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  1. Episode1 This is the first day for me after finishing the Academy as a Trooper, ... a Stormtrooper. I have done the one-year junior academy for cadets on Lothal and after that I had the standard stormtrooper training. Now I'm officially a member of the Stormtrooper Corps and I got the code name: TG-0222 I was sent forth Takodana to an Imperial Outpost to serve the Galactic Empire there. I travelled with a bunch of experienced soldiers, so I was the only one 'shiny' , new recruit on that shuttle. The Captain of this facility welcomed us at the yard. He is a characteristic imperial officer, strong-willed and disciplined. Unfortunately the other shipment didn't arrive yet, which means our equipment and blasters are still in crates. Our Officer said we will do repairs and cleaning as technician, until the supply come. Today finally the new shipment arrived, so we're lined up on the yard of the Outpost. The Technician brought the crate with the Captain , and then they started divide the guns to the troops. I was the last in line, so I got the one remaining blaster. Somehow it was a non-standard EE-3 blaster. I don't know how this happened, but I now this is mine. After spend a decent time training, I'm very good in aiming and shooting with this Gun, certainly among the bests at trainings. Anticipated this outpost will be my home for a long time, to serve the Galaxy, gain experience and maybe it's just the beginning of a great carrier...
  2. The treachery of the Black Sun to the Rebellion and the Empire has been known! Vader dispatches the ISB flagship, the Vanquisher, to Coruscant to crush the traitors. The Vanquisher is one of the main ISB vessels. It is equipped with gravity wells and has a large bridge. It has a hangar containing many TIEs beneath. It also has two shield generators and two kyber cannons. Kyber cannons were originally meant to be used for Imperial capital ships but were later discontinued to save the kyber resources for one of the Empire's top secret plans. There was a large open hangar to intercept other ships (like the Star Destroyer did to the Tantive IV in ANH) The ship also had engine clusters and a hyperdrive. R2-PO and I were stationed on the ship but were called to the bridge. The ISB vessel had a rather large bridge. Three major ISB officers stood on the bridge. They proudly wore epaulets to show their rank. A Mon Calamari ISB officer, Bion Thuemmel, turned towards the man standing next to him. "Captain Corous, take your Star Destroyer and be ready for the battle." "Understood". Bion then turned towards us. "Take your TIE Aggressors and join the battle." He commanded. I took one last look at the bridge and then left to the hangar where my TIE awaited me. The TIEs began to leave the Vanquisher. Soon we joined the battle against the Black Sun. In what was likely a first, Rebel and Imperial ships joined together to defeat the rising threat. Attempting to take control of the Skyhook, I led two TIE Fighters and pushed the Black Sun forces back. "Keep firing at those Black Sun scum!" "Beep bwoop!" "Wait, did you say this is the data vault for the Black Sun?" "Beep!" "Crap! I left the automatic downloading on!" My TIE automatically began downloading the Black Sun files. Soon my TIE began overheating. Sparks of lightning crackled all over. "Quick! This is a lot of kriffin' data, my TIE is overheating! R2, what do we do?" "Bee boop!" "You're right, we need to get to the nearest Imperial capital ship!" "Well, looks like we're headed for Captain Corous' Interrogator! Quick, request access R2, we can't let the Black Sun capture us!" OoC: Please focus grading on the Vanquisher and the bridge itself. The TIEs are color-swapped from the FO TIE set, the TIE Aggressor is from a previous build, and the Interrogator is 75055. Thanks for looking!
  3. UPDATE! After working with the creator of, I have created a jpeg snapshot of his amazing map. We have been given permission to use if for SoNE. I plan to add more planets in the future, but for now you can get used to seeing the universe in more detail! And, if you want to find a specific planet, just go to the map website and find it there. The grid matches between the two maps. The old map is in the spoiler: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Bothawui - Located in the Mid Rim, Bothawui has three moons and is home to the Bothan species. This cosmopolitan planet has a temperate climate and its terrain consists of mountains and ridges separated by deep, wide valleys inhabited by dangerous wildlife, as well as plains, forests, and urban areas. While Bothawui is famous as a major hub for information trafficking, it also has industrial centers, grain farms, and mines. There are many different styles of buildings on Bothawui, but it’s largest population centers are known for their stone towers. While officially a part of the Empire during the Galactic Civil War, the Imperials maintained little presence on the planet. A figure-head governor and a small contingent of stormtroopers was the only outward sign that the world was under supposedly Imperial governorship. Both the Imperial and Rebel Alliance intelligence services apparently decided to let the planet serve as neutral ground, where they could both spy on one another with no open conflict. (Taken from and Star Wars - The Essential Atlas) Commenor - Located just outside of the Core Worlds, Commenor has two moons. It is a major trading outpost and spaceport and is known for its high status and wealth. The University of Commenor is most notable point of interest though the planet does also have many notable cities, mountains, oceans, deserts, and canyons. During the beginning of the Galactic Civil War the planet was under control of a private Imperial Citizen, Dunkler Klerus. (Taken from and http://holocron.swco...tle_of_Commenor) Corellia - One of the Core World plantes, Corellia has three moons and is home to humans, Selonians, and Dralls. It is the capital planet of the Corellian system, which also includeds Selonia, Drall, Tralus, and Talus. Collectively, the planets of the system were known as the Five Brothers. As the largest planet and the closest to Corell, Corellia is often called the "Eldest Brother" or the "Eldest." Corellia's surface is extremely temperate, dominated by rolling, thick forests, lush farmland, crystal swamps, golden beaches, and large seas. Snow-covered mountains dominate part of the landscape and it is rumored that there are many deep underwater caverns. There is also a tunnel system developed by the Selonians that runs under most of the planet. Coellia remains largely rural and undeveloped, with small villages and farming communities comprising the bulk of urban development. This is due to its main industry being its massive orbital shipyards. The largest cities are Coronet—the planetary capital, the tourist haven of Kor Vella, the double-city Tyrena, and the mountain hamlets of Doaba Guerfel and Bela Vistal. With the declaration of the New Order, Diktat Dupas Thomree made a deal with Palpatine: Thomree could govern Corellian Sector as he wished (mostly free of Imperial mandates) as long as he paid taxes, war matériel, and homage to the Emperor. Diktat Dupas Thomree died in 2 BBY. He was replaced by Daclif Gallamby whom was little more than a puppet of the Imperial Governor. Although officially under Imperial control Corellia kept its own security force known as Corellian Security Force or CorSec for short. CorSec became famous for its rigid adherence to law and order in part because of Corellia’s equally famous smugglers like Han Solo. Following the abandonment of Massassi Station, the Rebel Alliance established a base on Corellia in 1 ABY before moving on to Hoth. (Taken from and Star Wars - The Essential Atlas) Dantooine - Located in the Raioballo sector of the Outer Rim, Dantooine has two moons and is home to the primitive Dantari race though its sentient population consisted primarily of simple Human farmers. A pleasant olive, blue, brown, and purple colored world of grasslands, savannahs, rivers and lakes, Dantooine hosts a small population spread amongst single-family settlements and small communities with large land holdings. Dantooine has several continents. There is an equatorial one that is connected to a larger northern one and a south polar one by slender land bridges, as well as a disconnected north-eastern continent. It is remote from the bustle of the galactic trade routes and the few colonists who live there maintain individual family estates largely isolated from each other. Some of the local fauna consists of spiky blba trees and ocher plains. (Taken from and Star Wars - The Essential Atlas) Felucia - Located in the Outer Rim Territories, Felucia has two moons and is home to the tribal Felucians. A largely unsettled terrestrial jungle planet it has a hot and humid atmosphere and significant water resources beneath a surface irradiated by ultraviolet light. The planet’s surface has an almost hallucinogenic quality. The larger-than-life flora is gooily translucent and saturated with every rainbow hue in the visible spectrum. Felucia has a diversity of bizarre plants, fungi, and animals which were almost rubber-like and translucent. When the sun shines, the environment glitters like multicolored glass. Most of Felucia is entirely covered by a humid, fetid landscape of huge fungal forests including phosphorescent lichens, explosive spore shooters, toxic puffballs, and carnivorous blossoms. Felucia’s animals are even odder, often compoased of a see-through, boneless musculature that makes them resemble dollops of gelatin including native gelagrubs, immigrated acklays, and a prodigious sarlacc. Felucia would not support large-scale colonies and any new arrivals established hard-fought, scattered settlements on the surface. These small settlements eventually developed into commercially administered cities like Kway Teow, Har Gau, Jiaozi, and Niango, pushing the native jungle-dwelling Felucians to retreat into the wilderness. Some native Felucians utilized subterranean caverns while others socialized in farming communities based around Nysillin crop. Although the Empire later maintained a presence on the planet through the Galactic Civil War, Felucia became heavily trafficked by crime syndicates. (Taken from and Star Wars - The Essential Atlas) Fondor - Located in the Freeworlds portion of Tapani sector, Fondor has six moons and is home to the Fondorians who were baseline Human, but with no hair and purple blood. Fondor itself was completely industrialized eons ago, and its surface scabbed with excavations, factories, cooling towers, steam tunnels, and offices. The planet also housed hectares of laborers' barracks for the dockworkers whose jobs were overhead in the shipyards. However, most of the surface factories are autonomous, controlled by great droid brains and billions of worker droids. The capital city is Fondor City. Fondor is famous throughout the galaxy for its extensive orbital shipyards and spacedocks, outclassed only by those at Corellia and Kuat. The Fondor Shipyards were associated with the Techno Union prior to the Clone Wars, and were sufficiently vast to construct the Executor, Darth Vader's Executor-class Star Dreadnought. (Taken from and Star Wars - The Essential Atlas) Hapes - Located in a nebula known as the Transitory Mists, Hapes is the capital of the isolationist, female-ruled Hapes Cluster and is home to the Hapans, a near human race. It is also the administrative capital of the Hapes Consortium. It is a beautiful world of lush forests, soaring mountain ranges, and impeccably clean cities and factories. Hunting is strictly regulated by the Queen Mother, as is Hapes’s robust fishing industry. Much of the surface was untouched due to the Hapan love of beauty, with Hapans preferring to stay in one of the few small, neat cities located on the planet’s surface, or Ta'a Chume'Dan, the capital city of Hapes. The Hapans were ruled by the Queen Mother. The title of Queen Mother was hereditary, passed down from mother to daughter. If the Queen Mother failed to have daughters, the wife of the firstborn son became Queen Mother. However, to be in the line of succession meant both the Queen Mother and her heirs had to avoid constant attempts on their lives by jealous relatives who vied for the throne themselves. In addition to the Queen Mother, there were also representatives from each Consortium member planet at the Hapan Royal Court. Their main purpose was to vote on matters of importance and to give updates on any political and social conditions of their home planets that may require the Queen Mother's attention. The Queen Mother had the final say on everything, and her word was considered law. Hapan culture, at least among the upper classes, was based on assassination attempts and struggles for power. Most members of Hapan nobility or royalty would think nothing of manipulating and/or arranging the death of one of their own if it would advance their own cause. Due to the matriarchal society of the Hapes Consortium, men were often treated as second class citizens. Hapan males were used mainly for breeding and thought of as little more than an accessory. The Hapan people had a deep (some would say neurotically so) love of beauty. If a person, especially the heir to the throne, was blemished or deformed in any way, it was considered a fate worse than death. Surrounded by shimmering nebulae, and with seven moons in the sky after sunset, Hapes never knew the darkness of true night, and the Hapan people had relatively poor night-vision. Hapes, via the Consortium, was vastly wealthy, with treasures such as rainbow gems and guns of command fetching high prices on both legal and illegal markets. Even though businesses could operate on any of the 63 member planets of the Hapes Consortium, Hapan law dictates that all major financial and business transactions must be conducted at Ta'a Chume'Dan, the capital city of Hapes. (Taken from and Star Wars - The Essential Atlas) Kuat - Located in the Core Worlds, Kuat has two moons and is home to a mostly human population. It is a terraformed planet of forests and plains. Early in its history rule of the planet fell to the Ten, a consortium of the richest merchant families. The Ten were the ones who terraformed Kuat’s surface into terraced parkland and built the orbital rings that give the system some of its fame. It is best known as the home of Kuat Drive Yards. These famous shipyards, used to build ships for both the Galactic Republic and later the Galactic Empire, circled the planet for thousands of kilometers. The Kuati have a matriarchal society with four castes: the elite aristocracy; the wealthy middle class; the (native) working class; and the lowly off-world laborers. These divisions led to peculiar bredding quirks including the telbun – a physically perfect male specimen offered by a merchant family to the father the offspring of a female aristocrat, yet possessing none of the rights of the father. (Taken from and Star Wars - The Essential Atlas) Mon Calamari / Dac - Located in the Outer Rim, the aquatic planet Mon Calamari has one moon and is home to a wealth of sentient species: the Mon Calamari, the Quarren, the Moappa, the Amphi-Hydrus, and the Whaladons. The native species referr to the planet as Dac while the non-indigenous refer to it as Mon Calamari or Mon Cala. The oceans of Mon Calamari contain a massive biodiversity of aquatic creatures. Only island chains break the surface of the shallow oceans, with most of the 27.5 billion inhabitants living in floating megalopolises or pressurized bases on the seafloor. The planet is surrounded by the impressive Mon Calamari Shipyards. (Taken from and Star Wars - The Essential Atlas) Sullust - Sullust is located in the Outer Rim Territories. It