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    United States Capitol Building

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  1. That’s a great model. I approve. You can visit the Facebook account for my build linked above for similar content related to my set.
  2. Pholvandir

    [MOC] Canton Du Valais

    Just beautiful! Superb job. The details are fantastic; even the roof looks aged!
  3. Pholvandir

    Lego Architecture 2020

    I love the Architecture line, but I'm not too keen on the Skyline sets. I prefer individual buildings, and it's disappointing to hear that LEGO doesn't have any on the docket for this year. I have the U.S. Capitol Building and the old White House model, and I've waited years for LEGO to release a U.S. Supreme Court building. I posted my MOC of this build on LEGO Ideas. (Check it out here if you're interested.) Yeah, I'm inclined to agree. It's a pity. I recently posted my MOC U.S. Supreme Court on LEGO Ideas, if you're looking for a new building from Washington. You can check it out here if you're interested.
  4. Pholvandir

    Space Turtles! (part 2)

    I love it. I could see an entire line built around this sort of thing.
  5. Pholvandir


    Hi, guys. I'm Pholvandir from Idaho. I've been out of the LEGO scene for a while, but my favorite line is LEGO Architecture. I've waited years for LEGO to produce an official United States Supreme Court model, and recently decided to take matters into my own hands. (You can check out my LEGO Ideas page for this build here: United States Supreme Court Building.) This is what made me into an official AFOL!
  6. Pholvandir

    [MOC] Ring-Necked Parakeets

    Those are absolutely beautiful. Complex rounded shapes are so difficult to render in LEGO, but you've done a fantastic job! P.S. I love how one of the parakeets has a branch in his mouth.
  7. Pholvandir

    [MOC] Teddy Bear

    It's adorable. I feel compelled to snuggle with it.
  8. Pholvandir

    [MOC] Flintlock Pistol

    That's brilliant. Excellent job!
  9. Pholvandir

    [MOC] A-83 Exploration Base (Neo-Classic Space)

    This is absolutely exquisite. Superb job!