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  1. MAESTRO - MAjor ESlandolan TRade Organisation Or the (Mpya) Stedor All-Encompassing Science, Trade & Resources Organisation - For the Sistercompany MAESTRO COR, view here For the military overview + fleet overview, click here - Quick Summary Eslandolan Members: Maxim I + TitusV + Faladrin + Captain Green Hair + Legostone + Neighborhood Merchant Sister Company: MAESTRO COR Number of New World Settlements: 3 ESL Status as Eslandolan TC: Licenced (Charter) Status regarding new members: open for everyone! Also members of other faction are welcome for foreign branches - - Flag - - Old World Headquarter The city of Stedor in Eslandola, also known as Mpya Stedor - - Sea of Storms Headquarter The settlement of Elysabethtown (Berelli) - - Prio Seas Headquarter The city of Trador (La Sombra) - - New Haven Seas Headquarter The settlement of Damaborg (The Lowers) - - Colonies/settlements Elysabethtown (ESL - MAESTRO) - Sea of Thieves : Mayor Matteus Tomvaximus (Maxim I) & Elysabeth Drondil (TitusV) Quinnsville (COR - Tomsche) - Sea of Thieves : Mayor Thomas Smaugton Trador (ESL - MAESTRO) - Prio Seas : Mayor Yohannes Ethiximus (Maxim I) Lakor (ESL - Natives) - Prio Seas Damaborg (MAESTRO) - The lowers - - Services Ship Broker - - Monopolies Apples & Apple Cider - - Warehouses (=> trade) Old World Stedor Terelli Madin (Tellvok) Sea of Storms Breshaun (OL) Elysabethtown Nova Terelli Quinsville (COR) Prio Seas Fuerto Unido Jameston (COR) Lakor Puerto Desafio Trador Drolitic Oceon Drolic (Tendorn) Forbidden Kingdoms Fuji (Kingdom of the Lotus) - - (Licenced) Resources WIP Quicksilver Mine around Damaborg by Maxim I Licenced Apple Orchard around Elysabethtown by Faladrin Apple Orchard around Trador by Maxim I Banana Plantation around Port Raleigh by Faladrin Swords in Elysabethtown by Maxim I Swords & Rifles in Quinnsville by Tomsche Vineyard in Trador by Maxim I Shepherd in Damaborg by Maxim I Sawmill in Damaborg by Maxim I Silver Mine around Port Wilkins by Maxim I - - Important Characters Leader: Lord Maximilian Damaximus (Maxim I), duke of Stedor, Governor of La Sombra, Prince of Garvey - CEO High Council Member: Lady Elysabeth Drondil (TitusV), mayor of Elysabethtown High Council Member: Sir Filipe De La Manzana (Faladrin), Head of production & Native Relations High Council Member Captain Green Hair (CGH), Head of Research High Council Member: Sir Jerome Monezterell (Legostone), Head of Navy - COO High Council Member, Sir Arthur Williams (The Neighboorhood Merchant) - Well respected merchant - - Secondary Characters Nobility Princess Margot of Eslandola, married to Maximilian Damaximus Sir Yohannes Ethiximus, mayor of Trador Sir Mattheus Tomvaximus, husband of Elysabeth of Dondril Military General Reinaert Whisximus, general of the Sea of Thieves troops General Samu Whitedragon, general of the Prio Seas troops Captains Admiral Adrian Bostoximus, captain of the Margot Commodore Matt Lenoir, captain of the Purple Reign Merchants Seif Calli, Madin Trade Post in Tellvok Dieter Timmers, Drolic Trade Post in Tendorn Thomas Defauw, Fuji Trade Post in the Lotus Empire Explorers Jan Zwartbaard: Isla De Victoria, Southern Halos (currently in Dranomonto) Emanuel Alejandro Izquierdo (currently somewhere south of the Prio Seas)
  2. Origins - An Adventure MRCA Story INDEX Summary Prelude (this post) Chapter 1: Tellvok Part 1.a: Escorting Princes - The Request Part 1.b: Mesabi Adventure - The Voyage of the Aurora Part 1.c: Escorting Princes - Leaving Stedor Part 1 d: result @Kolonialbeamter Part 2.a: The Trador Agency for Exploring & Culture in Tellvok Part 2.b: The Stedor Embassy in Tellvok Part 2.c: result (Bregir) Part 3.a: Alleenridders Crytpe in Deliah Part 3.b: Leaving Tellvok Chapter 2: Journey to Destiny Part 1: Making choices - Welcome to Drolic - A Wine, a Dine and a Star to Shine Part 2.a: Firmy Boaty Inspectors Part 2.b: A Lotii Wedding Gift Part 3.a: Royals Part 3.b: "Hello little troublemaker" - - - - - SUMMARY Status: Prelude Participating members Chapter 1: @Maxim I (ESL) Trador (ESL) @Mesabi (COR) Chapter 2: Maxim I (ESL) Trador (ESL) Chapter 3: Maxim I (ESL) Participating vessels Prince of Stedor (Chap 1 - 3) Purple Reign (Chap 1 - 2) Margot (Chap 1 - 2) WTC Aurora (Chap 1) Point of start: Stedor - - - - - Prelude Origins of Stedor On a grey Sunday, Princess Margot found Lord Maximilian Damaximus