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Found 29 results

  1. Yoshifan33

    Greetings, Exalted Ones.

    Hey, everyone! My name is Yoshi, and I've been building LEGO sets for quite a while (even though I stopped for a good few years, I'm slowly moving back to the "Build ALL the LEGO!" phase). Currently, I've only made one or two MOCs (but I'm pretty proud of them, since I've only used pieces from the bin I've had for years!), and both of them are from Star Wars (my personal favorite scenes, in fact!). I'm also working on making some custom movie themes, such as Night of the Living Dead and The Thing (the only movie with Mac and Windows ). I look forward to getting to know everyone better here, and I hope you guys accept one or two more "Mustafar High Ground" builds...
  2. Recently stationed in the north of Corrington, Captain Brickleton receives orders to gather his company of infantry and light cavalry and to head south to the port at Belson. With the season changing and the cold winds beginning to blow, he is most ready to head south. While he had distinguished himself as a tactician and leader in past engagements, indiscretions with a general's daughter have stunted his career prospects. He looks on his new orders as a chance to get back in his superiors' good graces. He suspects upon reaching Belson he will learn that he is being sent to the Sea of Thieves to support Colonel Sir Dirk Allcock. Time will tell. He also looks forward to seeing his father, a retired general, when he returns to Belson. Captain Brickleton has his men break camp and form up to begin the long march south. "A Messenger Arrives in Camp" "Breaking Camp and Preparing To Head South"
  3. dialga586

    Hello there!

    Hello Eurobricks! I'm dialga586 and I've been a huge Lego fan starting from preschool! I'm in high school now, after a hiatus from Lego. I was brought back by the James Bond DB5 that came out a couple years back! I very recently began dabbling in MOC's using Bricklink's Studio. Some of my favorite subjects are cars and things from movies, and my favorite themes are Technic and Creator Expert. See you around!
  4. <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> Home. The smell of salt water brought a strange peace to me. The sound, too, was one of peace. It was one I had not heard in years. But I was back in Varlyrio, and this time I would not allow myself a quiet exile. The story of my life had not been a happy one. Born the illegitimate son of a Trading Company leader who needed no scandal, I was shuffled off to live with humble folk. Lord Raxus refused my mother aid as she died, refusing to even tell me where she was buried when I finally found out the truth. With plenty of years now insulating him from the fear that any would use me or my mother against him, he had me trained in the art of single combat. He used me as a Ranger, his eyes and ears where he needed them But I crossed a line. Succession in the Company would go to he who married his daughter, as he had no legitimate son. When I told him I would burn in the tallest towers of the Black Spire before I married a half-sister, he sent me into exile. And there I had remained. Until now. The Aarinstahrr, as the leader of the Black Lodge Trading Company was called, had died. And I had been summoned back. I felt, rather than saw the Guard behind me. "Well?" "You are Raxus Orsen Waythe?" "I am." "Then you must come. You have been appointed Aarinstahrr." I smiled. It was good to be back.
  5. ...inspiration, a hangout and place for some MOCs You didn't think that was an old-school personals ad, did you? Well I try to be original, if nothing else. CycoPablo (syko-Pablo) is an amped-up version of my real name, Paul. I'm somewhat of an AFOL, but I don't buy much stuff as I can't abide excessive clutter. Plus, our place is a smallish villa and we have limited space. As Jeremy Clarkson once put it, more trinkets than a pensioner's mantelpiece! I'm Australian, born and bred. Any questions, fire away.
  6. JangoFett140

    "Hello There"

    Hey everyone! Glad to be on the forums finally. I've been a huge Lego and Star Wars fan since getting the 99 Naboo Star Fighter for Christmas. That present literally changed my interest in life. Finally getting deep into the world of MOC's and am going to start with heavily modding my UCS 75192 Falcon into ESB version and building a large Echo Base Hanger to display it in. Once I can manage to get Brickshelf site to cooperate I'll start posting my progress on stuff.
  7. Legofin2012

