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Maxim I

[AMRCA - MAESTRO] Trador Agency of Exploring & Culture

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Trador Agency of Exploring & Culture

An Adventure MRCA Story


- - - - -


  • Status: Prelude
  • Participating members
    • Chapter 1:
      • MAESTRO
  • Participating vessels
    • Arcady
  • Point of start: Trador
  • Characters
    • Emanuel Alejandro Izquierdo
  • Troops
    • None

- - - - -

Chapter 1: Into the unknown


Emanuel Alejandro Izquierdo finally received his permission letter, received by the Trador Agency of Exploring & Culture. He raised the funds necessary for charting a small vessel and now he officially passed the exams to become an explorer!

Too bad his idol, Jan Zwartbaard, could not be here today, as Jan Zwartbaard was summoned in Stedor to join Lord Maximilian Damaximus on his journeys.



His destination? Fortune will tell!

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@Maxim I

Three nights out on the Sea, Emanuel ran into a storm. Worst storm he had ever seen on the sea, and he was just floating along in a tiny vessel! He couldn’t do anything. Right as the storm started to calm down, he saw a log flying towards his vessel. It hit - and punched a hole into the hull. Ironic: that log was finest Mahogany, as Emanuel noticed with his skilled 'MAESTRO-eye'! (29 DB added to the adventure treasury) In all his panic, Emanuel couldn't help but smile a little - some weird kind of fortune... Bucketing out the rising water, with his other - not less skilled - eye he noticed a vessel - a type he had never seen before - on the horizon.
Now it was time to decide... 

Abort adventure: Reverse course and head back to Trador - time to cash in on that log!

Safe choice: Set course towards the closest settlement - Mesabi Landing - using the last spare plank to fix the hole will give you just enough time to arrive safely - and it's kind of very likely you'd be well received!

Risky risky choice: Keep 'dem buckets swinging! Patch up your ship as best you can - using the last spare plank, spit, and that stuff stuck under your boot - then pray to Poseidon, and keep your course! Warning - there's a high chance of failure here, that might just cost you your ship!

More elaborate and 'less risky than the risky risky choice' choice: Signal the strange ship and hope for the best! There's a good chance they are friendly and will help you repair your ship, but they might charge a few DB for that... but they could also be pirates - or worse!

Note: In any case, the adventure requires one build to continue. If you decide on the elaborate choice, a total of two builds or three vignettes is required. Your story should clarify which option you are taking, but you are welcome to interpret the options creatively. Let us know if you have any questions.

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30 minutes ago, Kolonialbeamter said:

Safe choice: Set course towards the closest settlement - Mesabi Landing - using the last spare plank to fix the hole will give you just enough time to arrive safely - and it's kind of very likely you'd be well received!

We'd love to have you @Maxim I

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Chapter 2: Hoping for the best

"Ship ahoy!"

Emanuel Alejandro Izquierdo saw the vessel in the far distance. It was nothing like he ever saw. Examining ship types was his favourite subject when going to school and he would bet the life of his mother that this vessel wasn't in his schoolbooks.


"Mates, we got a few options. One, we sail further into the unknown. We will probably never reach land in time and end up in the sea as shark bait."

The sailors nodded their head. No one was really in favour of this.

"Option 2: we sail to the closest port, being Mesabi Landing. We will be very welcome there as their leader is sailing together with our leader at the other side of this ocean. But as their leader is away, the chances of being robbed would be high. And we all know they will do something with explosives..."

The sailors nodded again... They didn't forget the passage of the WTC marines in Trador a few months ago.

Emanuel looked to the sailors. Happy to see them agreeing. He was sure the WTC would not be that bad. But how would he explain this to his family? They would laugh with him for years... He would rather go with option one than option two...

"And there is option 3. That vessel in the far distance... We don't know what they are, who they are and what their intentions are. They could be bloody pirates! But they can also be merchants from a foreign civilization. My proposal is to ask for help! If they are pirates, well they are going to rob us and probably put us in a prison. Anyway, it is the start of a real adventure! We will meet people no one else in the Madrice Peninsuala has met! We will become legends!"

"Hooray!!" the sailors yelled!

"Bootsmate, fly the white flag!"

"Sorry captain, but I fear we forgot that flag at home..."

Emanuel was striken for a moment. He looked around and then he saw the cook...

"Cook! I am happy we can give you another job than only making food and pretzels! Show us your muscles and play flag!"