is the homeworld of the Sullustans and headquarters of the galaxy-spanning SoroSuub Corporation. All of Sullust is composed of multicolored rock, veined by lava channels. The world is volatile with hundreds of active volcanoes, producing a noxious, toxic atmosphere and intense electrical storms. These conditions, combined with the planet's rich mineral deposits, cause the native Sullustan inhabitants to live in underground caves. The underground caves are humid and cool, with a diverse biosphere supported by underground lakes. The planet was once known for its podraces. (Taken from and Star Wars - The Essential Atlas) Ord Mantell - Located in the Bright Jewel Cluster in the Mid Rim, Ord Mantell has two large moons and thirteen other satellites orbiting the planet. This collection of natural wonders made Ord Mantell something of a tourist attraction, despite its seedier side. It was also the homeworld of the Mantellian Savrips and Mantellian flutterplumes, whose sentience was largely unnoticed or ignored. Mountains and islands are the distinct features of Ord Mantell's terrain. Almost every land mass on the planet is dotted with mountain chains. Its population is clustered on the arid equatorial continents amid low mesas and flat plains. Coastal cities, including the capital Worlport, are glittering baubles that entice visitors to drop their money at casino tables. The urban outskirts are far less glamorous, with junkyards that stretch for hundreds of kilometers and strip mines that gush oily smoke. Ord Mantell's continent boasts a sprawl of cities along its southern shore and it is this part of Ord Mantell that many spacers regarded as a safeport, famous for casinos and for tourists, of which it attracted almost one billion annually. Other metropolitan areas lacked address markings and were considered not intended for outsiders. The thinking behind this was that if you don't know where you're going, then you don't belong here. Outside of the urban sprawl, the narrow equatorial band of starports and the volcanic islands, Ord Mantell remained largely rural and low tech. Its extreme reliance on fossil fuels kept the planet quite barren, huge robotic coal yards remained to fuel the planet's cities and an immense junkyard littered a large portion of the planetscape Ord Mantell lost its strategic significance over time due to the expansion of new trade routes, but the presence of military-quality starship yards and docks brought a thriving civilian cargo trade to the world. Eventually it became a haven for mercenaries, exiles, murderers and smugglers. Ord Mantell’s non-native population comprises a true melting pot, with Rodians, Rybets, Devaronians, Arconans, humans, and a thousand other species intermingling, and no group numbering more than five percent of the population. (Taken from and Star Wars - The Essential Atlas) Ring of Kafrene – Located in the galaxy's Expansion Region between Takodana and the Corellian Trade Spine, the Ring of Kafrene is an asteroid belt in which a great mining colony was constructed in the days of the Old Republic. During the civil war, it is controlled by the Galactic Empire and home to a great number of different beings, looking to make a living under difficult circumstances. The Empire's grip around the system is tight, but the sheer amount of ragtag individuals crowding the streets of the colony makes it hard for authorities to keep a close eye on shady business being conducted in the back alleys. One can stumble upon a lot of useful information in this colony if asking the right questions – and quickly be silenced if asking the wrong ones. (Taken from, and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story ) Eadu - It has stormy weather conditions and is home to the Imperial Kyber Refinery. Perhaps the planet's natural resources offer kyber crystals as well? Wobani - Imperial prisoners are brought here and it looks like it uses old war gear from the clone wars as well, allowing players to mix PT-styled builds into their creations for this planet. It practically begs to display imprisonment, escape and rescue scenarios going on between Imperials and Rebels. Scarif - After the utter annihilation of the Imperial data archives and the planetary shields were destroyed, the Empire probably gave up on the planet, military-wise and had their fleet move out from the sector, which makes this even battle ground for both parties. Even though a part of the planet's surface has been devastated, the rest is still intact and probably inhabited. Jedha - I think there's enough evidence to speculate things go on outside the city from Saw's whole underground network. The alliance regarded him and his forces as a terrorist army. Who knows, what or who else is outside that city? Tunnel Networks, smugglers, Guavian Death Gang, Kanjiklub? It is the imagination's limit until more (if any) source material comes out. Lah'mu - This was covered a little bit in the book prequel too. Though barren, you did draw the parallel to Tatooine. Plus Again, Saw had something to do with picking the location. Could be more rebels in hiding. Personally, I found the planet fascinating.
  4. Previous Episodes: The Beginning of a Journey [BH-Rodian] Return to Jakku "Meet me at Geonosis." The bounty hunter stated. "Yes indeed." I replied My TIE Aggressor flew through space towards Geonosis. I had never been there before, so I wondered what it looked like. Meanwhile, the bounty Hunter's Hornet-class Stealth Shuttle traveled through space towards the rendezvous point. "Prepare to arrive soon," he thought to himself. This was no ordinary bounty hunter. This was Nightmare, a renowned bounty hunter who enjoyed lurking in the shadows. He wore dark grey and black clothing, a silver skull mask, and was always prepared. It wasn't too long before I arrived at Geonosis. The architecture there stunned me. "Nightmare," I announced, "the Rebellion has crossed the line. They have destroyed my family. It's time for payback." "Yes," he replied, "but what do you want me to do?" "Hunt down some of the rebel leaders and funders and kill them. I will give you 2,000 credits now; 15,000 more for every leader or funder that you successfully eliminate." "Fair enough." The bounty hunter nodded. I will have my revenge. I just hope I made the right choice. *** OoC: I would like this build to be judged. Here is another shot of Nightmare's ship without the top: Here is a shot of its interior: (4 seats, 2 crates, 2 blasters) Here is the Geonosis meeting place: This was my first time using the diagonal 2x2 tile technique in LDD Here are all the builds to be judged: Thanks for looking! C&C Welcome!
  5. When I was assigned my first mission as ISB, I didn't imagine I would be on another rahtar chase after the Black Sun Syndicate. To think It wasn't too long ago that I was hunting Xizor's spies back on Tatooine with Ulric's unit. Except this time was different. We weren't on some outer rim planet and the target wasn't some petty traitor. This time, the mark was no other than Prince Xizor. Apparently he's been biting off more than he can chew. I wasn't given the details, but ISB wanted him captured at all costs. Several teams of storm commandos were dispatched to push through Xizor's palace. But as it turns out, we weren't the only ones. The rebels had a mission of their own at the palace. Given the circumstances, we weren't allowed to fire on any rebel forces. The mercenaries, however, was a different story. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey guys, back with a bit of a rushed/quick build for this challenge(ran out of time but I figured somethings better than nothing, right). I took a bit of creative freedom and modeled Xizor's palace after Tatooine architecture. Since Xizor always reminded me of Djinns, I thought Tatooine's middle-eastern-like design fit his character's look. Hope you guys like it, tell me what you think and thanks for viewing!
