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  1. It was a good game, especially for such a small number of players. One rule of mafia, for me, is to look at every situation as town and scum equally and try to calculate how each should respond, then use that to counter the opponent. That was very hard here. The one thing it kept coming back to was the numbers and how they were brutally critical for the town, so it was just a matter of stalling and exploiting that as long as possible. The important thing here is to remember who was good and who was bad. One side was invading a land aboard a pirate ship to steal treasure and kill a dragon. The other side was trying to protect all of that. History will not remember you imperialist townies kindly. For shame! Oh yeah, I was totally more suspicious than everyone else who bickered about their pointless votes as we all had nothing to contribute on a typical day 1. I was practically a town cheerleader, trying to rally them, reminding them of how dangerous the numbers were, speculating about those pesky werewolves, I even warned Steve about creepers. I tried to help, I really did! The story and intro were great, tell the kid he did good. Host did ok, too, we didn't even have to vote her off, though the 2 sane investigator reveal had me wondering for a minute.
  2. I'll comment on specifics later, but for now, a meme!
  3. I never said I found a barrel, as a matter of fact, I never said what the object was at all, though I did describe the circumstance in which I found it, which would be a weird place to find a barrel. Before someone asks, mine is a cat and was called an artifact. I can't tell if it's a live cat or a statue, but I expect the latter. I was told what it could do by name, and then that action was described. Actually, that's exactly what you did, you said you found it and what it was. it was a later clarification that changed your story. At first: But then: That's what makes it suspicious. Even I just glanced over it, Steve had to point out that it was the entire day that passed without it being revealed, I thought it was a shorter time, just not immediate, which is why I offered my timing suggestion. Like I said, it's all we've got. If we're going to make it through this, we have to make it through as a team. I think it's possible that Kai is also bad and you know that when you're revealed, it will make it look like you were trying to take him down at the same time, thus providing a soft alibi for tomorrow, assuming there is one. Naturally, he had to vote for you to make that work. I can definitely see a scum voting for one of their own to try to misdirect long enough to finish off this tiny group.
  4. We can't afford to not lunch today. I'm really split between Adriene and Kai, with both suspicious in their own way, but most of Kai's comes from the unknown, where Adriene's account of the barrel incident just feels wrong, like someone who didn't actually experience it and know how it happened. There can't be a good excuse for that. Vote: Adriene (Tariq j) It seems to be all we've got. I'm annoyed that we aren't all here today, on what appears to be the most important day of all. Let's hear something, Hex, we need to all make this decision together and given my trust of Steve, I feel somewhat confident in you.
  5. I'm not defending Adriene, I know absolutely nothing about her. Do I think that her experience being different from mine is suspicious? With so little to go on, sure. Do I think it's damning? I didn't when I thought she was just saying that a lot of time passed (like while the voice in the sky would be sleeping or doing other divine duties, etc), not the entire "day" meaning 72 hours. Your pointing that out does give me reason to think, plus the fact that I trust you doesn't leave too many more people to suspect at this point. I'm not, but I wish I was just to know what it would mean. If there are 2 scum, it's obvious that they can't win with the werewolf and there is no way they could win alone without killing, so I doubt they can as well. Basically, that person should just step forward and level with us. Not saying I'd trust them, but I don't see them having a chance otherwise. As far as there being too many "loops" to jump through though, the idea of me being framed and investigated on night one isn't even vaguely unexpected, it's typical meta. I'd be shocked to not be investigated and anyone with a frame and a brain would do it to me for maximum potential effect. That level of thinking, combined with a few other little things, makes me want to agree with your opinion of Kai, but I also consider him a prime werewolf possibility. Not voting yet, but you've both made good cases. *harumph*
  6. I replied to the message from the voice in the sky and received my reply and gift within minutes. Maybe just lucky timing?
  7. Boy, that was a lot of gibberish trying to look helpful. I must admit, I never considered that possibility! In my case, I was exploring a cave and right behind some diamond ore, which I ignored for some reason, I saw a flash and had the option to examine it. I did and found an artifact that could be used to perform a special action just once, on whatever night I chose to use it, which is an interesting twist since that could allow them to pile up if they weren't used nightly. I do assume it's one per person at a time and it has only happened to me once so far. It's a nice way to give the town little helpful one-shot roles, and the pictures were cool, too. I hope we get to see all of those at the end of our adventure.