The cook was looking to the captain if he was a fool. But he saw he would lose this discussion and as the situation was far from optimal, he climbed the mast...


On the deck, Emanuel ordered to put all the drinks on a table. Those foreigners would not know the apple cider, wine and rum and hopefully, they would be more interested in the drinks than in the sailors and the Mahogany...


All Emanuel could do now was cross his fingers and hope it were not bloody pirates...


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@Maxim I:

The strange ship swiftly closed the distance, proving to be both more well-armed and well-manned than the Arkady. However, nothing pointed to these people being pirates. They were obviously helpful, calling out in a language unlike anything anyone from the crew had ever heard before, rushing to repair the damages of the Arkady. Finding the Eslandian crew unable to understand them, they quickly became somewhat reserved and Emanuel soon found himself and his crew placed under lock and key on the strange vessel, which upon closer inspection still did not look like anything the young explorer had seen before. Both it and its crew looked like a modern version of something from Halos centuries ago, but having evolved somewhat differently. Much of the technology was similar, but everything just seemed a little bit... different.

It was comfortable captivity, though, as the foreigners ensured them space, light, and exercise, and took the repaired Arkady in tow. Most of the crew stayed reserved, but were clearly as curious as the Eslandians. The only notable exceptions were the captain, who clearly did not care much for his guests, and the 1st mate, who brought them their food several times a day, each time taking his time to try to communicate. Everything pointed to this being a long voyage, but hopefully, it would be a pleasant one...

But how would Emanuel and his crew pass time?

  • Captivity is unacceptable! We must try to regain control of the Arkady....
    Try to escape your captors and retake the Arkady. This will be risky...
  • What an odd looking vessel - familiar in many ways, yet so different....
    Build a mini/micro version of the vessel, representing the model Emanuel and his crew creates to pass time and document the differences.
  • We must figure out where we are going... Our captors seem firm on keeping our location and course secret...
    Try to steal access to maps and/or navigational tools to determine you location and course. And hope you are not discovered...
  • A friend in need is a friend indeed...
    Make an extra effort to make friends with the first mate and try to communicate. It seems that other means than language will be necessary...

Note: A minimum of one build is required for the adventure to proceed, but more is encouraged. As always, your choices will have consequences, good and bad.

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Chapter 3: A Journey on a strange Vessel

Captain  Emanuel Alejandro Izquierdo Log

Was it the sun or too much alcohol, but once the foreign vessel and its crew started helping the Eslandolan sailors, Emanuel noticed that the vessel didn't match his first sketches at all. It seemed a modern version of the galleys roaming Halos long long ago. Most surprising were the 10 guns on the lower deck. Their gunports were almost hidden from the eye. On the front castle, two turnable guns could hit from every angle. And with the ram at the bow, enemies would quickly sink. Still Emanuel was sure this was more a well-rounded version. He really wondered how the armed vessels would look like.




The captain was still more focused on sailing than in his guests. The Eslandolan sailors figured out the foreigners were very disciplined. They all had the same uniform/clothing.

Emanuel discovered that the word "Atlarka" must be of some meaning as the First Mate mentioned it a few times. Wether it is their homeland or just the name of the vessel, he doesn't know yet.

Although being captured, Emanuel was very excited he took the risk of letting a foreign vessel help them. If he makes it back to the known world, he will be the first to discover new a new nation!



more story to be added soon

Edited by Maxim I

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5 hours ago, Bregir said:

@Maxim I: Will more story be added, or should we go with what is currently there?



My bad, looks like I forgot to remove the line :) feel free to go with this :)

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@Maxim I

It had been interesting exploring the ship - it was a curious mix of old and new. The ram at the front and the simple rig seemed reminiscent of the triremes of old, while the armament and the navigational aids seemed more akin to modern Halosian technology.

Several of the crew of the Atlarka (at least it seems like that is the name of the ship) had noticed the model Emanuel and his crew had built, and was obviously flattered, having shown Emanuel the guns and hold of the vessel to help improve the model.

Recent days, however, they seemed more absent, as if they were preparing for something. Clothes was being washed, the ship repainted and the rigging replaced. In the hold Emanuel had seen all sorts of strange trinkets and souvenirs, looking like the loot from a voyage of exploration. Perhaps the crew of the Atlarka were explorers too?

It dawned upon Emanuel and his crew that they had not been able to follow the course of the ship. Most days and nights, they had been below apart from short stints of exercise, and apart from a general impression of going south, Emanuel knew nothing of their location.

