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  1. Hi all! This one is my last construction. With a old build-style in pieces and minifigs. I hope you like.
  2. Hello everyone. A long ago, I started a castle for an army of Fright Knigts. I have given you my personal touch and this is the result. In the future, I will upload more photos of construction progress. For my bad English I will not write much. These are the pictures. Hope you like. You remember that I am a old school builder! Regards!
  3. Uter

    [MOC] Wild West Stagecoach

    The build have this "set style". Great.
  4. Uter

    [moc] Crystal Mine Tavern

    Nice build and colors!
  5. Uter

    Cliff Fortress

    Thank you so much for the comments. Update with photos.
  6. Uter

    Cliff Fortress

    Thanks all for comments. Updated.
  7. Uter

    Cliff Fortress

    Hey all. Recently, I 've started a new castle . All the fortress that I do are of Spanish style (my country) . I show pictures of how construction goes, it is not finalized. I've been quite busy for his job but between hours I made some sketches of a new castle . I wanted to preserve part of one of my castles so moderately respected the front and part of the mountain, but what else is new . This time I will give a better finish at the foot of the mountain on small gray plates , which have not yet done . I also have plans to add more details to the fortress itself, respecting the clean walls. ( I understand that ye see " bland " but I say that personally prefer) . The castle is finished but I think add houses and a small wall to protect them. Constructions photos: The back view: Regards!
  8. Uter

    [MOC] Byblios

    Very nice build! . I saw on Flickr . Congratulations!
  9. Uter

    Mountain Wolfpack Fortress

    I know that the fortress is " bland" but I only buy classic blocks, I do not like the new blocks with specific parts. I went from that time legoland and I like the classic style , I just want to have that aspect . Anyway , thanks for the suggestions . Soon I will buy more blocks for vegetation , trees , rocks , roofs etc. I do not know if I will understand , my English is poor. Thanks for commenting . Regards!
  10. Uter

    Mountain Wolfpack Fortress

    Thanks all for the replies. I building a new one. Regards!
  11. Uter

    Mountain Wolfpack Fortress

    Thank you! I have gone up the images. Sorry for the problems.
  12. Hello everyone . A week ago I made a new castle wolfpack and I've added things lately . I hope you like it.
  13. Uter

    Rocky Fortress (Wolfpack)

    Thanks for the coments! The truth is that bears some resemblance to the Cathar castle of Puilaurens ...
  14. Hi all! This is the last castle that I've done. I hope you like it. Regards!