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Found 2 results

  1. In a small office in Stedor --- "Enter please!" Lord Maximilian Damaximus entered the small office of the Eslandolan Naval Official. "It is me!" "Good day Mr. Me. Can I have your last name as well please?", the official replied Maximilian was speechless for a second... "Seriously? I am Lord Maximilian Damaximus, Duke of Stedor. You know Stedor right, it is this fine city you are working in..." The official replaced his glass on his nose... "Legitation please..." "Next time I'll bring a proclaimer with me, and a whole orchestra for accompanying music... Legitation please... Come on, every kid knows me here in Stedor..." "I need some proof Mister Damaximus". After searching for a while in his pockets, Maximilian finally found an official paper in his pockets, sufficent enough to proof his identity. "Perfect! What is the purpose of your visit Mr Damaximus?" "I would like to expand my shiplevels please". "No problem, please sign here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and hand me over the money please" With a sigh, Maximilian signed countless times and handed over the money. "I would also like to buy ship rights for MAESTRO please" "Sorry Mr Damaximus, it is noon and I fear I can't help you till 1 o'clock. Please come back later" Before he even realised what happened, Maximilian found himself outside the office again. Finding it completely ridiculous, he decided a nice walk along the quays would do him well". A few hours later, he returned back to the Eslandolan Naval Office and knocked on the official his door. "Enter please!" "Here I am again!" "Name and legitation please!" "Seriously??? I was here this morning!! Have you Corrington blood in your vains or what???" Maximilian throwed the legitation and a bag of money on the desk. "Here you are and here is the money for ship rights for MAESTRO. I guess I have to sign over there and there and there and there and there and there and there and there?" "Oh no sir, we choosed for easy administration for Trade Companies. You only have to sign here" Maximilian nodded his head. This is unbelievable... Anyway, that stupid administration is done. Let's start ERAII in style! --- edit --- Once again finding himself outside the building, a messenger arrived. "Lord Maximilian Damaximus, I am here to inform that Lord Monezterrell took care of the MAESTRO administration" "Darn it, you must be kidding me..."
  2. Already a few months ago (it must have been August of the year), some intersting stories happened in the world of BoBS. Let me show you some: The not-that-mad-at-that-time King of Eslandola grants an apple Monopoly to MAESTRO @kabel - @Maxim I Since the beginning of MAESTRO, its members have focused on apples, apples and much more apples. Those precious green thingies were cultivated near the MAESTRO settlement of Elysabethtown and even the Tenotclaxans were learned the mysterious ways of how an apple orchard works. I am not going to start giving a list of why we earn it, those who doubt about it, feel free to look to most of the MOC's Faladrin, TitusV, Legostone, Captain Green Hair and myself made and you will see that the famous apple make a cameo in a lot of them. Felipe de la Manzana, the Godfather of the famous MAESTRO apples, has even the holy duty to find the famous golden apple. MAESTRO officials have frequently asked Eslandolan leadership for the apple monopoly and the monopoly was pending for a while. Lord Maximilian Damaximus was very surprised that at one moment, his father-in-law (who is also the King of Eslandola), gave Maximilian an apple on one of his visits aboard the "Margot", stating: "you have to picture this moment for your apple monopoly". Some time flied by, before Maximilian realised that the apple monopoly still was pending, so that's why he is now posting the picture in one or other notorious Eslandolan Gossip Paper. After receiving the apple monopoly, Lord Maximilian Damaximus (why didn't I named my sigfig Tom Ato, that's a lot shorter...) was looking to the Eslandolan fleet sailing next to the "Margot". Ships and apples and hopefully soonish an own settlement. Life is good... The mad stuntdouble of the King kicking Corries @Maxim I - @TitusV On an island far far away, called Isla Phillipe, Corrington scientist have stranded for a daring expedition. They wanted to know how life of a pig looks like. Their research trip started very calm, but then suddenly, a fool dressed like the King of Eslandola came out of nowhere and started kicking Corries. To our beloved Corrington friends: we assure you that we had nothing to do with it. If you take a good look, you can definitely see that this version of the King is not the same as the King who is standing on the "Margot". We are very sorry about the events on Isla Phillipe and are sending you a pair of pigs so you can continue your examination. We also promise to track down that foolish stuntdouble as we think he is keeping our real King hostage and he is the villain after the recent Oleon - Eslandola thingy... Oleon scientists developped a new way of boarding a ship @Sebeus I - @WindBlowingThroughTheHall Oleon's most famous warship, "Beatrix", was hunting a pirate ship. Nothing wrong with this, we even applaud for the initiative. After getting next to its prey, the main mast suddenly collapsed. A trillion of Oleon Soldiers (well, at least 6 soldiers), quickly boarded the pirate ship and captured it. A brilliant tactic those Oleonandeozers developped! Famous Oleon Captain celebrates the victory with erm, let's just say he celebrates the victory! @Sebeus I - @Maxim I After capturing the pirate ship, Oleon Captain Sebeus spotted a sloop with two breathtaking girls and full of wine. Well, we did not heard a lot from the captain since that event, but I am sure he will be ready when M needs him for the next mission! He is our hero! His name is James, James Sebeus. Or was it Stephan James? Or Stephan Bond? Or Stephan Sebeus? Or... ?... Anyway, a painter painted the scene in case he needed some leverage one day... Sea Rats Fortress disappears and reappears as Eslandolan Fortress! @Captain Green Hair - @kabel Till the day of today (and even tomorrow), Corrington scientist are getting a headache figuring how one of the most mysterious tricks of the century has been pulled off!! One of the fortresses near Bastion suddenly disappeared and reappeared next to an Eslandolan hamlet! Even the bloody pirates were suddenly Greencoats!!! Strange things happens at BOBS... [other voice: ] You can say that again Mr. Garrison! Who is Mr. Garrison? Anyway: Oleon claims an island @Sebeus I - @Maxim I Well there was some competition, but Oleon was first. Megablocks you Oleon!!! More about this later! Life just go on in Eslandola @kabel - @TitusV - @Captain Green Hair - @Maxim I - @Sebeus I Alright, I have to admit, I think I am out of stories... I don't have a potato for the long post, but I do have some more pictures! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- and a few more --------------------------------------------- Well, Brickmania Limburg was a very fun event! Great that Kabel could find the time to be an exposant! I don't remember how many beers we had, but it was a fun weekend :D This table is 4 square meter. In exactly one month, you will see a post in this forum with a Pirate Lay-out 20x this size Hope you enjoyed the stories and pictures!! @Garmadon - @Kai NRG - @SkaForHire - @Phred : I hope that MAESTRO finally has its apple monopoly? The king has approven it :)