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  1. Hi, This is my new MOC which I have been mostly working behind the scenes on (and waiting for BrickLink orders) and it is finally finished! I am not sure what to call it let me know if you have ideas. Hope you like it! Video coming soon.
  2. Well, the cat is out of the hat now Thanks to Itaria, now we know that Series 18 will be a themed series, like Series 14 (the monsters series) I heard the same from a different source a couple of weeks ago. Series 18 will be released on either May or September 2018
  3. A quick opening and review of a 1998 LEGO Town polybag with one minifigure called either "Dutch National Player" or "Dutch Footballer" (set # 3304). This was a Shell promotional polybag set released around the 1998 World Cup soccer tournament.
  4. Who else here played the older LEGO games? For example LEGO Island, Racers, Soccer Mania, etc. Well I recently just got Island 2 on the ps1 in the mail and Ive been replaying them and Ive had a blast of nostalgia. I wish LEGO would remake some of these or at least bring back some of the ideas presented in them.
  5. Hi guys, after doing a large build for the SJ17 I did not have much motivation for a new large project immediatly. Then I remembered how I have many uncompleted Age of Mitgardia builds left to do :P Here is my take on the tower phase one! My first focus was on the rockwork, and when I started the tower I had no idea where it was going, but im quite pleased with the result.
  6. I was watching some of the E-races on youtube ad thought to myself, why not have competitions like that too. Just like the trial trucks, but with the focus on being speed and handling. Here are the basic rules I'd propose use either 2XL, 3L or 4M motors for drive, no RC motors allowed use any Lego battery box, the Li-Po is lighter, but has lower voltage, while the new AA battery boxes have no current limit use of Sbrick is allowed since it only controls the model the model can use a third function like a gearbox, or even a spring-powered boost mechanis, as long as it does not power the car directly use of pre-2005 bricks is not allowed to keep things modern and fair What do you guys think? Anyone wanna try it? Few more ideas: size limit - all cars should be approximately at the same size paneling - cars should be properly covered with panels, bare chassis is not allowed
  7. Hello, all! Here is my UCS Venator Class Star Destroyer. I began this project back in 2016 and it is near completion. Here is the old thread if anyone is interested as I forgot my password: Update: Here is the current model as of 15/5/17 all comments are technically now irreverent apart from the last page; most of the older photos have been removed as well. Thanks, Ellis :)
  8. Hello AFOL's, i want to show you my new Moc of the Imperial Raider Class Corvette from Battlefront II. It has Parts: 1774 Lenght: 32,8cm Width: 16,8cm Height: 14,4cm Building Time: 4 Days I would be happy for feedback.
  9. These are builds inspired by or taken from the first MMO made for Lego: LEGO Universe. This game had very few real world items in sets, but two things did come out: ...a astronaut for people who pre-ordered the game in 2010... ...and a rocket that was modular in the style of the game (Nose + Cockpit + Engine) and was released in a LEGO Club event to build your own rocket. (both pictures from Brick Link) The game lasted barely past it's first birthday (October 2010 was when it started), with the plug being pulled on February 1st 12:01 AM 2012. As a testament to the game I played and loved, I built some models that continue the story past 2012 and into 2015 and beyond. Here are those builds: The Neo-Nexus Force, pilots, droids, and officers. I copied this back in 2012 from a desktop download from the old LEGO Universe game. It was carefully cut out and switched to gray scale to save ink. It is the logo of the Nexus Force. Due to the Nexus Force logo not being found anywhere but a expensive mini-figure torso from a limited edition polybag, I have decided to change the logo to something different. This new logo is seen in the 2014 CITY Arctic sets. I figure this is my in-universe explanation of the logo change: The Nexus force landed on an ice world named DY-17, (this was soon to be renamed Ice Station Destiny) in a bit of desperation, as the Maelstrom had damaged their escape cruiser, the Bright Hope, to the point of near hyper-drive core failure. The ships sensors located no technology on the surface, and not many life forms, but a lot of geothermal activity in the form of large heat/steam vents from the core to the surface, which could be used for emergency power. The ship landed, and soon the base camp for the crew of the Bright Hope was set up. It was then discovered the planet had many mineral deposits that happen to be compatible with the metal in the Hyper-drive cooling system. So, the minerals began to be mined, and pretty soon the crew had a good operation going that was almost self-sufficient and very eco-friendly. A vote was taken, and the crew chose to stay on the ice world they re-named Ice Station Destiny, as the planet had