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  1. Oshikaru-Sensei

    Your First Pirate Set!

    This is a lengthy/uncertain entry, because I don't know what my first Pirate set is. I inherited a TON of Lego from my Brother, and I've found a few parts that are Classic-Pirate-specific in my bins of parts. I'm new to Pirate Lego in my adulthood, my only new/intact Pirate memorabilia is a Classic Captain Redbeard Minifig I ordered off of Ebay not too long ago. I have a few new Pirate-esque things, namely some Ninjago stuff from that new Arc they're doing, but not much else. I'm a sucker for anything Classic Lego or Historic, but Pirates are definitely my weakest theme. I don't even own a ship! I still love looking at other people's creations. If I had the money or the time, I'd definitely get involved.
  2. Oshikaru-Sensei

    Shogun castle

    You pretty much nailed the Classic Lego Ninja feel - I saw this thing and immediately started salivating with Lego envy. Classic Lego Ninja was one of my favorite themes as well, and it's probably why I love Ninjago so much. Even though I know nothing about Ninjago, I have a ton of the sets. lol
  3. Oshikaru-Sensei

    [MOC] Samurai Samukai

    I love this MOC so much, It's incredible! I'm just imagining a Lego Ninja Minifigure having to fight this thing. That would be horrifying and awesome at the same time.
  4. Oshikaru-Sensei

    [MOC] Alone in Nature's Beauty

    The large tree alone is incredible with all of it's roots and jagged branches, but this entire MOC is so inviting and immersive that I can practically hear the river running. Excellent work!
  5. Oshikaru-Sensei

    MOC- Huge Samurai Village-Mountain-Volcano-Lights

    The only word I can use for something like this is breathtaking. I'd be honored to purchase the Ideas set you've proposed, you are an amazing builder. Consider it supported. Excellent work!
  6. Oshikaru-Sensei

    Have LEGO products become more violent?

    Okay, so this was my mistake - I didn't mean that I don't agree with the concern, or that portrayals of source material should continue without filter. What I meant was that, with Lego's advancements with prints, molds, and set size and scope, it totally makes sense for them to delve into more realistic, authentic blasters, swords, guns, and portrayal of more conflict-based scenarios. I merely made the Grand Theft Auto realism/authenticity comparison for the reasons of immersion, not that I think people are overreacting/not right to be concerned. To summarize, the GTA comparison was "Here are two things that have improved in their immersion and features over time, both Lego's weapon molds and subject matter, and Grand Theft Auto's world authenticity." NOT "GTA does Strippers, so Lego should have guns and murder!" I'm sorry if that caused any confusion.
  7. Oshikaru-Sensei

    Which Themes Deserve a Reboot?

    Classic Castle, with Ninjas, Wizards, and other non-Knight things. That's what I liked most about Classic Castle - It felt like a more developed, intricate world/theme with other Minifigures in the same world, acting upon eachother without having to be Knight VS Knight.
  8. Oshikaru-Sensei

    Have LEGO products become more violent?

    The best way I could put how I see it is that they're letting kids see more facets of reality through Lego, rather than making it more violent. If something exists, why snuff out it's existence in their interpretation? That's just dishonest portrayal to it's source material. Example: Lego Star Wars? Blasters exist in Star Wars, so there are blasters in Lego Star Wars Sets. Lego Superheroes? The Joker and his Goons have guns, so Lego gave them those comical Chicago Typewriters in Superhero Sets. If anybody interpreted this question as "Have LEGO products become more violent INTENTIONALLY?" Then they don't deserve to cover this in a study or on a News outlet. They're asking the wrong question, and interpreting our question incorrectly. It's like Strip Clubs or Prostitutes in Grand Theft Auto. The game isn't sexist for having them, they exist IN REAL LIFE. It's just emulating facets of reality for the player and the purposes of being realistic, nothing more.
  9. Oshikaru-Sensei

    Hey! I'm Oshikaru, but I'm NOT your Sensei.

    I wasn't expecting such a warm welcome, thanks everybody! I'm gonna try my best to take clear pictures, I have a separate gooseneck lamp for lighting and a Lego room for photography, storage, and building. At the very least, if the definition on the photo isn't very high, it'll still be lit well and in focus.
  10. Oshikaru-Sensei

    How do you buy LEGO?

    For custom Lego, like creating scenes with custom weapons, accessories, and custom printed Minifigures, it's Firestartoys, Brickmania, GiBrick, and back when you could order off the site itself, Brickarms. If it's Legit Lego, I use Thrift Stores, Flea Markets, Ebay, Amazon, and Local stores like Walmart and Target. Just the other day I was at 4 different Thrift Stores, I got two bags of Bionicle parts, all in perfect order, no broken clips for the ball joints or anything, and two bags of basic Lego parts. Random assortment of bricks and whatnot, Dark Red slopes and dishes, Pearl Gold studs, a Minifigure Medical Stretcher in White, and one of those Ice Meteor pieces from the Arctic theme. It was an awesome haul for not knowing what I'd find or if I'd find anything at all. Due to medical issues, I'm currently out of work and out of school, so I can't really afford more than one set at full price per outing, but that's really just because I'm cheap when it comes to full-price sets. I'd much rather buy very specific things on Bricklink or Ebay for the same price as a regular Lego Set. No offense to anyone who likes the current Lego themes, but in my personal opinion, everything other than Ninjago and the basic staples (Superheroes and Star Wars.) Is pretty lame as of late. I really don't like Nexo Knights, nothing about that theme feels like it'll be relevant in a year's time, and you can't use it anywhere outside of it's own theme - It's like Lego Ninja Turtles. Cool parts, but not particularly modular or applicable in the Minifigure or vehicle department. Sorry if I got off topic there, just thought I'd leave an opinion real quick.
  11. Oshikaru-Sensei

    What would you like for the next Castle line?

    I know Ninjago and Nexo Knights exists, so It's probably unlikely, but I would love to see some classic Ninja and Castle-esque sets wtih Lego's new production value with their pieces and prints. Maybe some generic Ninjas and Knights with some canons and carts would be awesome, like one of my favorite new-ish (I say new-ish because it was 2013) castle sets, LEGO Castle Forest Ambush (Set 70400) I would like to clarify, I love Ninjago, I would just like some non-Knight oriented Castle sets. I liked the classic era of Castle when it had things for the Knights to fight that Aren't other freakin' Knights. It felt like a more developed world/theme. Could you imagine if they made sets with Ninja Minifigures like the Collectible Minifigure Series Samurai and Ninja? That'd be incredible. Sorry if my input wasn't very well thought out or easy to read, I just wanted to leave that there. I just love the more generic/non-branded sets with Yellow Minifigures. They're so much more modular.
  12. ... Unless you want me to be. Opening jokes aside, I'm not really good at introductions, but I'm an avid Lego fan, I'm 18 years old, and armed with my crappy phone camera and my gaming PC, I plan to make friends, show off out-of-focus MOCs, show off custom minifigures, discuss Lego, and a bunch of other stuff that I can't predict but am very excited for. I've already visited a few posts, I've seen some very talented people on this site building wondrous things. I look forward to meeting as many of you as I can, talking about all things Lego! (If I did something wrong, please point it out, It's the only way I'll learn - I read the entire Rules page, but I wouldn't doubt I made some kind of mistake on my first day.)
  13. Oshikaru-Sensei

    [MOC] The Harbor

    This is absolutely gorgeous. Excellent work!