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  1. ScaleCarModels

    42078 Mack Anthem Mods and improvements

    Thanks for sharing your mods and LDD files. I will definitely be using these on my build. I really like the exhaust system and the dual wheel mod. I plan to build it as a day cab tri-axle heavy haul version.
  2. ScaleCarModels

    [MOC] Learning Curve Tow Truck

    Looks great I especially like the cab.
  3. ScaleCarModels

    House 1 [MOC]

    That's a good looking house. Is it built on a 32x32 baseplate? If you could share the lxf file that would be cool.
  4. ScaleCarModels

    [MOC] Modified Detective's Office

    Nice work I really like what you did with this set. Having a basement level is a cool idea. I agree with you on this being one of the best modular buildings. Expanding it the way you did makes it look even better. I originally planned to do a similar expansion, although not as detailed as yours. I decided instead to split the buildings into 2 separate modulars. I haven't started this project yet but hoping to real soon. I look forward to seeing more progress on your other builds.
  5. ScaleCarModels

    42078 Mack Anthem Mods and improvements

    You are correct super singles are becoming more common. I live in Missouri and see them all the time. I guess my issue is the difficulty required in converting it to a dual wheel config. I shouldn't complain since there's is only so much you can do at this scale with available parts from Lego.
  6. ScaleCarModels

    42082 - Rough Terrain Crane

    I am really looking forward to this set. I hope it isn't a let down like the 6x6 off road truck was.
  7. ScaleCarModels

    42078 Mack Anthem Mods and improvements

    I give it 10/10 from what I can see. I would like more pics if you have any available. This is exactly the way I want to build mine. Only difference would be I want to build a tri-axle heavy haul version. I don't think the 1:1 anthem is available in this configuration. That's what's great about Lego you can build it however you want. I'm not a big fan of the sleeper version or the trailer. I want to build a low boy or some type of flat deck trailer with a bunch of axles. I would also like to convert it to more a accurate dual wheel set up. So far it appears not to be a simple change.
  8. ScaleCarModels

    MOC - Modular based on Corner Deli 31050

    Nice work! I have wanted to turn this set into a modular also. I liked the concept and overall look. I think the execution out of the box was a let down IMO. I like the details and how you can still tell what it was based off of. You've given me some inspiration to get back to modding this set.
  9. ScaleCarModels

    Kenworth T600 big scale RC + trailer

    Impressive model great work!
  10. ScaleCarModels

    Homemade Road Plates

    Nice work! Adds a whole new level of realism to a lego city.
  11. ScaleCarModels

    The Commander Tri-Axle, 8x8 Oilfield Truck

    Impressive build this is definitely my new favorite technic MOC. You really captured the look of the actual machine and scale works out great.
  12. ScaleCarModels

    Bugatti Chiron W16 engine (mini-sized)

    Nice work . I hope Lego with release a smaller and more accurate piston engine in the future. The current offering is only good in limited applications. Most of the time it's out of scale or just looks out of place. Good thing we have builders like yourself that come up with these detailed alternatives.
  13. ScaleCarModels

    Storage and Sorting LEGO

    Freezer bags have a better seal and might have slightly denser plastic. To keep freshness and prevent freezer burn that's my guess.
  14. ScaleCarModels

    [WIP] Mack Granite GU-813 - Review added

    I am looking forward to seeing your progress on this build. That hood just on its own looks great.
  15. ScaleCarModels

    Lego Truck Trial Moscow Challenge 2017

    I love truck trials wish there were some in my area of the world. Building a large and capable trial truck is what got me back into Lego.