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Found 26 results

  1. cyberdyne systems

    [ MOC ] TESLA CyberTruck

    Hello, everyone! I was so impressed by Elon Musk's presentation of Tesla's brand new pickup, that I immediately have made a Lego recreation of CyberTruck! Here it is: It is full RC. 2XL for driving and a lot of other motors for functions. These propellers were the only possibilty to make smth like the original hexagonal wheelcaps. Interrior is filled with wires, but I tried to recreate some important parts like: -Big screen -Foldable third front seat -White dashboard -Wierd steering wheel Tailgate is made out of two parts. One tilts back down and another slides down for a Tesla Quad to get inside easier. Suspention is ajustable via 2L motors one for each axle. All doors can be opened with a help of a big amount of levers and gearworms. Video is here and I recommend you to watch it: Thanks for watching!
  2. I like to present you my Lego town Steinbruck. The name is from Stein=brick & bruck(old German)=bridge. This is my current layout: My MOC and MOD buildings (more detail pictures in the albums; just click the pictures to get there): I'm planning a car wash for the Service Station and will build it in the next months. I also build digital, but can't afford all of them to build with bricks. Click to album.
  3. de-marco

    [MOC] De-Marco's Vehicles

    Vehicles: Black SUV Stairs Truck Ice cream delivery truck Old yellow car Small truck "Gazelle" Ladder fire truck Old red Van Old black car Orange station wagon (Marge Simpson's car) Yellow courier van Land Rover Series 1 KITT (Knight Rider) Old traffic police car Vintage Car "Christine" Flowers delivery van Racing car (BMW) Black Muscle Car Yellow post van Vintage Army Ambulance Tractor "Belarus" Twin-rotor cargo helicopter Blue Pickup Truck Hot rod & car trailer Tardis "Doctor Who" White Off-Road Pickup Truck Glass Carrier Truck Articulated Dump Truck Postman truck Vintage police van Bulldozer Monster Truck Garbage truck Coast guard truck EMS - Ambulance Semi truck Semi truck trailers Rally Fighter Painting contractor pickup building instructions Parts list More Vehicles on Youtube and Rebrickable
  4. TechnicRCRacer

    [MOC] Crossover Vehicle

    Current: Just scroll down, it's not that far! (Just kidding! This will be updated soon!) Hi! I have another WIP car that I am building! I am still not sure what to call it, but it kind of reminds me of the newer Toyota RAV-4. Here is the chassis and part of the front end! (Sorry for bad pic) I borrowed the shaping from my Supercar X for the front panels. It is powered by a buggy motor and a servo. The newer battery box with new batteries and V2 receiver work great with the buggy motor! Here is a shot of the rear suspension: Thanks for viewing! -TechnicRCRacer
  5. Hello everyone! It's been a long time since I posted last creation. For the past few months, I've had difficult life situation. I was away from any LEGO-related activities. I did not build new MOCs. I abandoned all WIP projects and just built a wall around myself... I am so sorry, Jantjeuh and rm8. I deeply apologize for having troubled you! In March, I started walking slowly. Soon I recognized that I had to work hard to get back Madoca into my mind. Here are the results. I built two MOCs. Honestly they are mechanically simple and have nothing innovative. Instead, I aimed to achieve both playability and detailed look. I hope you will like them. Please give me a chance for resurrection. Video: CUV Buggy Building instructions and additional pictures: Rebrickable: CUV http://rebrickable.c...977/compact-cuv Buggy http://rebrickable.c...lightning-buggy Compact CUV It was mainly inspired by red Range Rover Evoque, but finished model is not an exact copy of it. Do you think which actual SUV looks similar to this MOC? I used dozens of newer parts (mostly pins) which were released in 2014 and 2015. So it can be called AWD SUV 2015. Features: All-wheel drive and front wheel steering 2 L motors for propulsion, Servo motor for steering 2 pairs of LEDs for headlights and tail lights Independent suspension on all wheels Working steering wheel and V6 engine Openable hood, doors (with locking mechanism), tailgate, glove box and armrest box:) There are four 12t tan bevel gears on drivetrain. They all survived after two hours crawling. Like blue Buggy, this drivetrain didn't cause breaking gears. My concern was that 3L axles might slide into CV joints. Eventually all four 3L axles moved half-stud into CV joints. But they surprisingly kept holding each 12t black double bevel gears despite the connection became weaker. I thought it's OK because I didn't see any lack of torque or speed. You can see its performance in the video. If you want to avoid this axle movement, you need cutting parts and, A. using 3.5L axle. B. putting 0.5L axle (or flex axle, pneumatic hose, hard hose...) into CV joints. Blue Lightning Buggy It is my Buggy#3. The concept was simple: to build another buggy using different drivetrain from its predecessors. Configuration of motors is the same as Buggy#1 & #2. This time I adopted independent rear suspension. Then I tried to build efficient drivetrain which needed to be nearly the same as direct-drive (#2). Features: Rear wheel drive and front wheel steering 2 L motors for propulsion (one per each rear wheel), Servo motor for steering Long travel independent suspension on all wheels Front axle is placed at positive caster angle Working steering wheel In this setting, L motors never broke bevel gears. Now I want to know if powerful SBrick version would perform well without gear cracking.
  6. StudRobotics

