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Found 83 results

  1. Tom_Brick

    Hello! My name is Thomas

    Hi everybody, I'm Thomas or Tom for short. I've only recently returned to the world of bricks and am quite new to the AFOL sphere. My Lego story began as a kid in the 1980s with a couple of Classic Space sets. I collected all kinds of Space sets and as I got older moved on to first Model Team and then Technic. All of which I tended to heavily mod of course. At some point in my teens my love for Lego was superseded by other things and I didn't build bricks for more than 20 years. Fast forward to the COVID-Lockdown when a co-worker motivated me to get back into building Legos. But I was soon bored by most existing sets and continued where I left off as a teen and began designing MOCs. Nowadays, that's of course a lot easier with the software solutions out there and I quickly built up a library of MOCs. As my love for Space sets has not gone away since I was a kid, my current MOCs are all Star Wars and/or Classic Space related, though I'm currently also looking to go into modular buildings, in particular, I want to design a medieval city which unlike most medieval buildings is not supposed to have the "rotten medieval" look but a cleaner look. But it's still early days for that project. In case anybody is interested, you can have a look at my current MOC portfolio on my Rebrickable page here: Incidentally, that Rebrickable page is also how I found this forum as it showed up in my analytics as a source for clicks. Somebody must have linked to one of my MOCs on here. So I went over here, had a look and was intrigued by this AFOL community, hence why I signed up. Apart from designing and building MOCs I have just started another project, namely restoring my old sets. Just before Christmas I picked up two large boxes with my Lego bricks from my parents' attic and now I'm going through each model one by one, cleaning the bricks, re-ordering missing pieces and building them up again. The first set which I restored was the 928 Galaxy Explorer, next up will be the Alien Moon Stalker. Below are some pictures of my builds. I'm looking forward to many positive interactions with all of you.
  2. Hello everyone! I had a 10 yr hiatus from Lego, but had a recent spark of interest in Lego Technic during corona lockdowns. I hope to join the ranks of Technic MOC designers with fresh perspectives. I'll upload my backlog of MOCs soon, I'm excited to share them. LG from Austria Nice to see new members posting here every few hours, that means the community is alive and well!
  3. Toa_of_Shadow


    Hello eurobrick i am a new member on this site and would like to know somethings about the site. i am a CCBS and technic MOC-ist and I am wondering what kind wonderful creations I might find here. I have a self moc for my profile picture it’s just I need to find it.
  4. SpaceCossaX

    Hello, im SpaceCossaX

    Hello, everyone. My name is Denis, I'm 25 years old, and I have really bed English, sorry. Lego was a favorite toy/game in my childhood, but after 15 y.o. i start to move and work in different cities and countries, so have no time to create and volume in bags to take Lego with me. After some years I found LDD and start to create some virtual models. Now I have no PC for few mouns, and it's time to get some theoretical knowledge about how other peoples build they own MOC's I will post some my old models in train and city category. Preview:
  5. marcentrega

    Hi everybody!

    Hello everybody! I'm marc.entrega from Barcelona, Catalonia. I build LEGO City, Creator Expert, modular buildings, some ninjago sets, etc.. and I use MILS system MILS (Modular integrated Landscaping system for LEGO) As soon as possible, I will post my creations and collaborations in th City display of the best Spanish LEGO Association, Hispalug. :) Thanks!
  6. Krischan1712

    Hello, my name is Christian

    Hello there, I got back to Lego after many years when I built the Saturn V last year. After that, a colleage ask me the far-reaching question, if you could buy bricks separatly. After googling I found Bricklink, LDD and the likes, and by now I've got several shelfs full of models, and start running into problems to make more room. I'm a big fan of Sci-Fi series, so I got a lot of StarTrek models, several from BSG and Babylon 5, some (unofficial) StarWars models, as well as some individual items from films and series (Dune, 2001, Interstellar etc.). I started building models from unofficial instructions, continued with reverse engineering models from pictures, and by now I'm designing my own models from scratch. I still wish to learn how to improve the stability of bigger models tho, it's a little bit disappointing when parts of the model that look so stable in LDD just break off in real life ;) If there is any interest, I can post some pictures of the models. Best regards, Christian
  7. LittleM

    Hi from Denmark :D

    Hi :) My name is Mathieu and I'm arround 20 years old. I really like legos, had a lot when I was young, I'm in a pause (student, not a lot of money, other interests) but I'm planning to buy legos and play with legos again when I will have a work :) When I was young I made some brickfilms. I really liked lego creator and I had the lego Mindstorms which were fantastic! I'm curently in Erasmus in Denmark, living near Legoland and the Lego House (already visited, the lego house is soooo great!!!, and containes exclusive lego sets such as the Lego Architecture house 21037, if you know other exclusive let me know) Have a great day :D Mathieu
  8. ...inspiration, a hangout and place for some MOCs You didn't think that was an old-school personals ad, did you? Well I try to be original, if nothing else. CycoPablo (syko-Pablo) is an amped-up version of my real name, Paul. I'm somewhat of an AFOL, but I don't buy much stuff as I can't abide excessive clutter. Plus, our place is a smallish villa and we have limited space. As Jeremy Clarkson once put it, more trinkets than a pensioner's mantelpiece! I'm Australian, born and bred. Any questions, fire away.
  9. JangoFett140