It was seemed clear the Atlarka was homebound, although contrary winds made it unlikely to happen soon (not before next turn...). How would the Eslandians prepare?

  • We must make a good impression. Obviously, the Atlarkans put great stock in appearance for their homecoming. Was this pride or custom? No good taking chances - we must wash and embroider our clothes, and exercise the men in keeping rank and file.
  • Where are we? Will we return to some odd corner of the old world, where we might find help, or to a new continent? And how can we make our way home eventually? We absolutely must determine our position. Perhaps we can fix either longitude or latitude by borrowing, stealing or otherwise securing access to navigational tools.
  • If we are to land in foreign lands, we must be able to communicate. Surely, we can have the first mate help us learn the basics of the language?
  • There is still the option to escape... At night, we should swim to the Arkady, depose of the prize crew, and escape. We never know if these people are cannibals, will put us to prison, or just drop us over the side. Or perhaps sacrifice us to a volcano god!

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Chapter 4: Preparing Festivities

Emanuel, enthousiastic and curious as he always is, brought his crew together and ordered them to wash their clothes. He hoped it would create some goodwill towards the Atlarkans.



Even the cook was washing his clothes. It was kinda painfull for him to see his belly compared to the sixpacks of the soldiers.

Emanuel was looking to his crew. They were a true gift from the gods. Not doubting his authority and following his orders without questions. Even Emanuel was not sure the path he is was choosing was the safest one. But if they manage to return alive and kicking to Trador (or even any place in his known world), he would become a legend. The first one in Northern Halos to discover an advanced society. Maybe rediscover, as the vessel they were sailing with had some modern technologies, comparable, yet different from the ones used in Northern Halos. A country in South Halos could be an option (and Emanuel would be a bit disappointed), but the vessel does not match any of the descriptions of Southern Halos vessels. Even the language was not comparable to what a Northern Halosian heard from the Southern Halosian Traders (or Pirates).

Time would tell.

Once fresh and clean, Emanuel presented themself at the First Mate, who was very happy to see this gesture from his guests. Emanuel tried again to have a conversation with the first mate. With the help of the model and some blue clothes (figuring as the sea), he was able to discover the course the vessel was sailing the past weeks. A true explorer he would be, even it was with a lot of luck!



About: well, I have to admit I really love this AMRCA. Small sketches where I can put small jokes in :grin:

I am looking forward to where this leads!

(I really hope it will not be South Halos :p but there are enough indicators it won't)

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@Maxim I 

So impressed with Emanuel's model of the ship, the First Mate created a crude "house" to explain that all the preparations had in fact been leading up to the ships homecoming.  Unfortunately much was still unknown due to the language barrier. 

  Later that day the sounds of the sea were sharply broken by the blast of a rams horn reminiscent of days of old.  Shortly after the First Mate appeared rather excited and motioned Emanuel and his crew to follow quickly.  As they reached the weather deck another blast of the rams horn broke the crisp air. This time however a reply came from somewhere on shore.

  This place was not like any Island he had ever seen before. Oddly enough it looked like a modern version of Halos from centuries ago, although evolved somewhat differently.  While much of the technology was familiar, everything just seemed a little ... well ... different.  

  Two more short blasts came from the lookout with the reply once again from the shore.  Almost all hands were on deck and men filled the sails.  As they came into port it seemed as if the entire city was there to welcome its sailors home cheering and shouting in the unknown language. 

   Over the next two days there were many feasts and celebrations ... It was clear that Emanuel and his crew were indeed guests but to what extent, as they were not allowed to explore the city and they were always under guard.  

Startled by a hand over his mouth in the dead of night Emanuel was woken by the First Mate ... He was led in secret to a chamber hall.  The First Mate kept looking towards the door as if he was not to be in this room nor be showing anything in it to Emanuel.  The First Mate spread a large map out on the table showing a island roughly the size of Terra Versa.  This was important he could tell ... If only he and the First Mate had more time together to learn the language of each other.

All sorts of questions began to form in Emanuel's' head.  Why was he being shown this in secret?  Were they really guests or being held as prizes?    Suddenly the First Mate returned the map to its drawer and rushed them both out the back and down many winding halls dropping Emanuel back off in the sleeping hall through a secret door so as the guards would not see.

The next morning Emanuel shared his strange experience with the crew it was clear they had some choices to make.

- Do we stay? Try to learn more of the culture and language? Perhaps the longer we stay the more freedom we will be granted as we prove that we are not a threat ... Assuming we're not eaten nor thrown into a volcano as an offering to the Gods. 