  6. Fellow players, before I move on to the actual episode, I wanted to thank each and everyone of you for contributing to this fun game. As we are nearing what seems to be a climax of at least this story arc of Nar Eurbrikka, I thought it would be a good opportunity to celebrate this cool event with some special content. I hope you enjoy it: Click here if Youtube doesn't work (likely to happen on mobile) for an alternate host. That was a good deal of fun and put me in the right mood for this episode. So please enjoy this as well: Story portion: Raw BTS images:
  7. Somewhere in the Coruscant Sewers... Patrol Six to command, do you read me? Over. Command to Patrol Six, we read you. Over. Affirmative. We found the access ladder to Xizor's palace, but it's crawling with Black Sun. We can also confirm Pathfinder reports of Imperial presence in the sewers, judging by the looks of this poor fellow. Over. Affirmative Patrol Six. Do not engage, we are dispatching reinforcements to your location, over. Hey, did you hear that? Let's check it out. Oi! We've got company! **pewpewpew** Man down! Man down! **pewpewpew** Come in Patrol Six! What's going on down there! Come in Patrol Six! Patrol Six...?
  8. The story so far: First Day Aboard the Avenger At The Table-Before The Storm Rescue Mission Reassigned Eliminating The Competition Target Practice “Here we go again…” Evac Escape A Quick Transaction "Black Sunshine" Repel and Retreat Flatline Reflection A Promotional Meeting The New Squad Farmland Triangulation The Rat Traitor In The Sunshine Previously: "Home" in the Minds View (Dear Goodness, when will spoilers be fixed? At least for me! AH! I had to take this stuff out of a spoiler: About 1 Hour Ago: “This is Alliance Task Force Delta, led by Light Frigate Skyfire. We are reroute to Coruscant.” About 15 Minutes Ago: DC: Good luck out there. I heard the orders, not going to be easy. Shouldn’t bother you though. We on the other hand, have to go through the sewers…. Alyin: It’s not the mission, sir. It’s the fact that we are working with the Rebel scum. DC: I know. However- Beltar: Comlink just buzzed, we got to go to the dropship. DC: Alright, let’s go. Good luck Al. Alyin: Won’t need it. Alright boys, suit up and follow me. (That was supposed to be a ‘freebuild’ it was really bad so it wasn’t. Also it’s just a setup. So read on) NOW: In the last hour, the small Rebel Extraction Force has been taking a beating. The Black Sun’s Viper’s seem to have the upper hand, and hope seems to be lost. Even the Imperial’s first responders off of Couruscant are overwhelmed by the Black Sun’s pilots. In this desperate hour, Imperials and Rebels alike, find themselves facing a common foe. The battle may soon be over if no reinforcements are sent. TIE Commander: I-I can’t hold it- Ahhhhdgasg! Red 13: I got y- *boom* Green Leader: This is Green Leader to the Outrider. How much longer do we need to buy for Skywalker and the rest of the ground forces? Dash: I don’t know, just hold on a bit longer Commander. Wait- Skyfire, what’s happening over there? Lieutenant: The majority of the crew of the Skyfire are being evacuated. We’ve sustained too much engine damage to stay in the sky much longer. The command crew is all that’s left. I don’t know how long those pods will survive out there. Dash: We’re gonna have to wait for the signal from Skywalker then- wait. Something just came out of hyperspace- what’s that? *General Brickdoctor: This is General Brickdoctor. Reinforcements have arrived.* Alyin: All Units, form up. Stay together till we reach the Skyhook. Valkyrie Two and Three, one me. Cover me while I deploy our troops on it’s hull. Valkyrie 2: Gotcha boss. Alyin: Almost there. Dang, those fighters really can maneuver. Valkyrie 3: Nothing we can’t handle. Right sir? Alyin: Right, deploying ramp… Trooper: We are down! Move it troopers! You’re all clear Valkyrie Leader! Alyin: Already on my way out. Good luck boys. Valkyrie 2: I’m getting locked on to! Alyin: Hold it together! Valkyrie 2: I-I-think I’m alri- Alyin: Eject! Valkyrie 3: Too late! MOVE! In an instant, Valkyrie Two was a burning pile of metal, and now the Star Vipers were closing in. Alyin: They’re on our tail now, we need to- Valkyrie 3: Not for long. We will overwhelm them momentarily. Lieutenant: This is *kzsk* Lieutenant Almus of the Rebel frigate Skyfire. If you hear this, *ksk* would you do us a favor and pick our pods up? They won’t last much longer out here. We’ve already lost two. Alyin: This is Valkyrie Leader, I’ll send for a ship. Can’t promise when, or what will happen to the crew… Lieutenant: Thank you, *kzk.* anything is better than having those men sit in a pod in the midst of this chaos. Green Leader: Green Squadron needs fighter assistance! Gah-! Red Leader: A little too much on my hands. Sorry! Rogue 8: On my way—Ahfhsdg! *boom* Alyin: We’ve got your back commander, you lost one though. Green Leader: Thank you. Never thought I’d see this day. Imperials and Rebels fighting together. Valkyrie 3: We’re full of surprises. Green Leader: Thanks to the Imperial Fleet, this day might just turn around. Alyin: It’s not over yet commander, still a lot more Black Sun goons to get! The new combined forces of Imperial Reinforcements and what was left of the Rebels and First Responders, seemed to be turning the day around, though, for every Black Sun shot down, they seemed to take two of them with them. ===---End---=== Note: Interestingly enough, after rendering all of these, Valkyrie 3 actually has an error. On the TIE's wing. If you care to notice, it isn't even connected to the hull. I think that perhaps I originally meant to blow that one up or something, but too late. Also I noticed a load more typing errors above in the actual entry, but since the time has passed, I will refrain from editing it. Am I the only one with s poiler problems?? Everytime I put it above something, it puts all the text below it in it... Anyways, thank you for reading, hopefully you enjoyed this! I personally am really proud of the Skyhook and the Rebel Frigate. However, the TIE’s really bug me. Obviously when making a giant fleet there’s a lot of copying and pasting… However, some of it kind of gave the TIEs some weird angles, so it looks like they are flying the wrong way. Ah well, I am not going to use the rotation tool on each and every TIE. Especially when this build is 11k