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Found 5 results

  1. Terelli Tell-All Est. 400 Welcome to the Terelli Tell All, your 'New' Source for adventures on the Brick Seas, since the unfortunate refusal of the Eltina Courier's editors to raise our salaries! RNTC Stalls! In Terraversa, the RNTC continues to refuse to choose a side in the struggle for Terraversa's government. Instead, they apparently are searching for some ancient Relic, and other frivolous activities. Perhaps Eslandola will soon gain the upper hand on Terraversa. Eslandola lands in Terraversa! Eslandola has landed diplomats in Terraversa, along with several large big cats. What are their intentions with the Island? We'll soon find out! Pirate Hunt Concludes! The WTC was victorious over the Red Rascal Pirates, and destroying their massive pirate fortress. One can expect safer travels in zone 35 as a result, and a boost in harbour traffic as a result. Our Sources say most of the work was done by someone named Tony. Chaos in Kemblar? Sources from the Brick Seas say there was an attack on the palace of Kemblar, but details are forthcoming. Could Count Mesabi be involved? Storms in the North! A large tropical storm hit Serentia, heading east, causing worry for families of whalers, and adventurers in the North Seas. We can only guess what happened to the WTC adventure in the region. Red Oktober in Altonia: The mysterious 'Red Oktober' now lies safely in the hands of Altonian officials. While we still don't know exactly the Red Oktober is, or what it does, we can assume that Altonia will keep it safe from the prying hands of the mad Professor Thaum. Mokolei Expedition Goes Underground! The Mokolei Expedition has been reported as discovering a massive ancient underground city in the deserts of Mokolei. What treasures lie within will certainly be revealed after some excavation. Stay posted readers! Progress in the New Haven Sea! Reports back from the New Haven Sea reveal that the first Island is home to a tribe of blind natives who speak in clicks! Now the Eslandolan fleet sails for other islands, in an attempt to map out the newest of the Brick Seas. But what will they find? Rodsh Derr: Wanted in Nova Terreli! Rodsh Derr is wanted by his former navy officers for questioning, and a good beating in Nova Terreli. If he is sighted, please report to your nearest Navy official. Editorials: Taxes are too darn High! It seems like everyone is raising taxes on the Brick Seas now, and it's getting annoying having to pay for all that! Only Corrington seems to be refusing to raise taxes, keeping the Brick Seas somewhat tax free. University of Tiberia constructions stall! The University of Tiberia's new constructions continue to stall out, and little seems to be being done to finish them. The December deadline for the improvements continues to look further and further away. Prio! Bullied no Longer! Prio and the Sea Rats conflict seems to have reached it's climax, as talks begin. But one thing is clear, Prio will be bullied no longer by the vicious Sea Rats. Ads: WTCM: publishing the truth! The WTCM continues to be the most reliable, and prolific new source on the Brick Seas. Their constant exposés on Governor Cooke and King's Harbour have helped bring the truth to the Brick Seas. We are in their debt! Countess Mesabi Seeks Information! Do you have secret information you're willing to part with? Island Information, Troop Placements, and other secrets that you are willing to provide the Mesabis will be well compensated. Contact @Mesabi for details. Mesabi Landing constructions subsidies! The WTC will pay 200 Dbs for the next large build that's an Artisan, Factory or Commercial, in addition to any subsidies already offered. For Sale: Big Cats from King's Harbour! Do you need to compensate for something? Do you feel that regular cats are boring? Or do you just want a blood thirsty predator as a house pet? Contact Governor Cooke for a hook up in King's Harbour Terelli Tell All Positions! Do you want to help write the news of the Brick Seas? Contact @Bregir, @Legostone, or @Mesabi or a position Gming AMCRAs.
  2. bricksboy

    MOC Newspaper Rack

    More images shown on my Youtube Channel: My other MOC models: [MOC] New York City Police (NYPD) Car [MOC] Lego Mini Cooper [MOC] Japan Tokyo Taxi vol.1 東京無線タクシー [MOC] Ice Cream Truck [MOC] LEGO California Highway Patrol [MOC] LEGO Police Car [MOC] Police Motorcycle [MOC] New York City Taxi / Cab [MOC] LEGO NYC News Stand [MOC] New York City Transit Bus [MOC] Newspaper Rack [MOC] Coke/Beverage Cooler Initial D AE86 Racer AC Transit Bus AC Transit Bus Short Version Ice Cream Van
  3. MaxxusBricks

    Custom LEGO Newspaper Stand

    Hello! I want to share with you with my last MOC - Newspaper Stand. It's easy to build and you don't need a lot of bricks to make it. I like the colors and size of my MOC. I will build a few newspaper stands and put it in my city. Do you like it?
  4. I know what you're thinking: this is simply a renamed Winter Village Post Office. Well, you'd be half right. It IS a post office mod, but only because I was struggling to come up with a use for this building, as I already have a Post office for my town. I finally came up with this: a old fashioned newspaper store. (NOTE: There are supposed to be printed 1x1 tiles saying "LEGO NEWS" on the 2x4 bracket seen in the main picture.) Welcome to LEGO NEWS. We stock many newspapers and magazines from all over the LEGO realm. We have the City Financial news, (crucial to any businessman) the Old Times, (for any nostalgic mini-fig), the Night Out, (catering to the denizens of the Monster Realm) and even the original LEGO News. (for just about anybody!) We also stock the Daily Prophet & the Quibbler (for any witch or wizard of any age), the Daily Bugle, (for your superhero fix) Yoda Chronicles (for your galactic news) and of course we have comics for the kiddies. Here we see the rear of the store, where newspapers are sorted and tied up for their deliveries to subscribers houses. We also see the car and camera of the lead reporter: she's the one who covered the Alien Conquest fiasco in 2011. Close up of the newspapers. Here we can see Night Out, City Financial News, LEGO News, & Old Times. LDD file: Thoughts, questions, & complaints are always welcome!
  5. The Guardian, marking the anniversary of TLG filing patent on the LEGO brick has a look back on the toy as reported by themselves. It's a good read for anyone interested in that sort of thing.