    Lexus GX EV3

    "The Pursuit of Perfection" - slogan of the Lexus brand. I'm now back with my greatest Lego creation ever. A 2010 Lexus GX 460 with EV3. It's a replica of my Dad's car, but this one's in gray with black interior. I made it as much as I could to the real car, thanks to pieces from the Arocs and Porsche set. Features Sariel's 4-speed sequential gearbox controlled by a medium motor All-wheel-drive Independent suspension Rack-and-pinion steering Fake V8 engine Six seats (could not fit a seventh one) with the rear four being foldable Opening side doors, trunk door, and hood. Detailed interior The gearbox and the two differentials in the car like to click while moving (especially on rough terrain) around, but the result was a car that was heavy, slow, but also makes lots of torque. I'm very happy with how this car came out and I couldn't have done it without all of the helpful people on the Lego community and EuroBricks. Thanks especially to my good friend TheMindGarage for never making me give up. Now I can officially call myself a true master builder. Check out this build on my EV3 community account too for more photos and information about it. I would love to make a YouTube video soon about the features of the GX EV3 and footage of me taking this build on some dirt trails in a park. I also want to take a picture of this right next to my Dad's actual car. So please follow this post to check out some stuff I might upload in the future! To finish this post, here's some collages with photos of the GX EV3.
  7. This is my first WIP thread for a vehicle I've wanted to create for some time now. The most difficult part of this build so far has been the air ride. When Air ride is at its lowest or highest point, it clicks. This also lets you know when to stop lifting so it doesn't over rotate and jam the gears. I placed the 1X1 angled black system Lego on the L shaped beam, so the drop is only 45º on the axle. Then I noticed the weight of the car might not be able to hold the body work up so I added torsion bars to all 4 wheels. This design can be setup as 4 wheel steering, because the front suspension is exactly the same as the rear. (But the SUV I'm building doesn't have that function, so I opted out of it ) This beast comes stock with a V8 engine, air ride & torsion bar suspension, servo for steering, 2XL motors for drive 2M-motors for lift. I had to hide the servo in a different place as the axle for 4wd goes through the center. I am trying to get the steering wheel working but its tough... SUV framework for my new MOC by lachlan cameron, on Flickr I've been working on this frame for 2 weeks and am happy with how well it functions. I placed 3 pounds on the framework and the lift still works. SUV framework for my new MOC by lachlan cameron, on Flickr 2 M-motors are geared down before they turn 1 worm gear on each wheel to lift the whole vehicle.
  8. I'm back with one last issue in my GX EV3 build. I just got done finishing the doors, side panels, rear trunk door, hood, and some part of the roof. But the vehicle was so heavy that when I drove it around, it kept on doing the same thing. The diffs were clicking and the car had very much difficulty moving. Here is a picture of the bottom of the vehicle. Most of the clicking seems to be coming from the rear diff when I move the wheels by hand. I can either do two things. 1. Reinforce the rear diff somehow. 2. Improve it's off-road performance and stop the clicking somewhat by replacing the diffs with knob gears. But this will come at the cost of independent moving between the wheels. What should I do? Please give me the best response you can so the clicking will stop and I could finally take this AWD machine through some rough terrain like a real SUV. I really appreciate any advice.
  9. Very detailed 1:11 scale model of Mercedes-AMG G 65 with complex suspension, gearbox, engine and much more functions. Video: Functions: - 4x4 driveshaft with differentials and portal axles - Steering with Ackermann steering geometry - 4 speed gearbox - Working engine replica - Openable doors, hood and trunk with locks Please watch the video to see this car in action and for more details. I hope you liked this model.
  10. Hello everyone, I built a model of holden\isuzu suv The vehicle called holden Jackaroo and based on the Isuzu Trooper Zebra color of The vehicle taken from a set 6672 And the base chassis is 10 x 4 There are side steps also to protect the body of the vehicle in off road croling. and also to help the driver climb inside. There are also icons of a "shell" on the side of the The vehicle, allegedly shell is the "sponsor" of this vehicle travel (like the journeys of the Land Rover company when camel were the sponsors' see "camel trophy") One wheel is different, seeing as the interchange Wheel. Here are some pictures of the vehicle that I built. The real vehicle:
  11. Last month marked the second anniversary of my YouTube channel, so I decided to recreate the first video I posted: a high-speed Sport Utility Vehicle. In different ways, my production skills have improved, and in other ways, not as much. I think I still have a lot to work on... do you guys have any suggestions? I'd like to know how my videos are perceived. Thanks to all who have been watching my videos and have subscribed!
  12. RC technic Lego B&W SUV with motorized rear trunk, hood, rear wheel drive with a differential and steering with the servo motor. The first rendition of this car below:
  13. Block_Smarts Lego Technic

