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Found 12 results

  1. Feuer Zug

    German style Bahnhof

    This bahnhof (train station) is based on a number of hauptbahnhof (main stations) throughout Germany. It also uses parts from 60050, but not much. The major inspirations are Bremen and Frankfurt am Main. It has three tracks for trains with an overhead bridge to gain access to 2 & 3. Signals are at the ends of the platforms for tracks 1 & 2. As seen from the internal view, the shopkeeper and the bäckerei are present, but additional areas have been added. A ticket agent, locker area, and WC are new. The station has plenty of windows, allowing for good lighting as seen when illuminated from inside.
  2. Hi, this is my first post here, so enjoy it!! Excalibur 1 by ✠ Corvus Auriac MOCs ✠, en Flickr Excalibur 4 by ✠ Corvus Auriac MOCs ✠, en Flickr Excalibur 1 by ✠ Corvus Auriac MOCs ✠, en Flickr All the sword is metallic and there are precious stones in the guard. Around 580 pieces.
  3. Elysiumfountain

    Orient Express Thriller!

    Well, here it is! My first train MOC that I've ever made, the Orient Express! Including a large Pacific class style locomotive similar to the Emerald Night, a tender, and a passenger car, I cobbled this together from several Bricklink orders and the LEGO Constitution Train Chase. ( I was very sad to take it apart, but it was for the greater good!) The passenger coach features opening doors, and I was able to put two lights into the roof, so it can light up at night! Here's the official story on this MOC: -Oh no! There's a Mummy on the Orient Express! Join dashing, adventurous Arthur Rutledge as he travels across Europe with several priceless artifacts to be delivered to the Louvre Museum in Paris. But be careful, his evil nemesis Cad Goldwater is also aboard, and will stop at nothing to acquire the relics. Will Rutledge be successful, or will the Orient Express be stopped by the nefarious plans of Cad? It's up to you! You can also see more photos of this MOC on the Orient Express Thriller page on Flickr: This project is also on LEGO Ideas to support! We would really appreciate the support! Thank you. :) A couple extra pictures!
  4. Ben Pitchford

    [MOC] Medieval Watermill

    Lego medieval watermill by Ben Pitchford, on Flickr Lego medieval watermill by Ben Pitchford, on Flickr Lego medieval watermill by Ben Pitchford, on Flickr Lego medieval watermill by Ben Pitchford, on Flickr I'm building a large Robin Hood Display in "medieval style" with Nottingham Castle, Village, and Sherwood Forest. Here is one of my latest designs, Medieval Watermill, which has a power functions motor hidden inside and geared down to move the watermill. I've also submitted it on the ideas page if anybody cares to vote here: Thanks for any support/ feedback and viewing!
  5. You might have seen the new shop@home promotion in the newest store calendar of this month. Although you would think that this will mean the whole world can get this promotion, it seems only Canada and the States can get it... Is this a part of the store errors maybe? Even the UK cant get this promotion. Instead, there is a weird small set with a piece of cardboard And if this is the intention, when will Europe get the promotion?
  6. snaillad