supplied all of their wants and needs. The logo was repainted to show the original Nexus logo as a distant star, signifying the journey taken by the Bright Hope to their new home world, which was symbolized by the ice-covered world on the logo. The Bright Hope and crew were eventually discovered two years after their landing on Ice Station Destiny by Benny-the-1980-something space guy and his Classic Space fleet. Benny formed a friendship with supreme Commander Bob of the Nexus Force and offered an Alliance between the two forces, and the rest is history. This moon base-like space base model was inspired by set 60036 (Arctic Base Camp), with light-poles from set 60062 (Arctic Icebreaker) and a sensor array from from set 60111. (Fire Utility Truck) The base consists of six separate, interchangeable, modular sections, all of which have opening roof / wall sections for ease of access. The base consists of six separate, interchangeable, modular sections. These include: (front left to right) computer command center, hallway turn, laboratory, hallway with control tower, straight hallway with landing pad, and finally the break room. Each section has opening roof hatches to get at the inside details. The break room is mostly taken from set 60036, with a sensor array from set 60111. (Fire Utility Truck) This hallway is empty for now, but will be filled later. This module leads outside to the base's elevated landing pad. These computers analyze rock samples looking for fuel traces to be mined. The brain of the base: the computer control room. This tower makes landing large spacecraft easier, and helps keep an eye out for unwanted guests. SPACE VEHICLES This ship was originally set 70816, Benny's spaceship (x3), with the Unkiitty seat and radar dish removed in favor of a skylight and laser gun turret instead. The sliding wings were redesigned to be stationary and thus provide space under the turret for commander Bob. The ship also has separate passageways for crew to walk so they don't have to go outside to go to Bob, engineering, or the bridge. Oh yeah, and it's orange now! I was inspired to build this model by this cool ship by Oran Cruzen as seen here. IN REALITY: This ship was originally set 70816, Benny's spaceship (x3), with the Unkiitty seat and radar dish removed in favor of a skylight and laser gun turret instead. The sliding wings were redesigned to be stationary and thus provide space under the turret for commander Bob. The ship also has separate passageways for crew to walk so they don't have to go outside to go to Bob, engineering, or the bridge. Oh yeah, and it's orange now! I was inspired to build this model by this cool ship by Oran Cruzen as seen here. The rear of the ship has three engines. The rear of the ship has three engines and a rotating, elevating quad-gun turret. This is the Bright Hope in it's most recent form. It is based off of set 76028 (Darkseid Invasion) from the DC Super Heroes / Justice league sets, with two engine units inspired by the Star Wars 'Y" wing star-fighter. In this view the rear opening doors and cockpit canopy have been removed. The ship features three seats for two astronauts and Supreme Commander Bob, who pilots the craft. The rear of the ship features three Imagination powered engines. This rocket was originally poly-bag number 55001 from the failed 2010 MMO Lego Universe. Just like in the game, it can split into three modular parts connected by Technic axles. These sections are the following: -Nose-Cone -Cockpit -Engine The rockets can be dissembled into the three component sections and are interchangeable with each other, and with about 15+ other rockets available in LDD form from the Lego Universe Wiki. Also, the completed rockets can seat 1 mini-figure each. This small and nimble fighter was designed after looking at a Classic Space model I found on my hard-drive. (I think it was inspired by a model my brother bought off Brick-Link a couple years back.) Anyway, I then tore the model apart and have added four guns, larger wings, and the larger air intakes from my Nexus tower rocket. The ship features an enlarged cockpit with controls and seating for one figure. The rear of the model features one tail-fin and two engines exhaust ports. LAND VEHICLES Pictures were released for the new LEGO Batman film sets coming soon and I made a copy of one of them a while back. This is the third version of the Joker's Lowrider-inspired car for Bob from the Neo Nexus Force. The roof of the car is a 6 x 6 tile, so it is easily removable to get at the mini-figures seats which allow for figures to sit side-by-side. The spacious opening trunk has plenty of room for luggage and the doors to the cabin area open as well. The roof of the car is a 6 x 6 tile, so it is easily removable to get at the mini-figures seats which allow for figures to sit side-by-side. The spacious opening trunk has plenty of room for luggage and the doors to the cabin area open as well. The rear of the car has a license plate and dual exhaust. This model is a slightly modified version of set 60033, Arctic Ice Crawler that I call the Mobile Ice Driller . Whereas the original set has a crane hook, this