    Intro: Northern Huntsman

    Many creatures roam the North, most posing no threat unless you are unfortunate enough to wander into their territory. But sometimes these creatures roam too close to civilization, and when that happens, they become the unfortunate ones. Northern Huntsman usually hunt in small groups, protecting small remote villages from possible predators, but a mere dire-wolf can be dealt with by a lone Huntsman if needed to. And just the figs and wolf head: So first off apologies for not being particularly active in the last month or so, mostly life got in the way, but I'm trying to make more time for lego-related stuff, especially for Challenge V with hopefully a 2 part story build And also this is a build from 2 months ago, for CCCXIV, but for my Challenge V builds and story, my "new" sig-fig is going to be present so I thought it best to introduce him a bit first. But of course without giving any spoilers for my character story ( Pt.1, Pt.2, Pt.3 and Pt.4 ), which I'm hoping to continue some time soon. -Thanks for looking!
  8. Dwarf

    I'm here

    Hello, I'm a long time lurker but I thought I would make an account.
  9. Hello, my name is Ryan. I'm also known as 8-Bit Ramen. I'm a pretty crazy dude, and I do way too many things other than Lego... My two favorite Lego themes are Star Wars and Harry Potter. I also really like the Marvel themes, even though I only have a few of it's sets. I also like Steven Universe, which I think Lego should make sets of, and Gravity Falls. My favorite video game is Assassin's Creed Revelations, even though I grew up on Mario and Pokemon. My favorite band is Gorillaz, and if you ever see me, I'll most likely be playing my ukulele. I was kind of poor as a young child (don't pity me) so I didn't really get many Lego sets, and when I did, they were gifts or hand me downs.. But when I was Twelve I decided I would get back into collecting Lego, and it's still one of my passions. My favorite Lego Youtuber is just2good. Speaking of, some of my social media and links will be down below. I can't post a picture of my SigFig (or maybe I can and I'm just a noob...), but he's a guy in a Slytherin uniform and has a blue lightsaber. His name is just tiny Ryan or tiny 8-Bit Ramen. Youtube: Twitter: Since it's that time of year, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Kind Kwanzaa, and everywhere in between!
  10. (This is my re-introduction into SoNE! Hope you enjoy the build. I'd like it to be judged.) Windusky entered the meeting room, after taking a deep breath. He had just finished his training last week, and already he had a well known officer recruiting him for his regiment. Windusky: "Reporting for duty, sir." Officer Crux: "Stand at attention, rookie." "Yes sir!" "Your strategy skill is quite impressive. Your test statistics show high scores." "I've been the best at holochess and battle-starship since i was a kid." "I see. Now, before i test your strategy skill for myself, i have your first mission. I need you to over see the mining operation on Kessel. Make sure the miners are doing their jobs right." "When should i head out?" "ASAP. Oh, and sergeant Thast here will be accompanying you." Sarg. Thast: "Your sending me with this rookie?" "Yes, to teach him the ropes. Now, you two get going. I want a report on the mining progress tomorrow." - "Yes sir!" Officer Rand: "You seem awfully sure of Windu's skills. Are you sure of him?" "I am. Weren't you paying attention during his strategy challenges?" "I was, until i fell asleep because he kept winning." "That's what i mean. He's good. He could even possibly take your place soon." "All i know is that you better have a good explanation to Lord Vader if Windu fails to fill his expectations." "Understood." To be Continued... Let me know what you think! CC is welcome, and i hope you enjoyed my re-introduction! I'll be working on the next freebuild soon! More pics of the build on my flickr page.
  11. Meet Olivier Thibaut. He is a farmer's boy, growing up in a remote, rural area of central Oleon. It's a quiet and beautiful place he calls his home, far away from all world's troubling affairs. But Olivier is 16 years of age, a young man, and although still a child at mind his dreams are big. He wants to be out there. He wants to see more of this world. However, Olivier is bound by his family's values and by regional traditions. 'Change' is not a favorite term of most. Yet ever since fantastic stories of new lands across the vast sea are spreading - along with rumors of all their promises, riches and adventures - all he can think of is travel - and new shores. What will the future hold for Olivier? Well, only time will tell. In fact... I will... but later Most of the freebuilds to follow will bare some connection to Olivier's story, be that by direct interaction, places visited or people met, although not from the beginning, since parts of his story are way older than the rules of BoBS, and now merging both 'worlds' will need a little time. Also, as you might guess, this is going to be an all digital approach to this venture. Rest assured however, that it is my personal challenge that everything could be build in real bricks unless stated otherwise. On that subject, in this build the tiny flag on the fort would not work, but could be replaced by a minifigure hand or whatnot. Oh, and here's a bird's view of that little scene. Thanks for watching, C&C welcome.
