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Found 14 results

  1. *Your entry has earned 10XP* After picking some stuff from Coruscant, now I’m back home. Lately I have no other home than this small apartment at Brentaal, close to the center of the Galaxy. I always liked this one, I don’t know exactly why. My old 2-1B series medical droid is always happy when I come back home, and it's specially helpful when something goes wrong. It manages the bacta tank like nobody else. Today I have a visit from some old good friends. I’ve prepared something for them. Here, from the apartment balcony, nights are never dark like in the periphery. But still it’s possible to see many solar systems, specially Coruscant, the center of the Empire and the Republic before, which is not that far away. This place is actually a safe house. We have many across the galaxy and nowadays they are very handy for what they are. But let's go back to my guests. It's time to let them eat something... It's always great to have a nice evening for discussing in the living room. So many things are happening nowadays. We are waiting for instructions from the hyper-communicator on the table. The living room has my library plenty of old and new books for read and reference, among other artifacts. Knowledge was and will always be irreplaceable. My astromech droid R2-D9 is a bit nervous with the waiting... Finally we got a hyper-communication for a mission! We should grab some additional resources. Behind the library we have some special goodies for this kind of task... The hidden compact fusion energy power-plant is quite handy to recharge stuff like that and specially my prove droid, which is a resource hog. I'm unsure of what kind of dressing should I have for this mission: Like a beggar in a suburban? Elegant, like the last time with the Brentaal ambassador? Smart casual? Who knows! Hopefully I'm prepared. I have to be perfect in every situation. And for particularly difficult ones I have my favourite hidden outfit: But before doing anything else it's time to have a shower in the upper floor. This multipurpose bacta tank was a bargain when I found it for sale in Denevar. Now we are prepared for the next move...
  2. Chapter 1: Sewer Rat Cleff Jiwa was out of breath, his breathing ragged as he ran for his life. His right foot splashed into the sewer sludge and almost slipped on some sort of mush, the contents of which he'd rather not think about. After a short slide on the mush, he regained his footing and kept running. The smell was awful, but that was the least of his worries. Who sent Lash after me? No one was supposed to know! It wasn't even that much! Cleff was just a low level Black Sun enforcer, sent to collect protection money from various establishments from Nar Shaddaa's Red Light Sector. Sure, he took a little more than he was supposed to, which he skimmed for himself, but it was just a few credits, nothing more than a rounding error. Pew! A flash of red from a blaster bolt just missed his head and glanced off the sewer wall ahead of him. A ladder! [ Cleff saw a ladder leading up to the streets of Nar Shaddaa to his left and ran for it. Sure, it would take him some time to climb it, but he was definitely dead if he continued to run in his current path. Almost ther... Pew! Pew! Instead of jumping up and grabbing a rung of the ladder and climbing to safety, Cleff felt his body give out as it fell, out of his control, and splashed into the contents of the sewer. His final thoughts were of just how awful everything smelled and tasted. The bounty hunter, Lash, hovered over the body, holstering a pair of silver LPA NN-14 blaster pistols. ++++++ Sindeen was never more glad that her suit could switch to its own air supply, though the outside of the armor would need a thorough cleaning when this was over. Her suit was a customized version of the imperial jumptrooper armor, something she created for herself before she left the imperial army. The combination of her rank as a stormtrooper captain and the fact that she was the daughter of a famous retired general offered her many perks in the imperial army that she took full advantage of. The suit wasn't as advanced as what the Mandalorians used, but it was more robust and easier to use, and replacement parts were much more available. She spoke into the comm in her helmet to address her crew, "Target secured." "You have a funny way of saying 'dead', captain," the droid, FISS, replied. "Just arrange for a pick up," she replied. "I'd love nothing more than to traipse through the sewers of Nar Shaddaa and drag a corpse soaked in sewage back to the ship. Consider it done." Sindeen frowned inside her helmet. Not for the first time, she realized that she has never met a droid who wasn't snarky. She reminded herself, again, that she would look into how these things were programmed when she had some time. "Uh...Captain?" Karek, the pilot of her crew, uttered. She hated that 'Uh'. Karek only used it when something wasn't right. She let him continue, "Go on." "I've been monitoring imperial channels and there's a lot of chatter right now. From what I can tell, there's been a huge battle at Jakku. The Seeker...isn't that your sister's ship?" Sindeen's sister, Pom, had followed her footsteps and became an imperial stormtrooper. The last time Sindeen saw her sister was when Pom had gone home to Muunilinst to visit their father. She had tracked her sister just to check up on her. A chill went down her spine, "What about the Seeker?" "It's been lost. It seems the navy lost a lot of ships," Karek replied. "Prepare the ship. NOW!" She yelled as she flew towards where the Dark Ruby was docked. Comments and criticisms are all welcome!!!