  8. What I said is that if we believe the theory that the scum and werewolf are taking turns killing, it was probably the werewolf last night, but even if it was scum, I was blocked. Either one, it wasn't me. That's the most we can be certain of there. I'm not saying I can't be a werewolf, though I'm not. Anyone could be, at this point, even assuming one exists. A framer doesn't pick how their target is named, just as guilty. It would only be logical that if the person investigating them is looking for werewolves, they'd find a werewolf.
  9. I'm really not one. I don't think Hal lied, I think he thought he was looking for werewolves, so it makes sense that he would get a guilty result investigating someone framed, as I must have been. If you had both investigated me night 1, I bet you would have gotten mafia and he would have gotten werewolf. Imagine the confusion that would have caused. I mean, I would have expected you to get the given names of the groups and not just mafia or not, so even that is weird. With Hal dead, we didn't even get a second result from you, so that is still an unknown. Maybe you both get/got weirdly named results. I thought you would have tried to cop me, so people can be hard to predict. I would be shocked if the scum can't kill nightly, but I guess they could take turns. There could be a werewolf, but not knowing what it is, it's hard to predict a win condition. If there are 2 scum and a werewolf, they definitely can't win with scum, at least. If he investigated me again and I wasn't framed again, he would have gotten not a werewolf. I think they wanted to make sure my result wouldn't be revealed, thus setting up an easy lynch on me, I know I'm town, so I can guarantee that not lynching me was a good idea. I know I keep saying it, but it's true, the numbers are our biggest enemy in a party this small. The problem is, we're down this far with nothing solid to go on. We can hope the scum kill the werewolf, or the other way around, but we can't count on that. I know they aren't killing me because they want a free lynch. I'm pretty sure they could have won with that and still could. Thank you, I appreciate that, it actually helps. With the idea of scum and werewolf teams taking turns killing, I have no doubt the scum would go first and the werewolf next, which would make last nights kill of Hal a werewolf action. Given his role, that makes a lot of sense. It also clears me, the one he accused. Alternately, I couldn't be a scum killer either. Win/win there. As I said before, I have a special gift to use tonight, if I choose to, and I think I will. I'm pretty sure it might help. I feel safe saying this because the scum would have to be idiots to blow their kill on someone who could be dead at any moment. I do think that the longer that takes, the more desperate they may get, or worse, they might leave me as the last town and there won't be anything I can do to stop it.
  10. Next post (might merge automatically): Well, this is an interesting twist, I was just notified that I found something. I'm not going to say what it is or what it does. I wasn't expecting this kind of thing to be included in our adventure, but it is welcome and could actually prove useful to us. I expect others will have similar experiences, or already have, so I am right when I say that I think people could know something or have the means to help. (it didn't merge, I was too busy reading and rereading the message attached to the item)
  11. I assumed he was town and thought most of us did, just confused in some way. I sincerely hoped you would investigate me, it could have cleared me, assuming I wasn't framed twice in a row (not sure how that usually works). It wouldn't have told us if it was his sanity or a framer who caused the weird result on me, but it would have helped. I'm still leaning towards framer and bet they're not going to give up trying to get a double kill out of this, so I fully expect more votes today. I will say that I'm certain that if there actually was another faction in this party, we'd see more than one kill per night. Why wouldn't every evil group kill nightly? With 5 people remaining and only 1 claiming any role at all, there has to be someone who knows something or has the means to help. Please do, these numbers are only getting worse.
  12. That's just more confirmation of a framer but it still wouldn't explain one kill yesterday unless Kai is the werewolf. My vote is definitely necessary and the only potentially right one so far. So you were told you were looking for werewolves, in contradiction to Steve's very clear wording of mafia/not mafia, but still didn't understand it and said this: But now, magically, it was werewolf all along, clearly stated (I don't think anything about it is clear). Like both of you being sane. Right, gotcha. Which means that in a party of 7, we have: 2 town investigators, a neutral killer who didn't kill, 2 scum (there is no way a scum team could be single, an accident could wipe them out instantly), and maybe 2 normal town with no powers? One town died yesterday, it looks like at least one more is dying today as well as am unknown, then a scum kill and maybe a neutral kill tonight. Yeah, it's over, this vote insures it. And tomorrow, which may not even happen, when I don't turn out to be one of these werewolves but the result of either a frame or lie, you'll know what has to be done. It'll be the last chance and not much of one. I'll keep on eye on the proceedings of the day, but this is probably my last word, no one is going to listen, they never do, we just normally have enough people to afford these mistakes, which we don';t now. I understand, I do. Someone took the easy shot on framing me knowing an investigator couldn't resist. It was smart, definitely too meta for my taste, but I'd probably have taken the same opportunity. Good job, scum, you've probably got this in the bag. Town: Good luck, fight the good fight, try to do something right while you can and not just hand this to them.