Parts. (my program crashed quite a few times rendering it and building it) also yeah, digital. Most of my parts are packed away so I couldn't build anything. (No anything I could've built physically could have been like this.) There’s a non digital part at the beginning because I managed to get a few parts out of storage though . Also I didn’t post it as a freebuild because it’s tiny, and like 3 lines of dialogue so it would be a waste. There was so much more I wanted to do with this build. Like finish building the ENTIRE Skyhook. At first I planned on doing just the level with those- spikes? – And then it built up. Then it built down. Then I realized it was way too many parts. So I glossed over it. Perhaps I will return to it later. I also thought of adding debris, then i realized how difficult it would be. (Something like a debris field in the new battlefront game on the Rogue One map.) Also I might add, I was inspired from various people on those micro scale ships. So there was definitely some people I borrowed the designs from, I changed it up a little bit though. Also thank you for this Episode, I totally didn't use it as an excuse to dig up the N64 in my closet then buy the game for erm... 'reference'. This was quite a fun build. Oh yes, almost forgot. Where is Beltar in this build?!?!?! He wasn’t in the majority of this!?!?! Well, I had no idea I breached 100 XP till the beginning of this Episode. So… I was thinking who could my second character be? A pilot! Awhile back I actually really wanted to do a space focused build, like this. But I never did cause Beltar wasn’t a pilot, and I used physical bricks. Well, now I can. I guess- Valkyrie Leader/Alyin can be erm… [insert something witty using numbers and letters out of my name] So looks like in the future I will be doing more digital builds as well. This is also like the 2nd time where I edited photos for a build. Anyways, Comments and Criticism welcome! ~Beltar (SERIOUSLY!) I have to put a spoiler at the bottom because of this!) Although this was a big waste of my computer’s resources, somehow I ended up with spare renders. *sigh* Note: Reason for edit after episode: Grammar thing, and forgot to add something down in this extra text area. 2 times... (and a bit of other stuff in this bottom paragraph.) Extra Pics:
  9. Ep1 After a small time spent with patrolling and exercises all over again, we finally got an order. Most of the available troops were sent to Coruscant for a secret mission. We had not too much information about it, but we will be some sort of backup. When we arrived the main forces are already started the operation. They sent me to a team led by a shock trooper. I didn't know anything about our objective yet. I met them at one of the smaller entry doors of palace. Shock Trooper - I'm ST-0513 and I lead this small team. Our objective is to protect this Entry Door and secure to escape. We must stop any Black Sun mercs, but we must try not to kill any rebel terrorist and we didn't get permission to open fire first. Understood? Team - Yes Sir! Shock Trooper - Good. And now we moving in. One of the troopers moved to the controlling panel of the door. He entered the code number into the red display of the console and the door opened immediately. They all went in on it and it closed back. There has been nothing for a while and they just waited there. Then suddenly they heard steps approaching fast. Shock Trooper - Get ready, quietly and don't forget not to shoot first! Shock Trooper - Stop, don't Move! Put down the weapons and we don't hurt you! The door slides... And the leader of the group collapsed. Some Black Sun members arrived and they opened the door from outside and fired a shot. Then everybody opened the fire for the gang members. TG-0222 and the other two stormtrooper trying to get cover, but one of them got a shot in the back. The Imperial and Rebel troops Together were stronger and shortly they defeated all the mercs. TG-0222 - You should leave, hurry! Rebel - Thanks. Everybody go! Stormtrooper - Where are the rebels? TG-0222 - They were more than us, we couldn't stop them. End.
  10. "Let's go men!" We burst through the doors only to have Rod shot down. I dive behind a crate while the remainder of my squad scramble for cover. It's almost as if they expected us to be here. 2 human thugs and a cyborg were unleashing volleys of lasers in our direction. I shot one thug and he fell behind a crate. I jumped out and joined the rest of my troops as we pushed towards the door. The cyborg fell, hit by a laser bolt. We ran towards the last thug, and I hit him square in chest. He fell back and into a control panel, opening the other door into the palace. "Well, at least we don't have to hack into the panel now." We advanced through the door and into the palace halls.
  11. Previous Episodes: The Beginning of a Journey Bounty Hunter - Rodian Imperial Base VaderFan2187, the Empire is preparing for the upcoming battle against the rebels. But for now, you are temporarily released from duty for 7 days to return home. Thank you, officer. Long live the Empire. Will be glad to see my family on Jakku once again. Jakku, eh? We just had a confrontation there with the rebel scum not too long ago. Oh well, here's the key to the TIE you'll be using. You gotta fly it yourself, our pilots will be taking leave too! Don't worry, the TIE Aggressor is easier than regular TIEs to fly, and has good weapons should you come across any rebel scum. Thank you. You'll need an astromech to help you pilot it, though. Here's R2-PO. Beep bwoooooop! Haha, come along, let's get to the hangar. It's a surprisingly long walk, oh well, why am I complaining? I get to fly a TIE! Oh wow, that's a nice ship! Beep dwoop beeep! Quick, let's get in! Ready? Tweeeep! Setting course for Jakku! We should be almost there soon... Wow, it's rather warm! Seems a bit warmer than last time I visited. Bwoop? Yep, over that hill over there and walk a short while more, and we'll be there! I can't wait to reunite with my family again! What? Nooooooo!!! No!! This can't be! Dad? Mom? Drrrr? What did you say? Drr boop beep tweeeb! You're right. Given how this settlement here has the family of Imperial soldiers, the Rebellion must have come here and wiped them out. Rebel scum... you took my family away. I swear vengeance! To the TIE, R2. Those accursed rebels will pay dearly for this!
