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Found 5 results

  1. Stud-Count: 12.126 / 10.000 Valid submissions: 7 / 16 details: Elostirion: 22x24 and 1.310 (total 1.838) Bregir: 32x64 and 32x32 (total 3.072) Captain Braunsfeld: 48x81 (total 3.888) dr_spock: 32x32 (total 1.024) SilentWolf: 32x32 (total 1.024) CaptWolf: 32x40 (total: 1.280) Winners: Bregir Bregir Elostirion Shareholders (19 shares in total): Captain Braunsfeld: 2 shares (buying-right for 5 total) -> 60 DBs / month Bregir: 6 shares -> 180 DBs / month Eslandola: 4 shares -> 120 DBs / month (were: Elostirion 120 DBs / month till October 617 AE) Capt Wolf: 2 shares -> 60 DBs / month dr_spock: 1 share -> 30 DBs / month SilentWolf: 1 share -> 30 DBs / month Ownership: Eslandola (was: Elostirion till 617 AE) handled by @Capt Wolf Payment status: December 616 AE: yield received, payments to Bregir, CaptWolf, Silent Wolf done (all payments) January 617 AE: yield received, all payments done February 617 AE: yield received, all payments done March 617 AE: yield received, all payments done April 617 AE: yield received, all payments done May 617 AE: yield received, all payments done June 617 AE: yield received, all payments done July 617 AE: yield received, all payments done August 617 AE: yield received, all payments done September 617 AE: yield received, all payments done October 617 AE: yield received, all payments done
  2. Due to the recent raids of Mardier, the completion of the Merchant Quay has been a really stressfull thingy for Governor Maximilian Damaximus. But since the last days, the amount of activity has been booming in Trador. To secure safety of the traders, MAESTRO sent a full regiment to La Sombra. The Trade Quarters are a big success, many nations, trade companies and important families were almost fighting to get one. Every Trade Quarter was build accordingly to the owner, A Trade Quarter exists of a store room with direct access to the boats and a residence above it. . Garvey Emporium Consortium ( @CelesAurivern ) Prio Pierre d'Oleon ( to be revealed somewhere in the future ) Montoya Estate ( @Bregir ) Merchant Gate ( MAESTRO / Medium fort) WETEC ( @SilentWolf ) Sebeus Estate ( @Sebeus I ) White Glove Order ( @Sir Stig ) Quinsville ( @Tomsche ) Fontonajo Estate ( @Elostirion ) my nametag ^^ The Dancing Ember arriving at the Quays (ship build by Sebeus) General Whisximus (Terraversa Sea) and General Samu (Prio Sea) watching over the arrival of troops A WETEC sloop unpacking An Oleon soldier being distracted Corrie traders inspecting trade wares Officers from Eslandola, Corrington and Oleon chitchatting Merchant Gate MAESTRO Naval Soldiers watching over the unloading Sir Ethiximus and Governor Damaximus meeting with the King of Garvey behind is Trade Quarter. Guards are protecting them. Mardier Assassin hanged to death Troops assembling in front of Merchant Gate A Corrie soldier hunting a strange red bird. Hope the bird doesn't get angry... Update: detailpics of the residences and the nametages and more pictures can be found further in this topic. ---------------------------------------- Thanks for watching!!! C&C welcome! Some remarks: due to circumstances, I have no access to my bag of blue round plates. I know it is a big difference and I am sorry the water is now plain base plate other circumstances are the reason I am missing the name bricks for the different houses. This should be solved in two weeks. Same goes for the coat of arms that will be placed next to the storerooms. Total of 11750 studs. Will be licenced as a royal commerce (10k studs needed) and a medium fort (900 studs needed) -
  3. On its way, the Strada Maxima intersects with multiple smaller roads. These crossings naturally become centres of activity, and often taverns, stables, or small shops shoot up. At this particular junction in the middle of an agricultural area, something out of the ordinary is under construction. While most Eslandians worship nothing but profits, there are those who still maintain a degree of piety. And on top of that, many foreigners visiting Nellisa will be searching for a place of worship. Therefore, an unknown organisation rumoured to be of Olean origin is financing the construction of a temple at this intersection of the Strada Maxima and a smaller rural north-south road. It is right in the middle of the famous cotton fields of Nellisa, and the farmers are typically more pious than the city-dwellers. Already, light is on in the finished ground floor, where a priest is hosting the first ceremony, while workmen are hard at work erecting the towers that will lead weary travellers to this sanctuary. On the road this morning, we see an Eslandian official rushing past in his small carriage towards some surely very important rendezvous, a group of soldiers escorting a prisoner, a native woman with her child, and a trader, who earlier that day suffered an accident with a broken wheel. Besides the road, apart from the construction site, a young boy is rustling chickens, while a farmer tends his cotton. ___________________________________ Another entry for the Strada Maxima mini-challenge. Wanted to try out a small construction site for the subchallenge. I couldn't seem to get the light right, but on the upside, it looks a bit like sunset. C&C welcome.
  4. Between Montario and Nova Terreli, a small range of hills surrounds the road. In the vicinity of these hills, several small streams cross the road, necessitating a large number of small bridges. At one of these bridges, on the Montario side, an ox cart has broken and lost a wheel. In the process, the cargo of barrelled ores has been scattered and the driver thrown down with an injured leg. This has created a chokepoint on the busy road, stopping several travellers in their path. Luckily for the injured driver, one of these travellers is a doctor of medicine, Sir Anton Hughes, fellow of the Royal Society of Natural Philosophy, and his assistant Ian Collins, carrying the medical supplies. Long since, Corlander scientists recognised the importance of physical exercise, especially for young assistants, and young Mr. Collins is getting his fair share working for Sir Hughes. The doctor is carrying out a year long voluntary medical service on la Strada Maxima, sponsored by the Royal Society. Such voluntary services has long been a tradition for medical gentlemen of the Society, and helps spread the knowledge of the organisation, as well as ensures the volunteer a wide experiences of diverse medical problems. Another hindered traveller is Amin Maleek, Tellvokian dye trader, and his trusty camel. Underway to Montario with a selection of fine dyes for the craftsmen of the Governorial seat, his is shocked by the hindrance. A few other travellers, including a farmer and his wife and son, are gathered around the bridge too, and hopefully the wheel will soon be repaired and the road open once more. ___________________________________________________________ An entry to the Strada Maxima minichallenge - I really want to pick up some shares!
  5. The grand road of Nellisa also leads through the swampy lands in the northeast of the island, between Montario and Pontelli. While the marshlands aren't considered very deadly, they are still annoying to all travellers. To avoid the road from being muddy all the time a small dike has been constructed to lead the road in a small arch around the marshlands. But there is also a wooden path right through the swamp, only for pedestrians, who do not fear the depressing flair of the marshes and seek to fast-track their journey. Studcount: 1.310 Location: