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Found 9 results

  1. Ron Dayes

    4 wide Horizon Express and Co

    Hi, i just saw the 50 years of track set - a neat thing, but probably the best item of it is the 4 wide Metroliner. Therefore i did wonder if i could do the Horizon Express in the same scale and perhaps motorize it. So i also started the Metroliner first, thought of ways of making a super small boogie still with functionality for a motor to attach to. ATM its rubberbands around bushes for transaction, yet im very unsure if this were to work in a real build if the boogie turns. I used gears as wheels for the motor unit (if you look close into the pic). If any of you have motorized a 4 wide train without using standard sized train wheels, id be thrilled to hear/see about it. 4 wide Horizon Express by Ron Dayes, auf Flickr 4 wide Metroliner by Ron Dayes, auf Flickr
  2. I've decided to build an airport stair vehicle adapted to the classic 4 wide airplanes. As far as I know, the only mobile stair for 4 wide planes could be found in City Airport set no 10159. The plane in the picture is the original plane from 6396 set. LEGO stair vehicle 3 by Severus A, on Flickr LEGO stair vehicle 6 by Severus A, on Flickr LEGO stair vehicle 1 by Severus A, on Flickr LEGO stair vehicle 7 by Severus A, on Flickr LEGO stair vehicle 5 by Severus A, on Flickr LEGO stair vehicle 2 by Severus A, on Flickr LEGO stair vehicle 2.2 by Severus A, on Flickr
  3. Peteris_Sprogis

    [MOC] City electric car

    4wide nimble City electric car. Just mentioning some of the most interesting design features: at front got 1x2 brackets in SNOT and added 2 plates and overall filling nicely 4wide gap. For cabin have been using nice windsreen piece from some sort of Star Wars set, putting NexoKnights shields on side and getting beautiful edgy shapes there. Enough talk, some pictures >> and step by step video instruction how to make one >>
  4. Feuer Zug

    MOC - 4 wide AT&SF EMD F7

    The EMD F7 was a 1,500 horsepower (1,100 kW) Diesel-electric locomotive produced between February 1949 and December 1953 by the Electro-Motive Division of General Motors (EMD) and General Motors Diesel (GMD). Although originally promoted by EMD as a freight-hauling unit, the F7 was also used in passenger service hauling such trains as the Santa Fe Railway's Super Chief and El Capitan. The F7's prime mover is a 16-cylinder 567B series Diesel engine developing 1,500 hp (1.1 MW) at 800 rpm. The 567B is a mechanically aspirated two-stroke design in a 45 degree Vee configuration, with 567 cu in (9.29 L) displacement per cylinder, for a total of 9,072 cu in (148.66 L).
  5. dr_spock

    MOC: Mad Max 2

    I made a couple Mad Max 2 vehicles in 4 wide for my photo a day project. The movie came out in 1982 and the LEGO vehicle standard was 4 wide at the time. Max's Interceptor Humungus' truck This highway ain't big enough for the both of us.
  6. dr_spock

    MOC: Garbage Truck Snow Plow

    Is your LEGO city or town on a tight fiscal budget and buried in snow? Not enough tax revenue for dedicated snow removal equipment? Fear not, we have an economical solution with the ABS snow plow attachment for your garbage trucks. Put your garbage trucks to double duty while collecting the trash on the same snow covered streets. You can realize more savings by using 4 wide trucks instead of 6 or 8 wide since they require less ABS plastic. Contact ABS Inc. for more information. Garbage Truck Snow Plow by dr_spock_888, on Flickr
  7. So, it appears many are keen on the 4" wide MOC style, but to my knowledge, there is no 4 wide straight track per say, only the "rack and pinion" styled one with the teeths. So today, I stumbled upon this clone brand sets (in store), that actually made 4 wide tracks. The appear to be from a brand called WANGE. Never seen them before, online. The track looks pretty good, it follows the style of the modern PF tracks. 1 stud wide sleepers too. Only potential issue is the way they are connected. the rails are offset, and could probably lead to some connection issues. Comparison to an Enlighten clone of the MOT steam engine. The boxes these things come in... They make some engine designs, that appear to be based off the Creator small trains. More clone sets. Just thought I'd share this. ;) Did not get anything, as they ran out of the Enlighten sets. Would have liked that Enlighten MOT Train from the 1st picture. Also, after playing with them, and feeling the sets in hand, I must say, the quality is very good. The brick fit is nice and tight too.