  12. The story so far: First Day Aboard the Avenger At The Table-Before The Storm Rescue Mission Reassigned Eliminating The Competition Target Practice “Here we go again…” Evac Escape A Quick Transaction "Black Sunshine" Repel and Retreat Flatline Reflection A Promotional Meeting The New Squad Farmland Triangulation The Rat Previously: Traitor In The Sunshine (Going to try something a little different with this story, still ‘a lot’ of pictures, but going to make it a bit text heavy, tell me if this works or not…) Brentaal IV. During the Clone Wars, it was a planet full of Bright Stars beginning to make their way through the universe to aid the Republic, but that war was over. Then The Empire came. Those stars were recruited for a greater cause. Though, evidence of the Clone Wars exists all over Brentaal IV, Clone Helmets can be found, along with Battle Droid parts and other blasters out of use. Besides from that, since the Empire has focused its eyes elsewhere. On Brentaal, it is quite possible to see Stormtroopers wearing different variations of armor, recycled ones through the years as Brentaal didn’t need protection being so close the core, and the newer armor was better suited for more combat seeing troops. As a child Beltar may have lived on Coruscant for his young years, and now in a way, but for a time being during his adolescent years he lived on a planet now of little concern to many. Beltar was given a leave of RnR as his commander had informed him that they would have an upcoming mission in the outer rim, or at least he believed that’s what he was told. Perhaps it was a battle. Or perhaps another excuse of this leave was to get Beltar’s mind off the fact that he was back into the “new” future’s program for a week. Of course, he was supposed to have free time but apparently he was really there to learn about surgeries in the middle of combat, along with preserving someone’s life in a tense situation. But currently, Beltar is returning to his home. Or at least what was left of it. When the Imperial-ification of Brentaal IV happened, not much changed for the upper class of the populous, however, in many cities, land was stole- ahem, seized from landowners and turned into Imperial facilities for various purposes. Beltar’s was retrofitted into a storage facility, currently abandoned at that. Though, he appreciated in an odd way that the Empire would choose his home, out of hundreds. Here he is scheduled to meet an old friend from another time, Kirk. Everywhere Beltar looked he saw one of three things. 1.) Imperial Officers. Everywhere. 2.) Extremely poor non Imperials. 3.) Relics from the past during the Clone Wars. Beltar approached the building where his old house had once stood, remembering his time as a child, playing in the wonderful front yard with his friend, which seemed like a millennium ago, now reduced to a pavement. He approached the door, reminding himself that the door password was might not actually work, as this was an abandoned building, and Kirk wasn’t necessarily reliable all the time. Beltar: This code better work for the door…. But it worked and it opened. He walked inside past all of the crates and the shelfs to the stairs to the roof, where Ol’ Kirk was waiting. Kirk was waiting for him by the balcony, if you could call it that, smiling, in his probably decade or older uniform, who knows, perhaps it was even more ancient that Kirk himself, it certainly looked that way. Kirk: Good to see you kid, been awhile. Beltar: Yeah, good to see you too. Kirk: Com’ere got some stuff to talk to you about. Kirk: Anyways, when I heard you were coming back for a week or two of studies here-oh wait, “Vacation”. I thought it would be nice to catch up. Beltar: Well, it always is nice catching up with an old friend. BLX-5: Excuse me sir, your beverages have arrived. Beltar was quite surprised to hear the droids voice, as he seemed to walk up to them so quietly. The droid appeared to be carrying some fine Bakuran blend orange texture colored tea, and the droid handed it over quickly, then stood aside. Kirk, seeing Beltar’s surprised face, began explaining to him. Kirk: This droids designation is BLX-5, or Billix, because he seems to have a problem with certain tasks that ‘bore him’. We got him when there was a Baobab Merchant Fleet ship that was didn’t have the proper credentials, according to this one trooper who seemed to just want a pretty gold medallion in it. Apparently he said that medallion (Which mind you, was a few feet wide) was part of the ship known as the Queen of Ranroon. The stuff of legends… Anyways, he was right, it didn’t. We seized the ship, sold the ship, took all the ‘valuables’, sold those as well, but I saved Billix here cause I thought he might benefit your team, he is equipped with a micro-slicer droid for terminals, that blue-box in his chest? It's called a "Blue Max", a slicer droid manufactured by MerenData. Think of Billix as the muscle and brain, and and Blue Max as the extra brain and computing power. Beltar: Slicer droid... nice...Wait- my unit? Billix: Who else do you thing sir? Even a womp-rat could’ve figured it out by now. Beltar: Oh, so it’s going to be one of those droids… Billix: I heard that! Don’t get me starte- Kirk: Quiet! Anyways… I did have him reprogramed as well. Oh!- Suddenly they heard what sounded like a Trandoshan scream from below them, they looked over the balcony table. .. To see two riot troopers beating a civilian, who Beltar could only assume, didn’t have the right credentials to back up that pile of Protocol Droids. Kirk: As I was saying, things have changed here. A lot. Since I bet you haven’t been to this home in a while now, you can see how tense this place has become. If you’re not an Imperial, you’re pretty much dead meat here. And after they beat the people- they take their stuff. Terrible, as the gap between Imperial and everyday citizen’s welfare has been growing. Ah well… Beltar’s time-piece beeped that it was time to return to the academy if he was to be ready to learn how to execute a battlefield surgery, and preserve a life in a tense situation. Obviously. Beltar: Well, that’s it… Need to go now Kirk, pleasure to catch up with you, sir! Kirk: Nice to see you too kid, have a good one. Kirk smiled the same way he did when Beltar approached. Beltar thanked him for the tea, then moved on with Billix following behind him. Then Beltar thought in his head, there were literally only two, maybe three scenarios where he would actually need to use what he was about to learn, one being if shrapnel was flung in their direction, but if the explosion didn’t kill them, or a blaster, then he didn’t know why he needed to learn this, though, maybe it will be useful one day. As Beltar walked out of his former home, well, his mind still thought of it as his home, he had many memories with it, he saw a female officer that looked quite a bit like Alyin, perhaps a sister, along with another officer beating a civilian senselessly. Perhaps they had a good reason he thought. Perhaps. Billix: Sir, let’s get moving. I’d rather not be late- not that I’m going to your class. As everything I need to know is programmed into me and I don’t need classes to teach me. But apparently you humans do. So let us go. Beltar sighed, his unit will hate him. Beltar turned and started walking the other direction where he came across the two riot control troopers who had beat that Trandoshan , they were partially covered in blood, but Beltar could almost feel that the one carrying the droid parts had a smug expression on his face. The other trooper gave him a vague salute, so he saluted back and went on his way. Beltar walked by the alien, still gasping for air. Alive, but nearly dead. He would’ve stopped to help, but he had places to be. And Billix would probably be a nuisance if he did help that alien. Perhaps he would get another chance to do something good. Then again, he was in the Empire after all, and they were good. They would stop that Rebellion before worse could happen. Beltar continued on his way, subconsciously wishing his old house was there, so that he could remember his days as a child, and relax it bit more than he could do now, but he felt that one of his homes was still right there, right behind him. === Since Brentaal IV is a relatively under-developed planet in canon and EU, there wasn't much to go off of, I tried to get at least the muddy ground like it said it had, along with a few pictures I spotted, so I don't know how lenient it will be since there wasn't much to go off of... And yeah judges, not technically his home, but definitely pushing the boundaries of "a place he had called home" That’s it, did the extreme amount of text work? Or not? I don’t know why I decided to change it up a bit/ write more than I normally do. Anyways, hope you liked it! Next episode I need to slap myself and tell myself to not procrastinate to the last week to get building more and to photograph it. I got like 80% of it done the 1st week, but then was too ‘busy’ to work on it for a while. Whoopsies. And now I need to actually work on freebuilds for once, I have this idea that would be awesome, though brick supply is limited, and since I want to do this in a very specific way, it may have to be in digital form… Oh well. By the way, theres quite a few references here to the Droids TV show way back, dug up my old DVD copy and watched it a few weeks ago, and recently I had re-read my old Han Solo book trilogy. If you get at least one of them, bravo. Comments and Criticism Welcome! ~Beltar EDIT #14 or something like that, sheesh, I've been re-proofreading this, noticed like 20 errors, a lot of them at different times. Not to mention, that I had my "The story so far" stuff in a spoiler tab, but the spoiler tab would just keep eating the whole post- so I had to remove that. Then this entire area right above this messages was supposed to be at the bottom, but noooo, the Extra Pics tab kept eating this too, so I had to move it up! Anyways, I think I fixed everything. Extra Pics as always. Though, some terrible photo quality...
