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Found 1 result

  1. Barqa is a huge and beautiful city. Full of life, both day and night. Every one in the city can find a way, to entertain themselfs. Like the wealthier, they visit many of the bath-houses in the city, both locals and new comers alike. They come to relax, have conversations, met with important peoples, and so on. Like the four higher ranking gentlemen, they are here to talk to each other, but not about trading, or the daily life in the city. The topic is politics: "- We are in big trouble gentlemen." - the dark skinned man started the conversation. He looked like a retired soldier from old wars. "- If we don't came up with something, Kaliphlin is doomed." "- Not just Kaliphlin, all of Historica! "- corrected the old noble in the green turban. "- Our queen is inexperienced too rule, and she must listen, to her royal council." "- This is the problem! She listens! But not to they, who have lived in Historica for decades. But to a foreigner!" - grumbled the third man, and smashed his fist in the water. "- I agree with Achatius. That... N'ri causes more more trouble, than we could handle." - said the feline, and took another piece of grape, from the nearby plate. "- We got our own problems, and now what? He advised her, to make shows to the public... from our treasury!" "- And she also neglects the problem with the Desert King!" - Achatius smashed the water again, creating small waves, and splatering water out from the bath. "- Keep your temper young friend." - the old noble tried to calm him down. He was cautious. "- We don't want anyone, to know more about our little plot." "- Agreed..." - said again the feline, then spit the grape seed out, before reaching for another one. "- I would say, it's time to take action, and find a way to solve our problem with the Desert King. The queen and the others are distracted with the shows and charity..." "- Yes, but it must be subtle. We already had a civil war, we don't want to start another one." - the soldier leaned back, and stroked his beard. "- If we can hire some one..." "- Excuse me..." - came the voice from behind them. While they were arguing, how terrible the new reign was, they hadn't noticed, some one apprach them. A man, with reddish hair and beard, stood next to the bath. A towel was wrapped around him, and he had left some wet footprints behind him, as he came hastily from the nearby pool. He continued: "- Can I join in?" - asked him. The nobles looked to each other, and then back, to the uninvited guest. the feline answered him: "- Sorry good man, this is a private bath." - and made a hand gesture, to shoo him. "- I meant, in the conversation." - smiled the man. "- I told you to keep your temper..." - whispered the old noble to Achatius, while the four men looked to each other again. "- As my friend, Ja'hirr said, this is a private bath. Are you eavesdropping us?" - the noble raised his voice. "- No, it wasn't my intent, to eavesdrop your conversation, but your other friend made some spectacular show with the water..." - the old noble looked to Achatius with a, "I told you" look... "- I wanted to see it, from the first row!" With that said, he droped his towel, and squeezed in between Ja'hirr and the soldier. He smiled, as he looked to the nobles: "- And also your talking can be heard in the whole bath-house..." - the nobles quickly regretted, letting him in. "- But don't worry my lords, for I can give you a solution to your... problem." "- How?" - asked the soldier suspiciously, while looking to the other nobles. "- We do not yet know you, introduce your self first!" "- I was tasked, not to reveal my self too soon, but..." - he reached for his towel, and took a small insignia, It was a wolfs head on agreen field. "- Let this talk instead of me." "- Wolf Brigade!" - the dark skinned soldier quicky recognized it. "- Mercenaries from Avalonia... What is your business here wolf?" "- To aid you, in your little plot against some one." - he put away his insignia. "- Lets say, hes followers can be victims of a desert bandit, attack. Or some natual disaster, preying animals, and so on. The southern regions of Historica are unpredictable, but you already know this." - smiled the mercenary. The nobles were shocked. They looked to each other, they had questions and opinions, but no one dared to speak. Zan, the Black Arrow looked around in satisfaction. The next task, what was given by Conrad was complet. He reached for his towel once more, stood up and wrapped it around him. The next phase is about to begin... "- I must excuse you my lords, but I can't tell you more here. If you are interested in working with us, we must meet in a not so public place." - he stepped out from the bath. "- Meet with me in the The Tasty Cobra tavern tomorrow at night, and I will tell you more." - with that said, he bowed, and left. The nobles once more looked to each other. What they talked further more, they did in secret. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A long waited building is finally done! I always wanted to build a turkish bath styled bath-house. And also it was a perfect time, pick up again, and continue the little story, I started almost two years ago. And I wanted to share more pictures about the bath-house too. Enjoy: Hydrotherapy bubble bath. His expression tells us everything... Withouth the figs.