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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, It's my first time to join the Eurobricks Contest. When I read the details of the TC22 Contest, this MOC (CAT Skid Steer Loader) was already WIP for months. My last tune is to tackle the size restriction (10000 cubic studs). Finally it's done and the main features are: - Total no. of pieces is around 900 - Around 1/16 to 1/17 scale; works well with the 42114 Volvo Articulated Hauler - 4WD with a modified transverse subtractor by Sariel ( - Requires a BuWizz 1.0/2.0 or CaDA or Mould King remote battery hub - PF L Motor for the main driving - PF M Motor for the steering - PF M Motor for the bucket lifting - PF M Motor for the bucket tilting - Movable cabin - Bucket is swappable to a pallet fork or a larger bucket - Detailed cockpit and driver seat The size is 20.5 x 17 x 28.5 = 9932.25 cubic studs More pictures at: Video uploaded:
  2. This is the skid steer loader that I built last year. It was my second build after my long dark ages. I selected the Caterpillar 226B as a reference and selected the 62.4 wheels for this build. I realized only much later that the scale (especially the width) was very challenging. If I were to build this again, I would probably compromise and make it 2 studs wider. However, the biggest challenge on this build was something unexpected: the center of gravity. I started off with the power functions battery box. Due to the size of the model, the only place to put it was at the very back. With the first mockup, it was already clear, front wheels were never going to touch the ground. To fix this, I switched to the AAA battery box, as the AAA batteries weigh much less. This improved the balance, at least it sat still on all 4 wheels. However, it still did a wheelie every time it started to drive. My final card to play was replacing the two IR receivers with an Sbrick, to have less weight at the back. This improved things to the point where I thought that the whole model could work. It was still a wheelie monster, but there was hope. After that, I revisited each part of the model and redesigned to have as much weight as possible at the front. The bucket was brick built to have more weight at the front. The forward chassis had all empty spaces possible filled with liftarms. All empty holes were filled with pins, axles. I could see that I was getting there, but had to take some more extreme measures. In some places I used two thin liftarms instead of a normal liftarm. The cabin was designed to have smaller bricks at the front and so on... It was ridiculous, but in the end, it all helped, and the balance was fixed. Here are some more pictures of the finished model: The arms and the bucket work really well and quick enough. The drive is the weak point on this model, as it is only with M motors. Driving full speed is fine, no problems there. However, they have issues starting to drive with only part throttle, especially with 1.2v rechargable batteries. Due to the balance issue, I considered abandoning this project at several points along the way. However, I'm glad that I kept going, and I'm really happy about the result. Technical details Length: 30 cm Width: 13 cm Height: 17.5 cm Weight: 1.16 kg Power functions 2 x Power Functions M motor for skid steer drive PF L motor for arm lift PF L motor for bucket tilt PF AAA Battery Box Sbrick for control Here is the video with the model in action:
  3. Hi All, The iconic ARGO 6x6 XTV (extreme terrain vehicle), made by ARGO Industries in Canada, was my inspiration for this project; a remote controlled Technic Power Functions version of the real life machine. The ARGO is a formidable little amphibious all-terrain vehicle that will take you deep into the wilderness and get you back safe and sound. You can see some more photos on Flickr: This model uses disk brakes to lock the left or right wheel-sets to skid-steer. The wheels are connected with chains like the real ARGO. The handlebars are connected to the disk brakes using flex cables. The handlebar assembly decouples the left and right brakes, so when you twist the bars only one side is activated. The brake assembly is very compact. When you want to control the ARGO remotely, you can drop in the handlebar servo assembly. Here's a video of the ARGO that shows the different functions. If you like it, please check the ARGO out on Thanks!
  4. Here is my TC9 Entry. It is skid steer and front loader based on the real thing by JCB. A Model JCB Skid Steer: Functions: - Mini Linear Actuator Raise/Lower Boom - Manual Bucket Dump - Working Fake 3 Cylinder Diesel Engine - Four Wheel Drive (All wheels turn when any one wheel turns) - Left/Right wheels can turn in same or opposite directions to turn - Quick Detach Bucket Attachment Dimensions: - Length: 25 studs - Width: 11 studs - Height: 16 studs - Box Volume: 4400 studs B Model: JCB Front Loader: Functions: - Mini Linear Actuator To Raise/Lower Bucket - Manual Bucket Dump - Working Fake Three Cylinder Engine - Rear Wheel Drive With Differential - Rear Perpendicular Suspension - Articulated Steering Dimensions: - Length: 35 Studs - Width: 12 Studs - Height: 16 Studs - Box Volume: 6720 Studs Video: Parts left from A Model after building B Model:
  5. After much preparation I am proud to present the instructions for my Skid Steer Loader, based on the New Holland LS160; It's driven by two electric motors, steers differentially, and the boom and bucket are pneumatic. Check it out moving about on .Control is by a tethered hand controller with built in automatic pneumatic pump - instructions are included for this. There's also a chapter describing the building techniques I used, loads of photos of the model and real machine, and instructions for an optional pneumatic grab attachment. You can buy the instructions from my website and MOCplans for a small charge of $12 - these are rendered by Eric Albrecht, so you know you are buying quality. I've listed the model on Rebrickable, so it should be easy to figure out if you have the parts you need to build it! Enjoy, and please let me know what you think :-) Jennifer