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  1. mishtron

    [MOC] Explorien Core Utility Ship

    Yeah, the thought crossed my mind. Those old panels (like the transparent ones) have very slim attachment points, so the mechanism would have to be bulky to reinforce those. I'm gonna ponder it again though, it could be very cool.
  2. mishtron

    [MOC] 's Mini Cooper, Actros w/ trailer, Backhoe

    @deraven Thanks man, fixed. Wasn't sure if I could flickr edit the images after they had been posted.
  3. Hey everyone, not a huge city builder, but thought I'd share a few small MOCs I gone and done: - minifig playable vintage Mini Cooper - old model Actros with long heavy haul trailer - good ol' backhoe I wanted a playable mini for my family minifigs, although in my quest for playability, fitting two minifigs in parallel and aesthetics, I made it a bit big, I will try out a 4 wide minifig version soon front rear front engine interior and functions I'm mainly a castle and space builder, but something needs to deliver all those castle wall stones and spacefaring engines! I tried ot make the front in the older Actros style, with engine playability and sleepability on the interior front interior with bed engine trailer hauling the Medieval Market Village And finally a simple backhoe to terraform the ground for the castle buildings and spaceports, for some reason I feel like the official Lego backhoes never get it quite right... front rear in action
  4. Hey everyone, Did this one last month, finally got around to posting it... goes out to all the fans of late classic space and playability! This is a mid-sized Explorien ship made for intergalactic exploratory missions seeking planets with life or key resources. My goal was to fit in as much playability as possible in an aesthetically pleasing package. But first, I'd like to introduce the crew in front of its main play function, an actuated elevator cargo bay! Here is a list of features within the four main areas - livable conditions for all four crew members - 2 floor modular interior with 4x sleeping chambers on lower level - biomedical lab - 4 seat lounge - bathroom with shower - large cargo bay with surface exporation and assessment equipment - play function to open back and lower entire cargo bay as elevator via linear actuators - working airlock to enter cargo area from living space - Roll cage rover fits 3 minifigs and includes drilling /grabbing platform - tracked power suit with cutting torch and grabber - storage for 4x space suits and minifig equipment - communications and sensor arrays - Intergalactic comm dish - planetary sensors for life/resource assessment - intragalactic comm arrays for more detailed communication in local galaxy - 2x interior seats for comm/sensor operators - long and short range transportation equipment - 2x dual engines equipped made for long range warp and short range thrust - retractable landing gear - adjustable front and side landing/takeoff thrusters - front of ship equipped for navigator and pilot The main shape and inner technic structure came about from 4 integral pieces I wanted to include for the sake of the Explorien theme, the front canopy, 2 SNOT large transparent panels in midsection, 16x16 white plate for removable roof to house comms, but most of all a large elevator cargo bay. Also visible are the retractable landing gear. Upper level interior visible from outside, sides equipped with flight sensors and antennae as well as front thrusters White dish is intergalactic communication to relay their findings to home base, but due to the limited information it can send and energy usage, there are a number of local arrays they use for local galaxy communication and sensor instruments Upper level of interior includes front navigation/pilot area, comm/sensor stations, biomedical lab, lounge, suit storage, and bathroom Upper level removed to showcase the sleeping chambers for long range transport, the chambers are used for storage when not in use Rear cargo area includes rover, power suit, airlock, and engines. The actuator function for the cargo elevator is visible form here, but can be operated when the vehicle is closed. Note that the sliding door for the airlock doubles as the door for the bathroom, assuming the crew would not need to use both at the same time! Rear cargo bay open and lowered, rover and power suit rolling out to go exploring!
  5. mishtron

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    I think it's just the person who happened to be on the line using her judgement. Since I did convince her on one of the parts, I don't think there is any black and white alert in their system. They are probably trained on a few ways to assess whether it should be considered "licensed" or not. Maybe next time I'll try sweeter talk Not sure if this is on topic, do you guys see the Nexo line figs going the same route as Chima (as in pretty cheap)? Just trying to assess if it's worth buying the figs from bricks and pieces online (where they are, indeed available) or just waiting.
  6. mishtron

