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Found 13 results

  1. Delbaerov

    [MOC] Brick CIty Brewery

    Introducing the Brick City Brewery which is modeled after Central City Brewery in Surrey, BC ( Exterior is 100% complete, just waiting for pieces for the beer production to complete the interior, which features a tasting room and office. Picture edited with Snapseed app On Display at BrickCon Being inspected by the cat Overhead view of the pillars
  2. In the new setttlement of Tortuga, thanks to the smooth climate, the useful facilities are growing faster than the buildings ! Here comes the Brewery of Tortuga... a mandatory factory ! Without the roof for having a better look inside : will be licenced as a medium factory for Tortuga
  3. Just in time for the Trador Soccer Cup, the Apple Cider Brewery of Trador opened its production line. The world famous MAESTRO Apple Cider will be brewed here, with the same recipe as the Brewery in Elysabethtown uses. The production line is one of the most modern of its time, with an advanced transportation system to load horse-cars, vessels and sloops. (it actually works :D still some helping hands needed, but it does what it needs to do, lifting barrels at every possible position in the transport line) smashing the apples refilling with apples Trador Apple Cider Brewery by Maxim, on Flickr filling bottles Outside the factory, the sloops were being loaded --- The opening of the brewery also made Trador the first new colonial settlement in the Prio Seas to reach Large Town status! To celebrate, free glasses of Apple Cider were handed out! --- Thanks for watching! Will be licenced as large factory :)
  4. kahir88

    TRADE - Amber Cider

    Task VI. Amber Cider from Deep Gardens A little background: This region of Avalonia was famous of its orchards. Mostly of their apples. The people making cider from many decades. But, the gods wasn't so kind to them. A few long and harsh winters ruined the plants. Making a major set back, of the peoples, who living here. The remaining fruit trees count as sacred trees, they don't using them for woodworking. This is why, they using evergreen trees. Like the barrels, to containe the cider. When Conrad arrived, he learned about this forgotten trade. Reopened the cellars, where they found many years old barrels, full of the forgotten brew. The evergreen barrels gave a new taste for the brew, the tree's resin dissolved in the brew. A new taste and colour inspired him, invested some gold in, so this trade would go on again. The brewery's new logo They using this machine, tho crush the apples, to collect the juice of the fruit. To get more customer, new traderouts were made: From Kaliphin.
  5. Captain Green Hair

    [MOC] The Greenville brewery company, est. 1927.

    Hello folks and welcome to the Greenville brewery company! A shot of the front: On the left side is the loading area, they never bothered to renew the delivery truck: I thought that shot would also look cool in b&w: On the right side is the chimney. I wanted a nice big industrial chimney not a faggy little one (pun intended). Next to the chimney is also an ex employee: The interior isn't elaborate, I just made some kettles, a bottle machine and a cool stove: Just enough to look like a brewery through the windows, I might expand it later: Last but not least a shot of the back of the building, which basically looks the same as the front but with a little corny bush on the back of the loading shed: I always wanted to do an industrial age industrial building, so what better then a brewery? I will adjust the pavement later when I finally fit it into my layout. The architecture was inspired by the buildings of the old ''westergasfabriek'' in my beloved city of Amsterdam. I hope you enjoy my build, I look forward to reading your C&C!
  6. The Streets Of Skavenport Skavenport Furrier The great miracle of large cities is what holds together the jumble of dirt and noise and lunacy. Despite the heartfelt closeness between its inhabitants and their love for the city, the one thing that held together Skavenport was beer. And the finest beer to be found was the Skaven Ale. But only a few larger breweries were allowed to call their mixture Skaven Ale, strictly regulated by purity laws and selection of only the finest ingredients. Brewing day always followed baking day, when yeast still filled the air in the houses. The workers were in good mood and many a song could be heared throughout the city: The houses are filled by taste of bread so every man can tell its time to malt and cook and brew to have our Skaven Ale it keeps your heart warm and means you no harm our finest Skaven Ale! Once an old king layed down to die his devious heir enjoyed a jug full of ale and marrow came back made him raise and speak to him "there is still time to make a new son more worth to be a king!" And when my lady the day has come for me to say farewell slaughtered by axe, or stabbed by sword enchanted by a spell keep your last kiss cause all I miss will be the Skaven Ale! Such and many other ribald verses they sung, and they became very popular not only in Nocturnian taverns.
  7. Pate-keetongu

    Winter Village: Brewery

    My entry for the contest: Winter Village Brewery with a pub. Also includes a lorry (for transporting frest bevarages), clocktower/silo for malt, publican's cozy (yet messy) apartment and three old geezers found outside country pubs all over the universe. The back is open like in offical winter village sets, so the interior is playable. I took part on this contest previously in 2010... I hope my building skills have developed since then! More pictures on my blog Cyclopic Bricks. Merry Chrismas to everyone and have fun building your entries! And, naturally, feedback is always appreciated!
  8. Sir Stig

