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Found 8 results

  1. Servants of Freedom 1 Servants of Freedom 2 Having safely smuggled his package from Jim to his safe house, Caesar set about opening the package and examining its contents.... [GBW-SoF] Shipment "Holy... A megablocking RPG! This is perfect for our plans! I need to get some logistics, recon, and intel work done immediately..." 48 hours later, a meeting of the Servants of Freedom leaders occurred. In attendance were, Caesar, Group I leader, Ralph, Group IV leader, and Beth, Group VI leader. All were leaders in Xenor's capital of Millingsburg, all with aspirations of governmental change, and all with the will to make these changes happen now. [GBW-SoF] Plotting [GBW] Caesar Young "Our goal, currently, is to have the government change it's structure. In order to that, we have been publishing articles, and recently, another cell took over a Xenor radio station. We are getting the attention of more and more people now, and many are joining our cause. The leaders of our organization have decided that serious action must be taken, as the RoN is invading Xenor in retaliation. In order---" [GBW] Beth Morrow "How serious? What repercussions might result from this 'serious action'?" [GBW] Ralph Koper "Yes, just what kind of action we going to be taking?" [GBW] Caesar Young "We are going to attempt a process of selective elimination of high-ranking government officials that are---" [GBW] Beth Morrow "Assassination, you mean?! That's what we're gonna be doing?!" [GBW] Caesar Young "If you choose to use that term, yes. We are going to assassinate one or more officials. Do you have problem with that?" [GBW] Beth Morrow "I just... I don't know if that's---" [GBW] Ralph Koper "No. It must be done ensure our freedom." [GBW] Caesar Young "There is no other way! The RoN is invading, we must help them! We are perfect for this job, we can take out plenty of leaders here, stage other attacks, and fight with them to ensure they succeed!" [GBW] Beth Morrow "Fine. Do it. But leave me out of the plans. Contact individual members of my cell if you must." [GBW-SoF] Plotting [GBW] Caesar Young "Thank you. I'll get started immediately. Ralph, I need your cell to go and recon..." Part 3 Coming Soon! Thanks for checking this out, feel free to give C&C. More photos on Flickr. And for those who like the skull art, LDD is here. - Leonardo da Bricki EDIT: My apologies for some of the formatting in the dialogue, I cannot change it. Judges, please look at the spoiler, it has images of the whole build for you!
  2. Servants of Freedom 1 Servants of Freedom 2 Xenor. An aristocratic nation, prosperous and vibrant. On the surface. Beneath the calm veneer, tension runs like ocean currents. The wealthy upper class, the business owners, CEOs, government officials, and rulers have become more heavy-handed and oppressive over the last few years. A rebel group, calling itself Servants of Freedom has made a name for itself in this nation among the not-so-fortunate people, a whispered name that brings hope to many. They wield a growing influence among the oppressed, and are growing quickly. Little is known about them, but rumors have leaked out, brief mentions of this partisan force. About 18 months ago, an agent was sent to substantiate these rumors. He was able to make contact with a ranking member of the Servants of Freedom. A deal was made, and in exchange for information about Xenor's internal affairs, money and supplies were passed to aid the rebels.... [GBW-CP5] Aiding Rebels Jim was getting worried. He'd been waiting in the alley for nearly 20 minutes now. His contact, Caesar was running late... Or worse. It was conspicuous enough to have been standing here for 15 minutes, but if anyone had noticed both he and his delivery were still here.... He refused to dwell on that thought. Yes, he had been a few minutes early to the exchange, and yes, these were dangerous times, but still. If someone had informed on him, and he were caught with this box of materials, he would see nothing but cell walls for what would remain of his very shortened life. He turned and gazed at the graffiti on the wall across from him. Innocuous, common, and usually ignored. Except this symbol signified much more. The skull, crying a stream of blood, embodied the resentment, suffering, and resolve of the people of Xenor. It was the mark of the Servants of Freedom. To Jim it was simply a marker of this place, where exchanges were made. [GBW-CP5] Aiding Rebels And speaking of exchanges, he wasn't going to wait much more. "I'll give 'em two minutes, no more. Then I'm outta here. Should have been gone already," he muttered. At the one-minute mark, two men came up behind him, spooking Jim. "Holy---! Don't-- I-- Argh! You're late. I need to get gone, lets do this quick." "Agreed, time is essential." Code phrases exchanged, Caesar clapped Jim on the shoulder. "Sorry we're late, thought we grew a tail for a bit. Had to lose him, just to be safe. Now then, is this lovely package here all mine?" "It is, but first-" "Right here friend, right here." Caesar handed Jim a USB drive, then asked, "What's in this one? It's probably the biggest one you have personally passed to us." "I don't know," Jim replied, "Plausible deniability and all that. Regardless of what it is, it'll be of use to you." [GBW-CP5] Aiding Rebels Thanks for checking this out, feel free to give C&C. More photos on Flickr. And for those who like the skull art, LDD is here. - Leonardo da Bricki Judges, please look at the spoiler, it has images of the whole build for you!
  3. "Sir! Sir!" General Whitedragon looked to his left. He just enjoyed some applecider in the "Golden Fish Inn" at the Quays of Trador. "Officer Kai, you have my attention" Officer Kai, happy to have the attention of the General, saluted once more before speaking. "Sir, I have an update about the WTC raid in Trador, after their game" "Oh yes, that curious case. Tell me what did you find?" "Sir, it is even getting more curious. No one of the participants remembered putting stuff in that warehouse. So in other words, the stuff they looted wasn't ours and hasn't been claimed by someone else." "But what about the Eslandolan soldier the whitness described" "As you may know, Sir, he hasn't resurfaced anymore. But to make it a little bit more complicated, we did find his clothes. They are green indeed, but they don't belong to any militia that was on this island the past months." General Whitedragon stared into the distance for a moment. "Well, case closed then. It is clear someone put those explosives in that warehouse for a reason, and it seems that the guilty one has left our island as well." ------------------------------------------ Meanwhile in Mesabi Landing, a WTC soldier left the "Fallingwater Pub" ------- Thanks @Mesabi for hosting this fun challenge!
  4. FiddyB

