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Found 6 results

  1. You can find a not-so-small trading post, not far from the village, known as Owhur. The residents visit the post almost every week once or twice, to sell, buy, or just browse the goods. You can find more pictures, in the Album.
  2. Thaddeus Calvo, the Eslandian adventurer somewhat well known in certain social circles, had extensively explored the island of Maldria for the previous six months. He encountered several similar but independent native tribes inhabiting different regions of the island, and discovered that they were familiar with trading with outsiders, as they traded with the Tyree'De, a non-Halosian people from an unknown land to the south. These discoveries led Eslandolan officials to believe that another settlement on the island of Maldria was needed. The tribes that would trade at the town of Interlagos on the north coast did not appear to travel extensively to the southern coast. A fertile river valley on the southwest portion of the island was a perfect location for another settlement: accessible overland from Interlagos via a pass in the hills that formed the spine of the island, land suitable for farming, rivers that would provide access to the island's interior, and a natural sheltered harbor for sea-going vessels. So Calvo set out from Interlagos again, this time with a crew of men to build a trading post on one of the southwestern rivers. Calvo and his men found a suitable spot at the mouth of one of the rivers. Sandy beach, but with rocky outcroppings suitable as a foundation for permanent structures. First they built a dock to receive ships large and small. Next they built a small structure that would serve as both a warehouse and office. Finally they built a watch tower to serve not only as a lookout, but as a landmark for traders on both land and sea to see from a distance. It didn't take long before scouts from one of the local native tribes came to check out what the Eslandians were doing. And so the trading post of Punto Sur was established. Maps: --------------------------- The main elements of this build were inspired by the classic Imperial Trading Post set: small rectangular building, tower, dock, and crane. I hope you like my take on that classic. The last two pics were taken at a different time than the first three, and so the light was different and for some reason they have a pink cast I couldn't edit out. All C&C welcome.
  3. Stop Motion of 6277 Imperial Trading Post Year: 1992 Pieces: 608 Minifigures: 9 Brickset Bricklink
  4. James Wellington

    Imperial Armada Trading Post

    Hello all! I haven't done any builds in a while, so one day when I was looking at some images of lego trading posts, I decided to make my own. I noticed I built stuff for my Bluecoats and Redcoats, but nothing for my Imperial Armada/Spanish. So, I decided to borrow the figures and flag from the Armada Flasghip and build a small trading post! Here we go. The frontal view of the trading post (excuse the slight slant of the pic). It features 5 minifigures, a rowboat with unloading cargo, a dock with an upper and lower part and a dock lamp. Spanish Captain talks to Merchant, other merchant starts to unload his cargo. A Armada soldier guards on top of the Trading Post. Imperial Armada Trading Post by James McGill, on Flickr Top view of the soldier, flag and cargo barrels on the top. Imperial Armada Trading Post 2 by James McGill, on Flickr Top pops off and reveals the interior which features a small table with a cup and two maps. It can fit a minifigure. Imperial Armada Trading Post interior by James McGill, on Flickr Lastly, the side view of the build. The Captain talks to the Merchant. There is a good look at the lamp and the cargo, and the side of the trading post. Imperial Armada Trading Post side by James McGill, on Flickr Thanks for reading!
  5. Here we have a project I've been working on over the past few weeks. Its a MOC/MOD of about 10 of the new 2015 Imperial soldiers outpost sets, 4 of the Soldiers Forts, and even a set or 2 from the 2009 Pirate line. In the background is one of my 2 Imperial Flagships, and all the sets have been combined, MOC'ed, and MOD'ed, into whats supposed to be a giant Imperial Port and trading center. This MOC is supposed to create the feeling of a very busy, hustle and bustling fishing port that's controlled by the Imperials. This is my first time showing a MOC here. I hope you all enjoy it, and there is a link to my flickr with over 100 pics to enjoy. 20150325_012210 by homeinvestors777, on Flickr 20150324_220557-1 by homeinvestors777, on Flickr 20150325_004156 by homeinvestors777, on Flickr 20150324_235526 by homeinvestors777, on Flickr 20150324_235802 by homeinvestors777, on Flickr 20150324_225348 by homeinvestors777, on Flickr 20150324_223111 by homeinvestors777, on Flickr 20150325_000654 by homeinvestors777, on Flickr 20150325_015751 by homeinvestors777, on Flickr 20150325_002855 by homeinvestors777, on Flickr 20150325_004830 by homeinvestors777, on Flickr 20150324_225745-1 by homeinvestors777, on Flickr 20150325_000155 by homeinvestors777, on Flickr 20150324_235802 by homeinvestors777, on Flickr 20150324_222455 by homeinvestors777, on Flickr
  6. soccerkid6

    Mitgardian Trading Post

    The recent Flash MOCs ( gave me the inspiration for the stone technique, and of course I added a full interior. This trading post located in the mountains of Mitgardia allows hunters and trappers to trade their furs for supplies, and provides a safe place to stay if neccesary. Joktan, who runs the trading post then sells those furs throughout Historica. More pics here: Any C&C welcome