  12. Another fine Corrington national is looking to join the Empire's exploration and expansion effort - William "Daring Billy" Dodger. The son of a respected architect, Billy has recently graduated from the Belson Royal Engineering University, where he was known for his practical jokes and some rather unsuccessful experiments in the development of a safer type of gunpowder. Billy is now pursuing his lifetime dream: a career in the powerfull Corrington Navy. To this end, he has used his professor's connections to get an audience with a renown Navy admiral. "Uhm.. yes... well.. your references are certainly uhm... impressive... uhm.. Well, I suppose I could always use a decent engineer. We're quite short of hands, with everyone in the country losing their bloody minds and heading east to the New World and all... Uhm.. Well... Let me think.... Ah! I think I've got the perfect assigment for you! Follow me to the shipyard." "One of our captains found this ship abandoned and adrift near Tiberia. It's a little banged up and all, but still quite.. uhm.. seaworthy. The shipyard can't keep up with the demand for new ships, so we're refitting this one. You know.. uhm.. the weirdest thing happened, one of the crew that found her almost had his uhm.. foot bitten of by a crocodile that had crawled on board." "What was the ship called, admiral?" "Oh.. uhm.. the Saint Vitus Dance... Our intelligence suggests she was under command of an inexperienced captain by the name of.. uhm.. Croquet.. but never returned from a trade run" "I see" "Bloody Oleon scum with their weird names... But we're renaming her Torrent. I want you to oversee the overhauling. See if you can make this uhm.. primitive piece of crap.. into something worthy of the Corrington navy." "Aye sir!" And so Billy sets of, drawing up plans and overseeing the construction process. And two weeks of hard work later, the Torrent is ready for inspection by the admiral. Billy, however, has a little joke in mind to play on the admiral.... "Well sir, there she is! I made some changes to the rigging as well. The first sea trials were a bit dissapointing though...." "What the?!?!" "Stand still so I can cut off your head! You good for nothing bungler!" "Whaaaa! It's a joke, admiral, it's just a joke!" One beating and two hours reconfiguring the rigging later.... "She's a fine ship Billy, she'll be a fine addition to the merchant fleet. I could use someone like you on the crew!" "Thanks lieutenant.. But I'm not sure the admiral is keen on having me in the Navy though..." ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In real life of course, the Torrent and St Vitus Dance are two different builds, but similar enough to conceivably be transformed with some barrels of paint and some minor woodworking. Also, instead of being just a piece of scenery, the Torrent is a sturdy ship with play features, taking me back into my comfort zone. Both the anchor and the tackle are functionial, and can be controlled by either turning the capstan or the little knob at the back of the ship. Switching between the two functions is done by turning the barrel in front of the foremast. Implementing these features in a small prefab hull was a real challenge! Oh, and Lego, could you make those technic 2x8 plates in brown please? She is armed with four 12-pounders, and a large cargo hold, fitting a class 3 trade ship. The sails are waterproof and tearproof paper, so they will probably last me a while. The stern with the dinghy removed. The black gear can be pulled out 2 studs length and then drives the capstan mechanism. The quarter galleries turned out quite nice. I may have to redesign the stairs to the poop deck though. More pics in the Brickshelf gallery! (Edit: typo)
  13. Main Character: Victor Servadac of the White Glove Order. Victor was a young and promising architect who lost his legs in an accident where one of his buildings collapsed. Defect Building by Stig Ove Bjørnstad, on Flickr It was said that he must have swapped some of the materials with a cheaper quality than what was ordered by the customer. Rubble by Stig Ove Bjørnstad, on Flickr Victor took the fall hard. He had brought shame upon his family name and left the country for many decades. He traveled throughout the continent collecting inspiration and getting to know people. From the Madrice Peninsula through Corrington, to Olean and even further, but everywhere he went the rumors eventually followed. Although his reputation suffered, he still managed to get the odd job from people that had a different view on using cheaper materials. He fancied a glass every know and then at