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  1. Shadows

    FABUpunk! Mafia II Sign-ups

    He's in Wales for a week and won't be back in time. The cult will have to go on without him.
  2. Shadows

    FABUpunk! Mafia II Sign-ups

    Favorite? My Fabusigfig is a fox, so let's go with that. Bring it back? Yes, but with themes. FabuPirates, FabuSpace, FabuAdventurers! Least favorite Mafia role? Pretty much anything you give me "randomly."
  3. No no, you're confusing me for Darkdragon. We're easy to tell apart, I didn't have balls, let alone furry ones and the only time I ever gave Omrom a bath was in a lake with a golden statue as his back scrubber.
  4. Silly hippo. Now give me some of that ice cream or I'll send the aliens after you! Oh, look, I've run out of words. *cough* I would have had a blast in that role, it's designed to bring balance to the force, and we all know how well that goes.
  5. Shadows

    FABUPUNK Mafia! – sign-ups

    Have I won yet?
  6. Shadows

    FABUPUNK Mafia! – sign-ups

    Every single person is their own faction. You misspelled bloodbath. Everything inside me says this is a horrible mistake. Sign me up...
  7. It wasn't really supposed to be available, it was just something I was testing for a streamlined nearly-stock version of our skins. At the current time, it has a banner, but is otherwise back to it's purest form. I've made it available again, look for the drop down, it should be back for everyone who wants it.
  8. Shadows

    Blood in the Grass: Conclusion

    Me too! Turned out he was just the misunderstood hero of the dragons.
  9. Shadows

    Blood in the Grass: Conclusion

    Absolutely! We're gonna need more dragon emoticons and a rule against speech impediments. Worse than tubas.
  10. Shadows

    Blood In The Grass: Sign-up

    Since this is anonymous, I'll be appearing as Hinckley for this game. I am starting now. Use your imagination. Saturday??? Ridiculous! And I hate that emote! Fwom fwom fwomma fwomma fwom
  11. Shadows

    Blood In The Grass: Sign-up

    What is the temperament of a Dragon? Oral or anal? Trust me, it makes a big difference. Who rules the forest? Furries. Always the furries. Roll for initiative. *rolls around on all fours* I don't see the point of this at all...
  12. He could do it while anxiously waiting to post day conclusions for the impatient amongst us.
  13. Was freeing Redbeard required, or was he just trying to distract you with something shiny, only to discover that it made you even crazier? Some of them even deserved it. Oh! I should share a couple of PM moments! So back in 2009, I made this to post in a game, I think. Maybe the discussion after a game. Whatever it was, the witch hat was carried over from Witch Hunt Mafia and the tuba is impossible to explain, yet here we are again... And then these gems. How did we make it to the end?
  14. I was only worried that you were required to be a lone survivor who would kill me in the conclusion. I think Bob sensed that when he had you very specifically say you weren't going to kill me.
  15. You crazy kids and your mafia. It's been a long time... Last I saw some of you was when I hosted Aperture Academy with Darkdragon. Get off my lawn. Turret deploying. Preparing to dispense product. A lot has changed since I stopped playing and honestly, to beat a dead horse, the amount of reliance on the meta is shocking and takes the joy out of playing. It's almost like speed-running a video game, sure, you get to the end quickly, but did you really get to see anything along the way? Was it fun, or just an exercise in mechanics? If you get to the point of relying on the wiki to tell you if specific elements fit this role or that, you leave out the mystery and discovery that comes from actually playing. I remember some of the meta from those distant days, I also remember some of it differently than it is now, and maybe than it was then. I may or may not have eventually made a point of frustrating people by intentionally misremembering the meta just because I dislike the concept and don't want to rely on it. Hopefully in the future, more hosts will see the joy in confusing games by intrpducing unexpected, but still fair, variations on roles, just to keep things fresh and surprising. Another important part of the whole experience is in the roleplay, which there wasn't nearly enough of. I blame Hinck for that. I don't, really, if it hadn't been for his tuba, there would have been almost no roleplay at all. That tuba carried a lot of weight, and was a lot of weight to carry, and he managed to fwom it for all it was worth. And then some. Thanks, Bob, it was a great Bob experience, as it always is, once the early walls of text were reduced in volume. And thanks again to our loyal vigilante who valiantly fixed that problem. I wish I could remember your name. I wish I could remember any name in this game.