  3. *Your entry has earned 3XP* This warehouse of Nar Shaddaa was once run down and abandonned, but after some renovations it became a nice place to live and keep a low profile. Old pics here:
  4. MstrOfPppts

    Faction: Black Sun

    Faction: Black Sun Faction Leader: MstrOfPppts Headquarters: Nar Shaddaa Planets: Coruscant, Darkknell, Ord Mantell, Nar Shaddaa More than a year has passed since the destruction of the Falleen's Fist and death of prince Xizor. Though the blow was devastating the organisation did not fall apart just yet. Thanks to prince Xizor's niece Savan the Black Sun underwent some drastic changes. All nine Vigos were replaced by trusted individuals hand picked by Savan herself. The battle of Jakku is now over and resources of the Empire are almost depleted. The new Republic is also trying to lick the wounds and it is now time to start connecting smaller criminal organisations under one big faction and gain former glory. Black Sun will rise once more! Savan with her personal body guards - members of Red Gauntlet. If you are not much for the politics and the false order each side of the conflict was promising or just prefer to walk on the razor's edge for the profit the Black Sun is what you are looking for. Smugglers, spies, bounty hunters and all alike are welcome to join our mission to become the strongest faction in the galaxy. Help us destroy the Hutt Cartel, command a subsidiary clan or climb the ranks all the way to become one of the nine Vigos who are overseeing our operations in each of the nine sectors. The current nine Vigos of the Black Sun from left to right: Deep Core - Empress Teta: Nesa Daar Core - Coruscant: Andrew Leacor Colonies - Fondor: Vuddo Sheemee Inner Rim - Manaan: Mirsara Sinlem Expansion Region - Corsin: Antjos Waltho Mid Rim - Ord Mantell: Gra Viek Outer Rim - Darkknell: Neldepir Hutt Space - Nar Shaddaa: Honul Fusado Unknown Regions - Cioral: Zivesias Although Savan's main quarters are still located on Coruscant, Black Sun has gained quite some enemies after prince Xizor's defeat. There was a need of another location crowded enough to get all the resources and supplies needed and to be able to lay low and run the operations under the radars of our enemies. Nar Shaddaa seemed to fit perfectly. There seem to be a lot of holocron findings reported lately and it would be a shame not to gain some of the valuable information for ourselves. Not to mention the price these things reach on the black market! Once we gain more control over the systems around Coruscant, access to a lot more planets will be granted and our search will become much easier. "The ignorant even call it the most powerful force in the known universe." - Darth Sidious about the Black Sun Join the Black Sun and let's make all the rest think the same!
  5. When I was assigned my first mission as ISB, I didn't imagine I would be on another rahtar chase after the Black Sun Syndicate. To think It wasn't too long ago that I was hunting Xizor's spies back on Tatooine with Ulric's unit. Except this time was different. We weren't on some outer rim planet and the target wasn't some petty traitor. This time, the mark was no other than Prince Xizor. Apparently he's been biting off more than he can chew. I wasn't given the details, but ISB wanted him captured at all costs. Several teams of storm commandos were dispatched to push through Xizor's palace. But as it turns out, we weren't the only ones. The rebels had a mission of their own at the palace. Given the circumstances, we weren't allowed to fire on any rebel forces. The mercenaries, however, was a different story. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey guys, back with a bit of a rushed/quick build for this challenge(ran out of time but I figured somethings better than nothing, right). I took a bit of creative freedom and modeled Xizor's palace after Tatooine architecture. Since Xizor always reminded me of Djinns, I thought Tatooine's middle-eastern-like design fit his character's look. Hope you guys like it, tell me what you think and thanks for viewing!
