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Found 18 results

  1. Hi all, I have a new creation! Baron Nicolas visiting his close friend, madame Josephine at her orange plantation. P.S. Idea for this creation comes to me after watching "Stealing Beauty" with Liv Tyler, and beautiful Tuscany. Orange Plantation by Nikola Đurić, on Flickr Orange Plantation by Nikola Đurić, on Flickr Orange Plantation by Nikola Đurić, on Flickr Orange Plantation by Nikola Đurić, on Flickr Orange Plantation by Nikola Đurić, on Flickr
  2. Their offices in Quinnsville had just recently been set up properly, but the WTC had already establish local business opportunities some time ago. The island of Cocovia was known for its fertile grounds, especially for coffee and cocoa, so it seemed natural to claim some new land from the jungle for an agricultural venture. With cocoa already grown on a large plantation nearby, and another one near King's Harbour, it had been decided to go for coffee. Highly profitable, coffee was still yet to be grown in commercial quantities in Corrington - so the WTC might have a first mover advantage on the market! Having... acquired... the necessary seeds from an ETTC research site in King's Harbour, the first coffee trees were growing already, while parts of the plantation were still in the process of being set up. Fighting back the jungle proved to be easier said than done! .. The local WTC Operator was discussing the progress with the plantations foreman: "We need to get this up and running as soon as possible. I promised results to Mr. Mordo, and I do not plan to disappoint him." "But sir, I need more men. The conditions here are tough, and even then the trees only grow so fast. It will take time, no matter what." "I guess. Still, hasten your efforts. The sooner we can sell overpriced coffee to gullible minifigs, the better." "Will do, sir. By the way, what is it with all the gold?" "We are a royal trade company after all! It also helps with moving our income around. For tax purposes, you know. The last thing we want is to pay the Crown..." ================================= Licensed as a medium plantation in Quinnsville. A wide shot of the full build: One more aerial view: Since this is for the GoC-initiative, a shoutout to @Ayrlego, @Bregir, @Captain Dee and @SilentWolf. If possible I would really appreciate a quick response if this build is fine, since it takes quite a bit of room, and I fear our cats might soon find it... interesting. I was unable to pick coffee as a category when licensing this, which I found very odd (I picked "Tropical Fruit" instead, which coffee technical is). An oversight in the licensing form? This also might call for an update of the island bonus list. As always, C&C are appreciated, thanks for watching!
  3. Large Timber Plantation QV9.1 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr After spending quite a large amount of time in the Quinnsville public records building, Richard Brickford decided to plan a trip to a nearby lumber camp. After finding someone to take him there he was throughly amazed at how these minifigs could fell such large trees! While there he learned that the wood harvested here would go on to be processed further into wood that could be used for shipbuilding. QV9.2 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr It was a relatively small camp with only tents set up for the lumberjacks, but that is because they have to move as they cut their way through the forest. QV9.3 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr Dear Governor Cooke, Today I visited one of the lumber camps that provide the shipyards with their timbers. It was a marvelous experience watching the massive trees get felled by such small axes. The shipyards are very grateful for the steady supply of wood though. I will be visiting the docks before long, and will give you a status update of what their operating procedures are and the state of trading activity. In service to her Majesty, Richard Brickford, Royal Surveyor of Quinnsville So after a short hiatus from posting developments in Quinnsville, I'm back with a large timber plantation! This was pretty fun to build, but the terrain was not! C&C are welcome and appreciated and thanks for looking! More builds to come!
  4. Small Plantation: Footprint 1024 studs Life is always hard on a plantation, even more so when Hamish the taskmaster is breathing down your neck. My cousin and his family on my mother's side do not have it as good as I do, they work day and night growing and harvesting potatoes or 'tatties'. It is the time of year they are forced out to howk tatties with few breaks for rest. Hamish is in no way a noble, he carries a small rod to intimidate the family an barks orders to increase the pace.The only positive I can see is that this year will be a good crop and my cousin can see a little bit of that profit. Located in Arlinsport _______ Come on, what else was I going to build first other than a spud plantation?
  5. As the small island just below the Sea turtle island is the hatching site for innumeral sea turtles, multiple times per year, the Brethren of the coast saw an opportunity : They will harvest some eggs !!! Because after Rum, the Tortuga speciality is the runny turtle egg omelette Another medium "plantation" for Tortuga
  6. Near the Harlin's river mouth, The Doctor invested some doubloons to save a little but productive kiwi plantation and a small tumbledown cottage. C&C welcome Thanks to Eslandola for the small property.
