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  1. BrickHammer

    [LEGO Ideas] Wolfpack Castle

    Thank you for your support! Yes, that's a good point. I actually thought about doing that but then decided against it. I have created custom flags for my "King's Castle" and my "Forestmen Hideout" but I thought that the makeshift look of the flags would really go well with the Wolfpack identity. So I wanted it to look like someone just took a normal flag and put it on the tower.
  2. BrickHammer

    [LEGO Ideas] Wolfpack Castle

    Thank you for your support!
  3. BrickHammer

    [LEGO Ideas] Wolfpack Castle

    Thank you! I am glad you like it! Yes I am a big fan of the helmet as well! Thank you! I tried to find the sweat spot between modern and classic building techniques. Great to hear that it looks out like I was able to find the right balance. I actually thought about including a BURP as a joke as well but then decided to go for the snot rockwork! Yes that was one of my main goals. Especially because I designed this project for LEGO Ideas and the platform is so often simply used for more or less well done remakes. I tried to capture the spirit of the Wolfpack and imagined what the Wolfpack Tower could have looked like if it was created today. About the dungeon: I agree 100%. I tried different layouts of the basement because (as you said) a dungeon would have been a rather obvious choice. I tried to include both a dungeon and a dock but this left me with just a tiny pier which looked a bit shabby. So in the end I went with the dock layout because I thought the smuggling aspect would be a better fit anyway. You could also argue that the tower would be a great place for a holding cell if there really needs to be one. And yes I added the "wood" parts to make the build a bit more colourful even though it does not really make any sense for the stone bridge (as someone has already pointed out in a comment on LEGO Ideas). Sometimes logic just has to make room for creativity and aesthetics. Thank you for your support!
  4. Hey guys BrickHammer here, after my Forestmen MOC "Forestmen Outpost" was received with much kindness, I decided to also share my "Wolfpack Castle" with you guys. I was always a bit sad that the Wolfpack never had a proper castle set so I decided to design and build my own "Wolfpack Caslte" and submit it to LEGO Ideas. he "Wolfpack Castle" is located on a small coastal island, surrounded by the sea and is only connected to the main land by a small stone bridge. The island is almost fully covered by barren rock and has almost no vegetation. On top of the rocks there is the main castle, which consists of three sections: the lower gate, which is the castle's first line of defence and secures the pathway that leads up to the upper castle section the main gate, which secures the upper courtyard and displays the Wolfpack's iconic coat of arms the castle's keep, which contains the armoury and serves as the final line of defence in case of an attack. Below the main castle, there is a big cave which opens up to the sea and contains a small pier. The cave and the pier are connected to the castle's keep by a ladder and a small hatch which leads to the upper courtyard. This way, small boats can be used to supply the castle with food during a siege or as a way to escape in the unlikely scenario that the keep is taken by enemy forces. I would really appreciate your feedback (and your support)! If you have any question about the MOC, the design choices or the building process, feel free to ask!
  5. BrickHammer

    Ideas for Raised Baseplate?

    Thats a super funny coincidence! I just created a Forestmen project on LEGO Ideas and during the design process I was partially inspired by the layout of this particular baseplate! Just as you wrote, you could build something really similar! Here is a picture for reference: You could have a tower or small castle on one side of the baseplate and then connect it to some trees on the other side using a bridge. Ideally one of the old bridge pieces that often came with the Forestmen sets! Good luck!
  6. BrickHammer

    [LEGO Ideas] Forestmen Outpost

    Thank you so much! Yes, I really tried to capture the feel of the old theme while still using some newer shapes and techniques. Especially the use of a rather old fashioned tree design was very important to me!
  7. BrickHammer

    [LEGO Ideas] Forestmen Outpost

    Thank you for your support! I am glad you like it!
  8. BrickHammer

    [LEGO Ideas] Forestmen Outpost

    Thank you so much! Thank you! Glad you like it that much! I haven't heard about "Worldbuilder" yet. Does it work just the same way that LEGO Ideas does?
  9. Hi guys BrickHammer here, as a part of my ongoing journey to build all the things I would have loved to build as a child, I have just created a Forestmen MOC on LEGO Ideas. I tried to capture all the classic elements of the old Forestmen sets while giving the whole thing a brand new look! I hope you like it! I would really appreciate your feedback (and your support)! If you have any question about the MOC, the design choices or the building process, feel free to ask!
  10. BrickHammer

    [LEGO Ideas] Legoredo Stagecoach

    Well, the German perception of the "Wild West" is or at least used to be (before popular movies and games like RDR) massively influenced by the works of the German author Karly May.(1842-1912). Up to this day he is still one of Germany's best selling authors. His novels sold over 200 million times. I am not quite sure how well known he is globally. He claimed to have travelled to America several times and all his novels appear to be autobiographical. In reality he made it all up and has never visited America even once. His stories are all rather stereotypical but his fictional native American hero "Winnetou" is still considered the typical native American in Germany up until today. He heavily focused on "typical" native American virtues like bravery and honour. In general the depiction doesn't seem to be that different from the American one though.
  11. BrickHammer

    [LEGO Ideas] Space Contest Alien Abduction

    Thank you! I am glad you like it! If you want to you can support it by voting for it in the contest :) Good question. I wanted to make "Bob" half naked to underline the fact that he was probably not expecting to go on an adventure and to make him look even less prepared. Somehow this chest piece was the only one available in Now that I look at it you are right. Bob has been lifting some weights. I guess he started working out during the lockdown? Yes those cones in trans bright green would be amazing. The fact that LEGO chose this project to be one of the final 15 means that they are not completly opposed to relasing them. So if you want them you can vote for the build and you might be able to get Bob and the cones for free as a gift with purchase :)
  12. BrickHammer

    [LEGO Ideas] Legoredo Stagecoach

    Thank you! I am glad you like it! Yes you are right the old windows are very unlikely to come back and I don't really know if using these windows would impact LEGO's descision making. However, even though I am quite active on LEGO Ideas I do not really think of things like that when I build. I simply build for fun and every once in a while I like one of my projects so much that I just have to submit it to the Ideas page.
  13. BrickHammer

    [LEGO Ideas] Space Contest Alien Abduction

    Thank you! Thank you so much! I am glad you like it :) Thank you so much for your support! I am pretty sure the USS Cardboard will win but it is nevertheless super crazy that I made it that far and that so many people seem to like my build! Thank you! I tried to capture a classic abduction scene but I tried to make it look funny and playful :)
  14. Hi guys BrickHammer here, something really crazy has just happened: my project "Bob's unexpected space adventure" was just selected to be one of 15 finalists for the LEGO Ideas gift with purchase space contest! Since there were so many amazing submissions and I submitted mine just for fun I cannot believe that it was picked to be part of the public voting phase. Since non of my friends is into LEGO and I thus do not have anyone to share my excitement with I decided to share it with you guys! I tried to capture a classic alien abduction seen and make it look playful and funny by using the classic space colours and a rather funny looking minifig. I hope you all like! If you want to make my day even crazier you can also support this project by voting for it !
  15. BrickHammer

    [LEGO Ideas] Legoredo Stagecoach

    Thank you! Yes it really makes no sense at all... but I am still happy with the four minifigs I could include :) Thanks so much!