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Found 9 results

  1. Lasse

    [MOC] Brussels Town Hall

    I have built this LEGO model of Brussels Town Hall. Brussels Town Hall is built in 1401-1455 in Gothic style. It is located on the famous Grand Place in Brussels, Belgium. It is the only remaining medieval building of the Grand Place and is considered a masterpiece of civil Gothic architecture and more particularly of Brabantine Gothic. Here is a photo of the real building from when I visited Belgium last summer:
  2. BEAVeR

    [MOC] Temse Skyline

    It wasn't until I went to university and only came home in the weekends, I realized how much I love the sight of my hometown of Temse in Belgium. I always try to have a seat to the left of the train, near a big window, especially near sunset. Because when my train crosses the Temse Bridge over the Schelde river, the view is just magnificent and then I know I'm home. [MOC] Temse Skyline by Bert Van Raemdonck, on Flickr You can imagine that on reading the assignment of Rebrick's "Dream Skylines" competition, "Build a Skyline of somewhere close to your heart", I didn't hesitate for a moment on what to build. But I think that choice might have been the only easy part about this contest! Since the creation has to be in the style of the existing LEGO Architecture skylines, I had to come up with several ways to add enough detail and texture at the small scale, and at the same time had to adhere to the maximum size requirements that didn't allow for any overhang. Personally, I also wanted to create something that's completely buildable in real life with solid connections and only existing part/color combinations - because who knows, maybe one day my town will be interested to have one of these for real? - which caused me a lot of headaches. All of that made for a build time of nearly a month for this seemingly small creation (that still contains close to 800 bricks). After all that building, I managed to cram in most (though not everything) of what I wanted to represent. From left to right, you have the Boelwerf Crane, the Onze Lieve Vrouwe Church, the Old Town Hall and the Temse Bridge. If you're interested in more information about those individual buildings, just keep reading! [MOC] Temse Skyline - Onze Lieve Vrouwe Church by Bert Van Raemdonck, on Flickr The Onze Lieve Vrouwe Church is the defining building of the Temse skyline, and rightfully so. The original dates back to the 770's, erected by the holy Amelberga, the patron saint of the parish. It is believed that she fled her suitor, a powerful man, because she wanted to dedicate her life to God. And when she was cut of by the Schelde river, a giant sturgeon appeared from the water to lead her safely to the other side, where she erected the church out of gratitude. To this day, we have a yearly procession to celebrate her. Of course the church was rebuilt several times, and I depicted it as it appears today,the way I know her inside and out because this is the building where I go to mass and have gotten to know a lot of wonderful people. I love this building so much that I actually tried to build it several times before this contest. However, i always got stuck on the iconic but hard to capture shape of the clocktower. However, having to work at this small scale forced a certain size of the tower on me, which enabled me to have a more focused problem. When eventually I found out that the classic medieval helmet worked perfectly to capture the bell shape of the bottom part of the roof, and that's what really kicked of this entire creation. Since I couldn't connect anything to the helmet, I had to work with an external support, but luckily it doesn't get in the way of appreciating the creation too much. I also had a lot of variations for the rest of the tower, but in the end this version with the notches nicely corresponding to features on the actual building made it, also thanks to the input of my family on this issue! From there on, it was mostly a lot of complicated SNOT work to let the windows and the buttresses work, but it gave a nicely textured result. To top it all of, I included the statue of the Blessed Priest Poppe, who is also a central figure in our community. [MOC] Temse Skyline - Old Town Hall by Bert Van Raemdonck, on Flickr Up until a couple of years ago, this was the administrative heart of Temse, but now everything apart from some ceremonies has moved to the new administrative center in a modern building for which I didn't have enough space to include... Still, it's a beautiful building from the beginning of the twentieth century that actually stands on the place where once the home of my ancestors stood. One of the ceremonies being held here, is the memorial of two of my ancestors, who became famous after allegedly dying in each other's arms during the first World War, becoming a symbol for love between brothers. This year, it was exactly 100 years ago that happened, so there was a ceremony on this very fitting location, where my sister and I also read some poems one of the two brothers wrote. Truly a special experience! Building this also was a special experience if you can call it like that, because of all of the tricky SNOT fitted into a really tiny package. I'm really happy with how the roof turned out. And while it's a pity that the spires of the main tower have to be held in place by a rubber band, at least the official LEGO rubber band with the right size had the right color as well. [MOC] Temse Skyline - Boelwerf Crane by Bert Van Raemdonck, on Flickr I was born just half a year too late... If I would have been born sooner, I would have seen the Boelwerf working with my own eyes. It was a big shipyard along the Schelde river just outside of the town which was the economic heart of Temse for