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Found 2 results

  1. MAESTRO - Or the (Mpya) Stedor All-Encompassing Science, Trade & Resources Organisation - For the Sistercompany MAESTRO COR, view here - Quick Summary Eslandolan Members: Maxim I + TitusV + Faladrin + Captain Green Hair + Legostone Sister Company: MAESTRO COR Number of New World Settlements: 3 ESL + 1 COR Number of Licenced Vessels: 0 Total Trade Value of Colonial Settlements: 334 db (sep 617) Status as Eslandolan TC: Licenced (Charter) Status regarding new members: open for everyone! Also other faction members are welcome - - Flag - - Old World Headquarter The city of Stedor in Eslandola - - Sea of Storms Headquarter The settlement of Elysabethtown (Berelli) - - Prio Seas Headquarter The city of Trador (La Sombra) - - Colonies/settlements Elysabethtown (ESL - MAESTRO): Mayor Matteus Tomvaximus (Maxim I) & Elysabeth Drondil (TitusV) Quinnsville (COR - Tomsche): Mayor Thomas Smaugton Trador (ESL - MAESTRO): Mayor Yohannes Ethiximus (Maxim I) Lakor (ESL - Natives) - - Services Ship Broker - - Monopolies Apples & Apple Cider - - Warehouses Old World Stedor Terelli Madin (Tellvok) Sea of Storms Breshaun (OL) Elysabethtown Nova Terelli Quinsville (COR) Prio Seas Fuerto Unido Jameston (COR) Lakor Puerto Desafio Trador Drolitic Oceon Drolic (Tendorn) Forbidden Kingdoms Fuji (Kingdom of the Lotus) - - (Licenced) Production WIP Licenced Apple Orchard around Elysabethtown by Faladrin Apple Orchard around Trador by Maxim I Banana Plantation around Port Raleigh by Faladrin Swords in Elysabethtown by Maxim I Swords & Rifles in Quinnsville by Tomsche Vineyard in Trador by Maxim I - - Militia / Army Licenced MAESTRO Golden Stars (Regiment - 270 soldiers) 1st Battalion (Trador) Eslandola - Mardier War - 617 Nova Malto affair - 617 2nd Battalion (Madin) Eslandola - Mardier War - 617 Nova Malto affair - 617 Madin Border Defense - 617 & 618 3rd Battalion (Fuerto Unido) Eslandola - Mardier War - 617 Jungle Exploring Mission - 617 Nova Malto affair - 617 MAESTRO Naval Force (Company - 30 soldiers) Prince of Stedor Platoon (Madin) Prio War of Independence - 616 Eslandola - Mardier War - 617 Embassy in Madin guarding duty - 618 Pride of Elysabethtown Platoon 1 & 2 (Elysabethtown) Eslandola - Mardier War - 617 Blockade of Elysabethtown Town Militia Trador Guards (Battalion - 90 soldiers) 1st Company (Trador) Eslandola - Mardier War - 617 Blockade of Trador - 617 2nd & 3rd Company (Trador) Elysabethtown Guards (Platoon - 10 soldiers) Blockade of Elysabethtown Private Guards Lord Maxim I Royal MAESTRO Engineers (company - 30 soldiers) (Lakor) Nova Malto Affair - 617 Rebuilding of Lakor - 617 & 618 - - Important Characters Leader: Lord Maximilian Damaximus (Maxim I), duke of Stedor, Governor of La Sombra, Prince of Garvey - CEO [*]High Council Member: Lady Elysabeth Drondil (TitusV), mayor of Elysabethtown [*]High Council Member: Sir Filipe De La Manzana (Faladrin), Head of production & Native Relations [*]High Council Member Captain Green Hair (CGH), Head of Research [*]High Council Member: Sir Jerome Monezterell (Legostone), Head of Navy - COO
  2. Capt.JohnPaul

    Descubierto del Mundo Nuevo

    [pid][/pid] 254B Greetings all, I haven't made a Pirate themed MOC in awhile, so I decided to start with something small. I hope you like it!