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  1. I wouldn't have imagined that a 6 player game could be quite that hard for the town, reduced to making a single mistake in a game with no source of reliable information, especially after a previous successful lynch, but here we are. Congrats to Tariq j and Duvors. Hope we see more games in the future with larger participation. A big Mafia revival would be amazing.
  2. There is never a guarantee when it comes to how things work in life, but it could also have simply been that the target was protected or the killer blocked. Town cop is a very sudden and convenient claim, coincidentally clearing the dead guy that we already knew was clear and me, who started a vote against the first dead scum. It also feels overpowered In a situation with so few people. There are so many ways this feels wrong, but it shouldn't matter, as long as we stick to a plan. There can't be 3 scum, that would be ridiculously unbalanced (yes, it is ironic that 3v3 is unbalanced). I can't imagine conversion for the same reason. The size of this group greatly limits the possibilities. That means that all we need to do is get one right in the next 2 days, even if they can kill again. For me, that means ... Vote: Phil (Classic_Spaceman) If that's wrong, Lily tomorrow. Game over. Unless, you are all scum, in which case Mayor Bob dies. On a side note, party cop is a weird role but much more fitting for a group this size. Investigating Sam and then me in that order given the course of those days makes sense as well, which is why I believe it. It is a very reasonable sounding and completely unnecessary lie if it is one.
  3. I can see this going a couple of different ways, could argue for anyone at this point including me, though that would be a really longshot. The only thing we seem to know for certain is that we probably got their killer, which means they have to play the long game and try to get us to do their dirty work, one by one. At this point, I feel the most secure about Jerry. It would be a little too daring to risk early support of a vote that would kill your partner in a situation with so few people. I will need to give this some thought for time to vote, but I have a good feeling overall.
  4. I suppose it isn't going to matter now, we're all going to die of starvation anyway. I do agree that his vote yesterday was the usual attempt to get people to speak up, not an actual accusation because there was nothing to base an accusation on at that point. Unless someone learned something in the night, I don't think we have anything to go on, which sounds like another day of guessing. So far, nothing has happened today, so I am left going back to my suspicion from yesterday. If someone has any better ideas, please speak up. Vote: Sam (Duvors) And yes, I double checked and got the name right this time.
  5. I've managed to confuse myself, I've never been very good with names. I'm so sorry, I must look the fool. Unvote: Jerry (mostlytechnic) Vote: Sam (Duvors)
  6. In a day with very little to go on, that was the most suspicious thing anyone has said. Vote: Jerry (mostlytechnic)
  7. Oh dear, the mob! Murder, here? What are we going to do? I know! Let's go down to the fabulous Parisian restaurant, I'm positively famished!
  8. Oh, sorry, it takes me a lot of time to look this good, be right there!
  9. It has been a long time... Fine, count me in.
  10. It was a good game, especially for such a small number of players. One rule of mafia, for me, is to look at every situation as town and scum equally and try to calculate how each should respond, then use that to counter the opponent. That was very hard here. The one thing it kept coming back to was the numbers and how they were brutally critical for the town, so it was just a matter of stalling and exploiting that as long as possible. The important thing here is to remember who was good and who was bad. One side was invading a land aboard a pirate ship to steal treasure and kill a dragon. The other side was trying to protect all of that. History will not remember you imperialist townies kindly. For shame! Oh yeah, I was totally more suspicious than everyone else who bickered about their pointless votes as we all had nothing to contribute on a typical day 1. I was practically a town cheerleader, trying to rally them, reminding them of how dangerous the numbers were, speculating about those pesky werewolves, I even warned Steve about creepers. I tried to help, I really did! The story and intro were great, tell the kid he did good. Host did ok, too, we didn't even have to vote her off, though the 2 sane investigator reveal had me wondering for a minute.
  11. I'll comment on specifics later, but for now, a meme!
  12. I never said I found a barrel, as a matter of fact, I never said what the object was at all, though I did describe the circumstance in which I found it, which would be a weird place to find a barrel. Before someone asks, mine is a cat and was called an artifact. I can't tell if it's a live cat or a statue, but I expect the latter. I was told what it could do by name, and then that action was described. Actually, that's exactly what you did, you said you found it and what it was. it was a later clarification that changed your story. At first: But then: That's what makes it suspicious. Even I just glanced over it, Steve had to point out that it was the entire day that passed without it being revealed, I thought it was a shorter time, just not immediate, which is why I offered my timing suggestion. Like I said, it's all we've got. If we're going to make it through this, we have to make it through as a team. I think it's possible that Kai is also bad and you know that when you're revealed, it will make it look like you were trying to take him down at the same time, thus providing a soft alibi for tomorrow, assuming there is one. Naturally, he had to vote for you to make that work. I can definitely see a scum voting for one of their own to try to misdirect long enough to finish off this tiny group.
  13. We can't afford to not lunch today. I'm really split between Adriene and Kai, with both suspicious in their own way, but most of Kai's comes from the unknown, where Adriene's account of the barrel incident just feels wrong, like someone who didn't actually experience it and know how it happened. There can't be a good excuse for that. Vote: Adriene (Tariq j) It seems to be all we've got. I'm annoyed that we aren't all here today, on what appears to be the most important day of all. Let's hear something, Hex, we need to all make this decision together and given my trust of Steve, I feel somewhat confident in you.
  14. I'm not defending Adriene, I know absolutely nothing about her. Do I think that her experience being different from mine is suspicious? With so little to go on, sure. Do I think it's damning? I didn't when I thought she was just saying that a lot of time passed (like while the voice in the sky would be sleeping or doing other divine duties, etc), not the entire "day" meaning 72 hours. Your pointing that out does give me reason to think, plus the fact that I trust you doesn't leave too many more people to suspect at this point. I'm not, but I wish I was just to know what it would mean. If there are 2 scum, it's obvious that they can't win with the werewolf and there is no way they could win alone without killing, so I doubt they can as well. Basically, that person should just step forward and level with us. Not saying I'd trust them, but I don't see them having a chance otherwise. As far as there being too many "loops" to jump through though, the idea of me being framed and investigated on night one isn't even vaguely unexpected, it's typical meta. I'd be shocked to not be investigated and anyone with a frame and a brain would do it to me for maximum potential effect. That level of thinking, combined with a few other little things, makes me want to agree with your opinion of Kai, but I also consider him a prime werewolf possibility. Not voting yet, but you've both made good cases. *harumph*
  15. I replied to the message from the voice in the sky and received my reply and gift within minutes. Maybe just lucky timing?