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  1. Legoginge

    REVIEW: 75956: Quidditch Match

    It’s a good set but I have one issue. The flag on the Hufflepuff tower should be yellow for me. Black makes it look out of place. Also it’s the only flag that does not match the jumper plate at the base of the flag pole.
  2. Legoginge

    REVIEW: 75954: Hogwarts Great Hall

    I bought this yesterday as it had double points on it but haven't built it yet. I think upon looking at it the basilisk is a big let down and an odd inclusion. Surely this creature would have been better using the original mould from the old Harry Potter sets? And surely its placement would be better in a set that contains Moaning Myrtle's bathroom? I'm a big Potter fan and can't remember the Basilisk ever being present in the main castle let alone the great hall.
  3. I got this yesterday and built it. I absolutely love that it folds up into the case and actually prefer it as a closed case. The only downside for me is when the case is open I feel the hinge holding the "lid" back feels a little weak and looks to overland causing stress on the pieces.
  4. Legoginge

    Magic in the City

    Hi everyone I'm putting together a series of photos using the new Harry Potter minifigures called "Magic in the City". It will have roughly 10 parts or photos to it and will be posted to my instagram over the next few weeks. The first one is here please have a look/like and follow if your interested in seeing the rest! Cheers Richard (legoginge)
  5. Legoginge

    REVIEW: 40308 Lester

    I liked this figure although I think using the exact same design as the 275 special ones was a mistake. There should have been some difference. As for price, yes it’s expesive but then again it’s now an iconic figure and in my opinion worth the price.
  6. Legoginge

    Discussion: LEGO Architecture 2018

    What landmarks would you want to see?
  7. Legoginge

    LEGO - 40291 Hans Christian Andersen

    Snap! Built mine and loved every minute of both builds!
  8. Legoginge

    Architecture numbered bags

    I agree it’s a bit of a let down to an otherwise great set. I also feel that the outstretched arm is a little flimsy in connection compared to the rest of the build.
  9. Legoginge

    Architecture numbered bags

    I must admit I prefer numbered bags for the very big builds. I couldn’t imagine rummaging through all 4000 pieces of my Disney castle in one go. They also for me signal breaks in the build if necessary as it’s a tidy point to finish after a bag. Back to this set... Its amazing. As said above it’s made by the base it’s on and looks awesome on display. I love the detail and the use of parts on the base.
  10. Legoginge

    MOC: Minilandscape - Castle in Edo

    If you do visit Japan I'd be interested in seeing which builds you choose. I went a few years ago and for one of my next projects want to do microscale builds from each country I've been to. Trying to decide which for Japan, although my current thinking is something from Hiroshima as that City sticks out most in my memory of the trip.
  11. Legoginge

    Architecture numbered bags

    Now that depends where you build! I've taken to building on the dining room table of late.
  12. Legoginge

    Architecture numbered bags

    All the ones I’ve had including the Capitol building (the largest I own) had non numbered bags. I agree it was fun to sort through them all and find the pieces. It made the build last longer!
  13. So I've just opened the new Statue of Liberty set (21042) and it's the first architecture set I've got that's got numbered bags! Is this likely to continue? Normally they all come without numbers on and it's a free for all on which bag has which piece!
  14. I can't wait to see it! For me I found this thread of movie better than the Batman one (haven't seen the Ninjago one yet). Hoping that those new parts on the figures come in a minifigure series or sets! I quite like that scarf piece.
  15. Legoginge

    MOC: Minilandscape - Castle in Edo

    This is fantastic. I think I prefer the one in the day light.