one has a much more useful drill bit. The drill is used for mining energy crystals embedded deep within the ice of the frozen world on which the Neo Nexus Force is stationed. This is a very slightly modified version of set 60035: Arctic Outpost. All I really did to this one was add the symbol to the front fender. The inside of the mobile outpost is a lab, complete with Bunsen burner and microscope with crystal sample. It seems the computer hanging from the ceiling bar is off right now, as the scientist is out collecting more samples that were dug out with the Mobile Ice Drill. The rear of the model is pretty sparse in details, and as such, their isn't much to say about it. The snow speeder you see here is a simple vehicle to aid in fetching luggage and equipment across the base. It is armed with a flare gun and a radio. These come in mighty handy when the sun sets and temperatures plummet to well below minus 125 Fahrenheit! MICRO SCALE This space station (named Odyssey II) orbits the ice world of Beta Polaris, pointed at the direction of the trans-dimensional rip in space-time that leads to Lego Universe, ready to report any threat that may emerge from the space between spaces. Odyssey II is both an advanced weapons research platform and a forum for great minds and leaders from throughout the universe.The station is the headquarters for the Neo Nexus Force, (in cooperation with the Norsta race, of course) and the home of Nexus - Polaris University. This school focuses on the meaning of time and space itself, plus performing experiments on hyper-space streamlining, artificial gravity production, theoretical physics, and sports. (Let's go Nexo-nauts!) Their are meeting rooms on one of the half of the two arms of the station, which provides the gravity for this section like a centrifuge. As such, this section is laid out so that the "ground" is towards the ends of the arms, with the center having lower gravity and the non-public front and back of the station have none and you can float weightless in. The other one of the arms features a large research facility, with many libraries and even a small university focused on the study of space, time and the many mysteries therein. The station also has "the wheel". This module provides living quarters for all the university staff, visitors, and station crew, and gravity is provided by the "ground" being the outer wall of the arms. The engines on this station allow it to move if need be, though this has never happened on a large scale beyond course correction and maintaining balance in it's orbit of Beta Polaris. The solar panels on the station are actually detectors of chaos energy, which would mean the breach between Universes is open once more and the evil of the Maelstrom is coming through. This would mean the station would be evacuated of civilian personnel and the military forces bolstered, ready to attack the swirling mass of darkness. Here we see one of the Neo-Nexus Force ships (the cruiser Bright Hope) docked on on of the four "gravity locks". These allow for the ship to sync up with the station and crew / passengers to disembark the ship. The Bridge Hope in miniature scale. (This was designed by my brother to be a counterpart to the Odyssey II space station. It is based off my mini-figure scale ship of the same name: Bright Hope) (In reality the space station model was inspired by this model by DcotorSpock888: plus the Babylon 5 and Star Trek TV series', the Star Wars universe, and the old LEGO Universe massive multiplayer online game.) FINAL THOUGHTS Well, that's all I've built so far, but that's not the end of the story or the models. Scott Bourgeois from MOCpages has made some pretty awesome stuff related to the Neo Nexus Force, their first allies, the peaceful Norstas (from the planet Beta Polaris in orbit of the the North Star) and the common enemy, the Xantukans. (inspired by the snake cultists from Ninjago) Here is a link to his Neo Nexus Force page with related builds: http://www.mocpages....lder.php/189764 EDITED 9/27/16: added real pics of the Robots, bob's car and updated digital screen shots of the fighters. The real pics of the space ships should be here by Sunday 10/2/16. EDITED 9/30/16: Added more real life pictures, this time of the space fighter-ships and the entire base as it sits now. EDITED 1/29/17: added new spaceship pics, and photos of Bob's car. EDITED 6/24/17: Added updated real life and digital pictures... new base pics coming as soon as the postman delivers the necessary parts! Any thoughts / ideas / complaints would be appreciated!
  10. Some time ago there was a day when I wanted just to build something. Pure spontaneous freestyle building. I had not much available bricks because there were already 2 dioramas waiting for photo session and some WIP models waiting for final touches. I looked into available parts and decided to start building in Pirates theme. Read more Bigger photos and full story here: LEGO Gallery - [MOC] Bluecoats small fort and... hidden pirate Follow my new MOCs and articles at: Facebook | Flickr | Google+ --- Notice: This is a shortened version of the post from LEGO Blog - Bricks' Treasure.