    Brewery [MOC] [WIP]

    I am working on my first MOC, using bricks that I already had (with the exeption of the 2x8 dark red slopes on the roof that I PaB'd at Outlands, Oslo). I got surprised how much that falls into place while building freestyle, and how much I enjoyed making a building that way. I have a few LDD MOCs where I am going over everything in much more detail, so it was refreshing to build with real bricks. I started with the roof, with only a slight idea about the color scheme. So far I like how colorful it seems to turn out and at the same time has some realism. I am planning on keeping the outside ventilation, but it looks a little bland on the short side of the second floor, so I might move the ventilation and place a door with hook for lifting up ingredients. The baseplate is a crossing, simply because I don't have enough baseplates. The sign only says rum at the moment, because I'm not very good at coming up with original names. And I just wanted to get a feel of the whole building, so I can see where I need to make adjustments. Entrance and delivery platform. Brewery [MOC, WIP] entrance by Sir_Stig, on Flickr Side view: Brewery [MOC, WIP] by Sir_Stig, on Flickr 2nd floor: Brewery [MOC, WIP] 2nd floor by Sir_Stig, on Flickr I plan on making bottling and packaging facilities upstairs, and perhaps a mash. Production floor: Brewery [MOC,WIP] Production floor. by Sir_Stig, on Flickr With the yellow maturing tanks (Solera system): Brewery [MOC,WIP] Production floor view 2 by Sir_Stig, on Flickr And a closer view at the coffey still. Brewery [MOC,WIP] by Sir_Stig, on Flickr Sorry for the bad pictures, I have a lot to learn about photography and photo editing. I don't really know how a brewery looks inside, but I am trying to get most of the production steps in there (just now realized I need to cool down the liquid before they go on to the maturing casks). Feedback and comments are welcome :)
  9. eurotrash

    MOC: Brewery and Bottling Plant

    MOC: Brewery and Bottling Plant When I first emerged from my Dark Ages my first modular MOC was a brewery shoe-horned into a modded structure that had been built from instructions from brickcitydepot. I always knew I was going to rebuild it at some point and I finally got around to completing it. I extended the depth and completely rebuilt it. I wanted a see through facade so that the interior details could be seen at shows. And the front is removable as one piece if I want to show more. The Ground floor has the fermenting tanks, a small office (with wall mounted fan), a bathroom, a fridge (stolen from the Fire Station) a loading dock and a hand operated Freight elevator. Here's a link to a quick video of the Freight elevator. There's enough brick friction to keep it in place (most of the time) The rear of the building has a loading dock, security cameras and a beat up dumpster The top floor has the Bottling plant where (from left to right empty bottles) are placed on the conveyor belt, filled with beer and then they go through the packaging area where they stuffed into boxes ready for distribution. One final shot of the Sign on the top of the building Thanks for reading and there's more pictures on Flickr Comments, criticism and ridicule most welcome.
  10. I've been wanting to experiment with roof curvature and multiple angles in buildings for some time now. I also wanted to build a landscape without using any regular green parts, so I just decided to try it all at once! I'm quite pleased with the results, especially the elevated barrel (beer tower, as I have dubbed it), the roof, and the woodwork. I'm not too fond of the dark tan pieces in the white wall, but I have plans to fix that on future builds. Please let me know what you honestly think!
  11. Scrat

    [MOC] microbrewery

    microbrewery by Scrat_
  12. This is another little mini creation to expand my mini city... I built it because I love Beer!!! I hope you like it Link Bonus photo with my Mini Haunted House
  13. I downloaded plans from for their Commercial building/Bar combo ( and I then decided to extend out the Commercial Building by doubling it in size and stuff it full of a micro-brewery. It's still a Work In Progress and I'd like to add an office and a washroom in the next iteration, but I thought I'd share it with the forum to see if other ideas were forthcoming. Here's the front - I can't claim any credit for the facade. All I did was double the width to 32-bricks. Brick City Depot have done a fantastic job! Here's the Ground floor. The Ground floor contains the large mashing vats. There's a shelf full of sacks of hops ready to be added (via the red doors on top of the vats), there's a water supply, and there's a shelf full of other supplies (that was in the original BCD plans) The Top floor contains the bottling plant There's a tray of empty glasses on the conveyor belt, and as they pass through the filling station they're topped up with beer (though the beer looks a bit orangey - I didn't have any trans-brown!) and then they pass through to the bottling and packing part of the machine. Finally on the downslope belt there's two full box of beers produced and ready for dispatch. Finally, a shot of the rear of the building. I like the grungy, decayed feel to it and as I said the source building is from and any credit for the outside must go to them. The plans they provided were excellent! Thanks for reading and comments and criticisms welcome! So, what should I add?