    [WIP] Offroad SUV

    Hello EuroBrickers! I am working on a Offroad Suv (NEEDS NAME!) Here are some WIP Pictures, sorry for the flash, it was at night! Here is a better picture, TMNT Cup for scale Still needs batterybox and a better roof. AND A NAME! I will accept name suggestions! More updates soon!
  14. Hi all. I'm new to this forum. Let me introduce my alternative model of 42035 Lego (Mining Truck). Hope You like it. :) Maybe some suggestions to improve.
  15. Hi, Forget 41999, just look at this beauty build by Madoca! The best middle scale I have ever see!:) Perfect! Sorry Madoca, if you wanna post it by yourself...cant wait to share my emotions:))) instruction is here:
  16. ThePlasticWerks

    MOC: Nissan Xterra(s)

    Hello! This is my first ever post here. I have recently started getting back into Lego - my childhood pile was donated a few years ago (but for a few vintage printed pieces and chewed-up 1x4 plates that I saved). This project mostly came about because I wanted to build a Lego version of my beloved truck, a 2010 Nissan Xterra, which I have heavily modified: I have done all of the modifications myself, including fabricating many of my own parts (I'm a welder). We'll come back to this in a moment :) For those of you not in the western hemisphere or a market where the Xterra is sold, the Nissan Xterra is a 4x4 SUV based on the Nissan Frontier/Navara platform, designed and primarily built in the US. My first attempt at a Lego Xterra was a modification of 4433 Dirt Bike Transporter; you can see the results of it on MOCPages here. I decided to make it a police truck, mostly because I wanted an excuse to buy some BrickArms weapons. The first major revision of this model saw bigger tires with working suspension, along with a lot of fine-tuning in the bodywork: See more here. I was pretty happy with this one, and then decided to order parts to build a model of the actual truck I own. This version features representations of the stock bumper and tires I had at the time, as well as the rear hatch ladder. Its latest revision has a better roof fairing, as well as the mud-terrain tires, custom-painted rims (and yes, I committed the cardinal sin of painting Lego to match), and tire carrier: See more here. I could help but build one more, this time inspired by the City Elite Police: See more here. And I pretty much left that there for most of the year. I bought a few sets in between to help flesh out my off-road vehicle collection, but I had an itch to do something unique. I thought about making a version of the Mercedes Ener-G-Force concept, then about a civilian SUV version of the SHIELD truck from 6867. I pursued the latter option and it evolved into a concept Xterra that I call the X3 "Super Xterra": See more here. This MOC has all the bells and whistles I could think to put on an off-road SUV - live axles front and rear with differential detail (both articulate as you can see), hidden winch inside the front bumper, which also has a prerunner stinger bar, built-in lighting all around, intake snorkel. Here it is compared to the previous version (latest revision): And that's a custom decal for my face. I'm sure I'll be pushing them as I discover better elements (or Lego comes up with better ones - I need a windscreen with much more rake!). I have a few other MOCs, of course, which will be showing up in due time, but I thought I'd kick off my membership with a doozy.
