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  1. pihlbrick

    Legends of Chima 2015

    I found 70222, 70223 and the Bear and lion Army builders set at Kvickly(Coop) here In Denmark yesterday.
  2. According to wookiepedia "Bothans (pronounced /'bɑθɪn/) were furry mammalian anthropoids, about 1.5 meters tall" That makes them short In my book - even compared to Luke skywalker :)
  3. I was also thinking chima-lion head with hobbit/yoda legs
  4. pihlbrick

    MOC Sharing Dilemma

    Of course you should share. It's not LEGO if you don't. The halls of LEGO buildings are literally filled with images containing the slogan "joy of building pride of creation" :)
  5. pihlbrick

    Scania Truck with crane

    Just finished the City-scale version
  6. pihlbrick

    Scania Truck with crane

    I have no idea what you're talking about :) I have to agree with you on the height - sounds like a rebuild at one point :)
  7. Hi all - I've mostly been hanging around the SW-forum, but decided to build a delivery truck for work - I work at the largest chain of builders merchants in Denmark, and wanted to display some LEGO in my office. Posed view Side view Rear view And Head on The front wheels turn, and is connected to the steering wheel inside the cab. Here is a small pic of an actual truck for reference Now I can't take all the credit for this build - I was heavily inspired by Lasse D and his Scaniafor the cab/front of the truck. I'm building a City-scale version to display next to it.
  8. I just meant that everyone's lava seems to be inspired by the INFERNO build.
  9. Finally I came near a PC again. I have upated the original post to include the picture instead of the iframe. I have also added a few more pictures from my flickrstream of the build. My thougts for this build was originally to do something with lava (as most orther builds who were inspired by the awesome INFERNO build) http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=93051 But when I researched detention blocks and imperial garrisons I learned that the empire used the same mobile garrrisons all over the system, so it made sense to do it generic on the insides, instead of including a lot of rock work and lava. Oh - and thank you for the comments - I'll try to add a few more pictures, of the back and underside.
  10. Useless apple crap. I'll edit the pictures once I get to a PC later today.
  11. We came in on the first wave on an old Yf-1300 freighter surprising the unsuspecting imperial forces, posing as a simple delivery vessel. We landed as close to the detention blocks as possible.Once inside we shot our way to the prisoners and Quickly dealt With the guards. More pictures added With flash
  12. Oh I'm all for improving to ScottishDave's 1.2 version, I just accidently dived head first into v 1.0 :)
  13. I finally pieced this thing together about a week ago - what a fun little anoying build :) And now I have gotten around to take a couple of quick pictures of it. This is my version 1.0 (made from v 1.0 of the LXF). Over the easter holidays I will try to change the colorscheme to include more reddish brown. Right now it is more or less strictly light and dark grey - it was the only way I could make sure I build something from the start that looked the part. I even build a nice little stand for it :) Curtisy of my four-year-old the pilot is an orange clone trooper. It's not the sturdiest build, but sturdier than the UCS version (I had a change to build that at one point, but don't own it)
  14. pihlbrick

    Tribute to Exo-Force

    No matter how hard you try the human brain will try to put it into context http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pareidolia :)
  15. pihlbrick

    Tribute to Exo-Force

    They both look like transformed versions of an Apache Helicoptor and an A-10 Warthog - so I would say the first one should be named "The Apache" and the second one "The Warthog"