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Found 8 results

  1. I know there is a lot of buzz about Chineese clones nowadays, but this is not a clonning brand and the product is very different from BuWizz, only sharing its form factor with it. I have discussed it with @Jim and he gave me permission to make this topic. Please refrain from meaningless post that you hate anything from China and that you wouldn't buy this. Thank you I have stumbled across a very interesting piece of hardware recenty - rechargable battery with four motor outputs AND remote controller - CADA remote control. The most interesting feature is indeed dedicated controller, unlike buwizz/sbrick there is no need for smart phone. I guess video (taken by František Hajdekr) is better than words: I can only say FINALLY, the need for smart phone is what makes buwizz/sbrick unusable for me, I just want plain controller, ready in 1 second and recharchable battery. The biggest question is of course what kind of hardware is inside the BB. The only info is that the battery inside is Li-ion, no info about capacity. I'm also very interested in motor controlling chip. I don't expect it will be comparable in power with BuWizz, I expect it to be better verision of LEGO Li-pol battery. So if there is anyone here who already purchased it and is willing to open it to give us some details, I would appreciate it.
  2. Quadruped Robot with Oblique Swivel Joints + 4 Degrees of Freedom Robot Arm + Oblique Joint + Swivel with Rolling Bearing + 4 Steering Wheel - Spined Quadruped Camellia Nano Controller is not puny. + DC motor + PWM Steering Servo Motor + UART Steering Servo Motor + HMI + LEDs and Pixel + Internet of Things: Access Point and MQTT Footage: Camellia Café - Quadruped Robot with Oblique Swivel Joints
  3. For all the C+ nerds out there, here is a quick demo for using the PoweredUp remote directly with the Control+ Technic Hub using PyBricks. This is the code I'm running on my motorised 42110 Land Rover but can be used with any model using 2 drive motors and 1 steering motor like the 42099 4X4 X-treme Off-Roader set. The code has two control modes: Bang Bang mode simply acts as an on/off controller similer to how the PowerFunctions remote worked in that it turns the drive motors on while the button is pressed and then turns them off when button is released, The steering motor also goes to full lock while the button is pressed and returns to centre when released. Precision Mode acts as a speed controller for the drive motors and provides 10 speed steps in either direction and increments to steering motor by 10° on each button press to give 8 angle steps. The red stop buttons act as emergency stop buttons and the green centre button is the control mode select. I have published the code to my Github account should you wish to download it and try it for yourself. Please make sure you configure the "User Definable Setting" and the " Initialize Motors" sections to suit your needs before running the code. This code is released under the MIT licence, so feel free to download, use, edit and share this code under the terms of the MIT licence, full licence details included in the repo. You can download the code here:
  4. Digital Twin in Web3 by Crypto Accelerator with Oracle for IoT
  5. A few months long ago, I bought the 5282 Rc Buggy controller to work with the battery box and the buggy motors. As of yesterday, I found out that my controller's left switch (The Very Important Drive Switch) had up and died, leaving the other 3 switches working fine. (2 toggle on the back, steering on the front) I have tested my two buggy battery boxes (6293c01 & 6272c01), cables, and buggy motors and they all work fine. I was wondering if anyone else has had this happen to them before, and whether you all think I should buy a new one or get it repaired. Picture of what the controller looks like:
  6. Here I present a programmable controller to control two independent functions simultaneously. The controller uses two tank tracks with pins on them to select between neutral, forward and reverse to control a small crane. The timing of the switching can be controlled by the placement of the pins on each track in effect allowing you to program the timing sequence. The example crane can follow any sequence such as hook up, rotate clockwise, hook down, hook up, rotate anti-clockwise etc. The tracks have 40 segments each to allow up to 40 different timing options, however these can be extended as required.
  7. Camellia Café MCU (Micro Control Unit) gives children or students initial knowledge of Electronics. In Camellia Café MCU Laboratory, you will get basic knowledge of Electronics, Mechanisms and Software programming. Servo motor is widely used as an actuator of autonomous cars, robots and droids. A Servo Motor is a self-close loop. But only have a high performance motor is not enough. The motor-driven chips, encoder and algorithm play important roles. All keep servo motor with high accuracy in speed / torque, degree / position, time period feedback control. With Wifi Bluetooth/BLE and Cellular, it will be feasible to manipulate them from PCs, Pads and phones. What’s more, this make it easy to connect to Internet and Cloud Database. Mechanism is the body of Autonomous Cars, Robots and Droids. It is the mechanism that fulfills the movement. Gear, Belt or Chain and Linkage are three major transmission mechanisms. This is a simple gear transmission. Due to different teeth of these gears, the speed is reduced with torque increased. Chain or belt is another type movement transmission. It could transmit movement in a long distance. Worm gear is a special gear. It can only transmit from worm to spur. The reverse is infeasible. Linkage is a third type of movement transmission. Crosshead is another key element. However, we are familiar with numbers and letters. Only with Binary, it is hard for a robot to communication with us. It is the ASCII code that instructs a robot to recognize or display letters. Program, or called Code, is the body of the algorithm. It is the program and code that instruct Autonomous Cars, Robots and Droids to perform their action. No matter Assembly Language, or Objective Oriented / Procedure Oriented Language; no matter C, C++, Basic, Java, or Visual C++, C#, even Swift, Python… Don’t worry about so many types of platforms and codes. If you master one of them, you will be familiar with others. When working, you only need to decide which code language is asked as the hardware / platform requires and as your preference, even new type code is coming, after learning in a very short time, you will get that new and get done with your program. Different hardware and different platforms support different code languages. Some hardware such as the controller MCU in Camellia Café Model uses language which is very close to C. Windows support a lot of languages, C, C++, C# and Visual C++ are fittest. Visual Studio is their develop tool. Android (based on Linux) phones and pads use Java. And the develop tool is Android Studio. iOS or Mac OS (based on Unix) which is in your iPhones, iPads or Macs use Objective-C or Swift. Their develop tool is Xcode. Welcome to Camellia Café !
  8. Hi everyone! Here's some nice pictures of the RC units I took, because I couldn't find many whilst looking, especially the controller. Some questions I have about RC stuff are. Why can you not use a new servo from the Auxiliary power supply on the receiver unit? In terms of electronics whats going on? Is it possible to control 2 or more receivers with one transmitter (I'm pretty sure it is, like Sariel's Endurance racer) Can you run 3 or more RC motors from 1 receiver unit. Also one of my new motors is making a very concerning sound, which to me suggests there is no grease in the gears inside. Has anyone successfully taken apart the gear housing without damaging it? The little clips are really tough to move. Thank in advance!