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  1. madn3ss795

    [MOC] 42124 B and C models

    Flaw with step 74 of Monster truck locking pieces in place
  2. madn3ss795

    Technic 2022 Set Discussion

    The Batmobile would have been a 2H set globally if the movie hadn't been delayed. After all its number is 42127 and there were rumors about it being a movie car since Jan 2021.
  3. I see one rubber insert per track on the outer side. Two inserts per track would have been nice, I tried 42095 with just one insert and it was wobbly.
  4. Looks like 2 2x3x1 panels (71682) and 3 1x2 beams in between.
  5. Looks like 1:10 scale. Tires from the Jeep matches the real thing quite well.
  6. madn3ss795

    Technic 2022 Set Discussion

    Both $50 sets being pull back is extremely lame.
  7. Yes, assuming you can manually turn it away without breaking it. When holding an angle between 0 and 90 this servo is very noisy, there's an internal mechanism actively keeping it in position. This is unlike LEGO version which only make noises when it moves.
  8. Both are correct. It's a ~8.8Wh battery. (Wh)*1000/(V) =(mAh). At 11.1V (which I assume is the maximum discharge voltage), it's 792 mAh. At 3.7V, it's 2378 mAh. This provides an easy comparison point against phones, laptops and other small electronic devices which also use 3.7V for showing their capacity.
  9. You get 0 25 45 70 90, and they hold the angle. Part number is M-0005. If you can't source them locally maybe try aliexpress? Yes, that's what I meant, Cada + Buwizz can only do -90 0 90, even though TechCheck document said they support full positions (that's why I bought Cada servos in the first place). On a related note, the MK LEDs are also much brighter than Cada's. I bought the Cada S059 kit but now only use their L motor.
  10. The Mouldking servos support proportional control when paired with a Buwizz. They only have 3 steps between 0 and 90 though, but the torque is very good while Cada's is disappointing. I can't get Cada servos to work with Buwizz either, and their own control unit doesn't support proportional control.