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Found 5 results

  1. "Agent VK-318, Imperial Security Bureau, Enforcement Division, reporting to the ISD Avenger as ordered. I understand my orders have arrived?" "Yes, Agent. Please report to your quarters - the debriefing packet is located on your terminal." "Yes, sir. For the Empire!"
  2. OPERATION REPORT Operative: VK-318 Vladimir Volker Operation Codename: Operation Outlaw *drip drip* *drip* *squeeeee ... * Clang! Once out of the pipe, I pulled off my helmet and helped Raven up. She peeled off her hood and tried to untangle her hair. "I'm not sure what they run through those pipes," Raven said as I took out my weapon and checked to make sure it had not been damaged by the long crawl, "and I don't think I ever want to know. I'll never wash all that slime out of my coat." She looked down in dismay. "And it's such a nice coat, too." Once we had dealt with the three Weequay security guards, we had backtracked to a maintenance corridor. Inside, we had found a pipe that was big enough for us to crawl through and wasn't full of running water - or worse. Judging by the leaves, shreds of paper, and small metal objects which I was now picking off of my armor, this was a storm drain pipe, though what it was doing running through a bank's basement is beyond me. The intricacies - or, more likely, the lack thereof - in Hutt design and architecture have always been a mystery to me. "Did the datatapes make it?" I asked as I holstered my blaster. "Yep. They're all right," Raven said, giving up on her hair and pulling them out of an inside pocket. "Where are we now?" We had followed the pipe until my helmet told me we were in an area marked as being "under construction." The concrete-walled chamber we were in was about fifty feet below the surface, but there was supposed to be a manhole about twenty feet away, through the door. "Almost out of here," I said, scraping grime from the inhaler and eyeshields of my helmet. "What do you plan to do next?" She shrugged. "Leave Nar Eurbrikka, that's for sure. I'll probably try to disappear somewhere, maybe on Coruscant, maybe not." "Why not come work for the Empire? I could use somebody like you on my team." "You have a team?" she asked sarcastically. "I do if you join it," I replied, shaking the leaf litter from my cloak. She studied me for a while. Then she nodded. "Sure. Why not? It's not like I've got anything better to do. And I suppose I owe you one." We shook hands. "Great. Now," I said as I slipped my helmet back on, "let's get out of this hole. I'm going to have to do an awful lot of paperwork before this is done." END OF REPORT I would like this entry judged, please.
  3. OPERATION REPORT Operative: VK-318 Vladimir Volker Operation Codename: Operation Outlaw Once inside the building, it was a fairly simple matter to locate the rigged safe deposit box, open it, and retrieve the tapes. The bank was remarkably elegant for an institution frequented by Hutts - even the wood floor was spotlessly clean. But now there was a ... problem. The door we had entered the bank by was locked again, and someone had jammed it. "Looks like we'll need to find another way out," I said after Raven had given up trying to open the door. "Um ... I don't think that's going to be our biggest problem," Raven said, looking around. I took the first thug down quickly, but there were more behind him. They were probably the bank's security force, and we must have triggered some sort of alarm without knowing it. We took cover behind the heavy wood and leather couch. "We're going to have to get out of here before one of them signals for help," Raven said. "I think I have an idea," I replied as I stuck my head up and shot at one of the Weequay guards. I would like this entry judged, please.