  17. Hey guys, here to present my latest MOC - G500 AWD WAGON Dimensions: 37cm x 15cm x 16cm Number of parts: 1628 Featuring: 4 - Wheel Drive All - wheel suspensions Openable doors and trunk 2 - speed manual gearbox 2 PF L motors for driving, 1 PF servo motor for steering, remote controlled A short video here: ----------------------------- Some more pictures - in comparison with the real G500 (2013): ----------------------------- Relevant links: · Parts list: http://rebrickable.c...ic-g500-awd-suv · Building instructions available for 10$ 327 pages of high quality rendering, step-by-step building instructuions with markups and cable deployment: · An update (HQ rendering) on building instructions of my previous MOC - Customized Forklift, and it's for free: http://rebrickable.c...omized-forklift · My Youtube channel: · Photo albums: Hope you like it! Kevin Jan 16, 2015
  18. ThePlasticWerks

    [TECHNIQUE] Mixel Steering!

    Behold, six-wide steering based on Mixels joints! I am upgrading my fleet of Lego Xterras with this neat technique that I thought up early last week. For more info, see them here: http://www.eurobrick...topic=90846&hl= So, it's pretty straightforward: Technic friction ball/pin connector and Mixels 1x2 socket plates. On the Super Xterra, retaining the solid axle articulation! See below. On the regular Xterra, which is based on the Great Vehicle build style, there's much less room to move and the effect is very subtle. The joints have enough friction to stay wherever they're set. Again, subtle effect with a semi-standard City build due to lack of clearance, but it can steer! Utilizing the other axis, the Mixel joints coupled with the solid axle in the rear give a pretty convincing impression of independent suspension. The steering effect really shines when your vehicle is lifted to the heavens: Somebody needs an alignment! Oh dear. (another very convincing independent suspension effect :p) And coupled with some extra articulation... The one downside I've found is that, due to the friciton pins, the articulated wheels don't spin very freely (though it's advantageous for posing). Enjoy, and spread the word!
  19. ThePlasticWerks

    [MOC/MOD/LDD] 60068 Forest Ranger SUV

    I think the Swamp Police SUV in 60068 is one of the best out-of-the-box minifig scale offroad vehicles Lego has ever designed, looks-wise. It's a marriage of a Land Rover Defender and Dodge Ram with a lifted Jeep's proportions. I took the design and pushed it just a little more. I was inspired by the US Forest Service's and Border Patrol's paint schemes, as well as then open-sides look of the Jeep Wrangler Hardtop Concept: My mod is probably 95% similar to the original model. The front end has been played with, giving it a contemporary LED-style light bar in place of the original model's four round lights, and a winch in place of the original bumper's tow hook. The headlights and grille are more generic (or perhaps closer to classic Nissan/Suzuki shapes). Aside from the obvious replacement of the rear windows, the rear is identical to the original build. The roof rack was an interesting sketch that plays out beautifully. I will be making this for real at some point soon, I have near total confidence that all the dark green elements exist. I'm torn on which windshield to use though. Any thoughts?
  20. sidekick2461

