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  1. CustomJoe_MD

    He's dead, Jim.

    Nimoy is dead, long may he live in our hearts and memory. He lived we prospered.
  2. CustomJoe_MD

    DC Superheroes 2015 Rumors & Discussions

    Thats the set (GL set) most responsible for wallet bankrupcy in AFOLS in 2015. Got the brainiac set and have to say it a great little set
  3. CustomJoe_MD

    Scooby-Doo 2015 Rumours & Discussion

    To Robert8 I was having the same problem in flickr, you need to get the deep link for that image, go to the image file properties and copy the actual exact link and add to the image button from the toolbox here in the answer box. Hope it helps.
  4. CustomJoe_MD

    Bootleg Super Heroes minifigs - worth it or not?

    That sentinel deserves a topic or at least more pics, looks really good, but like all sentinels could always be a bit bigger :D
  5. Small update: Playing with new cowl prototype dimensions --- This is the 1st proto printed in PLA, the more recent ones below are much better. I'll have the final version soon in ABS. I'm trying a new way of molding plastic pieces. Wish me luck. I'm focused on finishing killstrike right now but i hope to have the cowl done soon. More on that here:
  6. CustomJoe_MD

    [MOD] Thor's Helmet

    I had seen this on flickr and had to say, FANTASTIC work. Love what you did with the piece very resourceful. Its amazing how a little heat and plastic trimming can have such an impact on the overall look of that mask. I wonder what else could be done from the same hawkman mask. _J
  7. Our latest project is finally ready to reveal, an updated and improved version of the initial rendering posted last summer that we have been making as accurate as we could. Introducing Killstrike It will be available in a month and half. For now enjoy the render, i'll post pics of the prototype as soon as we have it. (a week or so) Killstrike features 360° PAD PRINTING This is a colab between Legomazing toys and the former powerbrick team (Now cyclopsbricks) for previous projects see flickr links and hope you like what we are doing. More deluxe projects coming. Enjoy. And let us know what you think as more pics are released. Lmazing team
  8. Hi guys, just to let you know that the supershirt v1 is now available in Europe, you can see here for details: A new thread will be created for this and other releases.
  9. We ended up changing things a bit since last i updated, and dropped the funding thing. Presenting the supershirt project (pants included :D )" So here is a rendering of the first joint project between Legomazing and PowerBrick. And the result, Check the stream for more pics, its available in the USA, but it will be available in Europe in a week or so. I'll probably create a topic for general releases, and other info once we get the whole production process to run smoother and faster but for now enjoy. For those waiting on Beyond project to finish, its going to take a while still, however we may be able to have a full figure out in the next 30days of something else that i'm sure many will go crazy for. Stay tuned...
  10. CustomJoe_MD


    Not my favorite batmobile but, you did excelent, and lights and all, SHOW OFF!!! :b Very clever use of parts, really intricate, and the opening cockpit is perfect. Pity there aren't wheel rims trans blue with black bats, the yellow looks off on this maybe put some normal round trans blue pieces with decals on it?? Either way my hats off to you.
  11. CustomJoe_MD

    Erasing printing on soft rubber parts I'm ressurecting this conversation to ask you if any of these are the scouring cream you used? We want to try all you methods see which one is better to go over with pad ink. If you have the brand you used let me know so i can tell the printers. Thanks Emil _Joe
  12. Quick update: This is the cape prototype we will be using, we are on schedule, some other goodies in the flickr too if you guys want to check it out. We are designing a variant of the torso. We call it the "bruce rebirth" torso. Cowl design looks great. ------------------ PS to Rob, I'll be holding you to that :)
  13. There has been a small change in the Project, since the crowdfunding didn't pickup enough interest, Legomazing and a new group of people will be releasing a part of this project together and we hope to make many more. We will revisit the crowdfunding to speed up releases in the future but for now you can read about this one. We understand the feedback we got about not wanting to commit without us having released a few more products on our own, so hope this shows our commitment.
  14. Hi guys this will probably be the final update on this one I added the "Final Result Pic" on the first post:
  15. CustomJoe_MD

    Puritan hat - where to get?

    What all of them said, cut the top of a witches hat and sand a bit. Then bring the cut edge back to shiny plastic by polishing with mild acetone solution on a rag. I've done it myself and looks very good as a placeholder of the real deal.