    MOC: Visit the Riviera

    Hello fellow Eurobricks members, I've been working on my latest MOC the last few weeks - 'Visit the RIVIERA'. A MOC based around a marina with a southern European influence. There is a small wedding shop, a bell tower, and restaurant on the ground floor with tables outside around the marina where fishermen bring in their catches. A previous European styled MOC - Piazza Maria had bright colour combinations and perfect smooth rendering on the buildings so this was an excuse for me to try my hand at something that looked a little more weathered! Anyway on with the pics, 6 in total: You can also view them on flickr here: Any comments/feedback welcomed! Cheers!
  7. Hey there, I recently started a photographic series of LEGO Batman travels & adventures and here I am introducing them to you. I will try to keep this side project alive as much as I can and I will upload all the photos to my Instagram account I hope that you will like them, I would really appreciate to hear your opinions, ideas, suggestions, etc. Since the World Cup started few weeks ago, here we go Enjoying a beer at Australia - Olanda Enjoying a Sangria and wondering if Spain will go home so soon And ready for the last game of the day Friday games start. Warming up with a beer. Italy or Costa Rica? Will the Queen kiss Mario? Du fromage et du vin... Switzerland vs France. Already 0-3, any final predictions? Budweiser beer or Porto wine? I can has both? Let's see a good game: USA vs Portugal Explain to your girlfriend the offside rule... :D Chilling... ITA vs. URU Bud meet Krombacher, Krombacher meet Bud! aka USA vs. GER :) Brazil - Chile, 1-1, few moments until penalty shots Aaaaaand the winner is: Allez les bleus! #FRA vs #NGA :) A walk by in Timisoara (Romania) - notice the I (batman) TM - the city abbreviation - with Batman as a heart Working on a flyer design (since I am a graphic designer in my real life) "I'm your father" Because of the lengthy post and in case you want to follow the project on Instagram here is the link again That's it for now, if you like them and want to see more I will keep you posted
  8. I'm sorry for not posting this in the official topic for this kind of thing that almost certainly exists, but I was unable to find it. At any rate, does anyone know when the next double VIP points promotion for German LEGO stores will be? I have had a lot of difficulty finding out about promotions in Europe.
  9. Hello, I was wondering if there are ways to buy Big Ben Bricks in Europe. Are there any European (preferably Dutch) Retailers? Erwin
  10. For most European guys, it is difficult to participate at the events finding place in the USA. So that's why it would be cool to do a GoH table/lay-out at an event in Europe. Saturday 9 November and Sunday 10 November, there will be a new edition of Brickmania Antwerpen. But unlike the previous editions, BMA will have now a gigantic hall to show the creations of the AFOL's. And the Belgian Lug members are supposed to fill this hall I take my responsibilities up, and will give GoH the spot it deserves at BMA. But ofcourse I want you guys to show the world how awesome our project is by helping me It will be also nice to meet the other members in real life! I have to be honest, my city of Mpya Stedor will be a part of the Pirates lay-out (just like Brickmania Wetteren). But there are enough other things I can show Here the details again: Brickmania Antwerpen location: Hangar29 of Waagnatie city: Antwerp (Belgium) date: 9 & 10 November 2013 GoH-Members already attending: Damaximus Sebeus Kabel Ecclesiastes Synbiote (even he still is not an official member ) MOC's that will be displayed Mpya Stedor Conference Room (Damaximus) Victor's Throne Room (Damaximus) The Amazon (Damaximus) Rose of Asgard (Kabel) Modular city (Kabel) Some other MOC's showing interaction between the Guilds (Damaximus) ??? So to all members who have nothing planned yet: join us!
  11. My inquiry from 26 July 2013 and response today 05/08/2013 Hello I would like to buy this product, Brasso Metal Polish 1ltr Price: £10.50 can it be delivered to Portugal, I've been having trouble finding a source that will send it to my address. Best regards José Hello, Yes we can. Our web site is primarily for people who live abroad. Just visit our website and add items to your basket. When you have chosen all your items just click on the checkout button in the top right hand of the screen and it will give you the order total. Choose your country and delivery option and the total cost including shipping will be displayed. Then payment can be by credit card, PayPal, or you can choose to send a sterling cheque. If you have any problems please do not hesitate to contact us. Your order is not completed until you click on the Done button at the end of the process. Regards, Richard Price, Tel:0044 (0)1304 206069 Britstore Ltd 15-17 Elms Vale Road, Dover, Kent, CT17 9NZ United Kingdom --------------------------------------------------------- So apparently thats that, problem solved on the Brasso buying issue, good price too for 1Lt. considering amazon prices and such delivery costs (and peace of mind). If they can deliver it here then that covers Continental Europe and probably other places If anyone has dealt with them and can give some testimony it would be appreciated. I also sent a request to know what other geographic areas they can cover, let's hope it's worldwide. I'll cover alternatives to brasso and other chemicals for custom work on some other topic later on.
  12. Dear Eurobricks Members: As most of you know, we've been through a number of software and server upgrades in order to provide you with the best experience possible. During that time, we've installed several new tools that better allow us to track the evolution of the site, and now is the time when we can apply this new knowledge to bring the forum to even greater heights. Specifically, we were able to look at registrations over time, marking very definite trends in our member base and we've come to an interesting evolutionary timeline, of sorts. In the early days of Eurobricks, the site was primarily used by European members who found it to be a comfortable place to share their love of LEGO with like-minded people of a similar background. Gradually, that shifted to a more global membership, which was something we had noticed ourselves, even without the detailed analysis that we have now. The part that surprised us was the last few years, the time when the site has seen it's largest increases in membership and traffic, and that is what we are here to discuss. To put it simply, what was once a European site has turned into one mostly populated by American AFOLs who now outnumber all other locations by a 4 to 1 margin. As such, continuing to maintain our image as a European site is unfair to the majority of our members. As a result, adjustments are being made. Over the next few weeks, you may notice some slight changes to the site, changes designed to allow us to better accommodate the largest portion of our member base more efficiently while still keeping the site friendly and open to all. The Plan Rebranding of the site to AmeriBricks, along with the necessary change in address. Reworking of site graphics to better match American visual sensibilities. Shifting the focus of our discussions to a more American point of view. Movement of the physical server to America to improve site performance during peak usage times. Rebranding is currently in progress, feel free to visit Ameribricks over the next few weeks to watch our progress. The majority of the plan is happening behind the scenes and will most likely appear suddenly, which is why we felt the need to let you know about the coming improvements. We hope that this change will come as both a surprise and a pleasure to you and that we may continue to serve you for many years to come. ~ The AmeriBricks Staff