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  1. for instance
  2. I saw it listed on some Dutch websites, so I guess it will also be sold on the continent.(Pricepoint: around 50 Euros) I cant wait to see another re-release of that transporter...
  3. That would be epic, a small anniversary set would feel out of place anyway for a theme like JP... Perhaps its finally the moment we get compensation for all the not approved projects of Senteosan? For me that was the reason to quit Lego Ideas, since such anticipated and professional projects get dissaproved, without a real reason why... :/
  4. Seems like the classic raptor and the dilophosaurus are left for the Jurassic Park set(s)?
  5. I actually meant the lego raptor, but I found it already on youtube... (since youtube is apparently better informed these days xD)
  6. Thats true! Where have you found that picture btw? Couldnt find them so far I'm affraid...
  7. Jep that's true, that would make a horrible flashlight than PS: This site appears to have some high-res screenies of some new sets (no JP though:()
  8. Thank you, just wanted to point out the same details! Still I dont know for sure about the thing Alan is holding... It looks a bit odd and to comical to be a shotgun... Perhaps its meant as a flashlight? PS: I must state I'm biased as hell since I would really like a UCS set like Senteosan's JP gate & tour vehicle
  9. Did I miss something? :S
  10. Same here, only have found some pictures which were taken down already... EDIT: Nevermind, Google is your best friend if you search "lego Jurassic Park" pictures for the last days ;)
  11. Any links or hints where this could be found? Would love an original JP set, but it would be nice to see some proof of any kind that this is actually happening
  12. [PRESS RELEASE] 10260 - Downtown Diner

    Atleast you can make a double building :P Also, again a modular building is more expensive in the Netherlands than Germany, and even 20 Euros! o.O Kinda dissapointing, since there's no single reason why there's such a price gap between these two neighbouring countries
  13. Thanks and good to know, cant wait
  14. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I was thinking the same thing, but for other reasons. The moustache in shorts has boxing gloves and indeed the first floor might be a gym. On the right is something that looks like a couple of weights in some kind of rack, besides it something looks like a bench and on the left resembles something that looks like a water tank. (Sorrt for the wrong terminology, I'm not a sports guy :P) The second floor is still a mystery for me. Besides the paparazzi girl(?) there arent much clues, besides the grey wheel behind the right upper part window... The rocket on top of the windows is also a nice small detail. Looks like Lego is going forward with the time after 10 years, both with more detailed faces and new era's!
  15. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Its always nice that they sort of confirm the information when it gets removed