the local taverns, and discovered people confided to him without him saying much. This was noted by certain individuals and because of this he got aquainted and inducted into an old fellowship, known as the White Glove Order. After many years, he has gained enough trust within the Order to lead their initiative in New Terra. Victor see the discovery of new lands across the sea of storms as a possibility to gain a fresh start, and his friends in the WGO see it as a way to gather new influences. Portrett Servadac og co by Stig Ove Bjørnstad, on Flickr Character: Gilroy O’Dougahallahan of the White Glove Order. Gilroy is making sure the books are ajour, so the money comes as it should. And goes where it should. He always carries a case with dueling pistols, but being a renowned pugilist, he does not shy away from fisticuffs if it comes down to it. Character: Alfonso Stabboni of the White Glove Order Stabboni, a man of few words, but when he speaks he does it with his whole face and body. His sceptisism does not earn him many friends, but he reckons he has the friends he needs. Alfonsos main duty is to ensure that the contracts that Servadac make on behalf of the WGO are fulfilled, whatever way he see fit.
  14. Micah "the Silent" of Wolf-Haven, is the second son of Lord Alexander of Wolf-Haven. Lord Alexander was granted his rank and lands from the crown due to his heroic actions and valiant service to the crown during the 49 Years War. He settled down and had several children. His land is willed to go to his eldest son, but the younger Micah is willed to receive the businesses Alexander owns and operates in the various cities. Micah was sent off at the young age of 15 to attend the prestigious Archellon College in Bellson. During college, he was also working at and learning his father's business of raising and selling the best horses in Corrington. Upon graduation, he took over as manager of the business expanding it greatly. He even sailed overseas to trade horses with Varcoast and the Mokolei Empire. These trips gave him a taste for travel and adventure. It was also upon these trips that he acquired his distaste for the corruption of religion that the Oleons follow. Upon hearing of the Queen's offer of rewards for any Corrington who can find and settle land beyond Terraversa, Micah began to dream. In time, Micah enlisted several of his close friends from Bellson and Arlingsport to gather together all the funds they could in order to embark on such an adventure of discovery. It would be no small sum that would outfit this expedition, as they would need to buy a ship, all the guns, and hire a crew. SAM_6757 by Micah Van Gorp, on Flickr From Left: Charles, the rancher under Micah who will oversee the business while the other five are away (now in charge of all the horse businesses) Micah the Silent of Wolf-Haven, or to his friends, Silent Wolf George Knight, a former gentleman mercenary (now Captain of the HMS El Bellos) William Chase, an honorably discharged guard from Bellson (now Captain of the HMS Whisper) Arthur Kellogg, local businessman of with a thirst for adventure (now in charge of the WETEC trade ships) Caleb, a sailor who had been employed with one of Corrington's largest trading companies and upon whose ships Silent Wolf had often sailed. (Now the captain of the Flying Colt) The last thing Micah had to do was purchase his own equipment and wardrobe, as well as say farewell to his fiancee, Elizabeth. Though she was saddened to see him leave, she had always known he would not settle down until he had seen what was beyond the seas. SAM_6762 (2) by Micah Van Gorp, on Flickr
  15. Gideon Saulse de Bothnia Gideon is the fourth son to le comte de Bothnia (the Count of Bothnia). Bothnia is a rather small but fertile county located in northern Oleon. As Gideon’s hopes of inheriting his father’s lands were slim at best, his career options would traditionally have been either in the military or in the Order. Gideon has however spent many years studying various subjects at a couple of Oleon’s most prominent universities, to his father’s displeasure since he has been forced to pay for Gideon’s rather lavish lifestyle as a student. The new horizons which are opening up beyond the seas has opened up new opportunities to break with the boring traditions of the family, and Gideon is now setting out for a new life as an explorer and entrepreneur in New Terra. Gideon Saulse de Bothnia. Closeup of sigfig. The Saulse family uses the following heraldry: Per pale sable and argent, a falcon displayed countercharged, a bordure azure. (source: Secondary characters I created a bunch of different figures when trying to create a sigfig, as I originally thought he was going to be some kind of bluecoat. I have no idea about if or how these secondary characters will appear in my builds, but I figured I might as well post them for future reference. At least the priest has already given me some ideas... I've taken some liberties using titles in French as it seemed to suit the