    MOC Bat-All Terrain Vehicle

    MOC Bat-All Terrain Vehicle This is my latest MOC, a cross between a 66' Batmobile and a Tank. I was trying to think of a way to incorporate tracks with suspension that I had designed. I looked at the 66' Batmobile I had built and thought that would be an interesting project. The tracked suspension is full independent on both sides and works great. I've added all sorts of launchers and equipment, so now the villains of Gotham City have no where to hide. The storyline for the existence of the vehicle goes thus: “It’s 1968 and Bruce Wayne decides that he needs an extra vehicle to help control the villains of Gotham City. He contacts his friends at Gotham City Engineering and asks them to build him a new vehicle loosely based on the 1966 Batmobile but a major feature has to be its all-terrain capabilities.” Let me know what you think.
  21. It's been a while and I'm back with another city vehicle. It is obviously inspired by a certain real-life car, the topic name should give you a clue I built a week or so ago, but only got to rendering the images this weekend. It is probably the windows and tail lights that made the rendering process so long, more than a day per image. Anyway, you can download the .lxf here
  22. Gwail

    MOC: BMW X6

    I'm glad to present you another MOC in my garage! Today the model based on the mid-size luxury crossover - BMW X6, called by the manufacturer Sports Activity Coupé (SAC). It's not a recreation of a factory stock car, the inspiration was the model tuned by the german company Lumma Design. The car is adapted as 2-seated coupe (a bit shorter than an original), both for minifigs and Friends minidolls. This time the doors don't open in the primary configuration (unless you dismount the mirror clips), but there is still a posibility to use the alternative door design (however, they don't look well). Forgive my little deviation - I don't know why, but I always put the white rims to black cars . The last pic is a little joke - you can see the original here. More pics in my flickr album. My other presentations:
  23. This is a moc I've created. I sort of just threw it together, so it's not based off of any vehicle in particular. It's got the Tatra suspension, and crawls over uneven terrain just wonderfully. When I finished the front I noticed it sort of looks like an older range rover, didn't do that on purpose though. Hope you enjoy the pictures. Hopefully I can put together a video in the next week or so.....
  24. Every two or three years, the CITY range gets a spread of new civilian sets, and 2014 is such a year. They tend mostly to be vehicles, since CREATOR seems to have stolen the houses; but there have been some great offerings of late and this year's sets look to be continuing the standard. I was very impressed by 2012's 4433 Dirt Bike Transporter - a set with an attractive design and bursting with play features - so I'm looking forward to seeing how this latest similar offering compares. Review: 60058 SUV with Watercraft Set Information Name: SUV with Watercraft Number: 60058 Theme: CITY Release: January 2014 Parts: 219 Figures: 2 Price: GB £17.99 | US $19.99 | EUR 19.99 - 21.99 | AU $29.99 | CA $24.99 | DKK 179.95 Links ... Shop@Home ... Brickset ... Bricklink The Box Click for a large full-frontal image I like the sandy shoreline the vehicle is perched on, which fades into dunes and scrubland, with the ever-present CITY silhouette beyond. It is similar to the scene occupied by the Camper, though bereft of trees; and here the landscape seems less hemmed in. Indeed, 60058 continues the semi-aquatic theme of the 60057 Camper set, though we are warned that in this case the Watercraft Do Not Float. Customary set highlights adorn the rear, above the panorama of this year's attractive spread of vehicles: Click for a larger image I love the stunning oblique shot of the SUV and trailer in the centre-right. I would have used something similar for the cover image except it doesn't show off the whole set so well. Chase me! The two dudes play on their craft on the box top ... ... a mere stone's throw away from the bustling CITY-scape. The box is, of course, an identical size to that of the Camper set, and indeed to any set at this price range over the past few years: for a comparison, click here. The Instructions Two papery-covered manuals are identical except for the module number. Interestingly, the second dude and his watercraft are absent from the picture. There are acres of space on the inside pages. Despite some parts of similar colour (eg. 1x6 plates in black and dark bluish-grey), colour differentiation isn't a problem. The build is simple, with piece callouts often demanding only one or two parts per step; I built the SUV in about five minutes. The customary inventory is spread over two pages at the rear of Book 2. Sticker Sheet Several decals