quite some time, with the biggest ship of the world at that time being build there. My grandfather was one of the employees there working among the docks, the cranes, the machine shops... Whenever I see pictures of those periods, I begin drooling and dreaming about that time that I sadly never knew. Because right now, where once the Boelwerf was, now a lot of new apartment buildings, houses, shops like my hairdresser and the new administrative building stand. The only thing that remembers the glory days is a beautiful and huge crane that never actually belonged to the Boelwerf but became an essential part of our skyline, and a couple of poles in the water and a hidden dry dock. Building this one actually went surprisingly easy when compared to the previous two buildings, and I'm pretty satisfied with how I managed to maintain the spindly look of the construction and the realistic angles of the supports, realized by putting technic pints over minifig antennas. The difficult part about this build actually was keeping it within the prescribed size limits of the build without overhang. That's why I had to sacrifice one of the three wrenches in the back, but luckily it isn't as noticeable. And nice to know: the crane can actually swivel around! [MOC] Temse Skyline - Back of the Box by Bert Van Raemdonck, on Flickr I really had a lot of fun making the renders for this creation, trying to match the box art from the official skyline sets as well as possible, and I'm very happy with the results that accomplish my goal. Just ask if you want to know more about the rendering process. This is also a place to discuss the final building: the Temse Bridge on the far right. Although it doesn't look like it from the build, this was with its 365 meter for a long time the longest bridge over water in Belgium, and also one of the prettiest, in my opinion! The original actually was designed by Gustave Eiffel (yes, thát Eiffel!), but that one was deliberately blown up during the second World War. In 2009, a second bridge next to it opened to allow for more traffic to pass because it was getting a bit problematic. That bridge is actually nine meters longer than the original one, so in Temse we have just one, but the two longest bridges over water in Belgium! Giving the bridge the skeletal look was impossible to do on this scale, but the bottom of the plates actually still gives a nice texture to it. I couldn't make it as long as I wanted, and I had to place it at an angle, just to stay within the size requirements, so in reality it is of course way longer. Also, the 2009 bridge didn't fit on even though I created a model for it. But then again, that bridge pales in comparison to the older one. In the end, I'm very pleased with the result, so it was worth all of the work. It gives me the same feeling as when I see the real skyline from the train on a Friday evening, the feeling of coming home. Which is really nice that I'm on a two month internship in South-Korea! Thanks for looking, and I hope you enjoy your home as much as I do! _________________ The digital file (LDD)
  3. The "Braemkasteel" is a 19th century Belgian castle located in the city of Ghent. Originally built in the 14th century but renovated in the 19th century to give its current look. Bought by the city in 1946 and used as the city hall for the suburb "Gentbrugge" untill 1974. Currently it is used as an art academy. More pictures here Thanks for looking. Comments are welcome :)
  4. Hi, I wanted to introduce you to the LEGO Collectors Club België& Nederland. We are a Dutch speaking community that supports collectors and MOC builders. Come have a look at our website and join our facebook group! Se you there! Gaetan
  5. Hello, in Belgium or the Netherlands you can find only one LEGO Store - in the Wijnegem Shopping Center, a Mall near Antwerp. I stopped by: It is a fine place, but the exklusive sets are high in price. But I found at least one rarity. Best wishes Andres
  6. The impossible has happened. I just saw this on Brickset: At last, we Belgians don't have to go all the way to Lille or Köln for a store. (I visited my first LEGO store while on holiday in the USA) Finally we can acces a Pick a Brick wall without having to pay for the transportation! My dream has come true. And his come close to my door... PS: No word yet on special events or promotions, but for all of you guys wanting some free minifigs: go check out this coupon.
  7. For most European guys, it is difficult to participate at the events finding place in the USA. So that's why it would be cool to do a GoH table/lay-out at an event in Europe. Saturday 9 November and Sunday 10 November, there will be a new edition of Brickmania Antwerpen. But unlike the previous editions, BMA will have now a gigantic hall to show the creations of the AFOL's. And the Belgian Lug members are supposed to fill this hall I take my responsibilities up, and will give GoH the spot it deserves at BMA. But ofcourse I want you guys to show the world how awesome our project is by helping me It will be also nice to meet the other members in real life! I have to be honest, my city of Mpya Stedor will be a part of the Pirates lay-out (just like Brickmania Wetteren). But there are enough other things I can show Here the details again: Brickmania Antwerpen location: Hangar29 of Waagnatie city: Antwerp (Belgium) date: 9 & 10 November 2013 GoH-Members already attending: Damaximus Sebeus Kabel Ecclesiastes Synbiote (even he still is not an official member ) MOC's that will be displayed Mpya Stedor Conference Room (Damaximus) Victor's Throne Room (Damaximus) The Amazon (Damaximus) Rose of Asgard (Kabel) Modular city (Kabel) Some other MOC's showing interaction between the Guilds (Damaximus) ??? So to all members who have nothing planned yet: join us!
  8. Svad