    [K - G10] Low Tech Solution

    Location - G10 Onix Tags - Spying, Sabotage, Exploration, Building "I found another facility on Onix. That's some fancy looking communications relay, better use some precision tools to take it out" Fiddy
  5. A Gallifreyan Cat

    [M-E03] Sabotage Most Foul

    >MANTIS HQ, Aviation Control Department >0700 Hours "So the Mandalakian golfer says to the camel".... "Hi Guys! I'm Alex, the new intern! I'm really excited to work here! I love flying spaceships! How can I help out? Can I do anything?" *Sigh* (Quietly, to self) "Who asked for this new guy?" "Yeah, if you want to be of any help, get us some more coffee." "OK! Great! I love getting people coffee! Did I tell you that I just love working with spaceships?" *Sluuuuuurp....BOOM!* "Gah!" To be continued...
  6. Location: H03 - Kaalin, "Halliburton Plateau," Northern Tundra Reaches Tags: Building, Vehicle, Land Vehicle, Spying ===(The following was found on the HoloWEB... Sources state that Herod Assange of the so-called "Wiki-Truth Network" obtained an intercepted classified transmission to MANTIS Corporate...)=== {Begin Log Transmission} {Attn: **Classified - For Your Eyes Only**} "Computer, label log entry "classified" and file accordingly...." Well, another log, another story.....we've received our first espionage assignment....MANTIS Fleet systems has moved us and our gear to the other end of the Andromeda Expanse....our mission: "Find, observe and disrupt OCTAN activities and installations on Kaalin..." In other words..."Agitation." We are on the "Hallibuton Plateau," near Cheney Flats.....You can see for Kilometres flat.... Corporate suggested we disguise ourselves as a merchant the MANTIS Engineering department came up with some variants on local transport....the Land Barge or "Brahndo" in the local dialect, is the workhorse of Kaalinese Traders. It's powered by Cyber-horses..and supposedly better for the "environment." Ours is decorated with the Stuffed head from our last hunt, thanks to a stopover on Torresta...turns out the meat was high in Awesomnium, thus the radiant purple colour.... Water is kept in the undertanks, and directly injected into the Horses' Cyber-cores.....all in all, a smooth ride for unpredictable terrain. "Hold up...something on the horizon. Looks like an OCTAN supply depot of some sort...." "Yep....We've got two goons out human...looks like a "Beiber," and a helper-bot..." "We need some sort of diversion.....something to draw them away from that base, I'd rather not have to take out personnel if we don't have to...." "Klaus.....Verdi, I've got an idea...." OCTAN Worker: "What the Hell.....Hey, Deeten, is that what I think it is?" D-10 Labor Droid: "It appears to be a botanical equestrian, sir...I have no references for such an event...**Error code 15, please contact the OCTAN Corporate Droid IT department to request droid maintenance, form 8410-F will be required, as well as a class 7 OCTAN ID chip........" OCTAN Worker: "Yeah, I get've never seen a plant ride a horse either....shut up about IT...that's your answer to everything you don't understand..." "! What're you doin' on that horse??? Can you hear me? Do you have ears???" "Hey! Wait!" "Come on Deeten......, let's get those power cells put away and find out where that freaky thing is going....." "Gee, Deeten...I hope we remember to close this access's the only thing protecting the power cells underneath this cap....." "Load up....we gotta catch up with that...what did you call it.....Botanical Equestrian?? You are one whacky droid, Deeten..." D-10: "Please sir....I really do need my periodic maintenance...." OCTAN Worker: "Enough with the "periodic maintenance," You're like a broken record....." D-10: "What is a "Record," sir...and how does it being "broken" apply to my situation? **Error code 26, please contact the OCTAN Corporate Droid IT department to request droid maintenance, form 8410-F will be required, as well as a class 7 OCTAN ID chip........" OCTAN Worker: **Sigh** "Why can't you be as dependable and trouble-free as the PK-6 Crew Wagon?" Klaus moved in to recon the area and make sure all OCTAN personnel were clear.... After getting the all clear, we brought in the convoy.... Joining us for the Op today is Tactical Specialist Laura expert with explosives...her ride today is a traditional Kaalinese "Dhorvyn" or "Horse sled..." The explosives and detonators were kept separate during transport, for safety.... We quickly set the charges and prepared to depart.... Tac Spec. Palmer triggered the explosives once we found cover at a safe distance..... We are now headed for rendezvous point 54, please relay our progress to the fleet coordinator. {End Transmission} ================================================ Thanks for visiting!
  7. Aliencat

    [A - I06] Crash Course

    Just on my way to sell some vacuum cleaners on Yetornius... Wait! Did I remember to pack my green vacuum cleaner? Green is super hip on Yetornius these days! OK cruise control set, let me check if it's in here... Better views of the Octan beacon here:
  8. Aliencat

    [A - G07] Get off my lawn!

    This is a response to WickNole's Water Pump: Just driving to work... Who am I kidding, I don't have a job, I just like to get away from my wife sometimes... Who am I kidding, I don't have a wife. I don't even know where I live... In fact, everything before this morning is all one big blur. I don't remember where I got this car from, or who drank all my whiskey. WAIT! Who put this here?! Yeah this definitely doesn't look like something I put here... I'm gonna need a bigger vacuum cleaner! And here's some more views of the Caddy and the Vacuumdozer: