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  1. brickmasterben11

    Great Brick War General Discussion Thread

    Sorry for not being active, I've had exams so I'm having less free time.
  2. MISSION REPORT: Brickmasterben11, reporting to rebels head command from the moon of Endor. ~MOVEMENT: 2 SQUARES STRAIGHT UP Nothing much to report on our third week on this moon. So far we have seen not a single Imperial. This morning we stumbled across an abandoned weapons crate while on patrol, so maybe a run-in will be occurring soon. At least we haven't run into any of the native species. Another squad made contact and said the furry beasts ransacked their camp, stealing rations. END OF BROADCAST ~Bonus Pictures:
  3. brickmasterben11

    Lego Train 9V Extreme - ready!

    I'm at a loss for words..... A great video idea would be to (securely) put your camera in a single freight car and let it roll down the track!
  4. brickmasterben11

    The Greatest CMF 2 (Revenge of the Ninjago) THANKS AND GOODBYE!

    King, Sea Captain, Nya, Gladiator, Clumsy Guy, and Fusebot. This is my first time and I must say it is fun.
  5. brickmasterben11

    Your worst lego injuries?

    Not me, but a family friend's son fell and faceplanted on a baseplate, leaving an imprint for about a day.
  6. brickmasterben11

    [MOC] Jedi Interceptor Eta2 from "Revenge of the Sith"

    This looks great! I especially like the landing gear.
  7. brickmasterben11

    [MOC] Barn find | Bugatti Type 35 Grand Prix

    Very nice! Could you post any more pictures of the car?
  8. brickmasterben11

    [GBW-CP4]-Refnor-Ambush in the City

    I agree with photo quality,but I took these photos 10 minutes before the deadline, so next time I know not to rush.
  9. brickmasterben11

    [WIP] UCS V-19 Torrent

    Very promising! Can the bottom fin move to the top?
  10. brickmasterben11

    [GBW-CP4]-Refnor-Ambush in the City

    STUDICA F4 We moved into the city of Carrefour under the cover of night. By the next day we had 2 troops in an abandoned apartment building across from part of the city park, while Roger was on top of a convenience store and I was hiding beside it. The other 2 hunkered in the apartment building with an injured civilian, while our medic tended to him. We had dispatched a small 2 man team to assist ODA 401's troops elsewhere in the city, so we were anxious to receive news on their operation. It was around noon when we heard a single jeep with a small militia on board. They probably were going to assist other troops in the city. Roger fired a shot and took out the driver in one shot. The infantry scrambled to help the driver, and the bazooka handler readied, looking for the sniper. Another shot, this time from the apartment building took him out. The other trooper jumped out of the truck and ran towards the apartment building, but I jumped out and wiped him. Roger climbed down and we went into the apartment building to check on the other men. The civilian was told to wait here while we waited for a transport to take him to a safe place as we waited for a word from the 2-man team. Thank you for viewing and please judge this build. (Sorry for some bad pictures, I was a bit rushed with schoolwork and other things.) BONUS PICTURE: JEEP: (A modified jeep from what came in the Black Panther Pursuit set.) BUILD PICS:
  11. brickmasterben11

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    Nah, get the new Millennium Falcon UCS . Go big or go home is what I say! All jokes aside, I recommend either the U-wing or the TIE striker.The U-wing is a great ship and comes with enough rebels to start a small army. The TIE striker would be a good one too, an also Krennic's shuttle is a great ship. All would be discounted somewhere I would think, and they will probably be retired soon, so i would pick one of them up.
  12. brickmasterben11

    Allan's Speed Champion inspired vehicle and building creations.

    Do you happen to have any more pictures of the batmobiles?
  13. brickmasterben11

    [MOC] YT-2700 'Break of Day'

    Damn! That's one nice interior. I like how you made it so the top and sides can flip up/down to access the inside.
  14. brickmasterben11


    Very sleek. I like the small size as it drifts away from the other YT ships. I like the color scheme very much.
  15. brickmasterben11


    It's definitely creative, but do you have any pics with the figure inside?