in the library of Trador, examining a knight holding a shield with the herald of Stedor. “Are you homesick, my sweet prince?” Maximilian looked up, somewhat confused due the sudden interruption. “I am not really homesick, I was recalling stories told in my childhood about the origin of Stedor” “Oh stories! I love stories! Barbara (the maid), could you bring us some apple cider please!” “You see the golden star in the herald of Stedor? The same golden star that can be found on the flags of Elysabethtown, MAESTRO & Trador? That’s the golden star the Alleenridders gave to their headquarters as it was there where they always would return too, their home as they had forsaken their original homes. The Alleenridders were a brotherhood of knights from every corner in the world who roamed the known earth centuries ago. They helped the people who needed aid and their reputation was legendary. As their reputation grew, their army became bigger and their wealth enormous. Their residing city, the city of Ximus was a place of good living with many palaces and little povery. Envious kings allied together to bring them down, fearing the power of the Alleenridders. Those kings elected a new emperor, who would become known as the Dark Emperor. Around 95 AE, they besieged the capital of the Alleenridders, Ximus. The Alleenridders fought hard and brave, but had no other option than to surrender. Every single Alleenridder in the city was slaughtered and murdered. The whole city was sacked and plundered. However, a small group of Alleenridders, under command of Dama Mfalme Edehl of Ximus, was on a mission and when returning, they found everything gone. Ofcourse not all of the wealth of the Alleenridders was being saved in the lost city, so the small band took what they could take, and left. They went north and travelled in the night, hiding for their enemies. Ofcourse they had allies as well, but none of the allies could guarantee their safety against their enemies, as rumours said the dark emperor was destroying everyone helping the outlaws. The refugees travelled further north, but the spies of the Emperor were everywhere. At a sudden night, the remaining Alleenridders had no other choice than to sail into the unknown. In 102 AE, they arrived at the Madrice Empire. They were given a new land in the most southern corner of the Empire. They called their new home “Mpya Stedor”, what translates to “New City of Gold”. Only one year later, the Madrice Empire felt apart and Mardier was now ruling the region. The influence of the Dark Emperor didn’t reach that far North, and as a new Empire, Mardier had better things to do than to investigate who those Alleenridders were. Finally having a home again, the Alleenridders continued doing their duties, helping people wherever their path brought them. Traces of the Alleenridders could be found in Oleon, Varcoast, Corrington, … Some even dared to go as far south as Pan. The number of Alleenridders growed again, recruiting people from all those nations. Lord Dama Mfalme Edehl of Ximus died as an old and notable man, and his son, Gothe Mfalme Edehl of Stedor took over from him. To honour him and to not forget their history, Gothe adapted Damaximus as his last name instead of Mfalme Edehl. Now we are 500 years later and the Damaximus family still controls Stedor and its hinterland. With the invention of gunpowder, the knights became obsolete and the Alleenridders became the military branch of MAESTRO. But still, every child in Stedor dreams of the legends of the Alleenridders, their lost land and the fabulous wealth hidden. In the library of Stedor, there are many books written by Geshi Edeh Nis around 105 AE, and modern scientist of the Stedor University think they found where the hidden treasures can be found. The only problem we got is that no-one knows where exactly Ximus can be found on the modern maps.” Margot was quiet for a moment. She only heard a few of the stories of the Alleenridders as she grew up in Terelli, far away from Stedor. But she loves to read and stumbled across some ot the books of Geshi Edeh Nis in the Great Library of Terelli. - - - - -