  13. Personnel Files: Previously, Currently, in the city of Harnaidan on Muunilinst... Just so you know, I could order the driver to return and pick us up. There's no reason we should have to walk there. The last time I was home was before I graduated from the academy, father. I just wanted to take our time and see the neighborhood. See? Here's a bank branch that mother used to oversee. <sigh> Your mother would have been proud of the both of you. I know, father. I miss her terribly. Though I was forced to recuse myself from the investigation, the Imperial ministry still keeps me updated on their progress out of courtesy. I suspect it was these Muuns. They would do anything to make a profit, and I bet that your mother discovered that they were illegally offering credit to those rebels during an audit. There's still no concrete evidence, father. We don't even have names. Any word from Sindeen? I haven't heard from your sister since she left Imperial forces to track down your mother's murderer. Such a waste, too. She was just promoted to captain and threw it away to become one of those bounty hunters. If only she were more like you and put more trust in the system. She was always too impulsive. Sometimes the system works too slow. Great. You're starting to sound like your sister. Speaking of throwing careers away, you do realize that I could have you reassigned to a more prestigious unit? This Razer Squad sounds like nothing but butchers. I'll find my own way, father. And now you sound like your mother. Anyway, father, let's move on. It would be a shame if they closed before we got there. Now you're in a hurry? I could order the driver... We just need to pick up the pace a bit, father. I never understood your fascination with this cafe. It's the only place around here that offers the blue milk drink I like so much. Come come, let's move on. Comments and criticisms are all welcome!
  14. Previously from Ninja Nin’s SoNE story : Freebuild 1 : Learn from the Great Warriors Freebuild 2 : First Encounter Episode I : A Dirty Escape Episode II : Escaping from the Wreckage Episode III : Return to Echo Base Episode IV : Secrets of the Empire Freebuild 3 : Missing in Action Episode VI : Bounty Hunter Hunt Part [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] Freebuild 4 : Reunion on Redemption Episode XIII : Sullust - Assassination from the Shadow Episode XIV: Before the Storm Onderon - Visiting an Old Friend A peaceful time in Iziz, the capital city of Onderon. Rebel A : Hey, who left these crates on the road ? Shall we open them to see what’s inside. Rebel B : I don’t think that’s a good idea. Rebel A : No problem at all, we are the rebels …. That’s what we do. *cough … cough …* Rebel A : Rebel business, go away …. Rebel B : Oh no .. that’s the Army Commander Ninja Nin. Ninja Nin : You two have drawn too much attention in the public and is damaging the Rebel’s reputation here. Rebel A : Sorry commander. Rebel B : Yes I agree, it’s all his fault. Ninja Nin : Now tell me, where is General Nagato ? Rebel B : He is at the nearby Malgan Market, training the new recruits. A follower of the resistance fighter Saw Gerrera, General Nagato has been protecting Onderon for decades and provides training to the Rebel recruits. Although sometimes, his extreme methods do not gain trust from Mon Mothma. General Nagato : Greetings Ninja Nin, it’s been a while. Ninja Nin : Sure it is. General Nagato : So tell me, what brings you back to Onderon ? Ninja Nin : There is a storm coming, a huge battle between the rebel alliance and the empire. Before that, I shall stay here in Onderon, learning Saw Gerrera’s past and his leadership skills, become a better commander. General Nagato : Of course you will. You are always my greatest student. ================================================================================ Vignette of the Malgan Market in city of Iziz, Onderon The architecture is based on Star Wars: the Clone Wars. An important planet which is full of history of the Rebel Alliance. Hopefully he Rebellion can gain control of it in this episode.
  15. VF-2187. Real name VaderFan2187. Human. Male. 5'11. Imperial Stormtrooper. Currently On Imperial Troop Carrier. I focused my brain on the low hum of the engines. This was suddenly interrupted by the intercom. "We are landing soon! Prepare for landing!" Sigh. So soon? Well, military training is important. The other troopers and I line up for landing. Here we go. The first military mission in my life… Thanks for viewing this! @Shadows of Nar Eurbrikka I would like this to be judged, thank you very much
  16. Judgement: Story: Episode 0 – The Introduction Episode XII – Den Of The Dragon XII-I – Sowing The Seed Episode XIII – Quantum Of Sunrise XIII-I - Quite A Mercenary Episode XIV - Day Of The Spectacle: I was being extremely subtle with this, but if you pay close attention, you might catch a popcultural reference or two.
  17. Yet another freebuild right before an episode... gotta string those plot points together, right? Enjoy! Previous entries – in case you're not up-to-date, I suggest reading them first (they're comic-style and quick to go through, don't worry): View my cast of original characters here: Nar Eurbrikka Cast Story: Episode 0 – The Introduction Episode XII – Den Of The Dragon XII-I – Sowing The Seed Episode XIII – Quantum Of Sunrise This is the story variant, for all those enjoying my ongoing comic: Plain images for the SONE crew. Please judge this humble piece of junk from a more civilised age:
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    [Freebuild] Graduation

    Officer: "Hello, and welcome to final review. You have now passed all required classes to graduate the academy." DLL: "Yes!" Officer: *clearing throat* "Average scores in Military tactics, average scores in Imperial History, average scores in engineering and technology courses... Average marksmanship. It says here in special notes that your professors found you to be... average. But good at following orders." DLL: "Yes. I'm very good at that." Officer: "Please be quiet." DLL: "..." Officer: "Good. You will be assigned to a Stormtrooper regiment now that you have successfully graduated. Your name will be DLL-5222. Is this understood?" DLL: "..." Officer: "you may speak." DLL: "Understood perfectly! Oh I'm so excited!" Officer: "I can tell. Now, before you leave, we must review several other items." DLL: "Yes, officer." Officer: "It says here that your parents are deceased." DLL: "Yes. Killed by rebels!" Officer: "Tragic. No... force sensitivity in your family of which you are aware?" DLL: "None! I tested negative every single time." Officer: "Excellent. It also says here that you have associated with Gotals... Filthy creatures." DLL: "Ha, yeah, sometimes they can smell pretty bad when they don't bathe! " Officer: "Indeed. And... what inspired you to join the imperial troops?" DLL: "I want to do my part! Like my Ma and Pa! I'm sure they would have wanted me to join up and help end the chaos and war that the rebellion is causing! I just want to make the galaxy a better place! " Officer. "Great. Review is over. DLL-5222, proceed to processing. You have officially graduated the Imperial Academy." DLL: "Yay! I'm gonna be a stormtrooper! Oh, Ma and Pa would be so proud!" Officer" *to the other officer* "She won't last a single deployment." Other Officer: "No. She's a goner for sure." Officer: "Next!" _________________ Just a quick little build to Introduce my character. Hope you like it! ~Insectoid Aristocrat
  19. I haven't been on a mission for a long time, indeed a very long time. But noticing the Princess was missing, I cannot stay in the shadow any longer. And this time, the Black Sun syndicate must be eliminated. I travelled to Sullust, where the Black Sun had their influence over the years. While one Vigo was there overseeing the mining operation and threatening the native Sullustan worker, it gave me a great opportunity to carry out the assassination.
