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  1. "And you can forget that happening after supporting a mutiny by a fake cop."
  2. I'm not trying to kill Gabby, I'm trying to free her from her brainslug. Stun might still knock it off.
  3. Does it have to be in the dark? *pulls out blaster and shoots Gabby right below that thing she calls hair* Always had the impression that was a one-eyed brain sucker dying of starvation. Does that answer any of the questions? I don't trust the 'cop', but she doesn't have funny hair, so I can't find an excuse to shoot her.
  4. *struts into the room* "I'm back!" *everyone stares* "What? I've had a lot of coffee today, it's only natural. None of you poop?" "We found the killer yet? Anyone need to be shot? Is that idiot still breaking things? Can I just shoot them???"
  5. *wonders why people keep trying to look under the beds that are bolted down, perhaps some kind of latent childhood fear*
  6. *wakes up* "Sorry, I must have fallen asleep there for a minute. From the stress, I'm sure. Stress makes me tired. I mean, dead people, creepy people, a teapot that seems to have infinite shards to give, secrets, burned papers, it's all too much. I was promised a relaxing job, one where I just ferried around little children on their trips to mildly amusing 'exotic' tourist traps, er, vacation spots. No one mentioned all this. I certainly would have asked for more credits." "Let's go to 1d, wherever that is."
  7. "I do have this stun gun you know. If I set it really low and slowly increase it, maybe it will jar something in that broken head of yours. I bet it's very effective at helping people remember things."
  8. I was fairly certain Ezra was on the bridge being watched over by the rest of the crew, which was the point of leaving him there with them.
  9. "It isn't even a legitimate reason to have sent the message, if anything they should have contacted Blue Star for a repair or tow. This is definitely sus as hell." "I'm fairly certain they aren't going to just let us get home without interfering further. Whatever the case, the best we can do is solve this murder and see if we can mess up their plans."
  10. "Unless this cop is fake, the second we arrive, the ship will be locked down until the murder is solved. They aren't going to let that happen. Makes me even more suspicious of the cop, who could easily have arrived in a stolen ship to help the killer and anyone else involved in this."
  11. "There would be no reason to jam us if they weren't worried about someone knowing what has happened. Do you really think they're going to let us get to our destination with that in mind?"
  12. "I don't know, it seems awfully sus to me. I think we eject the cop. Kidding, sort of. Still, they show up in response to a call that we shouldn't have been able to make and don't even know why they're here, it's not quite right..." I'd like to take a look at the Space Police ship to confirm that it is one.
  13. "So here is my question... if communications are being blocked, how exactly did we notify the Space Police?"