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Found 337 results

  1. With the exception of the 16x32 base plate this model is built using only the parts available in the 10211 Grand Emporium kit. When I set out to build this the only thing I was trying to do is avoid having the facade look like the donor kit. It came out much better than I expected given I only had so many pieces to work with. More pictures of better quality at and information about instructions at Thanks for looking.
  2. Man with a hat

    MOC: Modular shop with apartment

    Hello all, I finally finished (or at least I say it is finished now ) my new modular building. It has taken me some time and I started with the idea more than two years ago but here it is: As you can (hopefully) see it is a shop on the ground floor with on the right the entrance to the apartment above. I am happy with how the front turned out. It has some overhang but that is characteristic of most old buildings. The backside of the building is less interesting, although I am quite pleased with the drain pipes: It is modular so all the floors can be separated, although some parts are a little fragile I have to admit. I have put in some interior as well. Here is the inside of the shop: The apartment basically has two floors. One with a combined living room and kitchen and a small "library". It is a very basic kitchen. And what is that cat looking for? The other floor has the main bedroom, a bath room and a so far not decorated small room. The attic has only some storage boxes, so it is not that interesting. So, that's it. I hope you like it. More pictures can be found here. And please feel free too comment.
  3. I found a new way to use group function that turn LDD LXF file into easy to use digital building instruction. Authors can manual fully control steps and building order. No more confuse, no more long time waiting for big LDD file to auto generate LDD BI. Group & sub-group bricks by building order -> hide all -> hide each group icon then undo(ctrl+Z)to make bricks show up in building order. For simple way. Just select groups icon in order to make LDD highlight each brick step by step. Below is topic link of Realistic Helicopter Rotor Head Swashplate (Cyclic & Collective). There are three Youtube video and many rendering pictures.
  4. brickbuilder711

    MOC: NEW Modular Building

    Friends, In time for the Holiday season layout (mine is more Florida themed so no snow, sorry!) I have here a brand new Modular Building MOC. It has three stories and two subsections, with retail on the ground floor and residential on the upper floors. Here's the video and photos!
  5. andybear@hk

    [MOC] Small Siheyuan in Beijing style.

    Hi all, Here bring my new work. Chinese traditional Residental area, Small Siheyuan, Beijing style. More information about Siheyuan A siheyuan is a historical type of residence that was commonly found throughout China, most famously in Beijing. In English, siheyuan are sometimes referred to as Chinese quadrangles. The name literally means a courtyard surrounded by four buildings. Throughout Chinese history, the siheyuan composition was the basic pattern used for residences, palaces, temples, monasteries, family businesses and government offices. In ancient times, a spacious siheyuan would be occupied by a single, usually large and extended family, signifying wealth and prosperity. Today, many remaining siheyuan are still used as housing complexes, but many lack modern amenities.]here is a screen wall inside the gate, for privacy; superstition holds that it also protects the house from evil spirit A pair of stone lions are often placed outside the gate. .Thanks for your watching.[/font]
  6. kartracer21

    Best Landscaping Directions

    What are some of the best ways to make landscaping for an upcoming project I am builing about lego military, along with this I was wondering if anyone had any building instructions for military vehicles from today such as humvees and jets to go along with these landscaping ideas. Thanks-Kartracer21
  7. Toltomeja


    Entry for CCC Miscellanous For many years the Synneora Rock was dwelled by a lone monk Athios, who had decided to spend the rest of his life meditating and devoting himself to God. When Athios passed away, the rock soon became the center of the country's religious life. Hundreds of pilgrims and the nearby villages inhabitants volunteered to help building a new chapel for the memory of Athios - a man of Faith and Sacrifice. Thea main sources of inspiration were Greek monasteries of Meteora, Zhangjiajie rocks (China) and Ha long Bay in Vietnam. I came across an article about Ha Long Bay and that was when I promised myself to try a new "tilted rock" technique, attaching part of the layout diagonally. I recommend it to hardcore-builders. It was the most extreme rock that I've ever made and that is because it is not really a strong construction and once you put a segment to place, nothing can be done... :) Well, it was fun. See the full gallery at Brickshelf: http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=536195 Flickr Enjoy!
  8. Kommotion

    The Building Dares Thread!

    The "Dares" Thread! This is a thread in which you can dare your fellow Eurobrickers to build things based on your challenges. How does it work? Well, you can format your dares like this: Dare - [insert initial dare here] DD - [double dare! Expand a bit!] TD - [triple dare!] BP- [bonus points; an outrageous challenge based on your original dare. This one's for all the InternetCookies!] I'll start: Dare - Build a vignette that contains at least 6 DC supervillians. DD - Make them all be working for a common cause! TD - Make Batman be coordinating this supervillian team. BP - Bonus points if the vignette is tiny - 8x8 or so.
  9. El Garfio

    Playing with my bricks

    Today, after some time inactive, I have taken my bricks out and I build something. I hope you like it.
  10. Which set took you the longest to build? Mine would probably be Muaka & Kane-Ra from bionicle. It took me a long time and it gave me the worst case of "Technic Hand" I've ever had.
  11. SzU

    [MOC] Striped Townhouse

    Hello everyone Let me show You my latest MOC - townhouse with interior. I really like the idea of LEGO's Modular Building series and I remember being very impressed by set no.10218. Front elevtion can be separated from model, revealing interior. This also helped me with constant rebuilding of elevation - there would be a lot more work to deconstruct 4 walls instead of only one! Besides this, in the future only front elevation can be integrated into the street full of similar houses, letting me to re-use bricks from other 3 walls. Photos where shot by my friend Rafał Zerych. Flickr gallery MOCPages gallery Brickshelf gallery Some photos: Lego MOC: Striped Townhouse by Szymon Urban, on Flickr Lego MOC: Striped Townhouse by Szymon Urban, on Flickr Lego MOC: Striped Townhouse by Szymon Urban, on Flickr Lego MOC: Striped Townhouse by Szymon Urban, on Flickr Lego MOC: Striped Townhouse by Szymon Urban, on Flickr EDIT 2016.02.06: Flickr links fixed.
  12. Korea is small country in far east asia. Korea is surrounded by strong countries like Russia, Japan,China. Even though, Korea is invaded by those countries in many times, it preserves it's own history and culture. I live in Korea. And I think there're many things to explain Korea, but these three buildings represents recent 7 hundred years. The first one is "Sungnyemoon" built by Chosun dynasty in 1396. It's southern gate of castle which surrounds capitol, Seoul. It's the most busy gate of Seoul. As you know, it was made in Lego 21016. I changed it into 8x8 mini modular scale. Cute and quite good to place with 21016. Recently it was burnt and rebuilt. And the second one is "Seoul Station". It was built in 1900. It's heart of seoul from that time to now. This is old Seoul Station which is now utilized as museum. This is composed 3 part of 8x8 modules and one platform. The last one is "63 building". It was built in 1985 which was tallest building outside of America in that time. " It was designed by the American architectural firm Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM).[1] At 249 meters (817 ft) high." - from wikipedia. This building represents fast growth of Korean economy after 1945 Korean War. All 3 buildings are in Seoul,Korea. Those represents Korea, I think. I hope you also like these buildings and Korea. ^_^ >> Total view with mifi to consider scale.
  13. ProfessorChaos

    [MOC] Romanesque Church

    Hi all! Just finished my latest MOC, a Romanesque Church. Hope you like it..
  14. Sorry if i have posted this in the wrong category, but I wanted to share my first moc creation published to Lego Cuusoo entitled Modern Modular Furnished Beach Front House. It is a displayable and playable piece meant for adults and children alike, both boys and girls. Please do not let the pink colour put you off; I have proposed this in many different colours including neutrals like grey and white. I designed it with the intention of making this house as flexibly integrative as possible with all types of Lego scenarios. This house is bifold; it can open in the middle on hinges like the Monster Fighter's haunted house, and the roof is removable in 3 parts. It also has originally designed furniture and assessories. I am currently working on the landscaping. A complete set of updated photos are available at the following links: thank you for your interest and your vote!
  15. My parents own a summer house, close to the small town Katrineholm, Sweden. The house was, when they bought it 8 years ago, in very bad condition due to that it stood empty for several decads. However, today it is in better condition. Anyway - I just had to build this house in LEGO! To make the model fit in one of IKEA's vitrine products I tried to create it in a as small scale as possible (but still in a size which makes it possible to recreate the windows in a good way). I think what I'm most happy about with this creation is the choice to use studs on the roof - I think that creates a great contrast towards the smooth walls. You are able to find a reference picture of the real building at the end of this post. When the regular slope-parts (http://www.bricklink...asp?P=3040]3040[/url]) are attached to each other you don't achieve the 45 angle I was looking for. So instead I used a combination of http://www.bricklink...asp?P=3040]3040[/url] and http://www.bricklink...p?P=92946]92946[/url] Could this building be built in an even smaller scale? Sure... Comparison - which one do you like the most? (The big one consists of appr. 1400 parts, the small one 300). This is what the real house looks like: Hope you enjoy it!
  16. Hi everyone! I am new here. My reintroduction to Lego started with the Monster Fighters Haunted House. Then I got interested in Architecture, and Superhero figures. I also love the "home assessories" Lego items.
  17. Previously I made a MOC modular building, a bank, which has a piece of land on its side waiting for construction. It was to be a restaurant and finally it is done! It is not a big one as it only takes half of the 32x32 plate, but it contains what all the Lego citizens' needs for food! This building is a break from the typical European style that prevails in the original Lego modular building sets. I think a city should be developing, advancing, and things change including building styles. I tried some new elements here, with a more open façade (basically removing the façade for balconies and setting back the entrance), while taking a cleaner approach on detailing. Quick overview with the bank on its side: Let's go inside now! The entrance on the G/F floor is set back a little for a bar area. This is where people gather at night especially on Fridays! I also try sliding doors for the entrance :) At the entrance, you will see a little fridge next to a green counter. On the other side is a cake rack. In the morning, there will be breads for those who want to grab a quick breakfast. 1/F is a restaurant. Utensils are stored neatly. Someone is celebrating her birthday with friends! Well that's a huge cake! The other half of 1/F is a balcony area for semi-open dining experience. Looks like someone is not pleased when serving a rich man... "Hey that's not the tips I am hoping for..." The top floor is also a restaurant area, with an open grill kitchen. Look at the hood! Now an overview with some of my modular buildings, which are easy to recognize. The building style is a little different but still, to me, harmonious with the others. Hope you all like this creation! Let me know if you have any comment on how I can improve this!
  18. Kristel

    MOC: Sand Blue Townhouse

    Hi everyone! I'd like to present my latest modular building, the Sand Blue Townhouse. This colour combination reminds me of a seaside village (none in particular, just a general feel), and I've tried to capture this in the interior. If it looks familiar, it is because it is. This townhouse was originally started at the same time as the Tan Townhouse last year, when the Modular Madness competition was announced. I was trying out different colour combinations and facade variations for the same building. It's only taken me a year to finally finish this one! I included a fridge in the kitchen. This is one detail that I consistently forget about! The blue and yellow "artwork" hanging on the wall is my attempt at capturing the sun over the ocean. The seaside theme continues in the bedroom ... And in the bathroom ... More images on flickr. Thanks for looking! Comments and suggestions welcome.
  19. soccerkid6

    Master Architect Challenge

    Master Architect Challenge There are many wonders of architecture throughout Historica: massive dwarven halls, lofty elven towers, elegant cathedrals, and impregnable fortresses. But Revolword and the Elementals have laid waste to many of these structures. Now that Revolword has been defeated, craftsmen across Historica have started taking up their tools to rebuild the former glory of Historica. Show your character assisting in either the building of a new architectural wonder, or assisting in the repairs of a building damaged by the Hand or Elementals. The main focus of your MOC should be on the architecture of the building and construction work on the building. Maximum size 48x48 (2304 studs in any configuration), minimum size 8x8 (in any configuration). Deadline: August 1 (as long as it is still August 1st somewhere in the world, entries will be accepted) Prizes: There will be a winner selected from each guild and they will earn a guild specific parts pack and GoH title: "Master Architect of Historica" Prize packs: Builds will be scored in 3 categories 1. Guild style - How well does the build work with the overall styles and theme of the Guild? Are you incorporating your Guild colors? Does this look like it would fit well within some region of your guild? If your build is actually set in the lands of another guild, explain where it is and why you're building it. 2. Technique - Is your build very original? How does your build stand apart? Have you utilized some new techniques that you haven't seen before? Did you have a very intriguing storyline or did you show entertaining interactions between the characters in your MOC? Creativity and originality will help boost your score here. 3. Presentation - Does your presentation pop? Are your pictures crisp and clear? Did you provide different views of you build? Did you provide a good description of the build to accompany your pictures? Photo quality is a key aspect. Post a pic of your entry here, and a link to the topic. If you have any questions please ask
  20. Chilis

    Major of Kimville`s residens

    My first real post! Woho! This is a house I build from my own fantasy. The house is not 100% complete in lack of time and has no inventory or stairs. Yet. As the topic title says, this is the majors house. My city, Kimville, was founded in 2009 and still expanding. I will set up a solution with more and better pictures so you can get to know it better. My own creations is a selection of (modular) buildings, like a Applestore, Toys`R`us and a italian icebar. As my collection of bricks grows I will be able to build bigger, better and more detailed. In the meantime I collect inspiration :) Stay tuned!
  21. Hi, I just finished my second version of the "Nordertor Flensburg". It's an old city gate of Flensburg, Germany. See more pictures and the first version on my flickr page. P5010005 by gerkenz, on Flickr P5010015 by gerkenz, on Flickr nordertor-1900 by gerkenz, on Flickr
  22. Legonardo

    Receiving orders

    part 5 the AAG headquarters. many have seen the building, its not hard to being so massive, but few have tried to find out what its for, and none have succeeded. the only people who ever enter the building are strange hooded folk or avalonian lords, not the sort of people you mess with... Zakon: lads, you're heading west... To be continued... part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4 ~Legonardo
  23. Purpearljellyblob

    FABULAND Building: Wedding Chapel

    FABULAND BUILDING: FABULAND WEDDING CHAPEL Here is my entry for Fabuland Building Contest! Hope you guys like it! Enjoy! A Joyous Fabuland Wedding DING! DONG! DING! DONG! That is the sound of the bell from the Fabuland Wedding Chapel! Which lucky couple is getting married this time? Oh! It is Bonnie Bunny and Maximilian Mouse! And Lionel Lion is officiating this happy event! "Let's take a group photo before the ceremony starts!", said Edward Elephant "Say Cheese!" The chapel is neat and tidy, decorated with flowers "And now I present to you husband and wife!", said Lionel Lion Woohoo!
  24. Made for the Fortify Lenfald Challenge in LCC. This is the home of Manek Asten and his wife Eleonora. Manek is a captain in the army of Lenfald and lives just outside the great city Stonewald. He has hired Pepin (my character) to oversee the construction of a stone wall around his home as war seems to be coming: More pics, including interior, here:'s-Home.php Any C&C welcome
  25. soccerkid6

    Jewel Heist

    Not all treasure is come by legitimately: a hi tech thief is trying to steal a priceless jewel, but can he do it without touching the lasers and setting off an alarm? Couple more pics here: All C&C appreciated