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    Drooling over pictures of new sets, dreaming of getting said sets, being economically limited and never getting them. Learning to use and the LDraw System of Tools. Finding new ways of using my current, excessively specific 2012-ish parts. Watching NINJAGO. Enjoying the LEGO Movies. Glancing in awe at pretty much every Space theme while trying to build a spaceship with my too darn specific parts. Remembering the better days of Desperately desiring Zane's hairpiece.


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  1. Ninjago: Masters Of Spinjitsu TV Show Thread

    The Sons of Garmadon (or whatever these guys are called) are interesting. Maybe they are imitators/alternate versions of the Ninja, who follow a twisted ideology and rob ancient treasures to awaken a dark power? I don't know. Those masks they were stealing look very non-LEGO. If they are this season's McGuffin (and I'm guessing they are), we can expect new, super-specific but still useful moulds. He/she/it should be made, because the other suit is pretty much a recoloured Zane ZX. The helmets seem difficult to replicate, however, and their printed-all-over style reminds me of customs. But they looked like regular helmets, which should give more chances of getting them made. That car's definitely going to be produced. Useless PS: It's my birthday today! I got Ramses Pyramid (I think Minotaurus was cooler but anyway)!
  2. Greetings from the Sheng Yuan Certified Store!

    Hello again! I just wanted to tell you my birthday is next Monday! Of course, finding a gift was complicated, because I simply couldn't decide which used set on sale online I wanted! There were many interesting ones, and there was a 7467 (International Space Station, 2003) I really liked, since I'm desperate for Space-ish parts. There also was a box of really old parts (Minitalia!) in a wooden box in Danish! That one was expensive. Anyway, my mum wants me to actually "use" what I get, so they got me Ramses Pyramid. It's not Space-ish, but hey! I'm finally getting a LEGO Board Game! Also my first baseplate, my first microfigs, many firsts here! I want to review it when it arrives. Any tips for that?
  3. LEGO Ninjago 2017 Discussion

    Kai makes it obvious, but they all are in their Season 1-2 opening poses. Only Jay's hair seems edited... Personally, I find this whole continuity thing really intriging. Sure, the Movie is fully non-canon to the show, but who says it also works the other way around? What if this is a crazy version of the facts where the Ninja, still in high school, were quickly teamed up, trained, and then they rapidly defeated all the major enemies (but Garmadon, who was building his volcano lair or something)? What if this is a reality where the show happened, but it was entirely made out of bricks by some very creative children the whole time and the inherent quirks of it led to this point? And my personal, demented favourite [season 7 spoiler, read only if you have seen it and if you don't mind discovering my newfound interest for nonsensical conspiracy] ... The safest bet, however, is just being proud as the children (and us) spot the rewards given to us for six years of emotional and economic investment in imaginative storytelling. ... Or they're all dreaming or in coma or something.
  4. REVIEW: 76077 Iron Man: Detroit Steel Strikes

    Yeah, that mech looks a bit unfinished for the source material, and looks even worse next to the Hulkbuster! Lola is a very fine looking machine, and the minifigs, as usual these days, are superb. I specially like the inclusion of hairpieces, which I think is a selling factor in the quality of a set. Now that we have Agent Coulson, SHIELD is even stronger in LEGO form. That team picture you took is awesome! Thank you for another great review!
  5. REVIEW: 75171 Battle on Scarif

    Hello WhiteFang. Thank you for another great review! You help the community in a very important way by telling us all about the new sets, and when I read all the details you provide and see all the nice pictures you add in your reviews, I almost feel like I have the set in front of me! I'll be waiting for the next review! You are awesome!
  6. Greetings from the Sheng Yuan Certified Store!

    OK, now I'll stop being mysterious and tell you my preferences: My favourite color (generally) is green, but I think all colours are nice for their own reasons. In LEGO colours, I have always found Bright Red to be very pretty. I haven't considered a single favourite part, but you can look at my profile picture for the ones I have in good amounts and consider important and useful for me (minus my sigfig, of which I have none of its parts ). I think Ninjago is an awesome theme for many reasons. I have followed it since it appeared in in 2011, and I proudly watched Seasons 1-2 when they aired. I already saw Season 7 and plan on filling the gap eventually (Ninjago is on Disney XD here, and Cartoon Network got me during all these years. I didn't even know Nya was a Ninja until now!). I'm not fighting anyone over who's the best Ninja (because we all know Zane has earned it). I have a really long wishlist, but the priority now probably is getting any of the Ninjago Movie sets (again, Venezuelan here. That's going to be very hard...). I found LEGO Games a fascinating concept, so I would like to get one of those someday. Also Star Wars. I'm a fan since my dad made us watch the whole thing before TFA. LEGO Star Wars is an expensive bottomless pit I want to jump in . Recently I've been working with the LDraw System of Tools, mainly as a way to document MOCs. I start the models in, retouch them in MLCad, and make instructions in LPub to share them someday. Aaaand that's all I can think of by now. Anything else you want to know?
  7. Greetings from the Sheng Yuan Certified Store!

    Hello. Honestly, I do not know, at least not by touch. I have seen lots of the S brand (not sure if Sheng Yuan, but quite probable) round here, and they look good enough (maybe a bit too glossy, and there's also the fact that they make bigfigs like 1/3 their actual size. And they made MEGA's Minions and Character's Peppa Pig into minifigs somehow ). But as common knowledge states, looks can deceive. I recommend always being wary of the clones' quality. I might eventually get one of those individual figures (if my 4yo brother doesn't get one first), so I'll be sure to report properly when that happens. Don't worry, I'll keep them as away as possible from the pure minds of my genuine ABS . You people are great! Let's keep it coming! I would like being asked about preferences. Like, the themes and parts I like, etc. Anybody up for that?
  8. Greetings from the Sheng Yuan Certified Store!

    Hello, potential new digital friend! Would you like to make a question? Any question is nice!
  9. Hello, dearest people of Europe and other parts of the Universe. You can call me Lyonel. Tall, glasses, quite colorblind, learning English by myself, and other things that are irrelevant to our subject matter. Well, I'm not too good at starting things. I'd rather listen (or read) others patiently and jump in when the time is right. So let's do something similar here for a change... You ask me some simple questions about me and my plastic construction toy preferences, and I will do my best to answer in short and truthful fashion. Please consider that I'm what could be called a Teen Fan of LEGO, whose most recent dark period was from 2015 to March of the current year (and I would still get CMFs in that time). Also, I am from Venezuela, as my profile states, and we as a country are economically limited as for buying expensive Danish ABS on a regular basis. The major part of my collection is from round 2012, and a large number of it are CMFs. My latest purchase was a Series 12 in July of past year. To get my topic's rather scandalous title out of the way, it alludes to the fact that the near entirety of construction toy products round my home are those infamous clone brands, of which the one with an S as logo we seem to get the most. So, to avoid getting tediously long, I'll leave the rest of my background to your requests. So come on! Bring on the friendly interrogation!