    2018 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    While I am also hoping for a Black bear, Brown bears are more commonly mountain dwellers. For collector purposes I can definitely see them going for the new colourway over accuracy.
  7. mishtron

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    Thanks, great to hear, that's very exciting.. if it's different, hopefully the existing bear's prices will go down a bit as well. I was pretty disappointed about the only minifig brown bear being released in my dark age and becoming so expensive so quickly.
  8. mishtron

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    Interesting, where is the info from that the bear will be making a comeback?
  9. mishtron

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    Just wanted to share my experience: Called yesterday in UK, got animals and a few other things... noticed that the animals specifically were cheaper over the phone than online, and some animals unavailable online were available over the phone. I could not get any Nexo parts, including karkenskull helmet and some knight helmet visors even though they were clearly available on the online store. Interestingly she even tried to tell me that the Pearl Dark Grey Bar 1L with Top Stud and 2 Side Studs is licensed because it only came in Ninjago and Super Heroes sets. I eventually convinced her it's a classic part, just in a few new colours and she double checked and agreed to add it to my list. It's my first bricks and pieces, so many great parts, like nipples and donuts are much cheaper there than bricklink.
  10. Thanks :) A while ago I was looking at ways to use up some 6 tall ones and noticed the air traffic control style technique on the ultra agents boat, only to find out that it was actually a different piece altogether
  11. Don't mean to be pedantic, but that windscreen in the pics is two bricks too short to be 94531, I believe it is a printed version of 6109815 / 18729. If so, it would make it the second time they've used that mold ever, printed or otherwise.
  12. Awesome.. Thank you @Exetrius and @TitusV for the thorough explanations looking forward to contributing to the world of Nocturnus, will submit a sig fig soon...
  13. Hello Nocturnians, Before I take the dark purple plunge into the abyss, I just had a few questions about collaborating within the guild I wanna be as specific as possible as I really don't wanna to make any faux pas before I push the boundaries: 1. What is a culturally appropriate way to bring my presence into the land? Must I start small and build up a story? Or can I make up a "plausible" backstory for something that may have been around for a while in Nocturnus (eg. vampire bloodline, werebear cult), but flying under the radar and previously "not spoken about"? 2. Is anything named on the map taken? As in, should I be (most extreme option first): - conjuring a new place on the map and giving it a name, like requesting to add a patch of swamp to the map between X and Y and claiming that as some new place where Z happens? - giving a name to an unnamed portion, as in declaring that the portion of mountain between tower X and badlands Y is now known as peaks of Z? (unless Zed's dead already ) - only making up a story only for something that is both preexisting on the map and named, as in making up a guy that lives on X mountain pass? - Should I be staying away from named places as they are all taken, as in "yes, fine you can make up a story about the labyrinth X but that is really Y user's area, so that's kinda lame"? 3. Is the Nocturnian backstory and "types of ongoings" set in stone? Though I would never start yelling on the forum "WELL I IT TURNS OUT THAT NOCTURNIA ACTUALLY HAS FIVE RACES OF FRIENDLY GOATMEN WITH A THRIVING EVIL FRUIT BUSINESS THAT IS MORE SIGNIFICANT THAN ALL THE OTHER RESOURCE EXTRACTION COMBINED!!" I hope I would be able to perhaps create stories that eg. communicate that the Nocturnian economy is more diversified than it would previously seem through thoughtful MOCs. Thanks in advance for clarification! *apologize if these were covered before, there is a lot of reading!
  14. mishtron

    Guilds of Historica New Member Guide

    Hey everyone, very excited about joining this part of the forum. Nocturnus is definitely my flavour, I'm really interested in the duality of good and evil and understanding the abyss. I'm especially looking to explore how darkness plays it's role in every day life since Nocturnus seems to be linked in important ways to all of the other factions. My current ideas are circulating around an influential vampire bloodline with an industrious werebear cult. Hope to have my first quality build up within the month! @cozei Hey dude, I am also new and looking to join Nocturnus, let's build!
  15. mishtron

    LEGO Nexo Knights 2017 Discussion

    Haha, thanks for that. Maybe the Blocks writer put it in as a commentary on the collective AFOLC irk. Admittedly I too was a disgruntled castle fan, but Nexo has seriously grown on me.