setting, but if the leadership wants to maintain it all in English I can change that. Theodore Saulse de Bothnia, comte de Bothnia and colonel (retired) in the Oleander army. War hero in the fourty-nine years war which he can tell countless stories from, most of them more or less exaggerated. Alexandre Saulse de Bothnia, oldest son and heir to the county of Bothnia. Contre-Amiral (rear admiral) in the Oleander fleet. Hector Saulse de Bothnia, second oldest son. Commandant (major) in the Oleander army. Jayson Saulse, priest in the Order. Devoted to Poseidon. Here shown in both traveling garments and ceremonial garments. (I need to get a white hood to BL!) A small photography tutorial I also took the opportunity to show those of you interested in forced perspective a piece of useful knowledge. If you compare the pictures below, you can see that the amount of background blur increases as the aperture gets bigger (smaller f-number). I've found that tinkering with this can be very useful when trying to create a believable background in forced perspective builds. Of course I had to use more light when using a smaller aperture. The scene with aperture f/4.5, which was the largest this lens could go at this focal length. In my opinion, the background is now too blurry. The scene with aperture f/8. The scene with aperture f/16. Individual bricks are too visible in the background so by now the forced perspective effect is diminished. (It also makes some nasty dirt on the sensor appear more clearly...)
  16. Lord Frederick Spud had planned the creation of a new settlement but where would this new dwelling be? CorringtonScene by Tom Gray, on Flickr After scouring the same dratted map for many an hour be asked his friend, Thaddeus Rickley, "Look now, old bean, where should I place this new settlement of mine, err, ours?" *Munch* *Munch*
  17. "My dear, no matter where in the world you may be or what you might be doing, whether it's for riches, your king or glory - once a year you will all come home. Because family is all we have, after all." 'Madre' Marietta to her daughter Marja, some years ago Once a year the Fontonajo family comes together for their annual dinner. It's about eating and drinking, about laughing and smiling, about celebrating victories or moaning losses. It's about Eslandola, about wearing green clothes and drinking from golden cups. It's about the past and the future. But more than all it's about a family coming together again, about not losing grasp to the bonds that are most important in this quickly changing world. Román Esteban Fontonajo, the head of the family, standing in front of the big tapestry, lifts his glass and gives his opening words to the family diner, thanking them all for coming. 615 AE will be a good year for the family, a great year. They all cheer and take a sip of their glasses - water for the kids and a good red whine for the adults - and then take their seats. Trout has been served this year, along with some steamed carrots and bread. All family members are dressed in a traditional green, as every year. Román took a bite of his trout, looked around and saw the smile on his mother's face as their eyes met. And he felt happy. All members of the Fontonajo family: from left to right: - Alejandro Baltone, age 14, Román's 3rd son - Isabella Elisa, age 16, Román's daughter - Joaquin Seramon, age 20, Román's 2nd son - Marja Henrietta, age 36, Román's sister - Juan Alfonso, age 22, Román's eldest son and heir - Clarissa Raltessa, age 41, Román's wife from left to right: - 'Madre' Marietta, age 64, Román's mother - Raphael 'El Tío', age 71, Román's uncle (father's brother) - Rialto Espada, age 39, Román's brother - Anna, age 44, Rialto's wife - Heliodoro, age 18, Rialto's 1st son - Franjo, age 15, Rialto's 2nd son Three more impressions of the annual dinner: 1. Marietta checking the room in the morning before the dishes have been served 2. Dishes have been served, the family is about to enter 3. Top-view ------------------------------- I will post further background information about all family members (which I will use as side characters in BoBS) in a future MOC.
  18. Greetings! Hello everyone, and thanks for having me aboard. My name is George and I've been 'playing' with Lego since before I can remember. I've always been an AFOL, but now my journey begins in earnest; a few shrewd bulk purchases here & there on eBay mean I have the makings of a brave new world of MOCs. Areas of interest: Post-apocalyptic zombie pirates (I firmly believe this hasn't been done to death yet!) Power Functions (self-assembling structures, to be precise) Modelling real-world mechanisms in Technic (suspension, power-transfer... not sure where I'm going with this yet) I have to admit there's always the appeal of original sets; sometimes you can't beat the thrill of opening fresh, new packets and following the instructions! For now, revisit one of the builds that's made me very interested: Can't wait to check out all the exciting builds around here
  19. LittleJohn