    "Hello There"

    Hey everyone! Glad to be on the forums finally. I've been a huge Lego and Star Wars fan since getting the 99 Naboo Star Fighter for Christmas. That present literally changed my interest in life. Finally getting deep into the world of MOC's and am going to start with heavily modding my UCS 75192 Falcon into ESB version and building a large Echo Base Hanger to display it in. Once I can manage to get Brickshelf site to cooperate I'll start posting my progress on stuff.
  10. Hi everyone! It's been 6 years since I last visited this amazing Lego site and after resetting my forgotten password, I am now back for the second time round! My name is Aaron and I last posted here in 2008. Back then I really rediscovered my lost childhood love of Lego, and I fell back in love with the shiny little plastic bricks hard! Unfortunately, after a good few months of posting on here and building various unfinished projects, I slowly started to lose interest and once those magical little bricks were tidied away, they have stayed there ever since. I am now living in my own flat with my (ever so understanding) girlfriend, but my countless boxes of Lego are still stored at my parents house (though not for long I'm sure ). Recently I found myself itching to have another go at it. I have just purchased a few bargain sealed Lego City sets from the last few years and should be building them within the next few days (around the daily work grind ). Fun builds with lots of pieces, such as the 4439 Police Heavy-Lift Helicopter for £20.00 and I've just picked up the 4436 Police Patrol Car for only £5.00. Looking at the latest sets, It's amazing how intricate the designs are now, with so many new parts and building techniques implemented. I did find it quite difficult to go through with it and spend my hard earned money, on what most people think as children's small plastic building blocks. But I like to think that by having such a massive interest in Lego as a child, it helped me become who I am today in adult life. I am a very hands on person who is always interested in how things are made and how they work. I do moan a little at how expensive Lego is these days, but I am surprised at how the quality of current Lego products is still so high! I would much rather them keep their quality high, than cut corners or cheapen the bricks. So I understand that for this reason, the prices have to increase with today's economical climate. I am in need for an enjoyable hobby, one where I can really stretch my now dwindling adult imagination. Maybe a hobby that lets you just escape this harsh world you slowly discover as you get older. I have now chosen to buy some Lego, to rediscover some of that enjoyment and imagination I had as a kid. I also hope to interact with other Adult Fans of Lego on these forums, it's been a while since I participated in any social forums online but I know how much fun they can be and especially this one. So I hope to have a good old chat with you lovely people, Lego is an amazing system indeed and it's nice that we can all share our enjoyment of it with others here at the Eurobricks forums. Thank you
  11. Undershadow

    Hello from Maryland!

    Hello, my fellow Lego fans! My name is Undershadow. I've been a long time lurker of Eurobricks, but decided today to change that. I come from Maryland, as may be assumed from the title of this post. One of my favorite things to do with Lego is animate. I make brickfilms of all genres, mostly leaning toward comedy though. I look forward to extending my stay on Eurobricks and can't wait to actually participate in discussions going forward. Thanks!
  12. Hi all My name is Nate Dias, from Nottinghamshire, UK. I came out of my dark ages around ten years ago, whilst at university. Since then I have been collecting and MOCing whenever I can. After visiting a few shows I was persuaded to join a LUG (Brickshire) and that really started my AFOL life. Since then I have exhibited my MOCs at lots of different shows around the UK, and I am now a LAN Ambassador for Northern Brickworks RLUG. More recently I have been a contestant on a TV show here in the UK called 'LEGO MASTERS', I don't know how many of you will have heard of it though? I enjoy collecting Creator, City, and Marvel Superheroes sets, as well as making my own MOCs too. I'm really excited to get to know you all and to become a part of this fantastic community. Thanks Nate
  13. Hello, I'm a new member here. I have been into Lego for almost 25 years. I had about 8 dark age years in there. I started back into Lego because of anxiety. Building the sets helped calm me down and let me focus on something. Most of that anxiety is gone now and I just enjoy the building. I do both building of official sets and MOC's. I do post to Instagram as bricks_bc as much as I can so people can see what I've built. I also have a small Lego City as space permits, with a new addition coming this week in the palace Cinema (trying to catch up before they retire). My favorite themes are city, super heroes (marvel), and space (this includes all of the space police, alien conquest, Galaxy Squad, and of coarse classic). I have always been an avid collector. For years I collected comic books, I even had a very unsuccessful you tube channel about it (haha). But my main focus has been Lego. I'm lucky enough that my girlfriend lets me have the 2nd bedroom just for this. Thanks, Bricks_bc
  14. Bostons Brick Closet

    Hello my name is boston

    Hi I am boston... and I run the boston's brick closet youtube channel ( and the website (
  15. HarrisonWells


