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Found 4 results

  1. Willem Guilder had hoped to return to Weelond after the Malto peace talks were concluded, but he found that activity on Isla de Victoria and the surrounding islands kept requiring his attention. Among those activities was the inaugural New Terra Soccer Cup on Trador. Guilder recruited the best soccer players he could find from the ranks of the Weelond regiment stationed on Isla de Victoria, and he sent word back to Weelond for legendary coach Patch Verlander to meet him in Trador. When Patch finally arrived (and Guilder was fortunate that the entry deadline had been delayed, or else Patch wouldn't have made it), Guilder gathered the team in the Green Door Pub and introduced them to their coach. Ol' Patch had some interesting coaching theories, including practicing with a pineapple instead of a soccer ball ("If you can kick a pineapple, you can kick a soccer ball!") and throwing broken bottles at players to keep them on their toes. The team doesn't look so sure about their coach's methods, but they're ready to compete in the Soccer Cup! --- Will be licensed as a small artisan. All C&C welcome.
  2. [NTSC] Ténotclaxcan training Not every quay at Trador are strait to the sea and it's possible to find some nice sandy parts just next to the port. It is at such sandy place that the Ténotclaxcan Hunters, the great soccer team sent by King Azuma, decided to begin the training. They divided the team in half and launch a small friendly match on the beach. It is the best training they found, as it is known that running on the sand is really harder than running on the grass ! But another team seemed to have the same idea and while the leader of the Terraversa Rebels, the only team of the new Terraversa young Nation, tryed to negociate with the tavern tenant (a really too good Eslandolan Merchant...) his daughter, and co player, raged to the Ténotclaxcans who, according to her, have stolen their training beach. The teams : The Ténotclaxcan Hunters The Terraversa Rebels So the Quay can be licenced as a Large Commerce and allows me to bring 2 Soccer teams in the Challenge If I clearly understood the rules. I am leaving the right to @Maxim I to licence the build for him or for MAESTRO.
  3. Although he loathes the vile game, Colonel Dirk Allcock has sponsored a team in the New Terra Soccer Cup in the spirit of cooperation and friendship. Also his cousin Commander Matthew Allcock RN assures him that it is a great morale boast for the Royal Navy team that he is sponsoring. The team is drawn from the crew of the HMS Royal Oak, a 6th Rate frigate still fitting out and conducting sea trails in Mooreton Bay. Here members of the squad relax in a beer garden after arriving in Trador. Wow! so many great builds to see here this morning, I'll comment on them all throughout the day! Meanwhile here is my very modest entry in the NTSC as promised! Will be licensed as a small artisan in Trador as per the rules.
  4. Arthur Kellogg has put together some of the WETEC's best soccer players to enter into the New Terra Soccer Cup. Granted there are not a lot of soccer players among the WETEC as a new sport is taking hold, but there are still several. Thus he feels that he has put together a good enough team to make the WETEC proud. As they wait for the games to start, Arthur and several of the players decided to go see one of Trador's schools as all good Corrington minifigs would love to do. Education after all is the most paramount issue. Upon following the directions they received from the perplexed innkeeper, they have arrived at the school building at the end of a street of buildings. They were a little surprised to see the one of the pupils on recess busy selling candy for a profit. As the captain of the team noted, "The Eslandola spirit must be born into them. They do indeed start young." A little different angle: Note: This is licensed as a small education building. I attempted to mimic the style presented on the Merchant's Quay, which is why I left the roof studs exposed and only why one side of the building is visible. (The other side would be connected to an adjoining building.)