    Aymeri of Kaliphlin

    I've been following GoH for a while, and now I'm very excited to be joining Kaliphlin. Here's my character intro: Aymeri had grown up a desert nomad, but had always dreamed of being a knight. So when he was of age, he enlisted as a soldier in Katoren, hoping to one day win his spurs. He had been promoted quickly and now commanded a small group of soldiers. One of his missions was to capture two thieves that had been on a robbing spree in and around Katoren. Aymeri and his men managed to catch up with the two criminals as they attempted to rob a small farm outside the city: After capturing the crooks, Aymeri and his men started back to Katoren: After an hour's march, they reached a side gate of the city: Just inside the gate, several prominent members of Kaliphlin can be seen: Aymeri then continued to the the thieves' final destination: the Katoren jail. Next door is a cartographer's: Thanks for looking, any C&C welcome
  20. So while after setting up this account I didn't use it I'm going to be more active. That being said I want to say hello and greetings from a Costa Rican in England!!! I was first greeted to Legos when I was too little and not very patient or interested at the moment (sigh, I still regret losing a Vahki I had gotten for my birthday) It was later though that I watched Star Wars and loved the film and I saw a picture in a friends catalogue of some sets and that's where I decided to have Legos. This was back in 2006 and my first set after was Jabba's Sail Barge. I loved the set and still have it and I still love Lego, even though I have to be secretive of it cause I'm getting too old for it...:( I remember and still love the old Lego site and the sets during the 2000's which I feel were a bit better than what they are releasing now. My favorite themes are Star Wars, Bionicle, Middle-Earth, Castle, and Mars Mission. I also would like to ask just how reliable is Bricklink and where can I find the shipping and handling on a product and how long would a product from say Germany or the Netherlands will take to get to London, England? Any advice would be greatly appreciated as well as experiences with Bricklink! Pura Vida and looking forward to participating in several forums!!!
  21. Hello! I would like to get into trains but I can't decide which train should I pick. I would really appreciate if you could help me make a right choice. I have chosen 3 to limit the options: 1. 7939 + cheaper than 60052 + fully equipped (tracks, PF etc.) - looks 2. 60052 + looks + fully equipped (tracks, PF etc.) - more expensive than the rest 3. 10233 + looks!! + cheaper than the other 2 - no tracks - no PF It is a tough choice. Getting PF is not so hard, as I already have the remote so I would just need to get the motor (and SBrick will be shipped soon ) but tracks are bigger problem. What are your thoughts? Which one would you choose if you could only choose one?
  22. BirdOPrey5

    Hello from New York

    Hello All- My name is Joe- I live in Queens, just outside New York City. I loved legos as a child- we had a basement with large tables that were fully covered in base plates and tons of my custom creations. I'm an adult now and suffered a serious illness a new years back that left me weak and paralyzed. I'm using Legos again to get strength and dexterity back into my hands and fingers. I've been busy with some of the larger sets such as the space shuttle. Have a few creator sets on order and one day soon will be starting on the remote controlled rock crawler. While re-discovering Lego I was amazed to see the Lego Digital Designer of which I've spent many an hours with over the last few days. Unfortunately I was having a bit of an issue and that was what made me find this site- I was able to ask my question in the LDD section. Looks like a great site, I hope to be a part of it!
  23. Thomas of Tortuga

    Character Intro- Kashifa ibn Mu'adh

    Kashifa bint Mu'adh is a treasure-hunter from Kaliphlin. She was kidnapped as an infant and sold into slavery, and was raised by a merchant from Sultan's Gate before escaping at the age of 13. Today, she earns a good living exploring both in ancient archives and throughout the wild lands, finding long-lost treasure hoards from the centuries before the great wars. Although her red hair obviously doesn't flow from Kaliphlin blood, her true ancestry is lost in a mist no explorer could pierce. In a long-forgotten tomb on Gorr, a vast treasure was once concealed. After careful research and searching, it has at last been rediscovered. Above, a hired worker waits for good news- of treasure, or of a return to civilization. It hardly matters to him anymore, after a week in the jungles. The entrance into the tomb. The title of this thread is actually the wrong character name- I just found out that "ibn" means "son of", and "bint" is the Arabic word for "daughter of." Whoops Thanks for reading, and constructive criticisms are greatly appreciated. Have a nice day! EDIT: University of Petraea credits: +1 Dense foliage landscaping +1 Lighting +1 Interior Design +1 Life in Kaliphlin
  24. Kyuui


    Thought I'd say hi as I exlore the forum. I'm from the Central coast of California and have had some sort of legos in my life for as long as I can remember. After seeing the Zenith I've decided to jump headlong into major ship building myself and have started on a Nebula Class Starship from Star trek, I'm sure i'm going to be in the LDD forum alot asking questions. Looking forward to seeing what everyone else is up to as well, thanks Kyuui