  20. "Just fly casual" The bounty hunter's words were echoing in my ears as I piloted the stolen speeder towards the blast door at the southern entrance of the mining complex. This had better work or I would have a lot of explaining to do, the Black Sun were not to be messed with. "You look just like him, they won't know the difference..." I knew that the others would be in position, but as I approached I could only see Dax, hiding alongside one of the columns supporting the platform. As I got closer I could see he was with her, the bounty hunter, hiding in the shadows. None of us were comfortable working with bounty hunters, but the Sarge had insisted that there was no other way to achieve our mission. Dax seemed to be speaking to her, but I couldn't hear his words. "Are you sure that we don't all need one of those respirator things?" For the past three days the bounty hunter had watched this same speeder fly up to the blast doors, and wait for them to open. Which she assured me they always did, presumably due to a transponder located somewhere on the speeder. I tried to relax, and not think about what happened to the poor Rodian who owned the speeder before the bounty hunter acquired it. I hovered in front of the doors, and wound back the repulsors to lower towards the platform. The doors slowly ground open and a bulky looking guard appeared in the opening. This was it, the moment of truth. I held my breath. "Hey're not Drugo!!!!" As I threw the speeder to the ground and rolled for cover behind it, all hell broke loose. Dax took out the guard but he was soon replaced by the Vigo and two bodyguards. As I found my feet behind the speeder I saw the falleen Vigo strolling confidently towards my team. Something didn't feel right, and then I realised, there was silence. For some reason they had stopped firing. I hadn't expected the Black Sun Vigo to be a woman, and quite striking looking, but the others seemed transfixed by her. I slowly raised my blaster and pointed it towards her back. It felt cowardly, but my friends were now in danger and I had to act. I pulled the trigger and watched her fall. The spell on the others was instantly broken. It was all over, and silence again. Then one of the bodyguards appeared in the doorway, his arms raised. "Please don't hurt me, I am unarmed, I surrender" At that moment the bounty hunter appeared on the platform (where had she been during the fire fight?) and glared at the bodyguard. "Kill him" "Um...thats not really how we do things in the Alliance, we won't get a medal for that" "There must be no witnesses to what happened here, unless you want your princess to be in danger of Black Sun reprisals" The Sarge looked down at the ground as he spoke, "She is right, it has to be done". We all looked away as he did what had to be done.
  21. Hello everyone, this is the continuation of the story of my Episode XII entry and will serve as an in-between story element for Episode XIII. Since this entry does not contain any new builds and serves only story purposes, please do not judge this build. View my cast of original characters here: Nar Eurbrikka Cast Previous story: Episode 0 – The Introduction Episode XII – Den Of The Dragon To be continued.... Even though this is a story-only post, comments & criticism regarding the photography, editing, minifig posing, writing or whatever are greatly appreciated!
  22. The sand storm hit us pretty bad. We were caught out in the open, and with everything full of sand, not much was working. We managed to get a single local speeder cleaned and started. I was send towards a nearby farm we had spotted earlier to see if they would be able to radio for help. In a rocky area on the way I accidently ran in to an imperial FWAT (Four Wheeled Armored Transport). Since I was out of uniform I figured I would approach them, claiming to be a local farmer on the lookout for stranded droids in the storm, instead of risking they would set after me if it looked as though I was avoiding them. They had also been caught out in sand storm, and while trying to head for cover, the FWAT-pilot had hit a large rock formation damaging one of the wheels (Dammit I could just have gotten away clean). Their astromech was almost done with the repairs so luckily their were not interested in my speeder. I pointed them in the direction of my imaginary farm and promised them I would provide them with shelter and food for the night, and sped off, making sure I was well out of their reach before I turned away towards my original destination. Old version here Old version here The Speeder The FWAT - Four Wheeled Armoured Transport Cockpit open Front View Rear View With the hatch open Luckily I had all the three sets (and the extra rebel-set, but I forgot about that when sorting the parts). The only extra parts used are the base plate, the four wheels, the four two storm troopers (maybe the others are hiding inside the FWAT), their astromech and my goggles. (If you want to nit pick, my sigfig is out of uniform, and that could maybe count as extra pieces). It was fun to be somewhat limited in part selection, but I think the actual challenge here is to limit yourself, and not pile the bricks on. just because you haven't used them yet
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    Just 1 Figbarf

    Hi everyone! For my Shadows of Nar Eurbrikka avatar, I created this character: What do you all think?
  24. The plan was, when they found Xanaah Shi, to surveil her activities and decide when and where they were going to grab her. The team, for this mission consisted of Bill, La Feuvre, new guy Faro and Zaael. Faro was tasked with observing the factory. After a week of surveilling Faro noticed two stormtroopers outside the factory. They weren't there before, something changed. Zaael made the call to speed up the mission and grab Xanaah. On Zhellday, after she entered the factory at 0800... Zaael: Move, hide behind the pillars. Zaael: The tinheads are still here, as expected. We need to take them out. Faro, you go left, Bill, La Feuvre go right. I'll go through the middle to startle them. Faro: Yes sir. La Feuvre: Got it! Bill: Hehehe, right, let's blast them! Stormtrooper 1: So, why did we got stationed here again? Stormtrooper 2: No idea, nothing happens here. Zaael: Freeze! Stormtrooper 2: Wait, huh, no! You freeze! *Blasterfire* Bill: Slicing this door is peanuts! Zaael: Sure Bill, just hurry up. Zaael: It ends here Xanaah. Why are there stormtroopers stationed outside your factory? Xanaah: You will not get away with this! This will not go unnoticed... Zaael: We will get the information, one way or the other. Let's hurry up guys, before her Imperial friends or goons find out she's gone. Bill, you know what to do. Make it look like an accident. Bill: Hehehe, sure thing sir! --- C&C appreciated! Overview of the whole build and reference picture:
  25. "Agent VK-318, Imperial Security Bureau, Enforcement Division, reporting to the ISD Avenger as ordered. I understand my orders have arrived?" "Yes, Agent. Please report to your quarters - the debriefing packet is located on your terminal." "Yes, sir. For the Empire!"