    Hello, My name as you can see is HarrisonWells, and I am an engineer that moved from Germany to the U.S.A. My hobbies include lego, comic books, Rubik's cube type puzzles, and anything pretty much related to the 80s. I have been happily married for 14 years, and I have two kids. Some of my favorite tv shows include: all the star treks, Star Wars the clone wars and rebels, macgyver (the old one), the a-team, knight rider, greatest American hero, alf, full house, family ties, the flash, arrow, legends of tomorrow, supergirl, duck dynasty, fresh of the boat, Kevin can wait, doctor who, leave it to beaver, and the Andy Griffith show.
  16. CCWolffe3636


    Hello my name is CCWolffe3636 which is a reference to Clone Commander Wollfe, CC 3636 for you Star Wars the Clone Wars fans. I am a massive fan of Star Wars and I particularly enjoy Star Wars the Clone Wars and the Star Wars: Republic comics. I'm currently a student hoping to become a software developer of some kind. I hope to share some MOCS and Brickfilms in the not to distant future! Thanks for reading!
  17. Hello, my name is Ryan. I'm also known as 8-Bit Ramen. I'm a pretty crazy dude, and I do way too many things other than Lego... My two favorite Lego themes are Star Wars and Harry Potter. I also really like the Marvel themes, even though I only have a few of it's sets. I also like Steven Universe, which I think Lego should make sets of, and Gravity Falls. My favorite video game is Assassin's Creed Revelations, even though I grew up on Mario and Pokemon. My favorite band is Gorillaz, and if you ever see me, I'll most likely be playing my ukulele. I was kind of poor as a young child (don't pity me) so I didn't really get many Lego sets, and when I did, they were gifts or hand me downs.. But when I was Twelve I decided I would get back into collecting Lego, and it's still one of my passions. My favorite Lego Youtuber is just2good. Speaking of, some of my social media and links will be down below. I can't post a picture of my SigFig (or maybe I can and I'm just a noob...), but he's a guy in a Slytherin uniform and has a blue lightsaber. His name is just tiny Ryan or tiny 8-Bit Ramen. Youtube: Twitter: Since it's that time of year, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Kind Kwanzaa, and everywhere in between!
  18. ScaleCarModels

    Hello! AFOL from Missouri, USA

    Hello Eurobrick members! My name is Rick and I am from Missouri, USA. ScaleCarModels is the username I use on forums and my Youtube channel. I just got back into building LEGO at the beginning of 2016 after being out since I was ~14. Turned 32 this year and this hobby make me feel like a kid all over again I love it. I have been checking this site regularly for few months, but the TC10 Pneumatics contest is what really pushed me to become a member. Technic is my preference and I have built up quite a collection. I am glad to be here with fellow LEGO enthusiasts and cant wait to share my creations with the community. Good Day
  19. Bricks4Me

    Hello, I'm Bricks4Me

    Hello Yout... Eurobricks! So, my name is Michael but most people know me as a youtuber named Bricks4Me. I'm a lego fan, I like almost all lego themes, I'm a TFOL, I make brickfilms, and I like the community. When I was 10, me and my parents moved out of an apartment and were homeless for about a year or 2, but we stayed at my uncles place. On my 11th birthday, I got a lego games set called Creationary, and boy did my imagination get bigger, or so it felt. So with birthday money, i got some 2010... 2011... city police sets, and my lego universe just grew from there.
  20. DComics Shop

    Hello from Serbia!

    Hello my name is Ferenc Matyus 34 yers old, and I`m a new user on this platform. A year ago discovered again (since my childhood) the beauty in creation with the Lego cubes. I`m on some projects and just recently finished my first bigger statue which is a life-size Superman Lego sculpture. I look forward to sharing it with everyone. Have a nice day!!
  21. Hello, I'm legobagel, as you probably read. I've been following the forums, but haven't posted much. I have been playing with LEGO (I'm proud to admit it) for a while now. I'm a collector of Marvel sets, Dimensions packs, and currently trying to top off my Disney collection. My YouTube channel is legobagel, but I probably a won't be very interesting to you. (It isn't that good.) I hope to have fun and meet all you awesome people on these forums, and I ask that you help me around a bit, because I'm new and might be a little confused. Thanks for your time, and see you later!
  22. - Where I come from; but I live in Copenhagen. My name is Helgi. I am most interested in LEGO Mindstorms and Technic, but also Mocs
  23. Hello everyone from north Italy (Milan). I'm a fan of LEGO since I was a child and I own some sets. About one month ago I started to design some sets using Lego Digital Designer software and I'm fascinating about it ! As soon as I will finish something I will share with the community !
  24. Rider Raider

    Hello from the other side!

    Hey guys! Rider Raider here! I'm an American AFOL who prefers building medieval (RPG style, might join Heroica! The RPG.), Town, and Technic. Hope to see you all! ~~~_|<<<~~~~ Rįder RAIDE_R