  7. Trador Apple Orchard A settlement isn't a MAESTRO settlement without apple trees So around Trador, a number of small Apple Orchards popped up. This one is taken care of by Gran N.Y. Smith. Ofcourse, due the constant threat of Mardier, a bunch of MAESTRO soldiers are patrolling nearby. --- C&C welcome Will be licenced as a small plantation
  8. Guy’s uncle’s inspection of the new MCTC royal cotton plantation on the outskirts of Bardo continues as he reaches the barn. Although most of the workers are on other parts of the plantation right now, the barn is where many workers begin and end their day. Various equipment including baskets, crates, wagons, plows, beasts of burden, and the picked cotton itself are stored at the barn. Guy’s uncle talks to a worker who has just brought in a wagon load of cotton from one of the fields. Not all workers are quite so industrious. This worker has decided it’s time for a drink in the shade. He’ll be hanging by his toes if Guy’s uncle sees him! Some overview shots: Thanks for looking, and check out the other sections of this collaborative build!
  9. My shipbuilders requested some palmwood, and I heard the best palmtrees grow on Cocovia, and it just so happened that I know some people around there. So I decided to to ask them if I could start a small plantation to get my needed supply of palmwood. Luckily it all worked out well; I sent one of my assistants out to set up the plantation in the near vicinity of Quinnsville. So, lets see how it goes around there: While some of the horses, which are pulling the wood from the plantation to the harbour aren't behaving as well as they should, they still get the job done. You can see one of my men is tying the newly cut down palmtree to the harness the horse is wearing. And here we can see our other two friends working, Joe is happily cutting down another tree while Kayne has just finished removing all the leaves from the latest palmtree so it is ready to be moved to the harbour of Quinnsville. And, as usual, we have out bird flying over it showing what it sees. __________________________ This small plantation will be licensed as my free property in Quinnsville
  10. As you might remember, Akatu a member of the Berellian Ténotclaxcan tribe was recruited by Sir James to aid him in the establishment of a series of plantations in the new world. And this move, it turned out was rather prudent, for it took much longer than anyone could have anticipated to tame the dense forests of Serentia. The climate was perfect for the sugar crop Sir James so desired, but the terrain was rather hostile, the mangroves at the perimeter of island were flat, but much of the water supply was saline and the land was not suited to farming, The interior jungles seemed to resist all attempts to clear them and once removed pushed back almost immediately, giving the Corlander labourers and Akatu’s Ténotclaxcans no rest in the war against the vegetation. IrrigationOfTheSugar, on Flickr The freshwater problems were soon solved by Akatu and his people, who were experts in irrigation techniques and before long terraces like those Sir James admired and observed on Berelli had been constructed just beyond the mangroves of Serentia, not far outside of the harbour of Stormhaven. PloughingThePlantation, on Flickr It was Gibson who had been charged with inspecting the first crops of the sugar cane. He came in his usual business manner, appearing to not notice the dense jungle and swamps of the island pressing in around them, he did not even remove his top hat. Quill in hand and papers at the ready, he began scribbling notes, numbers and quantities mostly transcribed from the broken Corlandish Akatu spoke. His grim expression never left his face, with Gibson it was always hard to tell if he was actually displeased or whether he just looked that way. AkatuAndGibsonDiscuss, on Flickr The Ténotclaxcans who came with Akatu seemed to be totally at ease in Serentia, the humid climate and abundant flora of the island seemed not phase them. The Corlanders on the other hand appeared to be suffering a little in the humidity, but their spirits were high all them same. “Well everything seems to be in order here”, Gibson finally spoke up as he returned the papers to his pocket, “We’ll arrange a ship to pick up the first harvest and then we’re in business. I trust your accommodation on the island is suitable, do you have enough supplies?” Akatu merely nodded, Gibson noted his new white breeches, he had already started to change his Ténotclaxcan garb and adopt a more civilised attire. ‘One to watch out for, this chap’, he thought, ‘I hope Sir James has knows what he is doing, dealing with these natives’. PlanviewPlantation, on Flickr A slightly hastily (read lazily) edited planview shot
  11. Log Entry, Benjamin Morgan, Isla del Diablo Slowly we made our way through the dense scrub, Fighting for every step against the vegetation. Or was it the island itself trying to keep invaders away? The soil for once was indeed fertile, as the rumours had promised. Not far away from our landing point we found the shiniest red chili peppers we had seen so far in the new world. Some unexpierenced crew members took it for a decent meal. One may blame us for not warning them. But at least we couldmost assuredly say that this indeed was the isle of the devil...
  12. Log Entry, Captain Benjamin Morgan I heard word in several pubs and taverns in Bastion, that latewards a mysterious island had been discovered south of the Nest. Rumour had it that this barely explored isle was covered with dense jungle, hiding ghastly things in its deeps. Tales of a wild people came to our ears, men who used to serve any stranger who entered the land of their gods- either boiled or raw. But there were also rumours of large banana trees, countless springs of fresh water, fertile soil and forests filled with more game than any man could ever hunt down. Surprisingly none of the aspiring empires had claimed the land so far. We soon came to the decision that the promises of this island were too tempting to not risk an expedition. Too late to abort the journey, at the pier we heard the name that was given to it. Isla del Diablo, Devil's Island. Unimpressed by the gossip of the sailors we set sail to unknown shores. The sea was calm and the winds in our favour, and after one night and one day, Isla del Diablo came in sight. Although we could see the entrance to the large bay, that had recently be named "Bay of Horns", I gave order to surround the island in the hope that we would find a yet undiscovered part of the coast that was eligible for going ashore. I was in no way eager after joining the settlers that had already arrived in the bay; too soon it would be confined and cramped and well known to every man east of Terraversa. We eventually found a small beach area in the middle of a long cliff that appeared to frame nearly all of the eastern shore. The dense jungle was perilously leaning above the cliffs, blaring out a silent threat against every intruder. Dim scrub came down to the beach reaching almost to the calm billows touching the sand. Now it was time to release the first settlers into their uncertain fate. Even if it would emerge that this paradise really was the purgatory on our continuous way to Hades, we could at least feed on them...
  13. Previously: Recruiting at Marco's This Is Not the Wealthy Housing of Rassilon Falling Out with Foxx Cantu's Fort in Rassilon Freddy's Trained Chickens The Viper Jail Break! Cantu's House Even a Pirate Has a Sweet Tooth La Oleon Captain's Cabin Tropical Fruit Decision OoC: This build was slightly inspired by the Age of Empires themed builds that came out last week. This is a medium plantation. With so many new businesses popping up in Rassilon, the demand for wood was growing! More villagers were created bought enlisted to help chop down trees.
  14. Captain Braunsfeld

    [ESL-FB5] Fields of Gold

    Wheat Field: Saturday night, I feel the air is getting hot ... I'll start again: It is Saturday afternoon and Colonel Brickinson is paying an inspection visit to a Pontelli wheat plantation: He has come to meet with the supervisor of the field The golden field is in excellent shape ... and well-protected: Thanks for watching - and, btw. approvals from Sea Rats, Corrington and Oleon are very welcome (this being 5th free-build)
  15. Willem Guilder was pleased with how his cotton plantation was progressing. With some early returns in hand, he could afford to open up additional acres for planting. So he set a team of men to clearing and plowing the land. *** This build expands on the earlier medium plantation found here, increasing it in size to a large plantation. Here is the new build by itself: And here it is combined with the previous build: In addition to the new sections, I added some stones to the road along the fence in the old build, as you can see better here: A close-up of the plow: And a resting worker with his scythe: I think the plowed rows in the field worked out ok (although I did get some glare off the slope pieces I used in one of the photos). All feedback welcome!
  16. One of Freddy's neighbors worked as a foreman over a sugarcane plantation just outside the city limits of Rassilon. Sugarcane was extremely popular on the island. It just goes to show you that even pirates can have a sweet tooth.
  17. This is my fourth free build of the month, so approvals and critiques are most welcome. * * * Even though Weelond is still too small of a town to gain any immediate benefit from properties in the hinterlands of An Holli, Weelond’s new mayor knew that that time would come. Additionally, Willem Guilder was a company man for the MCTC through and through. So, to take advantage of the MCTC’s cotton monopoly, Guilder bought some prime land not far from town and set up a medium-sized cotton plantation. The growing season is apparently surprisingly short, as his workers are already busy picking cotton! Once the crop comes in, he plans on expanding the plantation even more. * * * I am ineligible for the rebates offered for building and licensing properties in Weelond this month, so the rebates are still available. The next two properties licensed in Weelond in February by MCTC members who have not previously built in Weelond will get 2db back (from me). Additionally, at the end of the month, I'll award an extra 3db to the best non-residential property licensed in Weelond. The citizens of Weelond are particularly in need of artisan’s shops!
  18. [pid][/pid] So here is my Comic. A bit late, but better late then never. I had not much time because I was staing in Hamburg for New Year and was back home 03.01. I hope you enjoy it even it is not perfect. A Bloody Help .