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  1. ScaleCarModels

    10265 - Ford Mustang Creator Expert: MODS

    This is a great set looking forward to building mine real soon. The mods everyone here has shared really help improve the appearance of the car. I can't decide how I want to build my set. My initial thought is either a lowered version with modern mods like a fuel injection engine conversation. Maybe going the opposite direction and making it full drag with big/little tires and a huge engine. My biggest challenge would be which wheel/tire combo to use if I chose the drag version. Anyone have any input or suggestions on parts I could use to achieve either one of these ideas? Guess I'll have to start building to see if any of this is even possible.
  2. ScaleCarModels

    Mack Granite 6x4 dump truck

    Looks great I would love to build this. Much better looking then the Lego 42078 version.
  3. ScaleCarModels

    42077 - Rally Car - MODs and Improvements

    Great mods for a great set! I almost didn't buy this set upon first seeing it. I am very glad that I did it's worth the money IMO. The set has a great parts selection and I enjoyed building it. It's a sweet model even built stock but with mods it's even better. Also the b model is just as good as main build. I love the way this looks great work. That dark azur is one of my favorite colors TLG produces.
  4. I like the direction you're going, it's a nice looking design. As posted above reinforcing the axle would be needed if you plan to add an weight to it. A simple axle between the wheels would help greatly. You could also use the links with tow ball from MB Arocs set. That would give the solid axle some extra flex. Maybe even use the same axle design used in that set. The downside would be far less ground clearance between the wheels. Guess it depends on how much weight you plan to add to it. Are you going to build a deck or side rails? I think a brick built deck using plates and tiles would look sweet. Looking forward to seeing more progress.
  5. ScaleCarModels

    [MOD] 60229 Rocket Assembly - Crane and Truck Upgrades

    Nice mods, they really help to pull everything together and give a more realistic look.
  6. I agree as well this thing looks great. I have 2 of these set since I love all the orange pieces and the wheels/tire combo included. If you make instructions I will definitely rebuild mine. Only mods I would make is deleting the axle based engine. I'm just not a fan of the way it looks. Maybe I'll create a brick based power plant and opening hood. This set is just a display piece to me. I'd give up technic fuctionality to have a more realistic model.
  7. ScaleCarModels

    review [REVIEW] LEGO 31078 Treehouse Treasures

    This set is definitely on my list. The build itself is cool and it has a nice selection of useful parts. No stickers included makes it even better. I think this set could easily be expanded to create a more detailed tree house or ship.
  8. ScaleCarModels

    42098 - Car Transporter

    Another great set in this next wave of technic releases. The b model is just as cool IMO. Might have to grab 2 of these to display both.
  9. ScaleCarModels

    42100 Liebherr R9800 Excavator

    I can't wait for this beast of a lego set to come out. It's gonna be expensive but I love large scale construction equipment. Real life and in scale model form it's all awesome to me. It'll be interesting to see mods and alternate builds built from this set. Looks like a bunch of useful parts if someone decided to build a c model. I'm not worried about any flaws regarding the powered elements. My plan is to build it as a display piece.
  10. Nice work, you did an excellent job of recreating this car in lego. I like all the details built into the model. The engine, gearbox/shifter, interior, and suspension are impressive looking. I'm no expert but scaling on everything looks great.
  11. ScaleCarModels

    42099 - 4x4 X-treme Off-Roader

    I am looking forward to this set and will be purchasing it ASAP. After watching the review videos my expectations we're spot on. As with any Lego set especially technic there's always room for improvement. I think that's what I like the most about this theme. It gives the builder a chance to create something that's unique. Even if it is just changing the color of some parts. There are more good aspects of this set then bad ones for sure. I haven't got enough skill yet to build a crawler MOC. My goal has been to have a vehicle to play around with on an off road crawler style coarse. This set along with extreme adventure will be good starting points to satisfy those desires. I look forward to seeing the "mods and improvements" for this set.
  12. ScaleCarModels

    Moc 42078c "Towtruck"

    Nice work this is a great set. I like seeing all the alternate versions that can be created. Even if you're not a truck fan there are lots of good pieces included.
  13. ScaleCarModels

    42078 Mack Anthem Mods and improvements

    Thanks for sharing your mods and LDD files. I will definitely be using these on my build. I really like the exhaust system and the dual wheel mod. I plan to build it as a day cab tri-axle heavy haul version.
  14. ScaleCarModels

    [MOC] Learning Curve Tow Truck

    Looks great I especially like the cab.
  15. ScaleCarModels

    House 1 [MOC]

    That's a good looking house. Is it built on a 32x32 baseplate? If you could share the lxf file that would be cool.