  3. In a small office in Stedor --- "Enter please!" Lord Maximilian Damaximus entered the small office of the Eslandolan Naval Official. "It is me!" "Good day Mr. Me. Can I have your last name as well please?", the official replied Maximilian was speechless for a second... "Seriously? I am Lord Maximilian Damaximus, Duke of Stedor. You know Stedor right, it is this fine city you are working in..." The official replaced his glass on his nose... "Legitation please..." "Next time I'll bring a proclaimer with me, and a whole orchestra for accompanying music... Legitation please... Come on, every kid knows me here in Stedor..." "I need some proof Mister Damaximus". After searching for a while in his pockets, Maximilian finally found an official paper in his pockets, sufficent enough to proof his identity. "Perfect! What is the purpose of your visit Mr Damaximus?" "I would like to expand my shiplevels please". "No problem, please sign here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and hand me over the money please" With a sigh, Maximilian signed countless times and handed over the money. "I would also like to buy ship rights for MAESTRO please" "Sorry Mr Damaximus, it is noon and I fear I can't help you till 1 o'clock. Please come back later" Before he even realised what happened, Maximilian found himself outside the office again. Finding it completely ridiculous, he decided a nice walk along the quays would do him well". A few hours later, he returned back to the Eslandolan Naval Office and knocked on the official his door. "Enter please!" "Here I am again!" "Name and legitation please!" "Seriously??? I was here this morning!! Have you Corrington blood in your vains or what???" Maximilian throwed the legitation and a bag of money on the desk. "Here you are and here is the money for ship rights for MAESTRO. I guess I have to sign over there and there and there and there and there and there and there and there?" "Oh no sir, we choosed for easy administration for Trade Companies. You only have to sign here" Maximilian nodded his head. This is unbelievable... Anyway, that stupid administration is done. Let's start ERAII in style! --- edit --- Once again finding himself outside the building, a messenger arrived. "Lord Maximilian Damaximus, I am here to inform that Lord Monezterrell took care of the MAESTRO administration" "Darn it, you must be kidding me..."
  4. One of the most celebrated Kaliphlin champions is fighting in the Lonely Mountain Rumble. In the narrow streets in the volcanic city around the vulcano, he has a big advantage using his round shield and his long Ximian Spear to push enemies into the lava. ---- Without enemy: Sir Bath Manee Taimes: ---- For the Republic!! For Stedor!! C&C always welcome!! Note: I tried something new for myself with the windows :D
  5. The Nestlands are very well known for their rocks and vegetation, making it hard to live for its inhabitants. As it is an isolated area, their habits are a bit different than most other people in Kaliphlin. For example they worship birds... The area itself is very dangerous as you never know what way to reach one of the clans is safe. So the heavy equipped knights of Stedor layed down an ambush together with a local Nesltands Clan-member (fleshie, as requested by Gedren). A group of Desert King Warriors are patrolling the area, not aware of what is behind the rocks... For the Republic!! For Stedor!! C&C ofcourse welcome!!
  6. "Oh Centurion, Stedor has extinquished their lighthouse again. It will be a dark night like always..." "Hahaha, our Centurion will not hear you. We are in the middle of a sea... Come on, let's sleep some... Aisha, it's your turn to watch out for coming lights" And so the Ulandian Navy Soldiers in the Ghuba-ya Biashara closed their eyes and started sleeping... A few hours later: "I saw something in the water!! The ship is moving!!" Aisha yelled, "Shut up Aisha, it's a shark swimming around the ship. Even in the moonlight you can see it is a shark. And beside, we are anchored" Aisha was right, there was a shark in the water. But also a whole bunch of Mermaids who removed the anchors of the Patrolling Vessels so they could move them to another territory. A guerilla against Ulandus together with Bregir for Square J15 For the glory of the High Council!! Long live the real Kaliphlin!! C&C ofcourse welcome!! Also UoP for: - Hydrology : Underwater - Landscape: Sideaways Rocks
  7. Hi, For a website which will be launched officially in 2 weeks, we made a lego movie :) Enjoy! is a platform in Flanders (Belgium) where organisations, schools, groups, ... can put their opendoors / opendays so visitors can find those events :)