  13. If Hal would come back and answer my simple question, we could be saved from making a terrible mistake, a lot of time has passed with no reply. That's a little odd to me, but there is time left, though the later they reply, the less opportunity we have to try to use that information successfully. According to the claims, there are two investigators of some kind and nothing else useful. That does seem weird and Kai might be something, though a third investigator would be some kind of madness. Whatever the case, there was one kill last night. If there was a scum (or scum team) and neutral, there would have been two since no one is claiming to have blocked anyone. To me, the safest required vote is Kai, who should already be dead for multiple violations of group policy and at their current rate, more to come. Vote: Kai (Dragonator) If I survive the day, I hope that someone will try to test their claimed investigation roles. If there is a blocker, block me. Throw whatever you can at me to learn something, it's our best hope. If I don't survive the day, part of the test will be done with the "Seer" revealed as wrong. We won't know why they were wrong, but it will really be too late to reverse. I mean, if I get voted out for something that makes no sense, they'll be next with justification. It could be right, it could be wrong, but I'm leaning towards wrong. Maybe that is their whole plan. If it's right and they are bad, that would still leave their partner alive to kill in the night. If it's wrong, the scum get another night kill and we've lost too many people. Do the math, we can't afford a mistake here and the results don't add up to include a "Werewolf" and dedicated investigator for them from out of left field. I just wish Hal would directly confirm or deny that they were told to find a "Werewolf", though their reaction when revealing it makes it clear to me that they were not, and therefore couldn't find one, it would be out of the scope of their role. I'm not certain we can save this party, it's really stacked against us, but we have to try. 2nd reply to clarify one point. Part of my logic in voting for Kai is the fact that there weren't 2 kills, thus potentially making him this claimed "Werewolf" who just didn't participate, like they haven't participated so far. That possibility relies on the Seer actually looking for werewolves (which is why I keep asking the question) and goes back to me being framed. I know the result, however confusing in context, is wrong, so I have to believe in a framer. Let's face it, I'm a pretty obvious frame target, so it isn't exactly surprising.
  14. That is why I've asked Hal if they were told to hunt for some kind of additional party. From what they said, they were expecting town/scum results and didn't understand "Werewolf", but I am waiting for them to actually confirm or deny that. If they were told to look for town/scum, they could not, under any circumstance, find some random other party (which I still doubt exists in a party of this size), that isn't how anything works. Neither is telling them both that they're sane, that would be unprecedented in my experience. Then again, Hal didn't mention their sanity until after Steve brought it up, which is a tiny bit odd, it seems like something that would have stuck out as important to them. None of it makes sense, but you think that we can afford to kill me and then, when the results show it was wrong, who is next, Hal? This isn't a normal party, we can't afford to just make mistakes on mistakes, only the scum would want that. There is no way a party this small has 2 investigators and a neutral. If there was some kind of neutral killer, why didn't two people die last night? How could you even have two killers with 7 people total, it would be a bloodbath. None of what you're saying makes any sense when looked at from the scale of the game or the results from last night. If you think killing me will save someone, you're wrong, and then tomorrow you'll vote out another for getting me killed since trusting them after a wrong result would be "a risk we can't take." That is all insanity. I think there is clearly a framer and right now, they're sitting back having a blast watching us go down the wrong path while setting up an easy series of wrong votes. Alternately, we have a flawed investigator and the result ends up the same if we allow it. It's why I'm still hoping there is a blocker or tracker who knows I didn't do anything last night, or one who can make sure I don't do anything tonight while we do some kind of test of these investigators. It may be the only way to not hand over a win. I hope someone has some idea, because killing me will not help us.
  15. I get the impression that no one is lying, you included, but clearly something is wrong. You can't both be sane investigators (it's bizarre that you would even be told that at all, I've never seen that happen in my life) with different names and result types (Mafia vs "Werewolf") unless he's some other kind, and even then the results are wrong. I'm certainly not a "Werewolf" and if he doesn't know what they are either, I can't imagine he's searching for them. Hal's answer to my previous question should tell us a lot. I find the lack of participation annoying and a little sad. I was hoping for someone to have more information, like a tracker or a blocker, though honestly I might lose my mind if a 3rd investigator appears.