- Do we try to explore in the dead of night via the secret door?  I really want another look at that map.  Surely if we get caught there will be severe punishment though ... Hopefully they don't hang us or worse.

- There's always the Arkady we know shes in the harbor perhaps we overtake the guards and make a run for it. Next time we are in the city square for festivities.  We may not know exactly where we are but home is definitely north. 

Note: to continue one build is required however more are encouraged.  Only one choice can be made this turn as each holds its own unique outcome

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Chapter 5: A Luxury Prison

Even he never saw an Eslandolan prison from the inside, Emanuel was pretty sure they were much worse than the place they were now being held in. Beautifull marmer walls with golden windows, altough too high to enjoy a view of what is happening outside. A pool with fresh water inside their room. The finest food every day. But still they were not allowed to leave their room. Luckily the First Mate entered the room every now and then and took Emanuel to exploring trips in the building. That building turned out to be the royal palace. During those trips they named different stuff in their respective languages and after a while, they were able to understand eachother. The first basic conversations were able to take place.



The First Mate told Emanuel that they had to wait until the King returned from his voyage across the sea, as it will be the King who will decide their faith. But normally the Eslandolan adventurers should not worry.

Emanuel lost track how long they were already gone from home. It felt like long long ago since he left Trador.

Again weeks passed by. The Eslandolan crew played card games and music. The first mate arranged for language lessons, so the strangers were able to conversate with the returning King. They were in prison, but it was a luxury prison.

And finally the guards yelled to dress up. Different rams horns blasts filled the air and from the outside, the excitement of the locals could be heard in the room the Eslandolans stayed in.



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@Maxim I

It had been a pleasant captivity and they had now learned the language to near fluency. This effort had certainly been worthwhile and they had now been allowed to exercise daily in the palace courtyard under limited guard. They had also learned something of the history of their hosts.

Long ago, as the Halosian Empire fell, an organisation of craftmen and philosophers had embarked 10 ships into the unknown with their families to escape the expected chaos of the fallen empire. After months of voyage, miraculously the whole squadron made landfall on a bountiful island, that they would call home. They broke up their ships to ensure isolation and for basic building materials, and for the past 600 years, there they had lived, working effortlessly towards building the utopia their ancestors had envisioned.

In recent years, they had decided it was time to break their isolation and seek contact to the outside world. A fleet had been built and the king sent out to establish connections. However, they had been away longer than expected and feared lost, and ships had been sent out to find them. One of these ships were the one to pick up the Arkady and its crew.

One day, horns echoed over the bay, and the Eslandians could watch as a fleet entered the harbour and the city erupted in celebrations. But Emmanuel noticed several battle scars on the ships, and the crews seemed rather weary and glad to be on land. 

Shortly thereafter, the crew was released and given a small house to live in. But what to do with this newfound freedom.

Join the parade

The citizens are joining together to celebrate the return of their expedition. A large parade will be held, going throughout the city and the different guilds and regions of the island will each have their own entry. Perhaps this is the chance to give a good impression and represent MAESTRO, Eslandola, or Halos for these people? Joining the celebration will certainly gain goodwill.

  • 1 build required showing your participation in the parade.

Press for an audience

With the King now returned, it is time to formalise relations. We must press for an audience and make an offer on behalf of... who? It may not be optimal to press the King so soon after his return, but we cannot wait any longer...

  • 1 build required showing the audience and what the expedition offers.


We are now free and must return home to bring home word of our discovery.

  • 1 build required showing the Arkady being made ready for departure. Indicate which direction the expedition will take.


Only one option can be taken this turn

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Chapter 6: A fantastic parade

The crew became very eager to go home again. But Emmanuel felt the journey was only almost over. Having gained the trust of local officers, he wanted to know what happened to the big fleet. Did they encounter other Halosians or are there other unknown factions closeby? Maybe there would even be opportunities for MAESTRO to sent help if it would appear they are at war?

A direct meeting with the King would not be wise yet, but maybe after the parade and seeing the "outlanders", the King would make time for an audience?

Anyway, as there was not that much time to prepare the parade, the crew quickly build a parade-wagon with a rowboat. MAESTRO and Eslandolans are adventurers, so that would be the best way to represent them.

The parade was absolutely fantastic. Very colourfull with a lot of music, food and drinks. The women were dancing in intersting outfits and the men were competing with eachother to look as important as possible.


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