  6. Xizor’s Palace, on the planet Coruscant…. [-Accessing personal logs…….RYN……complete-] Had somebody told me three rotations ago that the Empire and the Rebellion would be “working together” to take down one of the most powerful crime lords in the galaxy, I would have laughed and called them crazy. But that’s the position I find myself in now. Command put me in charge of a small squad of soldiers to assault Xizor’s personal palace, an epic, heavily fortified structure just smaller than the Imperial Palace. Legend has it that if you spent a whole year inside the palace, you wouldn’t even see all the bathrooms inside, let alone every room. Thankfully Alliance Intelligence had kindly given each soldier a holo-map of his palace in order to more efficiently find Princess Leia and not get lost within its hundreds of rooms. While other members of both factions infiltrated up through the sewers, my particular squad rappelled from a U-Wing onto one of the many balconies lining the edges of the structure, after a fly-by shooting insured that we would encounter minimal resistance on impact. The balcony, adorned with exotic plants and greenery, lead to a long hallway in which we met our first foes. Near a door at the end, a small barricade had been set up by Black Sun mercenaries using various crates and cylinders. Once the mercenaries spotted us, they immediately began firing across the room, lighting it up with various red and green laser flares. I ordered my men to hug the walls and wait for pauses between firing to advance up the expensively decorated hall. One of their men unwisely decided to try and advance the hall to us, in which he was quickly cut down by fire from my rifle. Now outnumbered, one of them, a Rodian, ducked behind the barricade, where he could be heard saying- “We need reinforcements! The rebels are advancing on corridor 2C on route to the detention levels.” “What do you mean you are too preoccupied with the Empire?! Ok, I suppose sentry droids will work….” With the majority of the mercs distracted I signaled to the trooper closest to me to dash out of hiding quickly and fire. He nodded and pulled out a thermal detonator, intending to get rid of the barricade once and for all. We both ran out about ten feet in front of the barricade and shot the remaining mercs into cover. When they popped up again, I provided cover fire for my companion while he pushed the trigger on a thermal detonator and threw it, causing a small explosion that took out the last of the mercenaries. Only a whole palace left to go…… [-Closing personal logs……RYN……complete-]
  7. Coruscant 3 ABY - Far far away under the skycrapers...kilometers under the fifty level zone and the moisted 0 level, a rebel commando is carefully heading in the sewers... : Just a Shadow Barnacle in sight... : What does the scanner show ? : ( megabluck !! Low battery !! What a bloody badger I am, I forgot to charge it !) Errr... nothing really impressive lieutnant, a shadow barnacle and a throng of stone mites at our 12 causing a lot of electrical blur. : Sutter ! Out of this crap ! We're not in the swimming pool ! : Aye aye sir ! : Any traces of black sun's grunts ?? : (Damned, out of battery... now it's useful as a curling tongs) Errr.. no no, just a Dianoga, right in front of Alvarez, 21 meters. A lesser one, just 4 meters... but the scanner is now jammed ! : Check it Alvarez ! We're blind ! Everybody should be twice as aware. : All right, locked. I confirm a lesser one : no danger. : Fine, carry on ! ***** Just a sewer corner away... Black sun grunt's leader : Get set guys ! Here comes the first targets, with our giant blind snake, and the stone mites there must be enough interfering waves to jam their scanners. This entry for Black Sun C&C welcome
  8. Somewhere in the Coruscant Sewers... Patrol Six to command, do you read me? Over. Command to Patrol Six, we read you. Over. Affirmative. We found the access ladder to Xizor's palace, but it's crawling with Black Sun. We can also confirm Pathfinder reports of Imperial presence in the sewers, judging by the looks of this poor fellow. Over. Affirmative Patrol Six. Do not engage, we are dispatching reinforcements to your location, over. Hey, did you hear that? Let's check it out. Oi! We've got company! **pewpewpew** Man down! Man down! **pewpewpew** Come in Patrol Six! What's going on down there! Come in Patrol Six! Patrol Six...?
  9. Ep1 After a small time spent with patrolling and exercises all over again, we finally got an order. Most of the available troops were sent to Coruscant for a secret mission. We had not too much information about it, but we will be some sort of backup. When we arrived the main forces are already started the operation. They sent me to a team led by a shock trooper. I didn't know anything about our objective yet. I met them at one of the smaller entry doors of palace. Shock Trooper - I'm ST-0513 and I lead this small team. Our objective is to protect this Entry Door and secure to escape. We must stop any Black Sun mercs, but we must try not to kill any rebel terrorist and we didn't get permission to open fire first. Understood? Team - Yes Sir! Shock Trooper - Good. And now we moving in. One of the troopers moved to the controlling panel of the door. He entered the code number into the red display of the console and the door opened immediately. They all went in on it and it closed back. There has been nothing for a while and they just waited there. Then suddenly they heard steps approaching fast. Shock Trooper - Get ready, quietly and don't forget not to shoot first! Shock Trooper - Stop, don't Move! Put down the weapons and we don't hurt you! The door slides... And the leader of the group collapsed. Some Black Sun members arrived and they opened the door from outside and fired a shot. Then everybody opened the fire for the gang members. TG-0222 and the other two stormtrooper trying to get cover, but one of them got a shot in the back. The Imperial and Rebel troops Together were stronger and shortly they defeated all the mercs. TG-0222 - You should leave, hurry! Rebel - Thanks. Everybody go! Stormtrooper - Where are the rebels? TG-0222 - They were more than us, we couldn't stop them. End.
