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  1. 2018 Speed Champions Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    There are also italian police version, if they will ever make any huracan..
  2. Maybe a Ferrari Portofino or 812 , as replacement for their creator's and just retired F40?
  3. About Volvo autonomous, just see what's on this truck ...
  4. This shop is hugely overpriced, just compare #42056 Porsche that's sold for 350€!
  5. Same here from Italy, too... Half an hour searching :-(
  6. Maybe 42065 is march release. Instead, it seems there are no chances to finally get the fire truck 42051...
  7. I don't think. There are no official photos of it, but all other models are listed in web shops. Maybe a delay for march/april release. but,still, we're waiting for last year's remaining fire truck ?
  8. The 42061 is no longer listed at Brickset, instead the 42051 stays on 2016 but still unreleased. WTF?
  9. And VIP sales on 18th may?
  10. Maybe we'll find it in Porsche merchandising, too?
  11. very nice and lovely truck.. could you share any sort of instruction or piece list please? thus helping unable like me to replicate the model .
  12. No, just see: Volvo, Claas, bwe, ip supercar.. I saw fire truck delayed for next year.
  13. Ages ago there were some rumors about La Ferrari in Technic range.. Let's see what's happening!
  14. Correct official name must be found... Others are very simple, maybe those a bit more difficult to find..