  11. Hello AFOL's, i want to show you my new Moc of the Imperial Gladiator Class Star Destroyer. It has Parts: 2932 Lenght: 35,2cm Width: 22,4cm Height: 10,4cm Building Time: 4 Days I would be happy for feedback.
  12. So my question is, since when do we have two different minifig leg parts with separate functionality? I never actually noticed until now...
  13. An official teaser has been released for Lego marvel superheroes 2! A full-length trailer will release next week on the 23rd of May. It’s about time. Join your favorite Super Heroes and Super Villains from different eras and realities as they go head-to-head with the time-traveling Kang the Conqueror in the all-new, original adventure, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2. Play as the Guardians of the Galaxy, Spider-Man, Thor, Hulk, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Doctor Strange, Carnage, Green Goblin, and dozens of other Marvel Super Heroes and Villains in this cosmic battle across the time-tossed city of Chronopolis. Travel across lands from Ancient Egypt to The Old West, Planet Hulk, and New York City in 2099 and transport objects or characters through the centuries. With new battle modes, friends and family can play against each other in a series of themed challenges and battle arenas.
  14. Take a look at this! Please be careful when out & about in Malaysia. If you do get caught in such circumstances, the only one to blame in the end is your own silly self!
  15. Hello, Choose your destiny! Flawless victory! Mortal Kombat! What more do I have to say :) More pictures on my Flickr Extra Video: Derp Face Thanks for looking :) Comments are welcome
  16. I think we need a thread for those random promotional sets that don't really fit elsewhere Like this one: Those hairpieces are new in that color. Its also nice to see a color variation for the torso and legs
  17. What started as a basic color change of 42036 to red, quickly turned into me building my ultimate superbike. Something close to the 1299 Superleggera or Desmosedici RR. Just clean lines and simple functions, although I'd like to add a gearbox but space is tight - Single-sided swingarm - Drive chain moved to the inside - Front/rear fenders added - Dual-shock rear suspension - "Carbon" rims and brake discs w/ calipers - Radiator added
  18. Ramadhan is an Islamic month, it’s a special month where every muslims are fasting. It already started about 2 weeks ago so maybe it’s a little late to celebrate it but it’s not a problem right? As a celebration, I created an interior scene. So this is what I came up: Peaceful Ramadhan... by Kamal Muftie Yafi, on Flickr It was rendered using Blender via Mecabricks..
  19. [-Accessing Alliance to Restore the Republic Files……RYN-01……Complete-] Lieutenant Ryn Shenuri was born on the planet Saleucami around the beginning of the Clone Wars. His parents were an important Commerce Guild member, Yuno Shenuri, and an heiress to a ship building empire, Aisha Su. He didn’t lack for material possessions as a child, and was isolated from most other children. His father’s prominent position in the Commerce Guild and his highly anti-Republic stance made him many enemies in the Galactic Senate. He also managed to sway many a greedy senator to the Separatist cause with his promises of riches and fortune. A young Ryn was sheltered into believing in the Separatist cause and held a deep seated hatred for the Republic. His father and the majority of his material possessions were rapidly taken away from him at the end of the Clone Wars with the disbanding of the Commerce Guild with the development of a new Galactic Empire by Emperor Sheev Palpatine. The whereabouts of his father are currently unknown – he may still held in an Imperial detention facility, or more likely, was executed for treason against the Empire for his role in the Separatist movement. The Empire seized control of his mother’s ship building assets for their own gain, leaving Ryn penniless and mostly alone. A young adult Ryn began organizing anti-Imperial operations on Saleucami as revenge, ranging from simple graffiti and propaganda to sabotage and assassination. His actions caught the attention of the local Alliance to Restore the Republic cell, who got him to reluctantly join with a promise of additional resources and training. Although hesitant about the Alliance’s goals to restore the Republic, he seems to be committed to the cause and willing to fight the Empire at any cost. Current Mission: Ryn Shenuri was sent to Sullust along with a small squad of Rebellion ground forces to extract intel on Imperial shipyards on Corellia, where fuel mined on Sullust was being sent. Instructions were to get in and strike fast to leave the Empire with little reaction time. [-Closing Alliance to Restore the Republic Files…..RYN-01……Complete]
  20. My first attemt at building big old LEGO trees. I plan on using them in a Medieval layout in May 2017 and subsequently in a Town/Landscape layout.