  10. I was surprised to hear an all call for combat ships from the Black Sun syndicate. Jobs from them have been rather scarce lately, but this was good money and I really needed it. My ship, Zealot 4, had had a rough go of it since my injury on Commenor. To make ends meet I have had to resort to selling off nonessential systems and skimping on cosmetic repairs. After everything the old girl can still do some damage. And I'm going to collect some creds and make it up to her tonight. Notes: if it's not obvious, this is my bounty hunter's ship that Lucas designed as a micro build a few freebuilds back. I'll try to get some links embedded tonight if I can get back to my computer
  11. So - wanna join Black Sun, eh? Ya probably heard some stories 'bout big, bad, Black Sun gangsters - lotsa stories, most true. Especially ones 'bout what happens to folk who cross us.. S'ok though; if you a hard worker - know how to keep mouth shut, an' don't mind gettin' hands dirty, we gotta place for you ... Building for Black Sun For our 15th Shadows of Nar Eurbrikka (SoNE) episode, we're inviting members of other Eurobricks RPGs (and any other folks who are interested) to build on behalf of Black Sun. This thread will serve as a sign-up thread for anyone who is interested, as well as providing some background information about Black Sun and the SoNE game. For more information about SoNE, check out the introduction thread here. About Black Sun Black Sun is a powerful, galaxy-spanning crime syndicate led by the ruthless and cunning Prince Xizor. To quote Wookieepedia, "[Black Sun] was involved in every known type of illegal activity; its information networks surpassed even the accuracy and scope of Imperial Intelligence. The resources available to Black Sun rivaled those belonging to a large planetary army, including foot soldiers." Not everyone who works for Black Sun is a villain (although plenty of them are); other are simply mercenaries and soldiers of fortune, looking to make a living on the fringes of the galaxy. Still others, working for one of Black Sun's many "legitimate" business fronts, aren't aware of who their true bosses are. Minifigs / character design Black Sun doesn't have uniforms or a dress code, so builders have a lot of leeway when it comes to choosing their minifigure(s). Just to give you some ideas, here are a few "crowd shots" from earlier SoNE entries: Builders can use either 'yellow' or 'fleshie' heads for their characters. Story Timeline/Background Our Shadows of Nar Eurbrikka RPG takes place between Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, with episodes loosely following events/plot points from the Shadows of the Empire book / game. This particular episode parallels the last few levels of the Shadows of the Empire video game. Black Sun builders are free to show their characters fighting either Imperial or Rebel forces, or just patrolling / searching for intruders if they don't feel like building a battle scene. Signing up If you'd like to build for Black Sun, reply to this thread and you'll be added to the Black Sun PM (as soon as it's launched). Make sure you also read the Episode XV topic for contest rules and objectives, and if you have any questions feel free to ask!
  12. The City of Benlem on Tatooine was the sort of place you could walk through without noticing. It was fairly bland, generic and most importantly, it had no security. Unlike Courscant there were no X-Rays, scanners, cameras, or anything of the sort. The rule here was simple: you take off or you land. End of Story. The security was so bad a rebel scum could've landed here and built a base and the residents would still go on with there day to day lives without batting an eye. And that's what made it the perfect place for a criminal, or specifically, The Black Sun. The mission was simple: Eliminate any members. I had two Deathroopers watching my back, even if the whole population of Tatooine had been here, I still would have known who it was. I raised my blaster hoping he would stay he was, It was vital that as soon as he was dead we ran. We had heard the rebels had come scouting for Black Sun members too,and this was not he ideal place to meet them. Then I fired, it was over immediately, and from the looks of things we hadn't attracted too much attention. I felt sorry for the man, but then, how many of my friends had died in battle? Thank you for reading! C and C welcome.
  13. Aland1916

    [SoNE Ep. IX] Espionage

    My first mission - to find Boba Fett - wasn't successful, but my second one, on Maridun, was. So, I was given another assigment and if I do it properly, I'll be promoted - in Alliance Intelligence. Me and three other soldiers are searching through the plans. There's a hidden base of Black Sun here, on Coruscant, and it's leadership has had some problems lately. We have to find the base and see what the leaders are planning ... Without figs: My second try with SNOT, maybe it's a bit to clean but a room of this size needs nothing more in my opinion. Hope you like my modest contribution. ---- Thank you for help, Beaver, but I'm not really sure what to do? I did same as always ...
  14. If you can't beat them, join them! We've been doing some jobs for Black Sun lately and my latest job is to deliver some goods to the Hutts. We're searching for the Hutt's secret warehouse on Nar Eurbrikka, all we have to do is to drop the goods and go away. What an easy job! ------ I know, pictures couldn't be worse. I know they'll effect on overall scoring of this build, altought I hope I'll get more than 3. But I'm taking a trip this weekend and I was rather busy, so I had to take them this evening and I had to use my phone. Though I think the ship looks quite nice and I'm happy I managed to build it. Anyway, I hope you like it.