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  1. Hereticae

    [MOC] Quad Bike

    So I thought it would be fun to attempt a small vehicle, resulting in this quad bike. During the build it quite quickly became painstakingly clear, that achieving good looking brick-built mudguards in such a small scale is no easy feat, and the end result is, hmm, satisfactory at best. Though otherwise I'm quite pleased with the result, especially the use of some technic-parts in the "suspension" gave it a nice off-roady look.
  2. Hereticae

    42056 - Porsche Speculation

    Quite the beauty! Now this is a must buy
  3. Hereticae

    [MOC] Koenigsegg One:1

    Great MOC, the bodywork is truly extraordinary
  4. You've managed to pull off some really great curvature
  5. Now that's pretty inventive, has a nice retro sci-fi aesthetic to it.
  6. Hereticae

    [MOC] The Mistress

    Now that's an utterly beautiful design, would love to see a real car with similar bodywork
  7. Hereticae

    (MOC) Dark Trooper Phase 3 Squad

    The overheavy tops make them look more like warhammer 40k and less star wars, but those are some fine "mini"figs nonetheless
  8. Hereticae

    Castle Black

    Great build, love the eerie feel
  9. Hereticae

    [MOC] Imperial Hovertrain

    MODIFIED New prisoner car front design: New train coupling design:
  10. Hereticae

    [MOC] Imperial Hovertrain

    Stormtrooper car doors: Prisoner car doors: (+detailing)
  11. Hereticae

    [MOC] Imperial Hovertrain

    A MOC based (loosely) on the Imperial Hovertrain as seen on Kessel in Star Wars: Rogue Squadron. As the game has such low-resolution textures, the task of making an exact model seemed pretty pointless, and so I have simply modeled the main features of the car, leaving the rest to my own design. The main car, carrying stormtroopers, is followed by a prisoner transport (which is simply a rougher, boxier, more primitive version of the main car instead of being modeled after the game equivalent), and the train would be transporting prisoners between the Kessel spice mines and the planetary Imperial prison. A few pictures: The sliding guillotine-doors were achieved through the usage of opposing grille-tiles: A couple of close-ups on the doors (the doors in the stormtrooper-carriage were meant to bear a resemblance to riot shields): And the cockpits/controls, eventhough non-visible (without partial disassembly), are still existent:
  12. Hereticae

    [MOC] The Queen

    A stunning MOC and great NPU!
  13. Hereticae

    MOC - My Second Modular Building/House

    Not sure how this is "modular", but a fine MOC anyhow. Love the sleek aesthetics, solid, realistic build and well-thought and nicely done details.
  14. Hereticae

    Which set is the one you enjoyed building the most?

    8110 Mercedes-Benz Unimog U400, definitely the most enjoyable set to build so far.
  15. Hereticae

    [MOC] Folding Bicycle

    Looks like you really pulled the foldability off, not an easy feat.