are crammed into a small area (for a sense of scale, see the Box Contents). Their mostly-rectangular design makes applying them refreshingly straight-forward. Note the two dashboard stickers displaying different speeds, and the green narrow pair declaring '160 HP'. My car is only 122 horsepower! Interestingly, the instructions indicate to place the '48' dashboard sticker onto the green boat; I dread to think what the power output of the orange boat must be. Assuming that 'HP' does stand for horsepower - maybe it's Hit Points. The Parts Module 1 builds the SUV. Some useful SNOT brackets brighten up an otherwise unremarkable selection, though I won't complain about the trans-black windows (especially the 4-wide Classic Town windscreen ). I hate those modified bricks with wing ends, a white example of which is lurking on the left of the picture. This one will thankfully lurk invisibly on the finished model, where it is used purely as filler. One of the far more useful 2x4 black tiles is similarly invisible on the finished car, from where it can be pilfered without breaking the set. The highlight of Module 2, for me at least, are the four new wheels and tyres. I say new - two came last year in the Cargo Terminal plane set - but they're new to me, and potentially useful - we'll look at them again in situ later. Otherwise, a number of large and chunky parts will likely be confined to the 'useless parts' bin later, but some more SNOT brackets are most welcome. The two 2x4 curved slopes are new in orange and lime green, but as these are in my opinion two of the most useless colours in the entire LEGO palette, I'm not going to get over-excited by them. The Minifigures The wetsuit-guy simply had to be Johnny (even though he's not actually surfing), which I guess makes the sunglasses-dude Bodhi. Ten bonus points if you get the reference! Bodhi does at least have a surfer on his torso, without which he'd look like he was wearing a bloodstained string vest. His torso could be found previously only in three sets; his face is in need of some stubble. Johnny's wetsuit is new to me, but appeared in a couple of sets last year; it's rather nice. Both torsos have back printing; I love the wetsuit's zip! Two narrow lifejackets accompany the figures, much like in the Camper set. The LEGO Group clearly have safety in mind! I don't think I've ever seen anyone wearing a wetsuit and a lifejacket, but I'm no expert in watersports. Again, these narrow life vests leave a nasty gap in the neck area, but I prefer them to their oversized predecessors. The Complete Set First let's look at the SUV. The car has a simple yet smart design; the increased rake of the newer windscreen piece makes it look suitable sporty. There are no doors; whilst the 1x3 bley brick might allow the placement of doors, the windscreen would make them useless, so Bodhi will have to use a Dukes of Hazzard manoeuvre to get in. The 'gap' between dark bley and black plates between the wheel arches is deliberate; it mimics a footplate, though not entirely successfully. I think I'd rather some of these had been used. The rear end will be familiar to anyone who has 2009's 4x4 from the 7635 Horse Trailer set. I quite like the SNOT-mounted cheese wedges, though to my eyes they sit a little to proud of the rear. I'd also much rather separate orange and red lights had been used; however, the 1x2 trans-red plates are attached only via one stud (either end of a 1x4 SNOT brick), so this wouldn't have been possible without a redesign. I think simplicity of build has triumphed over attractiveness of design here. The protruding rear cheeses are all the more noticeable from the side: Absent from this rendition of the 4x4 vehicle is any attempt at a roof rack, which is a shame. I like the newer-style wide wheel arches, which can accommodate larger wheels; I do wonder however if these wheels are a little too large. The roof comes off easily in sections (and perhaps this explains why there isn't a roof rack), allowing Bodhi and Johnny to sit inside in relative comfort. Bodhi: 'Don't get my seat all wet!' Trailer and Watercraft The two jetskis sit side-by-side on the trailer. They have to touch: they can be mounted a little further back than this, but there is no ambiguity as to their lateral placement. In front is an Octan fuel cylinder (the lever is apparently a pump), and a green slope/tap thingy which according to the Shop@Home blurb is a 'gas can'. I wasn't sure what it was for; it can be used to store the lifejackets with a bit of fiddling. Without the jetskis, the trailer is rather plain, but the pattern of tiles and grilles is smart. There is no rear ramp; I guess the watercraft can be lifted onto the trailer. Now it's time to look again at the newish wheels. They are perhaps a little too snazzy for a simple trailer, but they are the same diameter as the 'standard' CITY wheels, allowing a