  21. Creating Tiny Turbo MOC is a great way to design a LEGO Car, it's small and you can add so many details on it. I've done some Tiny Turbos MOCs, so here it is... Let's start with my very first Tiny Turbo creation, Orcar: Orca Car: Orcar by Kamal Muftie Yafi, on Flickr The second one, a Hatchback Racer: Hatchback Racer by Kamal Muftie Yafi, on Flickr Then get low with this Slance, Slammed or Stanced Car: Slance by Kamal Muftie Yafi, on Flickr Got into a concept theme, a Concept Buggy and it's ready for Off-Roading! Concept Buggy by Kamal Muftie Yafi, on Flickr And lastly, a Concept Semi Truck: Concept Semi Truck by Kamal Muftie Yafi, on Flickr Okay, that's just some of my Tiny Turbos creations, hope you enjoy it! You can see some information about these models in my Blog!
  22. Here is my addition to my Slums of Mandalore. It will be on display at the Inner West Brick Fair, Croydon, Sydney, Australia this weekend. Return to Mandalore by Joshua Morris, on Flickr Return to Mandalore by Joshua Morris, on Flickr Return to Mandalore by Joshua Morris, on Flickr Slums of Mandalore Slums of Mandalore by Joshua Morris, on Flickr
  23. Has it ever been officially stated why Lego decided to make their stormtroopers (and TIE pilot) different for Rebels sets? It's not a huge issue for me; my son's only just turned 7 and we've only been collecting for the last couple of years, so most of his stormtroopers are the Rebels ones (thanks to a fair few purchases of the cheesy little troop transport for army building - oh how I wish that was a proper to scale set as has been featured on MOC and Ideas pages numerous times). However now that the high-quality modern movie-styled stormtrooper is becoming more common (he seemed to be part of only the big sets for a while, like the 2014 Star Destroyer) it's starting to be a bit more annoying (to dad here anyway haha). It just doesn't make any sense to me for the following reasons: 1 - surely it costs more money to come up with a new print job when they already had the latest and most accurate stormtroopers already in production and on template. 2 - There's nothing in the show to suggest that these are not just normal stormtroopers who merely look slightly stylised due to artistic licence, so it's not like they're an earlier rendition like Phase 1 and Phase 2 Clones. 3 - If they wanted to differentiate style as they did with the faces on The Clone Wars Lego, this makes even less sense because as a show Rebels is far more cartoony than The Clone Wars, yet Rebels Lego uses the same human/unmasked faces and uniform quality that the movie sets do (such as Tarkin, imperial officers, The Inquisitor etc.) - so why would they have humans and officers as equally 'realistic' (in Lego terms) for both Rebels and movie-based sets, yet have just Stormtroopers that look different? 4 - And sure, the prequels troopers have had some print changes over time, but there's nothing to suggest that that's not solely based on real-world quality-evolution, just like the original trilogy; once the helmet printing was all brought up to modern higher quality standards (around 2012 I believe?) all prequel sets and The Clone Wars sets have again shared the exact same paint job styles on their respective troopers, irrespective of the fact that ones represented a CGI cartoon and the other actual human beings (who admittedly didn't act like actual human beings, but I digress ). 5 - Even more bizarrely, The flippin' Freemaker Adventures sets use the movie stormtrooper figures (along with the same Dengar), and that's a self-aware comedy Lego cartoon. If any theme was to be less movie-accurate than the rest, surely this would be the theme? 5 - Just to be geeky, all of Star Wars media is now canon and meant to be connected and just as valid as one another, meaning Rebels exists in the movies backstory, even explicitly so in Rogue One, so why would any theme even want to be subject to stylised representation in its merchandise when nowadays it's officially meant to be all as valid as one another? Yours confusedly, Daddy Stardust
  24. My prize-winning contest entry for a micro-build contest where you could build anything Star Wars as long as it was done within an 8 x 16 stud width limit :) *feeble attempt at instructions for the speeders included at the end in case anyone's interested...
  25. Sleep, little child, go to sleep, Mother is here by thy bed, Sleep, little child, go to sleep, Rest on thy pillow thy head, The world is silent and still, The moon shines bright on the hill, And creeps past thy window sill… Sleep, little child, go to sleep, Oh sleep, go to sleep.