  4. OPERATION REPORT Operative: VK-318 Vladimir Volker Operation Codename: Operation Outlaw "What's taking so long?" I asked. We were standing in a dark alley in the newer quarters of Nar Eurbrikka. "I'm working on it, okay?" Raven hissed. There was a little flash and an unhappy tone. "Confound it! This wasn't so hard a week ago!" Judging from the piles of garbage, one would have thought we were deep in the Eurbrikkan slums, but in fact this alley ran up against the back of a newly-completed bank. It was here that Raven had hidden her data, and, after donning more suitable outfits for the task, we had come here to attempt to break in and recover the tapes. Again, my thanks for the speedy processing of my materials requisition - the armor used by the Shadowtrooper corps is far more suitable for the work of an ISB operative than is standard-issue armor, being less conspicuous than combat whites and offering far greater protection than ISB grays. I will refrain from asking how you managed to obtain it. "Where exactly are these data tapes?" I asked as I stood watch. "In a safe deposit box," she said. "You mean you just deposited it in a box here?" "Sort of. I didn't exactly tell the bank. Their vaults open in response to electronic keys, and I've recalibrated one of the locks to respond to my tool." She waved the glowing-tipped silver rod. "They don't check the vaults regularly, so the tapes should still be there." "Well, hurry up and unlock that door before someone finds us here," I said. I would like this entry judged, please.
  5. OPERATION REPORT Operative: VK-318 Vladimir Volker Operation Codename: [NONE] During our last contact, we were unfortunately interrupted. At the time, I was involved in an extremely sensitive operation, and could provide no details due to the risk to my sources. I am pleased to inform you that this incidental operation has been successfully concluded. I submit that it should be recorded as "Operation Outlaw," and will refer to it as such in further dispatches until orders to the contrary are relayed. Subsequent to my promotion into the Imperial Security Bureau, I was stationed, as you are aware, on Nar Eurbrikka, pending a more permanent posting. Shortly after my arrival, a message was delivered to me by the local ISB station chief. It consisted of the name "Raven Williams," the address of a Nar Eurbrikkan club, a date and time, and a memo from the station chief or his yoemen, which said that this note had been delivered through an Imperial agent in the local Rebel underground, and that I had been identified as the intended recipient by my name and operating number. The name "Raven Williams" was far from unknown to me, and it is unlikely to be unknown to you. Williams was born a Corellian of low to middle class, and was shanghaied by a space freighter at age fifteen. She disappears from known records until age seventeen, when she emerges as captain of said freighter in the salvage documents - the freighter was destroyed by pirates, and, the documents note, she survived by taking cover in a mining facility on a nearby mega-asteroid. She joined the Rebellion at eighteen, and today is an information broker and occasional operative in Alliance Intelligence. What the record does not state, and what has likely been until now unknown to anyone but myself and Raven, is that the facility in which she hid from the pirate attack on her vessel was my own mining base, during one of my early mining expeditions into the Outer Rim. She sheltered there until the freighter with whom I contracted my supplies of consumables made its next visit, and then bought passage away. Evidently, Raven still remembered my name, and seemed to have something worth communicating. I judged the risk acceptable, since I as yet knew little of critical value to the Empire and thus could reveal little of value to the Rebels should this prove to be a trap. Accordingly, I proceeded to the club, and was there at the appointed time, 2300 Imperial time. I wish to pass along my thanks for the timely processing of my materials requisition. My ISB armor would hardly have been suitable for a rendezvous of this sort, nor indeed would have my uniforms. I was, at any rate, sufficiently inconspicuous, even in a nearly-empty room, that it took Raven a moment to recognize me. She was precisely on time, and over a hand of cards she quietly explained why she had arranged to meet me. As an officer in Alliance Intelligence, she was painfully aware of the stark price the Rebellion exacted from its supporters, and the lack of protection it offered in return. She, like myself, had no interest in supporting a lost cause. But the Rebellion polices its own forces as effectively as the Empire, and her dissent was discovered. When she learned of this, she passed a message through a known Imperial agent (in light of this data, I recommend a complete analysis of all data produced by Nar Eurbrikkan infiltrators in the Rebel ranks), hid her data in a secure location, and made her escape. Now, here she was, seeking political asylum. As an officer of the ISB, I had the authority to grant this if it would further the goals of the ISB and the Empire. So, we made a bargain. We would need to recover her data in order to render her useful to the ISB. So, if she would assist me in recovering that data and delivering it safely to the ISB, she would be granted asylum and a full pardon in accordance with the Bureau's war powers. She was quite willing, and now all that remained was to retrieve the data. I would like this entry judged, please.