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Maxim I

[WTC] Raiding the wrong warehouse

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"Sir! Sir!"


General Whitedragon looked to his left. He just enjoyed some applecider in the "Golden Fish Inn" at the Quays of Trador.

"Officer Kai, you have my attention"

Officer Kai, happy to have the attention of the General, saluted once more before speaking.

"Sir, I have an update about the WTC raid in Trador, after their game"

"Oh yes, that curious case. Tell me what did you find?"

"Sir, it is even getting more curious. No one of the participants remembered putting stuff in that warehouse. So in other words, the stuff they looted wasn't ours and hasn't been claimed by someone else."

"But what about the Eslandolan soldier the whitness described"

"As you may know, Sir, he hasn't resurfaced anymore. But to make it a little bit more complicated, we did find his clothes. They are green indeed, but they don't belong to any militia that was on this island the past months."


General Whitedragon stared into the distance for a moment.

"Well, case closed then. It is clear someone put those explosives in that warehouse for a reason, and it seems that the guilty one has left our island as well."


Meanwhile in Mesabi Landing, a WTC soldier left the "Fallingwater Pub"



Thanks @Mesabi for hosting this fun challenge!

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Great build, Maxim! I really like both street scenes. The Building facades are both very nice, I especially like the detailing you put into the first one.  The only criticism I have is I don't like the brickbuilt backgrounds. But overall, great entry!

That poor WTC soldier though... :cry_sad:

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We must stop this saboteur, before someone else is hurt.:pir_tong2:

Nice tavern, I like the green flag/placard.

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