I replace the knob wheels with 16-tooth clutch gears. it only introduces very little frictions and it’s very reliable. Here is the final version: Performance I made a short video (4K): More Details Hope you like it. Feels good to be back
  2. Hi everyone, I am quite new on this forum so I thought that the best way to say hello will be to present some MOC. I came back to being interested in Lego Technic after two decades of dark ages, as you call it in here. After recovering and putting on the shelf my childhood technic sets I bought couple of present ones. Oh man, so many things have happened in Lego Technic during this twenty years. But back to the business. I started to build something of my own. This is my third creation which I hope is good enough to show you guys (I think that the first two ones do not deserve on separate topic, but at the very end of this post I will write a couple words about them and give links to photos. Mainly to show some of my progress/development, I guess). After buying tractor tires my first thought was: I will build Russian ATV – SHERP (at that time I didn't know it is so popular among Lego designers). And here it is – my creation of this small ATV monster. I tried to achieve the low center of the gravity and at the same time plenty of power. That is why I used 2 XL motors connected directly to portal hubs and I skipped differentials. I was afraid that this amount of torque and this size of wheels will cause this small gears to slip. I also wish to mention that the starting inspiration was Kevin’s Moo Orange Sherp, which gave me an idea of general shape of the body and smart and compact way to distribute propulsion between wheel axes. So big thanks to him. More details are listed below, if you have some questions, I will be happy to answer (Please have in mind that my part collection isn't large. To build Sherp I used 3 sets, supported by a couple of small orders from bricklink). I hope you like what you see Details and functions: - scale: 1:14 (approximately) - weight: 1369 g - dimensions L x W x H: 29 x 25 x 23 studs - clearance: 5 studs - hill climbing capacity: max 30 degrees (tested) - RC, communication via BT - power source: Buwizz 2.0 (but plenty of space to use Lego PF) - skid steering - drive: 2 XL motors (one per side), geared down 3:1, all-wheel drive - working front lights - openable front and rear hatch (with stops preventing from pushing hatches to the inside of the vehicle) - easy changeable gear ratio to adjust speed/torque (red axes in portal hubs) Status: assembled, part count not known, no instructions (but I am pretty sure that thanks to photos most of you are able to replicate this creation, it is not very sophisticated ) Video: Some photos: More photos can by found here: This are promised couple of words about my first two creations. They are using wheels from my sets from childhood and parts from 42065 and 42069. - The first one – The Jeep. Goals: must be RC, must use those nice wheels from set 8286 and it must have a lot of functions. The result can be found under link, with the description and photos. - The second one – The Rally car. Goals: still RC, let’s make some good use of wheels from set 8414, it should be smaller, faster and prettier than my first creation The result can be found under link, with the description and photos.
  3. Yes, there are dozens upon dozens of LEGO models of the Sherp ATV. I’ve only decided to build my own because I had this idea about how a suspension could be added to it (yes, the real Sherp has suspension according to the manufacturer) and I just had to try it out. The result is a dead simple vehicle that can go 7 KPH on flat terrain and literally rips through snow: Photos & reading:
  4. I' ve made a scale model of this russian all terrain vehicle. I've tried to make it as detailed as possible. Video: Functions: - 4x4 driveshaft with differentials (XL motor) - Steering: brakes that block wheels on one side of the vehicle. (M motor) - Working differential lock (M motor) - Working LEDs - Tires from 42054 - Openable front and rear hatches and windscreen, working wipers Everything is controlled remotely using SBrick. The drivetrain with differentials and portal axles: The steering mechanism is, I think, more interesting. Wheels on one side of the vehicle may be blocked using the driving ring. Than differentials transmits all the power to wheels on the other side. (that red connector represents driving ring) And the differential lock. The driving ring connects right and left differential outputs. And photos of side without wheels and the underside: Please watch the video to see this machine in action and for more details. I hope you liked this model.
  5. After skyping with a good friend of mine braker23 he gave me an idea to make A sherp 4x4. Here's the real deal: It took me an hour to make a first protoype in LDD, which you can see here: As you can see everything is built around the boat hull, so that the model can also float like the real thing. And here's the first rough build in the water: I used track elements wrapped around tumbler wheels to get the paddle shape. I will need 4 more track elements since 2 can fit with ease on each wheel: Underside you can see the reinforcments keeping the boat hull secured: So far there are soem problems with 36 tooth gears skipping under high torque which I belive I can fix by using 8L axles with stop instead of current 5,5 ones. If that doesnt help I can always use small turntables. I also need 4 more tracks, but currently I spent all my money on parts for silverfox and oshkosh 10x10, so these will ahve to wait a bit. I very surprised on how well this thing floats, but it cannot support much more weight, so the bodywork will have bo light and basic in order to keep it from sinking. Whats your opinion guys?
  6. Hello all! This time I'm making the recently showed here on EB russian off-roader, SHERP Right now I'm trying to keep the weight as low as possible to make it actually float.LDD file: Complete model LDD: Videos at the end of this post Pics of real one: Finished MOC: Enjoy! My version(still WIP chassis in LDD soon will build it) Big clearance: