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  1. Another of my Micropolis modules is this 32*32 block with three appartmentbuildings and a mixed use building. At it's ground level, you will find a toy store - THE place to buy your bricks . The module will be on display at LEGO Fan Weekend 2014, as a part of my Micropolis layout. Enjoy, and feel welcome to comment Micropolis - 3+1_2 by Sandman_DK, on Flickr Micropolis - 3+1 by Sandman_DK, on Flickr Micropolis - 3+1_3 by Sandman_DK, on Flickr Micropolis - 3+1_4 by Sandman_DK, on Flickr
  2. This is my first try in this forum, so bear with me if I'm doing something wrong At some point in 2012, I stumpled upon the Micropolis standard created by members of TwinLUG, and thougt it might be a theme for me. Since then, I have focused my creativity on this, and one of my latest creations is this City Hall: City Hall_2 by Sandman_DK, on Flickr It started with 4 storeys, but seemed kind of small compared to some of my other buildings. So I went for a 5th floor, and the tower also gained some additional heigth. City Hall_1 by Sandman_DK, on Flickr Comments and constructive criticism are welcome
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    Build your own Pirate LEGO Animal Battle Pack - Survey

    1 x Dolphin = 5 pts. 2 x Turtle = 6 pts. 2 x Seagull = 2 pts. 1 x Fish = 1 pt. Total pts. = 14