    Hey :)

    Hi, My name is Cyril but call me Svad :) I live in Belgium. I'm 20 and got back into Lego in the 2012 summer. I was just browsing all sort of nothing on the web (cause iunno, I was bored), looked up the modern Lego set and I ended up drooling in front of the Grievous minifig from set 8095. When I was younger, I had had the old grievous fig which was totally ugly but Grievous is my favorite SW charachter so... I just had to get it. Since then, I got a lot of other lego sets and my father also got into Lego again. He really enjoyed it when he was a child/teenager, he had a small Legotown in his attic. So my father is now a strong AFOL and I'm somewhere between TFOL and AFOL. I'm interested in Trains, Super Heroes (Marvel & Batman), Star Wars and some Technic, Cuusoo and City sets. My father is into Modular buildings and holiday sets but he has also started his own brick store. I recently started posting pictures of what I build, sets or whatever on flickr. Right now, you'll find stuff about trains and the 41999 that I just build. I also like playing basketball (go OKC) and I listen to a lot of music: at the moment mostly metalcore/post-hardcore but I also listen to metal, post-grunge, grunge and dubstep. Thanks for reading me, see you around
  9. Hello everybody! Like probably most of you I've been a fan of LEGO since my childhood ( 30 yo now ). For years it was an addiction that I had perfectly under control, no LEGO in the house, and all my LEGO ready and waiting for me at my parent's place ( where we use it during our ).Recently, "thanks" to Strikeman the addiction has reared it's beautiful head again... He took me to LEGO Fanwelt in Cologne last month and showed me the beauty of "The Official LEGO store" in the city centre... I bought a box of "BASIC" bricks, "just for fun". We returned home that night and while we're out smoking a cigarette, we notice that my wife is digging through the pieces and building a tiny car... it's now 2 weeks after that and as an introduction, I'll show you what happened... 2 days after LEGO Fanwelt, my wife drove to her parents' place to pick up "her" LEGO, which I built the next day "just to see if it was still complete"... A few days after that, our son went to bed a bit early, so we had a bit of 'free' time with the 2 of us, so we poured the "BASIC" box out on the table and had some fun: The past weekend, I drove to my parents' place to pick up the LEGO that was in "Teh Lair" ( see youtube video above ) and discovered that there had been a leak in the roof of "Teh Lair", thus requiring a thorough cleaning of all my LEGOs... First Load + most BURPs drying: 2nd & 3rd Load drying: Minifigstuff drying: Baseplate-stack: Various windows etc ( stuff I washed by hand ): Quick street-layout with my "best" plates: I've got a huuuuuuge idea for a diorama in my mind, and I've even installed MLCAD already and I'm designing the first part of the diorama in it already, I'll keep you all updated on the progress in the relevant places once I get to know the layout of this place a bit :-D Beside LEGO, my other passions are cars ( & anything related to them, from racing, over tuning to show-cars ) & video games ( see video above once again :p ) Finally, here's my Flickr photostream where you'll mostly find pics of cars, but since a few hours also the LEGO-pics included here and there will be more to come! Kind regards, mistic192