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  1. Krisha

    [TC18] Ford GT 2005

    Stunning lines for scale. My favourite MOC i seen for TC18.
  2. Photo link attached now, not much done so far but will make some progress tonight. Planning to get chassis frame finish and start working on suspension and steering
  3. Hi all This is my second attempt to build some sort of MOC as my first one (Can am X3) failed massively as only topic was creed and couple parts putted together over a year ago! This time returning whit idea I had for while, create some sort of smallish size manual model(old school pick up truck). Inspired by VW Caddy 1980 never seen till started research on mother Google! MOC is based on close VW chassis length but will be modified as idea is to "dress" Caddy in wide body. So far I manage to scale frame size and heights (see pictures below)(edited wasn't aware that here is picture size limit. Any ideas or suggestions as people are putting pictures in the topic how to do it and what is the best way?) . Steering system whit steering wheel ,suspension, openable door, hood, all still to be put into and decision on colour still to come. Only building in red now to figure out dimension. photo link attached
  4. Hi How you guys/girls start your moc's? You start whit chasie to body work our body work to chasie/axeles? I started to do can am maverik last year but failded big time. Ended up white noting done jumped from scaling to axel work back to chasie all over the place.
  5. Krisha

    [WIP] Can Am Maverick X3

    @Boulderer ther is some pictures on google, and some framework pictures. Puting all that together you are able to get some where
  6. Krisha

    [WIP] Can Am Maverick X3

    @aminnich I will use @Sariel scaling tool to do all mesurments. And hopefully I will have some progress done this week.
  7. Krisha

    [WIP] Can Am Maverick X3

    First of all let me thank you all for your welcom @Leonardo da Bricki @aminnich@mocbuild101 and @I_Igor I have Tumbler Tire 81.6 x 44 R. I know they are wider then original on X3 but I think i will give more agresive look to ATV
  8. Hi Lets start whit fact that Im new to Lego Technic, and english isnt my first language and im terable at grammar:D I started couple of months ago purchasing some Lego sets, and now im around 15.000 parts. It helps me to relese stress after work Im seen so many very good Mocs , but Im not seen a lot of ATV. Is ther any reason of this or they just not mainstreem to built. Im will be tempting to build my all time favorite Can Am Maverick X3. I hade oportunity to drive one on my holidays and I felt in love since :D I would apricaate some help and tips for new builder.