multitude of uses ... ... a single example of which is here: I've replaced the standard wheels of the car from the 4432 Car & Caravan set with these new wheels. They look rather nice: sporty, with low-profile tyres, and they aren't as wide thus eliminating the 'protruding tyre' problem of many CITY vehicles. I like them! The jetskis themselves are identical aside from the colour and stickers; the design is simple but pleasingly realistic. The SNOT plate at the rear mimics the jet nozzles; the handlebars are attached via a robot arm on a 1x2 plate with vertical pole, allowing a degree of rotation. Johnny and Bodhi can grip the handlebars with ease, allowing them to pose as they wish (a random trans-clear cheese is helping here): Comparison to Similar Sets This is the third six-wide four-wheel drive vehicle LEGO has produced in recent years. Here's the latest with 2009's 4WD from the 7635 Horse Trailer set and 2012's 4435 Dirt Bike Transporter: I still love 7635's Range Rover look; 4435's vehicle looks more like a Land Rover Discovery, but its front end, free of the usual bonnet piece, is fresh and interesting. Compared to them, 60058's SUV looks more like the typical oversized shopping trolley we have to suffer today; it kinda reminds me of a Toyota RAV4. The "Toyota"'s rear window configuration is similar to that of the "Range Rover"'s; though it's tail lights can't compete. Bonus points for the rear registration plate, though, seen here devoid of sticker for fair comparison. The "Discovery"'s rear end has the added advantage of an opening tailgate, at the expense of inadequate tail lights. The lack of roof rack is apparent here, and for me those wheels are simply too large - we're straying into Monster Wheels territory here; they may appeal to the kids, but I'd prefer something that would be happy on a CITY street. I think the medium wheels on the "Discovery" represent a decent compromise. It's interesting that both 60058 and 4425 employ orange and lime green vehicles. Of the two trailers, the latest set's is simpler, but arguably neater; the new wheels look a little on the large side, but I think that's preferable to 4435's 1990s Town wheels which provide rather pitiable ground clearance. However, 4435 wins over in the accessories: two removable toolboxes (replete with tools) are included, along with two flagposts for marking a course, motorcycle helmets with clearly intentional storage mounting points, and mustard dispensers fire extinguishers. 60058's trailer has only the two jetskis and means of refuelling. Seen side-by-side, the two sets complement each other well, and that perhaps explains the choice of orange and lime for the watercraft. 60058's SUV has neater lines, but I miss the interesting front end of 4435, and the opening rear. Mostly, there are far fewer play functions on this latest set when compared to its immediate predecessor, which was a super set in every respect - and consequently very hard to beat. Conclusion This is a fun set. The SUV is attractive, and roomy, seating the two figures with ease; the trailer is detachable and with the two realistic jetskis provides lots of play options. It has its drawbacks - apart from the watercraft, the colour scheme is decidedly drab; and the oversized wheels of the SUV unfortunately give it a <insert that tiresome argument> look. Owners of 4435 are likely to be somewhat disappointed - many of that set's myriad play functions are absent - but 4435 was an awesome set. They do make a good matching pair, so don't let the pared-down functions put you off if you're considering buying 60058; it also makes an excellent companion to this year's 60057 Camper if you're into watersports! Design & Build 7 The build feels simpler than many recent similar sets; if this was intentional to increase appeal to the target audience, I'd say it's a success. Nevertheless, the resulting model is smart and realistic; spoilt for me mainly by the silly wheels, but some brighter colours wouldn't go amiss. Parts 6 There's not a huge number of parts that you can't get elsewhere, but there are a handful of useful SNOT brackets, and I like the newer low-profile tyres. Figures 7 I love Johnny's wetsuit! Shame it's available more cheaply elsewhere, but it isn't a common part. Bodhi's body is also not common, but far less appealing to me. Playability 8 It might not be a patch on 4435, but there is still copious play potential with this set, and it'll fit in reasonably well to your CITY. A few pedestrians might get squished by those wheels, but it'll give the Emergency Services something to do. Value 8 Part for penny this is a good value set, and the play options only increase the score. Overall 72% My Score 7/10 This is a solid set: fun for kids; for adults, it's ok, but if you're expecting another 4435 you may be a trifle disappointed. 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